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04-09-2023, 01:48 PM

[Image: Hwa5ovF.gif]

Dani Chow, Sidney Grey's Executive Assistant, stared hesitantly at the screen of her phone.  She looked over at her employer through thick horn-rimmed glasses. “Miss Grey, you sure you want do this?”

Sid sipped at her martini, and smirked.  “It’s a National Holiday, Dear!  It’s only right to celebrate it with friends and family."

Dani groaned inwardly, knowing that Sid had neither.  She sent out the text message, as Sid instructed…

[Image: Ov4dtBF.jpg]
[Image: KHTxoCj.jpg]
[Image: hL1zZqi.jpg]
[Image: lJBZw7X.jpg]
[Image: ojH08ke.jpg]
[Image: bls5B5P.jpg]

Dani tossed down the phone after the lengthy exchange.  “Miss Grey, I no think they come. Maybe you have better luck if it fish taco Tuesday.”

Sid rolled her eyes.  “Gina will come…we bonded after I became Universal 'Lady' King.  She knows that I always had her best interests at heart, and now she’s ready to learn what I have to teach.”  She paused, examining her nails.  “Kenzi will see…Angelica will see to that.”  She pointed at the discarded phone.  “Message her Dear, Chop Chop!  Let’s get her out of that house full of cats and get her properly introduced to some hot and spicy burritos!”

Dani did as she was told, even though she had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

[Image: c6h256Q.jpg]

The scene opened inside the Latin strip club ‘Ball Busters’ as Sidney Grey sat at a table with Angelica Vaughn, leggy blonde of legend.  The table was littered with empty shot glasses and beer bottles as the duo subconsciously attempted to outdrink the other.  Their unspoken contest was seemingly neck and neck, but some would say the younger of the two was pulling ahead, ever so slightly.  Angelica was a hyper ball of positive energy, cheering on the half-naked men dancing in celebration of #NationalBurritoDay, but Sid seemed less enthused as she kept checking her watch.

[Image: TfJJKqj.jpg]

Angelica leaned over, talking loudly over the blare of the music. “Auntie Grey, what’s wrong?  You keep looking at your watch?”

Sid gave an annoyed sigh, she didn’t enjoy the bubbly company of Angelica and the invitation had merely been a ploy in the hopes that her daughter would tag along, but this was better than drinking alone.  Had the girl been more interested in wrangling a hot man, she may have enjoyed things a bit more.  “I invited Gina to come, but it looks like she’s going to stand me up.”  Sid grumbled, “I guess she really IS more into tacos than burritos!”

Angelica licked her lips. “TBH, tacos are pretty delish!”

Sid groaned, rolling her eyes and muttering under her breath, “…another one?  Does everyone I spend time with hate penises…?  Maybe I should start hanging out with Claire!”

"NABS Auntie Grey!  Still, that's very mean to say."  Angelica’s demeanor turned serious.  “Auntie, I’ve been meaning to talk to you, about what happened at the Lacklanland Gala with you and Ken, I-“

“WELL, I’LL BE DAMNED!” Sid interrupted, as she stood up.  All eyes turned to the door as in walked Gina Van Zyl, the red-headed South African beauty.  Sid smiled broadly, but it faltered just as quickly when she saw Gina hand-in-hand with Penelope, a blonde beauty in her own right, clad head to toe in black with a brimmed hat. 

[Image: rABjAFo.jpg]

Sid muttered under her breath, “…fuck me…”

Angelica looked at Sid, “What’s wrong Auntie Grey?  Aren’t they your friends?”

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

The Producer asked, “It seems like you have a problem with Penelope.”

Sid’s face soured at the mention of the woman’s name.  “You know, I don’t mind her, she makes me laugh with all her voodoo witchcraft bullshit…but what I DO mind is the effect she has on my lovely Gina!”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Sid sat back with a sigh and a shake of her head.  “Gina’s career should be skyrocketing right now…especially under my tutelage, but instead of focusing on competing for championships in the XWF, she’s more interested in #WomanCrushWednesday or whatever the fuck that dumb shit is!  She didn't have time to train, just she had plenty of time to fuck off over Twitter!”  Sid fumed.  “By all rights, Gina should have beaten that old hack Centurion at March Madness V, but I’ll bet you a million dollars that she was more interested in getting pinned by Penelope than she was about NOT getting pinned by Father Time!”  She grimaced.  “It’s disgusting…”

The Producer asked, “You sound really homophobic right now.”

