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03-25-2023, 03:10 PM

The multitudes were gathered in the Great Hall of Lacklan Manor to celebrate the impending contest that would feature their favorite daughters; the reigning XWF Tag Team Champions, as they headed into March Madness to compete in a triple threat match. There was much food, drink, and games to celebrate the occasion, but this gala was different…this one included a very special guest, one that very few wanted in attendance.

[Image: tumblr_inline_p4zz1wDKLQ1uiedo7_540.gif]

Kenzi Grey fumed silently as she stared at her mother busily making a complete spectacle of herself in front of everyone, drinking and cavorting with the citizens as if she truly belonged. Kenzi turned to her wife, her eyes ablaze. “Why in the hell did Angie think it was going to be okay to invite her here?”
Sarah ran her hands over her face as she closed her eyes. “Beloved, you know that she just wants the two of you to reconcile, like she did with her own mother.” As her perfectly black manicured nails cleared her face, she opened her eyes and gave a sigh. “I just wish she had asked first.”
“I’m going to throw her ass out!” Kenzi got to her feet.
Sarah was quick to cut her off, pulling her back down. “It’s just one night. You don’t even have to speak to her. Just get through it, okay?”
Kenzi was loath to relent, but a gentle squeeze of her hand was enough to calm her for the moment. The next few minutes were filled with more drinking and hardened stares until the coldness was broken by the Town Crier, as he ushered Sarah and Angie to a pair of podiums at the head of the crowd.

[Image: tenor.gif]

“Good people of Lacklanland! This weekend our favorite daughters hold up the honor of our ways and our people in the XWF. They shall defend their shared championship in an honorable contest in the heathen lands of Arlington, Texas. To that end, we have prepared a special game that will challenge their minds, just as their bodies will be challenged in combat!” The people cheered loud and long as the children of Jean-Paul smiled at one another. “This contest will bond you, not only as holy combatants in the eyes of The Lord, our God, but as family.”  

Before the man could continue, Angelica walked over to him, whispering in the man’s ear. He seemed uncertain at first, then glanced at Sarah and relented. “Apparently…there will be a new challenger.” The Crier turned and gestured. “Miss Sidney Michaela Grey, Mother of the Queen’s Consort and…reigning Anarchy Champion!”

[Image: source.gif]

Sid looked surprised as she swayed drunkenly.  Finally, she made her way to the front of the Hall, hooting loudly and clumsily slapping the outstretched hands of the people. Sarah’s mouth fell open as her eyes shot daggers into her sister. Angie mouthed ‘trust me’ as she winked.
“Well, we can adjust the questions to suit the challenge…knowledge of God’s favorite sport, as it relates to the XWF.”
A long slow smile spread across Sarah’s lips. This was her forte and no one would best her. However, before she knew it, she was being physically pulled away. She looked over as her wife insisted on taking her place. Sarah leaned in, whispering. “…wife, what do you think you’re doing…?”
Kenzi glared back, “…about to send this drunk bitch out of here, once and for all…”
Sarah paused, unsure if she should leave, but the look on Kenzi’s face left no doubt that she was determined.

[Image: bb78ffa0ce6f30706902a5304f790199.gif]

