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PlaceMarker Doll Parts 2 - or Doll Parts Part 2? Who fucking cares at this point? - - -
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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

03-10-2023, 11:57 PM

The roars of an angry mob swell.

[Image: pitchforks.gif]

A tenor of bloodthirst and violence echoing throughout the alleyways that surround Madame Maluna’s Metaphysical Manor. 

Dr. Waters?

Dolly’s assistant, Patel, trembles with fear while peering out of a small peephole carved in the boarded up windows of the metaphysical shop.

What Gag?

Meanwhile, Dolly is sitting rather nonchalantly, shuffling up a stack of tarot cards on the floor. To her right, Madame Maluna is still tied up to a chair, nodding in and out of sleep. And to her left, a sex doll that was brought to life using black alchemy, manifested elements of Jenny Myst’s spirit, and a little bit of lightning, is seen throwing an absolute fit.

“I wAnT fEeDbAcK! I wAnT tO kNoW wHy tHe tOwNsPeOpLe dOnT lOvE mE! wHy hAvE tHeY mIsJuDgEd mE????!!!!!”

The sex doll is roaring as loud as the angry mob that's gathering outside, flinging its arms about, destroying shelves full of Madame Maluna’s cherished nicknacks.

It’s the townspeople, Dr. Waters. They’ve come for your monster.

Good! Let em’ have the damn thing, I can’t take another second of it’s whining.

The sex dolls latex frame turns, creating folds in the material around its neck. It looks at Dolly with no change in expression, mainly because it can’t change its expression. It’s an inanimate object with a manufactured face that has an open penis hole for a mouth.

yOu mAdE mE tHiS wAy dOlLy!

I only put together the elements of who you are at the core. Latex, sex holes, pig bones, bloody tampons, glitter, and cheap perfume. And you know what? Yer’ even more insufferable than I imagined Jenny Myst would be like in person.

I am SOOOO fucking thankful that I was ghosting her DMs when she was begging to team up, because I can’t take another second of this shit.

Watching you walk around all day, questioning yer’ every move, acting fucking defeated all the time, leaving here and pestering those town people when I told you to keep yer’ ass put here. The only thing I’ve learned by being in yer’ presence is that Jenny is going to be even easier to defeat on Warfare than I imagined.

Through the commotion of the angry mob outside of her shop, and the sex doll tearing up her shelves, Madame Maluna raises her head up, frustrated to see Dolly acting so callus towards her creation.

My dear… she says with a cold tone to her voice, If you surrender the life form you’ve created to that mob, then the karma you receive will be irreconcilable with the divine…

Oh god… what are you babbling about now?

Whether you wish to admit it or not, this annoying creature here is your creation. You provided her with all the tools necessary to be exactly what she is… you might as well be surrendering yourself to the mob, and letting them put you to death. This doll cannot be your scapegoat.

Deep down, Dolly knows that Maluna is right. No matter how insufferable the sex doll is, her existence is Dolly’s responsibility. Much like with Jenny Myst, Dolly know had she not been tearing it up in the XWF all those years as a young, wholesome, actually decent representation for women wrestler to aspire towards…. Then all of the chauvinistic pigs in the audience, and in XWF management wouldn’t have begun clamoring for a more shallow brand of women's wrestling. A brand that Jenny was able to fit to a tee. And, had Dolly not proven that a woman can actually compete, and win against men in the ring twice her size, then Jenny would’ve never had the confidence to join the XWF.

It’s at this moment that Dolly knows, much like this sex doll, she can’t leave the real Jenny Myst hanging. If she doesn’t go out of her way, and use every once of her cunning and ability to defeat, and finally bury Jenny alive on Warfare. If not, Jenny will just continually be pulled apart by fellow wrestlers and the audience, making her even more insufferable and unhinged.
...fine. I won't surrender the doll.


DOCTOR! she corrects, as Patel’s eyes look like they’re about to burst from his skull,

Doctor- he bites the appropriate prefix through his teeth, frantically looking back and forth through the peephole where the mob is forming, just feet away from the shop now…

If we don't give them the doll, then they’re going to tear this door down, and we’re going to be in some SERIOUS shit… there wont be any match on Warfare against Jenny Myst. We’ll. Be. In. PRISON.

