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PlaceMarker Hey, at least its not a deadline drop
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Jenny Myst Offline
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03-08-2023, 08:57 PM

[Image: R58vg1h.jpg]

Jenny stood in front of her full body mirror, admiring herself in a bra and underwear. Her body had taken quite the beating during her X-title run but she has had some weeks off and the bruises were beginning to lighten. She was in a brutal match with Chris Page last Warfare, but came out of it aesthetically better than expected. She still looked good in her bra and underwear, and it brought a smile to her face.

She didn’t have much to smile about anymore these days. Everything was so serious. She never expected the whirlwind of success she would have this past year. She also didn’t expect the soul-crushing failures. The losses always sting worse when you’ve been winning. Would she do it all again? Damn right. But would she change anything?

Actually, no.

She is who she is, and like it or hate it, that is what you get every time she’s on your screen. She is the hottest woman in wrestling, and even though this match is a gimmick joke designed for the owner to get his rocks off, it actually is a chance for her to show the fans up close and in person. How often do they get to see her not in wrestling gear?

She needed to learn to have a little fun, to loosen up a bit, to stop taking wins and losses so seriously and realize that this wrestling shit….its all a game sometimes. There are levels and boss levels. This weekend, she would need to level up but on Anarchy…'s beginner level shit. It is the first thing you see after the opening credits. It’s tutorial level shit. Bra and Panties, something that sets women’s wrestling back 30 years, and this is the Main Event on a brand they are trying to “build”.

Jenny smiled to herself. It didn’t matter what kind of match it was, she was the headline, the marquee, the featured attraction.

She tried to think of something witty to put as a caption on her photo. Comedy seemed to be the MO around here, fuck skill, right? Hell, a pooping promo had them in stitches last time she was here. She had to put SOMETHING on her caption, right?


She laughs to herself. She got jokes. But she left like she needed one more


Because, let's face it, that’s the biggest joke of them all.

“You’re still around? Jeez, these bottom feeders are like cockroaches, aren’t they? Just continue to stick around, no matter what you do, until the end of time. Never going anywhere, or contributing to anything, just existing. A cockroach that, need I remind anyone, I have already beaten once. Not only did I beat, but I beat at their own game. I made you tap out. March Madness, last year, I told you I was going to tap you out and I did exactly that. There is no coming back from that, it’s on your record forever. March Madness 2021, when you ran your mouth and I tapped you out of the tournament. Best believe, given the opportunity, I’d do it again, too.

This match isn’t about in ring skill, is it? It’s about Vinnie’s entertainment and ratings for this smoldering inferno of a brand. Bra and panties match, how 90’s cliché. The whole purpose is to expand and give the wrestling world something new and inventive, not set the business back 30 years. Vinnie’s desperation to look “cool” never ceases to amaze me.

“Hey guys, I booked a Bra and Panties match for Anarchy! How rad is that!”

It’s not, Vin. It’s lame and childish. Grow up.

You would think that Vinnie would think highly enough of you at this point to give you a shot at this title, mmm? Hell, he put my X-treme title up on this very program against Jason Cashe. Is he any better than you? Did he EARN an X-shot? He couldn’t even keep the belt for one main show defense, Was he truly better than me? Or was he the best of a bad situation? If he was the only one worthy on this entire C-squad roster, then what does that say about you? It says what we have all known for a long time, that you aren’t worth the pussy you sit on. Everything is a joke to you. This is the perfect type of match for you because it is one that nobody takes seriously, just like you. I have the match of my career coming up against Dolly Waters in a few days. The End of an Era, Buried Alive. You pull my clothes off, the fans still get a win. I pull your clothes off, I get a win. Clothes come off, Vinnie’s bottom line wins. This is a well-deserved break for me. I am sorry that you don’t get that measuring stick, that gut-check, that shot at redemption against the best female in the business.

Instead, you get to potentially pull my clothes off and I still get over.

Must suck to be you.

We already know that it does."

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