“Yet another new challenger, The Queen’s Consort!” The people cheered, just the same, even as the mother and daughter stared right through one another. “The game is simple, I will ask one of you a question related to the XWF and after you answer, your partner must take a drink if they concur, or they may correct your answer and force you to drink instead.” A large barrel of mead was wheeled out and positioned between them, with a large ladle on either side. Off to the side, Angie’s mouth could be seen watering as she regretted losing out on this opportunity to intentionally get every question wrong and drink to her heart’s content.
Sid took up the ladle, dipping it into the blue hued liquor, which was certainly brewed from the finest blueberries in all of Lacklanland. She whispered to her daughter, “…I’m glad you decided to play…” Sid gulped down the ale, letting loose a loud belch to the delight of the masses.
Kenzi remained stoic, not doing anything more than rolling her eyes in response.
The Crier signaled and a large mahogany box was brought out and sat before him. He reached inside and dug out a piece of parchment as he looked at the two of them, then settled on Sid. “This multi-time champion had a 150-day reign as champion snapped by Charlie Nickels.”
Sid smiled. She had never bothered doing homework before, but March Madness had forced her outside of her bubble. “Peter Vaughn…my God how he drones on and on about himself! I don’t know who he’s trying harder to convince about how great he is, us or himself!”
The Crier turned to Kenzi. “Take a drink if she’s correct or you may amend the answer and force your mother to drink.”
Kenzi laughed, but there was no trace of humor in it. “My…mother, has never needed to be forced to drink.” Kenzi grabbed the ladle and took a drink. She finished, her eyes never leaving Sid’s. “Isn’t that right?”
Sid sighed, “I don’t recall you being too shy about a drink every now and again.”
“Isn’t that how you ended up saddled with me?” Kenzi retorted.
Sid was ready to fire back. “Isn’t that how you ended up married three times?  Is the word ‘NO’ even a part of your vocabulary when you’re drunk?” She looked over at Sarah and winked. Angie had to hold Sarah down to keep her from bolting out of her seat.
The Crier was desperate to get the game back on track. “Okay, then!” He pointed at Kenzi. “Lady Grey-Lacklan, what two championship titles were unified this past December in a thrilling ladder match?”
Kenzi stared at her mother, her eyes boring right through her. Off to the side, Sarah was mouthing the answer to her wife before Angie put a stop to it, putting a hand over her sister’s mouth. It didn’t much matter, since Kenzi’s eyes never once left those of Sid. “Why did you think it was okay to come here?”
The Crier blinked, “Is…that your answer?” Murmurs spread through the Hall. When she didn’t respond, he turned to Sid. “Ma’am?”
Sid smirked, then rolled her eyes. “The Supercontinental and Television Titles were unified when Ned Kaye defeated the incredibly sexy and talented Isaiah King.” When the Crier nodded, Sid gestured for Kenzi to drink up, and she did, her eyes never leaving those of her mother. “I know you claim you don’t swing that way anymore, but I have no doubt that man can make a crooked road straight with just a look.  If you know what I mean.”
There was uncomfortable laughter from the crowd, but none from Kenzi. The Crier directed the next question to Sid. “Trilogy was re-branded into what current wrestling stable?”
Sid chuckled. “Stable? Is that what you call Saga now?” She shrugged. “They don’t really even have anything in common, other than they’ll all be out of March Madness after I beat up Ned Kaye this weekend.”
“WHOOOOOO!” Angie allowed herself a shout, but quickly regretted it as she quieted and tried to hide her blushing face.
There was a wave of laughter and cheering from the other onlookers, and the Crier gestured to Kenzi. “Is she correct?”
Kenzi dipped the ladle into the ale and took a huge drink, before wiping her mouth with her sleeve.
“Mrs. Grey-Lacklan concedes the answer.” He clears his throat, continuing on. “Ma’am, this athlete calls themself ‘The Hardest Worker’ in the XWF…and is fabled to have the most epic Pog collection on the planet.”
Kenzi didn’t look at the man or bother answering his question. “I hope you don’t think showing your ass to everyone here is going to suddenly turn things around and make me forget about years and years of you not giving a shit about me!” She shook her head. “Is that why you joined the XWF…because this is the only way you can be close enough to me to put our shitty fucking lives on display for the world again?”
“I don’t think that’s an answer…” The Crier looked around in nervous confusion. 
Sid cut in. “I’m here to prove to you and everyone else that I have something to offer. I’m more than some airhead on a reality show, I can be a teacher…I can be a mother.  I can make up for the mistake I made.”
"Just one?" Kenzi blurted out. 

Sid snorted. "Yeah, I made it five years ago, in that big fucking chapel!" 

The Crier asked. “Neither of you are playing the game correctly.”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake! The answer is Noah Jackson!” Sid snorted, “I’m not sure why he calls himself the Hardest Worker, unless he got that nickname working construction and cat-calling broads from the girders! The only thing I see him working hard at is running his fucking mouth about shit he doesn’t understand!”
“That’s correct!” The man turned to Kenzi, pleased that the game was back on, but Kenzi was already drinking of her own accord. He turned back to Sid. “Jenny Myst and Dolly Waters have-OH MY GOD!“ The Crier instinctively ducked as Kenzi hurled her ladle at the wall.
The sound of metal on stone reverberated with a thunderous clang, startling everyone except Sid, who stared at the expensive frescos now splattered with blueberry ale. “Bordy is going to absolutely shit herself when she sees that mess.”
“FUCK YOU!” Kenzi screamed and started towards Sid, only to be cut off by Angie and Sarah, both doing what they could to keep the woman back. Still, she struggled against them as she railed. “You don’t have the right…YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT, to come here and pretend to give a shit about me! You only care about your stupid fucking show!”
Sid raised her hands in her defense. “That’s not true, I-“
“SHUT UP! YOU’RE A FUCKING LIAR!” Tears streamed down her cheeks from bloodshot eyes, some from the drink, but mostly from the pain of never being able to say what she was about to. “You don’t love me because you don’t even know what love is! You didn’t have me out of love, you had me out of spite for some man you were trying to trap and when that failed, you threw me away like garbage!”
Sid shook her head. “Mackenzie, let’s have this talk in private, please!“
“FUCK YOU AND YOUR PRIVACY! You have the nerve to put every aspect of your stupid life on display…EVEN MINES!”  She sobbed, pausing for a moment to catch her breath.  “I was just a kid…and all I wanted was to have mom back…but the first thing you did was shove a camera in my fucking face, and NOW you want privacy?!” Kenzi managed to kick over the casket of ale, sending it spilling across the floor. “I hope Ned Kaye beats you! I hope Peter Vaughn beats you! I hope that fucking cunt Noah Jackson beats you! HGH…somebody…ANYBODY, so you can feel an iota of loss…just an inkling…something.” A small sound, not quite a sob escaped her. “Then you can leave…because that is what you’ve always been best at.”
She broke free of Sarah, then stared up at Angie, her voice small and filled with pain. “…I will never forgive you for bringing her here…”

Angie winced as if she’d been struck as Kenzi jerked away and exited the Hall. Sarah seemed torn, but she took her sister’s hand, leading her after her wife. The crowd was all abuzz and the Crier seemed particularly lost.
Sid folded her hands in front of her. “So…do I win something, or is there more of that blue stuff around?”
The scene faded.

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