Dolly just smiles,

No, Gag… you’ll be in prison. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a life-size fucBarbie to bury.

Patel’s jaw drops as he watches Dolly exit toward the back of the shop, sex doll in tow…

the scene fades.


Weekend Warfare.

El Paso, Texas.

Jenny Myst versus Dolly Waters for the Television Championship…

Buried. Alive.

Well, well, well… Jenny Myst actually picked an appropriate stipulation

-You can color me more shocked than an enraged Theo Pryce declaring John Black the new Xtreme Champion over one of his golden SAGA boys- 

But this match is appropriate not for the shallow, and boring reasons Jenny will lead you to believe. See, Jenny has dubbed this Buried Alive match as an “end of an era”. Outside of being one of the most overused cliches in professional wrestling, it’s a sentiment both grandiose, and self-defeating. Apparently, even though Jenny Myst thinks that Dolly Waters is the “shits”, she couldn’t help but bill this match with all of the grandeur of a Relentless Main Event.

I wonder why that might be?

Pointing out all the ways that Jenny Myst is a thoughtless hack, who's way over her head against me would be incredibly easy… but that’s the quick kill. Jenny doesn’t want this to be quick. She wants to be buried alive. Choking on the filth being shoved down her throat while she gasps for air. It’s a feeling she’s most comfortable with, and it fucking sums up her career to a tee. Constantly standing with one foot planted in her own grave, writing her own epitaph with fingernail polish, and ready to fold just as soon as things don't go her way. Deep down, Jenny knows that she’s full of shit. Gurgling out those turds of accomplishments, pleading to anyone who will listen, desperately trying to explain why she’s better than Dolly Waters- yet her actions don't match her words.

Because if Dolly Waters is just a helpless little failure, who has no chance at winning, why on earth would you waste the time and energy it will take to bury me alive, Jenny? Why waste such a grandiose stipulation on such an easy victory? Why wouldn’t you just beat my ass in a straight up match?

…it’s because she knows she can’t.

So instead Jenny builds up this imaginary story, about how our first ever encounter marks the closing to some chapter of a book that’s already been banned and burned. It’s a way to make people think more of Jenny when they watch me rearrange her face with a shovel and cover her up with cow dung. She wants us all to mourn her. To weep and reminisce on the “good old days”, but Jenny… we’re all out of tears. Watching yer’ career has been like observing the world's longest public execution. It’s tiring us out… and frankly, I’m fucking sick of it. So I’m about to cut you down from that noose. 

Turning this match into a burial is what Jenny wants. She wants us to feel sorry for her. She wants us all to mourn her like she she’s some fucking martyr to an era that never existed. She wants to cover up all of her problems under six feet of dirt, where no one can ever see the truth… and that’s the REAL reason why this is such an appropriate stipulation.   

Y’all ever heard the story of the Farmer and the Mule?

The farmer’s prized mule. The old steadfast, hardworking, reliable and trusted mule falls into a well. The farmer, who owes EVERYTHING, his entire fucking livelihood to the mule, is at a loss for how to get the mule out of the well. What a shame it would be if the community around the farmer found out that he didn’t know how to do anything on his own. If they found out that he couldn’t honor and save his mule.

So what does the dumbass farmer do? He starts filling the well with dirt.

He’s going to bury the mule alive.

He’ll be able to say: “oh well, the mule really did help build this farm of mine, but he wandered off one day, and I never saw him again. I sure do miss that old dependable mule.”

So the helpless farmer, scared to death to actually TRY and be helpful to the creature he owes so much loyalty to, he just keeps shoveling dirt down in the well. But there’s only one ass in this equation, and it ain’t the mule. Because all the while, as the farmer continues to fling dirt down on the mule, the mule shakes it off, and stands on top of it. Over and over, he shovels that dirt down in the well, and the mule just shakes it off, and stands on top. Finally, the well is completely full of dirt, and rising from the top is the mule… staring down that thankless, cowardly, cunt of a farmer in the eyes with a smile.

The mule outsmarts the farmer.

Just like Dolly Waters is gonna’ outsmart Jenny Myst on Weekend Warfare.

No matter how much shit she flings at me, how many lies she spats, no matter how desperately she tries to convince the world that Dolly is dead and gone along with some bullshit era, I’m going to shake it off, and keep climbing on top. Just like I always have. And Jenny is gonna’ be left looking like a dumbass, just like she always does.

