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Henry Losak getting Lord Raab to rethink Anarchy title goal.
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04-07-2023, 12:19 PM

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Las Vegas, Nevada. Tuesday 4th April. (Off-Camera)

It was a harsh wake-up call for Henry when he discovered the match Lord Raab was in next. Part of Henry wasn't too happy about what Lord Raab said in his last video about the lack of care for titles. Fair enough, he didn't care for losses, but not caring about winning titles was another thing. He looked at the computer and knew Raab wouldn't be happy with what he was about to realise, especially since he lacked interest in winning championships. Henry shook his head, despite Lord Raab claiming all of last week he didn't want to win titles nor care about him.

Henry Losak: "I have to convince Markus otherwise because he's put in a situation that he won't like, but he's got to know. I'm scared it may make him hypocritical, but I must turn his thoughts around. I can't go on and keep my mouth shut any longer about Markus's lack of care about winning championships, especially when he's in one next week. I got to speak to him."

Henry was so concerned about setting Markus's anger off. They hadn't spoken much about wrestling since Markus's history with Jason Cashe. It was a long while, but the time now came for Henry to finally come out to Markus about what he had been neglecting and what he had been saying. Henry sighs, not looking forward to telling Lord Raab about the upcoming opportunity. He printed off the list of matches because he knew he would need that evidence when Raab will ask for it and left it on his desk for now.

Henry leaves his office, goes downstairs to the headquarters, and checks if Lord Raab is training. So he is, but not training for wrestling, training for a boxing fight that Markus sometimes does in the amateur boxing world. Henry stands there for a while as he doesn't usually call for Markus unless it is an emergency. Markus takes a long time to put his head up and sees Henry waiting on him. He takes his gloves off and places them in the ring as he steps out of the boxing ring and looks towards Henry.

Lord Raab: "What do you want?"

Henry Losak: "We need to talk. Not here, in private, away from everyone."

Lord Raab: "Ugh, fine."

Markus wipes himself with a towel before throwing it in the dirty towel bin as he and Henry leave the gym workout room suited for him to train in. They go upstairs towards Henry's office, but Henry got a bit of paperwork in hand because he knows he needs to show Lord Raab proof of the match he was booked in. After that, he exited his office, and they entered a small meeting room. Raab sat opposite Henry, and Henry looked at him in his eyes, although with a worried look.

Henry Losak: "I know we've not talked for a while, but I can't hold back anymore."

Lord Raab: "With what?"

Henry Losak: "You're entire approach as of late regarding wins, losses and especially title shots. Like, are you kidding me?"

Lord Raab: "No, I'm not because I'm happy and hurting others is what I enjoy most."

The one thing that changed was that Lord Raab never cared about losses, and it only got Henry concerned, especially about what match he has coming up.

Henry Losak: "Markus, listen to me. I understand you want to be happy. You seem to enjoy yourself more, but the problem is next week."

Lord Raab: "I know I'm wrestling next Thursday. Just some match against someone that I'll happily beat up."

Henry Losak: "Yes, you are, but do you honestly think you can wrestle in XWF Anarchy this long without getting a title shot?"

Lord Raab: "Yes, because everyone understands I wasn't meant to be here long term. Why would I want to focus on winning a title?"

Henry Losak: "Because you are in an Anarchy title match against HGH next Thursday, that's why."

Raab laughs.

Lord Raab: "HA, nice joke, Henry."

Henry Losak: "What does this piece of paper tell you and me?"

Henry laid down the paper in front of him; he printed off the internet a list of matches that were happening next week, and Markus took a look and saw immediately what Henry was talking about. Markus turned into anger.

Lord Raab: "What? I don't fucking want to be Anarchy Champion."

Henry Losak: "You have to do the match because that's what you're assigned to do. Come on, Markus, no part of you wants to win the title?"

Lord Raab: "Nope."

Henry Losak: "You can't just wrestle and expect not to get a title shot. Wouldn't beating this guy and holding a championship would feel good?"

It was tough for Raab to learn to change his ways. Henry had to devise something other than torturing him to convince Markus to change his mind. Markus was quiet, allowing Henry to talk more.

Henry Losak: "I understand it makes you a hypocrite, but it would be good for you. You can't just neglect the Anarchy title. Did you ask or demand it? No, but that makes you even more deserving."

Lord Raab: "This whole idea stinks. Why me with the stupid title shot?"

Henry Losak: "Because you deserve it for your hard work. I know it's painful to hear you must win the match, but it will make you grow in XWF if you do, trust me. Please, when you do a video for the match, care to say why you want to win the title, even if you fake it."

Markus shook his head, but Henry remembered something that Markus once said in the rumble for title contention match that struck a nerve in Henry's back and was proud of Markus for saying it at the time, even though Markus was banging his fist and his head on the table.

Henry Losak: "I remember something you said some time ago that still applies today. Do you remember mentioning bringing more hardcore matches and brutality in the Anarchy title when you were put in the title contention Rumble match? Needing some hardcore matches to match the show's name and title? I believe all the champions before you still haven't brought hardcore or brutality when holding the Anarchy championship. I still believe you meant it and still want to make it happen. But you can only make that change if you beat HGH when you become champion."

That hit Markus like a bolt of lightning. Henry said that only calmed Markus instead of still being angry about the situation. Henry did have Markus for the first time trapped in a corner. Although Henry took a drink of water from the machine, they had in the meeting room.

Henry Losak: "The other thing you got to take in is this isn't anything like the match against Ruby, where it was a regular match. This match is a new thing for you and even for HGH as well. They have you and HGH in Sticky Goop Match. The rules from what the paper says, if you've been bothered to look, you'll win the title and the match if you knock HGH into a vat of putrid, sticky goop at ringside. You can still use weapons on him and beat the hell out of him if you wanted to."

Lord Raab: "Of course, I want to use weapons and beat the hell out of this stupid rich, arrogant bastard. Hate snobby cunts like him. You win, Henry; you've convinced me to take an interest in winning the title. I did say that; you're right. I've neglected the Anarchy title and have said I never wanted to win it. At the same time, I also believe in changing the bullshit system of having regular matches all the time when things are meant to be chaotic and Anarchy, not the fucking stale wrestling we see in virtually every single wrestling company. Hardcore wrestling is what I will do best, and hurting this motherfucker is what I want to do still, but taking the title and changing this company, yeah, I will do just that."

Henry Losak: "Thank God I managed to turn you around before the match. Now you understand why I was pissed at you for a while. Now you got some interest in winning the title, you can leave, but remember everything I've said to you and mention everything I've said on camera. I have faith in you."

Lord Raab: "You fucking should. Now it's time for me to get back to training, but this time, wrestling and getting that title off from the punk. Henry, make sure the trainers put green slime as the training process for the match on the floor."

Henry nodded as they stood up, with Markus getting a drink of water of his own, although he drank at least four cups since he was pretty thirsty after the anger he let out at the beginning. Henry put new light into Markus, and his quest to win the title was back in his interest, although it will only be for the match as he wasn't desperate to win the belt, unlike all the other wrestlers on the Anarchy roster. Henry contacted the trainers with the particular phone to lay out green slime. When Markus arrived, they started laying out the green slime. When it was all laid out on the floor, Markus got into the ring and started training heavily for the match.

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