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Phrogging Scars Pt. 2
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Jason Cashe Offline
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04-05-2023, 07:47 PM

Mother. Father and their Child, a boy. Tied up in their own dining room chairs. Gags taped in their mouths. Eyes staring wide at us. Terror, tears and begging us to turn around.. 

I'ma be honest? Part of me didn't want to turn around. I've seen the movies, we've ALL seen the movies and how this shit typically goes. That douchebag who slowly turns around is always getting got in a horror movie.. Was this a fucking horror movie? Nah, this was real life. I ain't running up any stairs and Josslynn isn't blonde, at least today. 

What bugs me though is how the Father is nudging his head towards me. Eyes bulged like he got more than a finger in places he gave no permission to enter. 

Fuck it. I ain't scared..

Turning, the room and hallway passes in a blur as I stare back over my right shoulder. I met a pair of eyes staring back at me. Hidden behind a mask. "Oh fuck me!" In what was pure instinct, I grabbed hold of Josslynn. 

"What! What? What?!" She blurted out and turned to see what I was seeing. "Nope!" She said in a scoffing declaration. I felt the palm of her hand press against me, shoving away as she took off down the corridor where the stairs were. Girl was fast, I'll give her that. She disappeared in the darkness down the hallway. 

"Well then.." Sighing, I peeked to my right, partially hoping that this masked set of eyes were no longer there. They were. It was when I turned to face them that I began to recognize the mask. It was Michael Myers. I was a fan so there might have been a touch of excitement in the moment. "Did you black face a Myers mask?" I was surprised I let the question leave between my lips. "Is that racist?" I questioned but expected no response.

I was asking questions and this dude was in a Black Faced Michael Myers mask just staring at me. He had the whole getup. Jumpsuit and look at that, a big ass butcher knife.. I noticed that only when it was slicing through the air in front of me. It came down across my cheek, the tip made contact. I felt the burn of the cut immediately as some blood wet my face. 

My mind was racing. I weaved to the right and shot back with a right hand that caught him to the mask. He stumbled and swung the blade at me again, I jumped back. I couldn't be getting killed, nobody would believe I got killed by a Black Faced Michael Myers. I tried to grab him, instantly feeling regret from the decision.

Being thrown into the front door wasn't favorable but instinct took over as I leaped out of the way as he drove his knife at me. Aiming for my stomach, he aimed to plunge deep but found the thick wooden door. I roared up and crashed a right forearm into his face. He grunted as he stumbled back before falling to the ground. The Mother let out a cry as she and her Family watched. I don't know why but I was glad she was gagged because I could only imagine how over dramatic this bitch would be if she wasn't. 

Remembering the Stomp from Assassin's Creed games, I jumped up and came down looking to do what I did in a video game but this Shape moved. He was up on his feet quickly and now had his hands up. We were going to box and a smile was felt growing across my face. 

It wasn't that I was excited to scrap. Not entirely. I mean to fight with Michael Myers was awesome and had played plenty of times during enjoyable nightmares. I thought about the Halloween movies and how many people actually stood toe to toe with Michael. Sure, this guy was Black Faced Michael. Probably racist unless he was black himself. That remained to be seen, I tried to notice his hands but they were gloved. Right now? All I knew for certain is that I was going to trade hands with the closest thing to Michael Myers I will ever encounter. I activated my inner Busta Rhymes from Halloween: Resurrection. 

"You done fucked up now.. Oohhh weee lemme tell you!" I let myself get all cocky as I bounced around in a boxer's stance. "You ready to get lumped up?" 

I wasn't exactly sure where the second knife came from..

I glanced over at the door to find that the first was still pierced in place where it had been left. Does anyone know where Michael gets all his knives? What if during his off season, Michael Myers is a short order cook? He can handle a butcher knife and who is angrier in life than a short order cook? 

Why am I thinking about what Michael does in his free time? Like, now?! I shook off the drifting thoughts as the Black Faced Michael Myers came at me. He tried to be tricky and threw a fist with his free hand before using the knife in a combination to the punch. I felt another swipe of burn against my chest, near where I was already missing a nipple. The horror set in that someone could lose a nipple and I only had one left to risk. 

Quickly, I ducked down and drove into him with a shoulder. Ramming him back as I pushed him into a wall. Everything was dark, I didn't know what the wallpaper looked like, much less where the furniture and what not was located. Arms wrapped around his midsection, I pulled back and threw two huge hooks to his body. 



He responded with a Double Handed Clubbing onto my upper back. I let out a growl that turned roar, lifting him off his feet, over my shoulder before turning and drilling him into the ground with a slam. He bucked, I threw a ground n pound elbow and he bucked again, throwing me off to the side. We both scrambled to our feet, I shot forward and upward with a magnificent uppercut that had him falling back. He didn't say the words but in my head, what I heard next was "THIS IS SPARTA!" As he big booted me very aggressively to the chest and I took a turn being thrown back. I must have hit a rack because jackets, a backpack and an umbrella fell on and around me as I landed on the floor near the door. 

