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Prove Me Wrong
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Sueneelmolde Offline
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03-08-2023, 07:46 PM

“Last week went better than I could have imagined.

Not only was I able to show Lord Raab the lengths I would go to get a win, but I was also able to leave him broken and bleeding, trying desperately to look out from behind his crimson mask. However, after one successful week, we are on to this one.

A week where the match could be summed up as throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. That’s what four way matches are right? There’s no real rhyme or reason for it, nothing to further, it’s just four people with no direction being lumped in together with the hope that someone will bust out and prove that they belong elsewhere. That they should be further up the card then that.

And to think, I thought I showed them that last week when I punished little Raabies all over that ring. But I guess the powers that be need to be titillated once more so that they know they aren’t just going to be left blue balled and waiting.

So here we are.”

The scene opens looking at a wall and on that wall are three head shots. More specifically, a headshot each of Lord Raab, Mastermind and Chad GPT. Across from the wall stands Suene el Molde and in front of him on a small table, some darts.

“If the powers that be are going to throw shit to the wall to see what sticks, I might as well spend my time throwing darts and seeing what hits, right? Seems just as productive as that they were cooking up in their offices. Throwing four people together in hopes of lighting up the crowd.

Or is it three? It’s so hard for me to decide whether Chad is actually a warm blooded person or just some cyborg that has been released by one of the most hated men out there in Elon Musk. Shit, if Elon was able to do that and make him as fluid as an actual human, hats off to him. But part of me thinks this is just some dollar store Robocop who is really just a person in disguise.

And we will be able to tell. Because all people bleed once they are cut so once we get to that point in the match, the Chadputer will be cut and bleeding like a stuck pig on the mat. Then we can be fairly certain he’s just a regular boy. Until then though, he gets to have his moment in the sun. Either way, whether he’s a fantastic invention or just another flesh bag, he’s going to become a pile of broken something-or-other in front of me on my way to victory.”

Suene el Molde picks up one of the darts and throws it, nailing the headshot right between the eyes. The dart remains in the wall.

“Hey look, it didn’t bounce off.

Kind of like how Raabies head bounced off the turnbuckle last time. That was satisfying for sure. And now he gets the chance at redemption, to show the world he’s not a pushover and that he’s still a big meany. I just don’t think he’s going to like the end result of this match if his hope is to look like he is actually terrifying. If anything he’s likely terrified after what happened last time. Scared shitless after what I did. 

And that’s just perfect.”

Molde throws another dart and this time it hits the picture of Lord Raab between the eyes. A little trickle of what appears to be blood starts to drip down.

“Art imitates life.

Maybe I’m being forced to say that? I don’t know. After all, Mastermind is soooo good at mastering minds that I might already be under his spell.

In all seriousness, it’s hard for me to tell if I’m supposed to be facing a flashy hypnotist or an intellectual toy store personified. Truly. I guess he means more to the world of XWF than he does to me personally due to his history, but history is that. History. We can reflect on it and honor it, hi or it like I am doing, but when someone from the past shows up, they usually don’t have the same jump, the same zip as they used to.

And maybe that’s just me not paying attention. Maybe I just didn’t buy a ticket to Megaminds last show. But having seen very little from him it’s hard for me to see him as a credible threat to my own ascension. It’s hard for me to see him as anything more than a hypno toy store.”

He throws the last dart and it hits Mastermind right between the eyes.

“Prove me wrong.

Prove to me that Lord Raabies should have won last week. Prove to me that Chadputer is the future and will soon take over the world and enslave us all. Prove to me that Masterhypno is capable of finding his youth again.

Prove to me that you are better than me and can get the win when you need it. Because as I look at all three of you, I don’t see anyone who is a danger to beating me.

Prove to me you’re something I’m not.

Because I don’t think you can. I think that all three of you want to, but can’t. And after you struggle to figure it all out, struggle to win and come up way short, you are going to realize that you’ve been living in a dream world all along.

Living in a world where you think you’re any good.

Living in a dream where you have a chance.

And I’m here to crush that fucking dream.”
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