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03-27-2023, 04:27 PM

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Sidney Grey could barely stand after four grueling matches.  She had come to March Madness with every intention of walking out as 'King' and Anarchy Champion, but she could only manage one of those things…due in large part to Centurion.  The Anarchy Championship was lost to her…but fate had smiled down on her.  She clutched the Universal Championship to her heaving chest, the weight of it seeming to multiply with every step.  She staggered through the backstage area looking for someone, anyone to celebrate this monumental moment with, but the halls were filled with unfamiliar faces and jealous eyes.  Relief washed over her as she saw Gina Van Zyl heading for the exit, showered and with a look of dejection on her face after her loss.
“GINA!  GINA, DEAR!” Sid livened up, struggling to catch up to her.
Gina stopped, begrudgingly.  She turned around, dropping her bag from her should.  “Wow…look at you!  Queen…pardon, King of the XWF!  You lose one title…” she patted the gleaming face of the Universal Title. “…immediately replace it with another, huh?  Good for you, Sidney.”  She grabbed her bag and turned to leave.  “I hope you choke on it!”
Sid grabbed her shoulder, stopping her. “Gina! What’s this about?  I thought that we-“
“You thought we were friends?” Gina shoved Sid back and pointed to a tiny scar, still healing on her scalp. “Was that before or after you tried to splatter my brains all over the football field!”
“Gina, I-“ Sid started, but was quickly cut off.
NO!” Gina had to clutch her fists at her side to keep from hitting her.  “We aren’t buddies and we aren’t friends!  Hell, because of YOU I got mixed up in all this crap with Centurion…thanks a LOT for that!”
“Gina…I didn’t think-“
Yeah, not your strong suit, is it?” Gina spat back.  “Do me a favor…lose my number and stop calling me.”  Gina pointed at the belt over Sid’s shoulder.  “Enjoy the spoils of being the world’s biggest bitch!”  Gina turned and walked out.
Sid stood there, flinching as the door slammed shut in her face.  She waited in silence for a moment, then turned and headed towards the locker room. Old bones creaked and tired muscles ached with every step back to the locker room.  She reached for the handle of the door, but paused when she saw a note shoved in the jam.  She pulled it out and opened it. She read over the congratulatory message from Angelica Vaughn…but nothing from her daughter.
Sid whispered to herself .    “…ungrateful…”  She opened the door and half walked; half stumbled inside. 
“Miss Grey!” Dani yelled as she ran over and helped her to the chair.  “You did it!”
When she tried to take the title off her shoulder, she pushed her away. “Did Mackenzie call or text?”
Dani shook her head. “So sorry, nothing.”
Sid raised her head and steeled herself.  “Just checking.”  She allowed herself to sink back into the chair, the room deafeningly silent and empty.  Here she was, tonight was the greatest of her career and she had no one to share it with…no one except the person she paid to be there.
The two of them looked up as there was a knock on the still open door.  To Sid’s surprise, Gina stood there, arms folded across her chest.  The hard look on her face softened a bit.  “Okay. Champ…let’s go out and celebrate.  I’ve got some Tesco Shiraz 2020 on ice and it’s not going to drink itself.”
Sid smiled, sincerely for the first time in a very long time.

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