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Caring about wins/losses and winning titles is overrated
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Lord Raab Offline
"The Green Disease German Monster"

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(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

03-08-2023, 03:37 PM

There was no change of locations of where Lord Raab is because it was always the same with him, as there wasn't anywhere he could go. He wasn't confident doing videos anywhere, but the alleyway with metal barrels always lit on green fire. It was his comfortable place, away from socialising with people he didn't like doing. He looks in front of the camera and talks.

Lord Raab: "You finally cared about talking about wrestling last week, Suene el Molde; well, because there's nothing to talk about regarding me since I'm a pure wrestler, not like any of the others here who have other side hobbies or their characters revolve with their lives. Lying about Paul Renich and Peter Lenex being hardcore wrestlers. I don't buy into your pathetic lies because if they were truly good hardcore wrestlers, they'd be wrestlers currently, but you're fucking typical, acting like I don't do any of the things you claim those two did. You're saying that to make yourself better, and you're pathetic. I don't give a fuck. I get onto the win you'll brag about and the title thing in a bit, but I don't give a fuck about the loss at all. Fuck that bollocks."

Henry shook his head, but he did see the other side of Lord Raab, fully understanding now after the private discussion about how miserable he was when he thought about winning titles and matches being his goal. It simply wasn't.

Lord Raab: "Unlike Suene over there, I like and respect you the most out of the three of you, Mastermind, although I have no fucking idea who Chad GPT is. Why? Because being someone who's done everything in XWF, you're competiting in XWF the same reasons as I do, beating people for fun without a care in the world for wins and losses. We destroy and beat the living fuck out of opponents for fun. Nothing makes your life happier than doing that, despite the pair of us, although in other companies, in my case, winning titles doesn't mean a thing."

It would be difficult for Lord Raab to talk about the other dude, but it would be brief.

Lord Raab: "I don't know what to say about Chad GPT. Who is he? What has he done to be in this match? Give him a cheap opponent to prove to himself, but not my decision, right? I'm not trying to overlook him, just with limited to no information out there, how am I meant to talk about someone I never heard of? Will it backfire on me? Maybe, but I will get to that point in a bit. Sorry kid, but you're not important enough to even waste my time talking about you at the moment since I don't make up bullshit about opponents until I've seen the evidence."

Raab shrugged his shoulders as there wasn't anything he could say about Chad as there was no information out there, and he would find out in the ring where he'd learn more about them than saying random things to act like the opponent was a thing he cared about.

Lord Raab: "Suene over there is going to brag about beating me, but what she and all of you don't know is competiting for wins and titles in the wrestling business is overrated. All of you want to go for those goals, but that isn't a goal for me at all since I give no fucks about wins and loss records or going for titles. It's to beat and destroy the hell out of my opponents, and whether I win or lose, which, again, I don't give a fuck about, isn't all and is all about wrestling. It's just not. You can achieve as much in a loss as you do in winning matches. I don't need to win titles when I've won many of them in my career, and I don't give a fuck if you don't take me seriously. I make sure I deal with all kinds of damage in the ring and fuck you up with weapons usually, but this fatal four-way regular match is absolute garbage."

Nodding his head to make himself a lot happier, he has been talking much less lately.

Lord Raab: "Heck, it only makes me even more dangerous when I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I do by doing everything to injure all of you. I ensure you acknowledge me as a wrestler when I beat the shit out of all three of you in the ring because I'm simply that. I have no life outside of the ring. I don't do anything but wrestle outside of the ring. I don't need worthless side hobbies as distractions. I'm all wrestling and nothing else. I will prove it by winning this match. Prepare to be Raabinated by the Green Disease German Monster."

It's all Raab had to say as the cameras went black and Raab walks back to his hired apartment.

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I love AJ Allmendinger.
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