Look no further than her attempting to pin John Black for the XTreme Championship, the night before we’re set to do battle, as PROOF that Jenny knows she is about to lose that Television Championship to Dolly Waters. Desperately trying to fling herself back into an XTreme Championship run, just days after she called the whole division a joke, and a scam because she lost to Cashe on Anarchy.

Jenny doesn’t mean a single. Fucking. Word. She. Says.

She’ll tell you all about how mistreated she’s been over the years. How men, in and out the XWF, have taken advantage of her. Yet, we all have to sit back and watch as she’s booked in one random championship match after the other, like every other month, for years!

You know how many championship matches in XWF I’ve been booked in as the challenger, Jenny?

…Seven. Seven fucking matches, Jenny. Eight counting this one. That’s good for one championship opportunity per year that I’ve wrestled.

You know my record in those matches?

Five wins. Two losses. 

…and it’s about to be championship win number six for Dolly.

Now, again, considering yer’ being booked for a new championship opportunity every other month, why don’t you again tell us who the XWF has REALLY been protecting over the years between you and me? Yer’ always crying, on the precipice of being done with wrestling, yet, all it takes is to dangle some gold in front of yer’ face, and everything’s alright ain’t it? That’s been the story so far.

Everyone knows that everytime little miss Jenny takes a loss, that it was unfair, she was cheated, and she’s ready to quit professional wrestling forever. She won’t take responsibility. EVER.

Just like the farmer who let his mule wander off into the well…

Lets just cover it up with dirt, shall we?It’s easier that way. Just like Jenny stating she was blowing up my DMs, wanting to tag team with me so badly, while at the same time saying that I’m not good enough to lace her boots.

Get in line, bitch. That’s the same tired shit that people like Betsy, Lycana, Miss Fury, Vita, Lux, and even Lacklan have said towards me over the years.

You know why you were ghosted? Along with all the others, Jenny? Because I don’t need YOU or anyone else fer’ that matter.

Talking about me latching onto people for success? Is this coming from the same person who literally debuted with AX3? A stable that featured how many Universal Champions? Three? Four counting Trax? FIVE counting Duke? Talk about glowing in someone else’s shine.

I know it’s a difficult concept for her to grasp, the idea that women can stand alone, and on top, in the wrestling industry- hence her believing that I somehow destroyed the “Waters Legacy”- when in reality I AM the Waters Legacy. And not a thinking person would disagree, that if anything, I made my father look better as a result of my career.

It’s time for you to take responsibility Jenny. No more slinging dirt. No more trying to bury what's alive and well. No more trying to cover up yer’ own failures.

Jenny, who thinks defunct belts like the Hart don’t mean shit, while repping the Bombshell crown like it was anything more than a chauvinistic means to keep women out of the major championship pictures.

Jenny, who thinks that putting on some makeup and acting crazy in 2023, is any different than her putting on makeup and acting crazy in 2018.

Jenny, who thinks she can bury the mule in El Paso on Warfare… but can’t even nail a simple “gotcha”.

[Image: image.png]

lulz... the images of Jenny's "proof" don't exist, indeed... but you know what does exist? Chris Chaos' own words.

Quote:I am not the same man that failed to win the Television Title and sat back idly and watched as your tore through Savage with reckless abandon. Oh no, that's not me now. I am a new man, a new monster, and a new champion.
Fine and dandy because we both know, everyone knows, you never “beat” me. I lost the match because I didn’t “win” the match, if that makes any sense. You never pinned me…...Kennedy and I double pinned each other. May I speak a little truth here? You won your precious little title, Dolly by default.

Keep trying to bury it, Jenny. Try and kill-off what you instead need to take responsibility for- and that’s the fact that you just proved what I’ve been saying all along… yer’ not savvy enough to compete with me. Yer’ a twit. A woman who calls other women “FEmale” like some chauvinistic pig.

This ain’t the end of an era, Jenny.

Just the end of an error.

The error of you lucking into that Television Championship match with Chris Page to begin with… you picking a stipulation this violent to bring about that end? Well… I can’t be held responsible for what’s about to happen.

See ya' at the funeral!

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