His breathing was heavy. He slowly bent over and picked up his second Butcher knife. I was watching him, watching me as our eyes next left one another. Then I saw movement to his right from the hallway behind him. 

It was Josslynn. She might have had a one liner as she plunged a knife into his collar bone but as it pierced deep, all you could hear was his own screams of agony. She was on his back like a spider monkey! Getting up from where I was 'resting between rounds'. I watched as the Black Faced Michael Myers dropped to his knees and began grabbing at both the knife buried in his shoulder and at Josslynn who was dropping downward elbows into the butt of the knife and the area around it. Girl was vicious! 

Noticing he dropped his knife again, I rushed in to grab it. Before I could, he got a hold of Josslynn and flipped her over his shoulder, flinging her at me! I caught her like she was trying to set up a hurricanrana or a wild bit of foreplay. Falling back, I landed in a seated position on the floor and she was on top of me, legs over head. Gives me an idea for later but let me not get into those kinds of thoughts at this moment. 

As we hurried to get free of each other and get back in the fight, we were left with a new layer to the story. The Black Faced Michael Myers was gone. 

"Where'd he go?" I ask as I slowly push up to my feet from the floor. Josslynn was checking dark corners but found nothing. While she was doing so, I wondered why in horror movies do people never turn on any lights? So I found my way to a light switch and did just that. "Let there be light!" I said out loud as if I made fire. 

Right away I had two realizations pop into my head. One, the Family could surely see my face now! And Two, the Father was again nudging his head in my direction as if to tell me about something behind me. I let out a long sigh.. "He's behind me again isn't he?" The Father tied up and gagged nodded with tears flooded in his eyes. 

I didn't hesitate as much as I did before. I spun around right outside of the kitchen and immediately had a hand around my throat! Was Black Faced Michael Myers going to choke me or chokeslam me? I popped him with a few punches before he loosened his grip. I tried pulling his head down and applying a front faced headlock but he shoved me back. He swung at me, I bobbed and weaved and made him miss. I stuck him a few times with jabs to keep him at distance. 

In the light, this dude was way bigger than I had noticed before. He growled after another Jab touched his face and roared as he rushed at me. I locked up with him, I'm a damn scrapper and I knew I could take this dude! 

Backing up, leading him some, I bumped into the chair that had the son tied and gagged to it. I jolted away as the Black Faced Myers almost got me. He was clearly frustrated as he snatched the chair with the kid in it, lifted it off the ground and swung it at me with the kid still in it! 

I dove to get out of the way as the chair flew past me and crashed against a wall. "Geezus!" I blurted as I looked at the kid who seemed to be unconscious. The Parents were groaning and crying behind their gags. I felt for them some but really, they would probably be dead by now if not for us being here.

As if on queue with my mention of 'us'. Josslynn comes rushing into the scene again and she has a butcher knife in her hand! I wanted to cheer, to be a fan of what I was seeing as she leapt into action.. It was short lived excitement. 

He was ready for her and in a swift movement, he sidestepped her attack attempt AND took the knife from her before flinging her to the ground and kicking her to the head. "HEY!" I shouted. "Un-Fucking-Cool man!"

His head tilted to its side as he stared at me. Knife in hand, he flips it and catches the knife by the tip of the blade before launching it at me like a Professional Knife Thrower! It flipped through the air and luckily for me, it crashed, handle first against my forehead. I was breathing heavily knowing that could have gone a different way. The Black Faced Michael Myers must have wanted it to go a different way because he was beelining at me in a rush, shoulder lowered as I stood with my back to a window. 

Summoning the power of the best Hip Tossers in History, I managed to catch and execute like the Pro's Pro and sent this Masked Remake through the window! Glass shattered with a bunch of noise that had to have woken some in the neighborhood! 

I snapped towards Josslynn, wanting to see if she was okay. She was as she got to her feet. Instantly she started untying the family from their bindings. When I finally turn back to the window and peer outside, I see the man standing in the front yard. Staring back at me, we hold that exchange for a moment before he breaks to the left and races away from the scene. "Fuck this.." I faintly heard as he ran off. 

"I think he gave up." I announced as I turned back to the situation inside the house. The Mother and Father now untied, hurry to check on their child. Josslynn scurries off to collect our bags and as she hands me my bag, we see that the Family was ok. At least enough for us to sneak away ourselves.. 

"Thank you!" The Father caught us by surprise as we got to the front door. "I don't know where you came from or why you were here but.. Thank you for saving my Family! You're both Heroes!"

"Oof.." I let escape in sound. Pulling the front door open, I didn't look back. I stepped out of the way to let Josslynn leave first and glanced back long enough to see the Family of three hugging on the floor.

[Image: z9f1KQC.jpeg]
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