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she popped a MOLLY, and she sweating, woo!
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Tommy Wish Offline
Some Nobody

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

03-07-2023, 11:23 AM

[It opens up to a yacht that Tommy is in somewhere in the Bahamas, since he was invited by Chad and Trisha earlier in the week, while they are with their friends having a blast, Tommy was inside a private room where he’s been in for the whole yacht ride. While he was busy being antisocial, he gets a knock on the door to which he opens to see an old flame of his, who was with Trisha, which was Sophia who both were in their bikinis as they barrage in his room.]

Trisha: Oh my gosh Tommy, have you meet Sophia?

Sophia: Oh, we known one another for awhile now…

[T, who wasn’t phased as he was sitting in his bed, then Sophia then sits by his side as Trisha opens up a bottle of rum and drinks out of it. Then she heard her name and heads out, as it was left with Sophia and T, as he was looking at her in an awkward way.]

Sophia: Oh hey T, you don’t remember us right?

T: I thought you and Rebecca Black were an item or somethin like that.

Sophia: She left me for someone her age, she thought i was too old to be her lover and her manager… so i happened to just fade myself into another hobby of mines which is onlyfans on the side.

T: Onlyfans as a hobby? I mean that’s cool and all but i don’t think that’s really a good hobby to be involved in. Too many creeps and simps on that shit.

[Sophia rolls her eyes and she gets up from his bed, and she brings two red solo cups and pours some tequila in it, and she puts something in her cup. Then she brings the drinks to T, who pretty much said no. Then she puts his cup to the floor, as she drinks hers. After about five minutes, she randomly starts to fan herself with her hand.]

Sophia: Is it me or is it hot in this room?

T: I don’t think it’s hot… Do you need to step out of my room? Maybe it’s too hot in my room, i don’t mind you taking in the fresh air.

Sophia: Oh nooooo… i’m fineeee….

[Then she randomly faints on his lap, which worries him. Then he gets her up, and she starts to hover over him on the bed. She then arches her back, and she kisses him, and he looked at her oddly.]

T: Uh… don’t know what’s going on but… it’s kinda interesting…

Sophia: Take me Tommy, Take me now!... I saw what you did to Sidney Grey on TV… do that to me!

T: Whoa whoa whoaaa… we don’t need to go there.

Sophia: Oh shut up Tommy!

[Then they proceed to pretty much go to the x-treme, after about an hour, it was nightfall and Chad and Trisha come to his room and they see T and Sophia on the bed naked. Then T looked in shock as Chad looked on in proud mode.]

Chad: Well well well, looks like a dog was off its leash tonight… you should have left the door locked if you didn’t want me in. I was just letting you both know that we got some dinner thing in an upper deck if yall want in. See you both there.

[Then Chad leaves while Trisha and Sophia gave one another some high fives and Trisha looking on at T with a growl as she leaves the room. Then T and Sophia looked at one another on the bed, trying to figure if they want to join or not.]

T: Don’t know about you, but i’m starvin.. If you like to roll with me, then lets roll.

Sophia: Well my stuff is across the yacht hallway, so if you want we can head there to get my dinner dress on.

T: Fine by me, lets do it!

[Then T and Sophia get themselves together to head to the dinner in the upper deck, then it simply fades into the sea itself as the yacht cruises the night away.]

I’m going to keep it short and to the point, I guess I'm fallin in love with either HER or with the thought of HER thinking I am keeping something that belongs to her. I won’t elaborate more on that, but I will say that I feel like I am back on the right path with someone I knew in the past, and I know full well it might or might not end well for me. Whatever the case will be, it will not be a walk in the park with steel toe boots, just like me dealing with Molly Barnes, the rookie newcomer on Anarchy TV.

Well I want to simply say, what’s good Molly? I know you have in ring cred from your time in the indies and shit like that, but I want to ask you, are you down to take me on? I might not be in your league or in HER’S league, but I will make an effort to not go easy on you Molly. Who knows? I might end up getting fired for doin more then Jadakissin the competition off the screen with my own antics.

Maybe I might catch a case, i might catch an asswhoppin but all I can tell you Molly is.. I dare you to use those steel toe boots on me, and make me feel something more then anger or lust when we go across that ring this coming Thursday, because I am willing to take punishment from a newcomer like you, and enjoy that shit with a smile on my face. Just like I had to pull a Necro Butcher with electrical currents on my bare feet last week, I want to feel that jolt of watts from YOU Molly, and if you don’t or can’t well….

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