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Rage Against The Machine
Author Message
Taylor_Rabid Offline
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(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

04-09-2023, 05:14 PM

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The camera fades in, and slowly begins focusing. In front of us we see Taylor Rabid drinking a bottle of whiskey while sitting on the side of the road. He is cross legged and talking to the man next to him, a withered, hairy man wearing a tank top and jean shorts with a dirty red flannel around his waist, the most homeless man you could imagine. His name was Jon.
"That's what i was saying man, back in '89 when i dropped acid for the first time. I saw it, they were everywhere. Robotic creatures, everywhere. Surrounding me, Red eyes, Metallic exoskeletons, aint nothin' human bout that." 
His voice sounds like sandpaper and as soon as he stops speaking, he takes a crack pipe out of his pocket and takes a hit from it.
"Damn man that's some spooky stuff." Taylor nods and scratches his goatee thoughtfully for a few seconds, before looking up at the camera and clearing his throat. 
"Technology has advanced more in the last 23 years, than it has in the entirety of humankind before that. And with that, excellent things have happened. You can have the knowledge of 1000 lifetimes in the palm of your hand, you can video call people from across the world, you can look at titties online."
Jon nods and smiles at the last point.

"But with such rapid advancement, has come problems. And educating me on these problems has been Jon, professional AI expert and known anarchist."
Jon leans forward and coughs, phlegm visibly shooting out.
"Yeah, well, the government is bad you know man. So they funded large Chinese tech companies to make technology for them, security cameras, burglar alarms, the likes. And with more advancement, people have began using technology for nefarious means. Deepfakes, turning the US into a police state, mind control, you know the stuff i mean. Well, this is where Taylor comes in."
He slaps Taylor's back and squeezes it. Taylor just looks at him, confused. 
"Taylor is the last crusader for humanity, the last glimmer of light to defend against doomsday. He is our only hope for survival against Satanic elites, and their tools of evil such as Chad GPT. ALL HAIL TAYLOR RABID!"
As Jon says this, a few more rugged looking homeless people crowd around, all looking down, waving their hands in prayer
"All hail Taylor!"
The crowd say in unison, all worshiping.

"Yo, what the actual FUCK is this cult bullshit. I'm just tryna beat a robot in a fight."
Taylor stands up and begins backing away from the horde of people chanting his name.
"Yes, Taylor, you are fighting a robot, but it symbolizes much more. You must win, you must be the last stand against enslavement from SkyNet."
"Well if you all wanna support me so much, just buy tickets to the show."
"Yes, we will be watching, we will always watch you."
Taylor looks around, emoting confusion and bedazzlement. He quickly does a u-turn and begins walking away.
"I need to watch out who i hangout with in exchange for free booze." Taylor then gets a notification from the XWF on his chinese spyware ridden phone.
"Oh, sweet, they posted my promo on the XWF website. Better watch."

Unpredictable - Official XWF promo video
A black screen, a voiceover begins playing.
"Yeah, recently i got asked, how do you train against an algorithm, the perfect wrestler."
We see quick clips of Taylor in a training gym, wrapping his hands, punching a heavy bag, and skipping rope
"Well, i've been training hard to figure it out."
We now see a few clips of Taylor training, we see him shadowboxing a Ring doorbell, playing chess against the computer and landing a suplex on an Ipad.
"To beat the perfect wrestler... you gotta do some imperfect, unexpected crazy shit!
Which luckily, isn't an issue for me."
The screen goes black again, before slowly fading in to an angry, sweaty Taylor Rabid just after a training session.
"Chad G.P.T, im gonna hit you hard, harder than any squirrel scratch, harder than Mastermind, i will hurt you so badly that you will wish that you were human so you could pass out from the pain.
Im gonna shatter your motherboard with a roundhouse, and i will send you back to Elon Musk in a heap of scrap!
I'll see you on Thursday!"

Taylor then walks away angrily, the promo video ending.



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