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03-21-2023, 06:25 PM


The scene swirls into focus upon none other than the blonde bombshell known as the Bad Apple Bottom Gene, Aphriya Adler.  She stands next to a beach chair.  The camera is positioned behind Aphriya as she peers out over the horizon that spans as far as the eye can see.  The sun is barely kissing the sky as it seems to be rising in the early morning hours.  The camera suddenly shifts from behind the beautiful blonde to resting in front of her as she begins to sit down upon the beach chair.

“Now some of you might be out there asking yourselves, why in the heck is Aphriya Adler hanging out on the beach rather than in the gym?  She just got her butt kicked by H G H on the last Anarchy.  Yet here she is just relaxing on the beach, chilling.  Sunbathing.  Why?  She is exactly what H G H said she was.  Nothing.  Nobody.  Was only defeating useless nobodies.”

She simply chuckles as she peers out over the horizon.

“To answer those internal questions for you ladies and gents.  I have done nothing but spend time in the gym since that loss to Mister Hays.  Heck I’ve been in the gym so dang much that Charlotte is probably upset with me.  I am so sorry babe.  I have to make up for that loss.  I have to get back on the track.  The trajectory I was on.  Then after I get back on the winning track, I will avenge my loss to Hays while becoming the new Extreme Wrestling Federation Anarchy Champion.  That is what I plan on doing.  I am disappointed that I couldn’t overcome H G H in our match on the last Anarchy.  We pushed each other to the limits.  He just came out on top in that one.  I’ve studied that match.  Forwards.  Backwards.  I made mistakes that I shouldn’t have and I am going to make sure that doesn’t happen again.  I have a large foe.  A tough challenge upcoming this anarchy.”

Again she pauses as she moves her gaze down to the GoPro resting in the sand in front of her.

“I apologize ahead of time if I mispronounce your name Swayne El Mold?  I am so crappy at spanish so I really do apologize sir for butchering your name.  I hope you can forgive me for that.  At least that.”

She sits back slightly in the beach chair, crossing her ankles over one another.  Her skin gleams in the growing sunlight.

“Now Mister Mold, you can forgive me for destroying your name, but unfortunately I don’t think you are going to forgive me for what I am going to do to you in the ring Thursday night.  You see dude, I am angry.  I am very angry.  I was planning on being in that ring Thursday night face to face with Sidney Grey.  Geeze that lady needs some psychological help.  Honestly, I kind of shocked that she was able to capture that beautiful title.  Good on her.  Geeze Aphriya, you’re getting off track, this is about Mister Mold.”

She quickly peers down at something and lets out a snicker.

“Oh my, it has an E on the end, does that mean it is pronounced Molda?  Geeze I really need to get Babbel or Rosetta Stone.  Hey Siri, put on my to do list to get Babbel or Rosetta Stone.”

Aphriya’s phone responds.

“Thanks Siri.  Now Molda, you and I are set to go to battle.  A battle that I am looking forward to honestly.  I have never been one to enjoy beating someone.  Hurting them even.  But deep down I am going to feel some kind of joy if I am able to hurt your arm, or neck, or leg on Thursday night.  Now some of you out there might be wondering and curious as to why I would be that way.  It is because right now I feel nothing but vengeance in my heart.  My soul is ravaged with it.  No matter who I am put in the ring against, will have the face of Hays.  He took my zero away.  I was so close to defeating him.  I am a little sad to say I will defeat you Molda.  I won’t be just getting close to doing it.  I am a blonde woman on a mission.  That mission now is to avenge my first loss in this company.  Yes.  Out there, y’all are yelling at your televisions.  Computer screens.  Phones.  Tablets.  You have experienced losses before in your career, just get over it.  Move on you crazy girl.  That is right folks, I have experienced losses in my career.  I have been able to push through them and get past them.  Yes I am going to get past this one.  But I am going to put some stank on it as the people say out there.  I think.”

She lets out another chuckle as she straightens up on the beach chair.

“So El Molda, I am going to apologize ahead of time for what pain and anguish I am training to put you through.  I am not planning on defeating you.  Not just defeating you.  I plan on and have been training my little tail off to make a definitive statement.  To the rest of the roster.  To the brass.  To Sidney Grey, the Anarchy champion currently.  And especially Mister Hays.  March twenty third will be the night of the rebirth of your Bad apple Bottom Gene ladies and gents.  If I become too graphic again, I am so sorry.  I hope all my wonderful fans and supporters will forgive the violence that I will be putting on display.  Mister Molda, you may be larger than I, but that won’t be an advantage for you.  See you and all of y’all Thursday night.  Love y’all.”

In her typical fashion, she blows a kiss and a sweet wink toward the camera just before it swirls to black.

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