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stra ailongam
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Tribalistic Mindstas

XWF FanBase:

(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

03-19-2023, 09:13 PM

[Opens up to see JB, T, and Reg inside an arthouse somewhere in Canada, where there were other locals who were walking around the art displays. Then they stumble across a Sip & Paint event in the next room which had about ten people in it, sitting in on a table with arts and crafts with various drinks and snacks across from the tables. Then they find an open arts and craft table and they start to paint some stuff.]

JB: I know what I want to paint, what about you guys?

T: I don’t know, I can’t paint for shit.

Reg: Me neither, never painted or drew a thing since I was ten years old.

[JB just hands them a canvases and art supplies, and T and Reg looked dumbfounded but they decided to draw, but T ends up going to the drinks to get them some water as they work. About an hour in, each guy's art is still work in progress, but some of the sip and paint people took a look at their rough drafts and scoffed at them, including white rastamon who tried to interrupt their session.]

RARA: Ay mon what dis er art? Dis right here, look like shit upon dey river mon!

JB: Hey man, we anit no artist… we tryin outchea to express ourselves.

[Then RARA was stumbling and spilled his wine on Reggie’s canvas, which caused him to get up from his chair and wanting to stab the RARA man with the end of the paintbrush in his left eye, but T calmed him down by holding him back as the RARA man was taunting Reg to do something. Then a woman in her mid 50s dressed in sweater and jeans comes in to intervene.]

Host: Excuse me sir, you will not be able to continue to sip and pain with us for harassing the workshop participants.

RARA: Ay Fuc Ya bamabaclout trah mon… i durt hav time to h’ere dis i’m out of chea!

[Then the white RARA man stumbled out of the event room, and the fellas went back sipping and painting. It was half past 8pm and the Host had announced that the sip and paint was finished and to take their pieces home, then the trio took their painting back to their hotel as they discussed it in the living room.]

JB: Yo Reg, what did you paint earlier?

[Reg pulls out the canvas painting and shows a painted blood moon and red lake.]

Reg: Something reminded me of a match I did back in the day. Something simple and to the point.

T: That looks better than mine Reg, in fact I'm embarrassed to show mine to yall. It looks shitty as fuck…

JB: Stop bein a pussy and show your art cuzz.

[T shows his piece and it was a crude art of Sindey Grey, naked with gray clouds over her head with shitty bolts hitting her. JB and Reg laugh as T puts his piece on the backside.]

T: I knew you guys were gon’ shit on it… i feel foolish for showing my piece.

Reg: It’s not a bad piece you drew man, I didn’t know you still have feelings for Sindey. I can’t blame you in the slightest, I'd fall for an old hag like her too!

T: Whatever Reg, it’s just how I felt about her at the time… just wished to see her naked and get shocked wit million bolts… have her become Cole McGrath like shit.. Ahh fuck it, JB why don’t you show us what you drew?

JB: Y’all sure on that?... it might be the worst out of the three of us!

Reg: Show it mane, show it!

[JB shrugged and pulled out  his art piece which shows Atomic Bat, Blue Tango, and Rastamon beaten up with hockey sticks and the duo laughed at the piece as JB put it away from them.]

JB: I told yall it would be bad, now i feel stupid to show you my piece.

T: JB chill, it was alright compared to ours, that’s what I hope to do with those three superhero clowns since we are involved with them in a ice hockey thing. I don’t know how Vincent comes up wit these stips, but I am all for it.

Reg: Well, you just had previous matches that involved feet T, so of course you’d say you’d be all in for this shit. Now, i’m not sayin i’m not game, but do we really need to pretend to play ice hockey just to beat a motherfucker up? I know i anit no Ovechkin or The Goon, but I sure do would love to beat up the three super dorks with more than hockey sticks, if you catch my drift?

JB: But here’s the thing though, if we win some bullshit points we can break em off by one in the penalty box and we can have ourselves a three on two type of situation. It might fall back on us hard, but we can push through shit like this. I am not too worried about this match, but what I am worried about having two resident superdorks be teamed up with a man who don’t know how english works.

[JB then starts to mock Rastamon’s accent, as they all start to laugh, then Reg heads to the mini fridge to pull out some sodas to drink. Then they start to sip on their sodas, and continue to talk.]

Reg: Either or on how we feel about this match, we know what we got to do.. Win or lose, we still thuggin off top of our fucking game, enough about the bs match…lets watch some movies.

[Then they all agreed on that plan and they started to watch movies on the flat screen as the scene fades.]
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