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The Pride of Anarchy: Issue #1
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03-06-2023, 03:23 PM

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“WELCOME FANS OF COMIC CON!” The host screams over the cheering fans who gathered for the three-day spectacular.  “This year, Toronto Comic Con is set to bring some of the biggest names in the industry to our awesome event!”  The man steps back as a screen descends behind him.

The fans hoot and holler as images of the stars who would be appearing flash up on the screen, to the delight of all in attendance.  The cheers continue to get louder with each picture shown, until the host steps in.

“Everyone, this year, we have a very special treat!” The man clasps his hands together.  “We are pleased to be graced by a homegrown Canadian hero!”


The host shakes his head, “No…it’s not Wolverine, but this hero and their trusty sidekick are with us tonight to tell us what it takes to be a real-life superhero.  Fans, all the way from the X-Treme Wrestling Federation, please welcome…RUBY AND PEBBLES!!” He throws out his arms as cheap indoor pyro explodes in alternating flashes of yellow and green.

There is a smattering of polite handclaps and murmurs that permeate the crowd, followed by sounds of confusion as not just one Ruby, but two appear swinging in from opposite sides of the stage.  Gina swings in smoothly, her Ruby costume fitting extremely tight, leaving little to the imagination as she lands with cat-like grace.  On the other side of the stage, Sid pendulums in and awkwardly back off stage, before she stumbles back out and nearly falls over as one of her feet get tangled in the swinging rope.

[Image: FqksIISXsAIFxwP?format=jpg&name=medium]

The host looks back and forth in confusion.  “WOW…it’s…Ruby and…Ruby?”  He frowns.  “What happened to Pebbles?”

Sid points at Gina, whispering in a vain attempt to not be heard by the crowd. “…you were supposed to be the little one…”

Gina shrugs and blushes slightly, leaning in to whisper "...oh, well the email wasn't very clear, and I spent a lot of time on this costume…. plus the crowd seems to like it..." She chuckles softly as she waves to the fans.

Sid is visibly annoyed as she lets out a hushed sigh.  She turns and waves to the crowd as well, maneuvering her way in front of Gina.  The two appear to jockey for position in an attempt to outshine the other until the host manages to get between them.  He gives an unsettled chuckle as he escorts them to their seats on stage, deciding to sit between them in order to avoid more conflict.  He turns his attention to the fans, “Wow!  Isn’t this great?  Ruby and her…other, Ruby…here with us!”  He wipes a few beads of sweat from his brow.  “Well. first things first; we were heartbroken to hear of your…both of your retirements from the XWF.  Can you tell us when the Canadian fans can expect to see the return of the Banana Lime Blur?” He frowns, looking back and forth.  “Blurs?”


Gina starts to speak, but Sid cuts her off. “Let’s be honest, no one really cared about Anarchy until Sidney Grey showed up and completely humiliated me in the ring so badly that I quit the business and decided to put my below average talent to work in retirement by changing my boyfriend’s adult diapers and polishing his wooden dentures.  Trust me, everyone knows that Anarchy is a far better show without me on it.” Sid smirks, “Anarchy has new heroes now.”

The host couldn’t hide the displeased look on his face as he turns to Gina, hoping for a different answer.  “Errrr, other Ruby?  Are we really not going to see you back in action fighting villainy in the XWF?”

Gina smiles brightly, crossing her legs before speaking. "Ruby is gone, but you can expect to see a new team in action this Thursday.  They will do battle with the dastardly duo of Atomic Bat and Blue Tango! Make sure to tune in and watch those villains get taken down!"  Gina punches her palm with her fist and the crowd gives a hesitant and polite, if not confused response.  Gina gives a big, bright toothy smile, running her hands over her curvaceous figure, eliciting an even louder reaction.  Sid seems incredibly annoyed by the response to Gina, but she gives a fake smile under her mask as she claps, sarcastically.

The host nods at Gina’s response, but with a curious look on his face.  He turns back to her and askes; “Villains? Aren’t Atomic Bat and Blue Tango actually heroes?”


Sid butts in, “NO! Obviously not! If they were so heroic, they would have been there when the new Anarchy Champion was attacked from behind by that bitter old man, Centurion!  If I had been there…” she pauses, nodding towards Gina, “...and other Ruby had been there, you would have seen some REAL heroics taking place!  Unfortunately, because we now realize that we were never the heroes that Anarchy deserved, we have decided to pass the mantle to…SIDNEY GREY AND GINA VAN ZYL!”

Sid and Gina both stand, pulling off their masks and revealing their faces to the world.  The host covers his face as the duo preen and pose, seeming more in competition with one another for attention than anything else.

Gina plants her hands on her hips. “Me, and my…tag team partner...” Gina seems to loath the words coming out of her mouth.  “...will set things straight against those two rotten so-called heroes!" She glances over at Sid, hiding her disdain as best she could.

Sid adds, “Bats…Tango, you call yourselves heroes, but when it really mattered, you were nowhere to be found.  Now, Anarchy has new protectors, and you’re looking at them!” Sid stomps on the Ruby mask at her feet, drawing a hail of boos from Ruby’s countrymen.

“You’re looking at The Pride of Anarchy!” Gina and Sid both turn on their heels and walk off stage, in opposite directions.

[Image: FqksIHqWwAE8jcq?format=jpg&name=large]

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