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Oh Sidney
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03-25-2023, 05:29 PM

A faint whisper is heard.


The whisper gradually gets louder.


We hear the sound of crickets but there is still no lighting. The whispers continue to get louder.


We hear leaves crackling and twigs snapping. Still no light.


The crackling gets louder and louder with every step. The crickets chirping stop as the steps move closer. A light starts to shine and a figure approaches the camera. The figure places the light on a stone as the camera moves closer to the light. When the camera is close enough to the light to reveal a tombstone, and the figure to be HGH kneeling in front of it. The markings are unclear as HGH intentionally blocks the tombstone with his body.

"Hello, Sidney, I told you I'd be seeing you soon. I hope you don't mind my surroundings. The time is upon us, can't you feel it? The winds of change in the air. It's strange, as a mother you had only wished for your offspring to succeed in life. Sacrificing everything you have ever had to see your child's happiness. Living vicariously through them, you felt alive didn't you? Then came the falling out. You then come to Anarchy as some sort of career renaissance, you even managed to take the Anarchy title. Let's face it even in your triumph, you still can't hold on to the physical title. You're but a champion by name. I intend to rectify that for you, I will relieve you of the burden of being the Anarchy champion."

HGH pauses for just a moment.

"Let's be real for a moment Sidney. You're a busy woman come March Madness aren't you? You are in the final four of that tournament, with the potential of making it to the finals. So let's be real Sidney? You could possibly have three matches on one card if you have what it takes. I wonder though? Just how much will you have in the tank when you come face to face with me?"

HGH begins to rise from his kneeling position. As he stands he lifts his head into the air as a small breeze picks up. He takes a deep breath then looks at the camera.

"How the winds have changed. Oh the change, I can feel it in the air, March Madness, my very first Pay Per View match and it's for the one thing I have always wanted. Sidney, you have what I want and no matter what the cost I will walk out of March Madness with the Anarchy title. Since day one I have busted my ass to get to this spot, I've paid my dues, I've fallen more times than I can count. However, that title that you finally have around your waist will not be there after March Madness."

HGH pauses for just a moment.

"Now, I know some of you people out there already have me counted out. There's no way that HGH could beat Sidney Grey, and that's fine, keep thinking that, please keep thinking that."

HGH smirks.

"Now I know some of you must be thinking, why is HGH in a cemetery? You see, to many this place signifies the end, to others a new beginning. Which is very poetic don't you think Sidney? March Madness is where your reign as Anarchy champion dies, and my reign finally begins.

HGH stops for a moment to collect himself.

"For far too long I have waited in the shadows, biding my time, waiting, watching, until the time was finally right to show myself. That time is now Sidney and what you have seen is just a glimpse of what I am capable of. Make no mistake about it, you might very well be the toughest opponent I have encountered, but you have the misfortune of being my final hurdle to get to the top."

HGH looks straight into the camera and cracks a grin.

"That's right Sidney, the final obstacle in my way to becoming Anarchy champion. My path to the title may not have been as glamorous as some would expect. No, no, no, I busted my ass week in and week out. I have faced and conquered many former champions along the way. Oh, but finally, finally I get my shot at the champion.

HGH stops and takes a short breath.

"I mean let's be real Sid. When we square off, I'm going to be nice and fresh for this match. Why? It's simply smarter than you, you don't see me out here trying to participate in multiple matches on the same card. That's just out right dumb. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Just how much are you gonna have in the tank when you face me? On top of that, how far are you REALLY willing to go to hold onto that belt? Are you willing to toss your 'Kingly' dreams to the side?"

HGH angrily looks into the camera.

"You better look down real deep Sidney. Say your prayers, twiddle your thumbs on your Twitter device, do whatever it is you need to do to find that little spark of hope.Sidney, you've had your run. It was fun while it lasted, but come Sunday it will all come crashing down, I will become the Anarchy champion. .

"When the lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, ‘Come!’  As I looked, there was a pale horse, and its rider’s name was Death. Hades followed along behind him. They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with famine, and with death, and by means of earth’s wild animals. Revelations 6:7-8."

HGH looks at the camera with a grin on his face.

"You're time as Anarchy champion is coming to its end Sidney. So cherish these last few moments you have with MY belt. Come Sunday, it comes home to me."

"Show me what's beyond my eyes"
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