Sid gave a dismissive wave. “I don’t hate lesbians, I hate lesbians that turn my girls into losers!  There’s a difference!”





Business in ‘Ball Busters’ seemed to pick up with the new additions, even though Penelope and Gina seemed more interested in one another than with the hot Latinos vying for their dollars.  Sid lured the men over and did her very best to get Gina and Angelica into the spirit of #NationalBurritoDay, but Penelope guarded Gina with all the ferocity of Cerberus at the Gates of Hades, all while Angelica was busy drunkenly doing the Chicken Dance around the table, scaring away any chance that Sid would get to leave with a hot man to warm her cold bed.

[Image: X4etET5.jpg]

Sid turned her attention to Penelope, a woman she hadn’t gotten to know beyond a few tense Twitter interactions.  “So, Penelope…It’s good to finally meet you, in the flesh. I-“

Penelope dug into her purse and pulled out a wooden stake, slamming it down on the table with a bang, startling the group.  As all eyes turned to her, she raised an eyebrow beneath the brim of her Stevie Nicks hat. “I’ve seen too many movies about what happens in seedy bars after midnight…you may take that chance but I’m not!”

Penelope's eyes go between Sidney and Angelica, an almost proud look on her face at their reaction. One of the scantily clad Latin males gyrates his way over, his eyes somewhat concerned when he eyes the sharpened piece of lumber on the table but he tries to laugh it off. "Ey senorita blanco, if you wanted to handle something hard all you had to do was ask!" The man attempts to entice the girls into a lap dance, Sidney looking on hoping someone would take the bait he was offering.

Penelope reaches over, running her fingers suggestively along the stake as she eyes the man. She smiles and motions for him to move closer, the man kneeling forward. Penelope quick as a whip, grabs the stake, the pointed end precariously close to the man's g-string. "This will be the only piece of wood I'll be handling tonight...comprende ese?!" The man backpedals like a cartoon character. 

"You’re goddamn right!” Gina said as the two women began passionately making out with one another again, guaranteeing that none of the other men would come within 50 feet of their table, leaving Sid to cover her face with a groan.

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

Gina smirks as Penelope looks completely uninterested as the Producer asks, "It was a bit of a surprise to see you both show up, especially when you, Penelope turned Sid down."

Gina chuckles and Penelope smirks slightly.  "Pen just wanted to make Sid sweat a little bit, she really didn't care if I went. But there was no way I wasn't coming without her."

"Penelope, you seem to enjoy getting under Sid's skin."

Penelope blinks as if shocked by the question and looks over at Gina.  "Me? Enjoy getting under Ms. Grey's skin? Gina, I don't enjoy doing that do I, I mean is that the type of person I am?"

Gina shakes her heading. "No, of course not babe."

Penelope smiles at her and looks back to the interviewer, her smile turning more devious that innocent.  "Let's not forget that the woman currently out there having a menopausal crisis in some sort of vain attempt to recapture her lost youth and glory...bashed my fiancé's head in with her football helmet. She's also the one who knocked her unconscious during a match just to get a win over her. I always keep receipts, and I never, ever forget. Whether Sidney likes that or not isn't any of my f*@$ing concern."

By the end of the night, Angelica had drank half the bar, while ensuring Sid’s chastity with her ridiculous Chicken Dancing.  Penelope and Gina had disappeared, likely making out together in some broom closet instead of dodging the hurricane of burritos that circled ‘Ball Busters’ looking for dollar bills.

Tonight had been a huge let-down for Sid, but there would be other opportunities…

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

Sid grimaced as the Producer asked, “Not the night you’d hoped for?”

“NO!” Sid yelled, but she quickly cooled. “But, it’s fine…everything is perfectly fine.”  She sat back, lacing her fingers.  “Angelica is going to help me win back my daughter…and maybe I’ll help her win something other than a Worst Dancer I’ve Ever Seen award!”  She paused, “As for Gina…well, Penelope is a problem, but sooner or later, my sweet girl will see a whole new meaning to ‘Getting on Top’ with me, and then her career will take off and then…Penelope can go back to playing with sticks, bubbling cauldrons, and dressing like Boy George!”

[Image: HoTFdNl.jpg]

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