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03-08-2023, 06:28 PM


The scene swirls into focus upon a blue over blue horizon.  The sound of waves hitting solid ground can be heard.  A little shakily the camera moves downward revealing some white and tan sand being washed with waves of clear blue water.  Off in the distance, the calls of seagulls can be heard as well.  After a moment of watching the waves wash over the sand, a pair of tanned and toned legs appear.  Then bending down to reveal their identity is none other than Aphriya Adler, Da Bad Apple Bottom Gene.  She smiles as the lightly clouded sky reflects in her sunglasses.  Her blond hair flows behind her head, her pink bikini reflects the light of the sun as well.  She seems to be peering at the camera as she begins to speak.

“So I came out on top again last week.  Astra was supposed to put up a bigger fight than that.  Oh well.  I can only train my hardest.  Prepare the best I can for whomever I am booked to face.  And Vinnie, good sir, I was taking a stab at you in my promotional material for last show’s match.  I was simply apologizing for you spending what you did for the fight with Latina Submission Machine being so short.  Again sorry for that.”

She lifts her sunglasses, she still smiles.

“So I did get a little aggressive in my piece for the last show.  Because quite frankly I feel that I have done nothing but totally demolish and dominate each and every opponent I faced.  The only one that truly gave me some kind of challenge was Van Zyl.  I am not going to apologize for doing what I was signed here to do.  Now a huge opportunity has floated on my way.  A chance to become the number one contender for that coveted Anarchy Championship.  I have said I do miss carrying gold.”

She uses her sunglasses as a hair band type of deal, keeping her loose blonde strands out of her face as the breeze blows on by.

“So upcoming this week on Anarchy, I get to take on the toughest and most competitive opponent of mine since arriving here in the Extreme Wrestling Federation.  He goes by the name of Harmon Grayson Hays.  A man that has been making quite a name for himself in this company since arriving in it.  Hays, you got signed about six months before I did.  And looking through your history, you have been quite successful in the ring.  Not quite undefeated though.  I do take pride in the fact that I do have zero in the loss column.  But I will get back to you in a minute, Hays.  I wanted to talk about what I have been getting asked a lot since I started on Anarchy.

She looks behind her at the ocean for a moment and seemingly takes in a deep breath and returns her eyes to the GoPro camera.

“So I’ve been asked several times, what does it feel like to be a part of Extreme Wrestling Federation and Anarchy?  I smile and answer honestly, at first it was a bit nerve racking.  This is technically the second company I have been signed too since making my transition from Mixed Martial Arts to Professional Wrestling.  Each and every show I feel more and more comfortable and stronger though.  I will prove that once again when I take on Mister Hays this upcoming Thursday night.  I also get asked, what does it feel like to be rising so high in the ranks so quickly?”

She pauses a moment.

“Honestly, I don’t feel like I’ve done all that I can to be shooting through the ranks.  Yes I put the entire roster on notice especially Tommy and Sidney before last show that I was coming for that title.  I was aiming for that championship.  Now did I expect to be getting a chance at becoming the number one contender so soon after defeating Astra?  No.  This opportunity was completely unexpected, but if you think I am going to show up Thursday night against you Harmon and not give you the best I have.  Maybe show you some things that you have never seen before, you better think again.  I get it, you are some kind of gift to everyone or what not.  But all I see is another opponent.  Another obstacle to get through.  I am doing my homework.  I am doing the training that I need to be the absolute best I can be.”

She smiles at the camera as she leans forward placing her hands in the sand just in front of her GoPro.

“I also get asked this, are you scared of facing anyone?  And I answer this question with a smile on my face and answer honestly.  I am not afraid of facing anyone.  I am not scared to go into that ring each every Anarchy and face whoever is put in front of me.  Whether that is one opponent, two, even three.  Maybe more.  I believe in my abilities.  I trust in the process that me and my coaches have developed over my short career in this business.  It has led to great success in Action Wrestling.  So far I’ve been quite successful here in Extreme Wrestling Federation.  And no matter what big game.  What arrogant attitude you carry into that ring this Thursday night Mister Hays, I will not back down from you.  I won’t get frustrated if things look bleak for me.  No sir, I will keep coming at you until that end bell sounds.  So Harmon Greyson Hays, H G H.  I am not backing down from you.  I am not afraid of you.  Your past, my past, doesn’t matter.  All that does is Anarchy on March ninth.  See y’all Thursday night.  Love ya.”

She winks and blows a sandy kiss to the camera just before it swirls to black.

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