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XWF, SPLAT TV, and TIA Present: The Denzel Porter Invitational 2 Night Three
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02-26-2023, 09:32 PM

Match One
Standard Singles Match
Dog Collar Match
Chris Page vs Griffin Hawkins

Day Three of the DPI takes the air to live on Pay-Per-View to a shot of the sold-out crowd on hand as they scream and shout to their hearts are content. Suddenly the lights go dark drawing a louder response from the crowd. The blackout continues until a countdown clock appears on the Jumbo Tron ticking down from five to zero, and once it reaches zero the video package highlighting Chris Page starts playing on the screen as the theme from Terminator 2 hits the speakers.

RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen the opening contest for the Night Three of the DPI is scheduled for one fall with no time limit… and is a DOG COLLAR MATCH! Introducing first, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, he is a man that is synonymous the world over… he is the owner of CCP Enterprises, he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE!

The crowd erupts as a spotlight hits the top of the ramp and thick white smoke rises up from the entryway and out through the curtain. Walking through the smoky haze is non-other than Chris Page and he’s followed by the C.E.O. of CCPE, Kat Jones. Chris isn’t in typical ring gear. He’s dressed in jeans, black combat boots, and a white tank with the caption “Deadbeat Dads Are the Worst”. Chris’s hair is pulled in a ponytail as he has one of the dog collars around his neck and the chain wrapped around his shoulders. Chris stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the overwhelming reception with a smirk on his face.

Kat starts to make the walk to the ring before being called back by Page. Chris points toward the curtain waving someone else out.

The crowd roars as Candice Wolf-Page emerges out to the top of the ramp giving her husband an huge hug and a kiss on the lips. Chris takes Candice by the hand as they now all start to make their way toward the ring. Kat reaches ringside followed by Chris and Candice, America’s Power Couple, they share another kiss before Chris leads Candice to a ringside seat. Security separates the barrier and allows Candice to step through and take her seat while Chris spins around looking at the squared circle. Kat approaches where some last minute words are had before Chris starts to walk up the steel steps to the apron. Page steps through the ropes and into the ring where he stands in the center with his attention toward the top of the ramp. Chris removes the chain from around his neck and drops it in the center of the ring with the other dog collar attached.

RING ANNOUNCER: And his opponent…from Windsor Ontario Canada by way of Los Angeles California…he is the lead singer of the Heavy Metal band Devilition. A man who has been everywhere and done everything…he’s seen a million faces and rocked them all…The Jukebox Hero, Griffin Hawkins!

The sounds of “China White” by The Scorpions hits the air. The crowd get on their feet cheering as Griffin Hawkins emerges from behind the curtain. Like Page, he is not in his usual ring gear as he is adorned in a black fingerless gloves, a black Johnny Cash middle finger T-Shirt, green camo pants and boots. Usually he’s full of energy, rushing down and high fiving the fans…but on this occasion he looks straight at Page who’s waiting for him in the ring. Griffin has a cold look in his eyes as he walks down the aisle and slowly up the ring steps. He steps between the ropes as Page is casually watching him. He gets on the second rope and raises the devil horns in the air as the crowd cheers him on. He gets down off the ropes looking at Page. He has his eyes locked on him as he mouths “You’re a deadman”.

DENZEL PORTER: Night three, let’s go!

TYLER CAGE: I can’t think of a better way to kick things off than Hawkins versus Page.

The crowd is on fire as Griffin and Page stand on the opposite side of the ring with the dog collars around their neck with 15 foot of chain separating them. The referee calls for the bell bringing a thunderous ovation from the Las Vegas crowd. Both Page and Hawkins walk out toward the center of the ring where they stare down at each other with Page looking down upon Griffin. Both men start talking smack back and forth as the crowd gets louder and louder. Page smacks Griff across the face shifting the cheers to boos. Griffin holds the side of his face before a smirk starts to appear. Hawkins immediately takes Page down with a double leg and takes a mount position where he hammers down with right hands! The crowd roars for Hawkins who lands several shots before the positioning is reversed and it’s Page who has the front mount and unloads with right hands of his own. Page lands several shots before getting back to his feet immediately followed by Hawkins, Page swings with a right hand that’s blocked and countered with a right hand followed by a chop across the chest and then another right hand by Hawkins. Page swings with another right hand that Griff ducks and in the process picks up some of the chain where he lashes it against the ribcage of Page when he turns around! Chris screams in pain before taking another lashing across the back!

DENZEL PORTER: That’s a heavy chain that can crack or break bones!

TYLER CAGE: This is a very dangerous affair, no doubts.

Griffin drives Page back into a neutral corner where he lays in an open-handed chop before stepping up on the middle ropes where he starts hammering down with right hands! The crowd roars and counts along but with the third strike Page latches onto the legs of Hawkins and brings him out of the corner with an inverted atomic drop! Page latches onto the front waist lock and snaps off a Release Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Page is the first to his feet where he picks up a section of the chain while Griffin rolls over onto his back and starts pushing up off the mat to all fours. Page laces down across the back of Hawkins as he screams out in pain while falling down to his chest. Page crashes down with a second shot across the back of Hawkins with a second shot from the chain. Page holds up several feet of chain to some boos from the crowd. Chris drops the chain and picks Griffin up off the mat. Chris rocks Hawkins with a stiff European Uppercut that sends Hawkins back into the ropes. Page charges looking for a lariat but Hawkins ducks and sends Page over the top rope and down to the floor! Hawkins gets the remainder of the chain and throws it over the top rope before going over the top to the apron. He spins around facing the ropes as we see Page getting back to his feet. Hawkins springboards off the middle rope with a Lionsault crashing down on top of Page taking him down to the floor!

TYLER CAGE: Hawkins is throwing all caution to the wind!

DENZEL PORTER: Listen to this crowd! They are eating this up.

TYLER CAGE: Smart booking on your part.

The crowd roars loudly as Hawkins is the first to his feet. He takes several feet of chain and wraps it around his right wrist. Page is getting up using the apron and bottom rope. He turns around with his back against the ring post. Hawkins comes with the loaded right hand, Page ducks and Griffin decks the ring post! Page comes around the ring at the full chain link. He picks up the chain and yanks it forward bringing Hawkins smacking off the ring post! Hawkins bounces off the post and around the corner of the ring where Page uses the chain link as a lariat across the throat of Griffin taking him down to the floor. Page directs his attention toward the front row where he walks over to Candice Wolf-Page. She stands and gives Chris a kiss. Page spins back around and makes his way back over toward Hawkins. Page reaches down picking him up off the floor where he scoops Griffin up over his shoulder and looks to run toward the post, Griffin slips down the back of Page and shoves him forward smashing face first off the ring post! Page spins around bouncing off the ring post and directly into a Code Breaker from Hawkins! Griffin is the first to a vertical base. He reaches down picks Chris up and rolls him back into the ring. Hawkins rolls in after him executing a cover.




Page kicks out.

DENZEL PORTER: A near fall from Griffin.

TYLER CAGE: It takes a lot to keep Page down, people CAN say whatever they want but they can’t deny he knows how to keep you talking, and backs his play inside the ropes where it matters. He doesn’t take matches and phone it in, he doesn’t mock supershows under the guise of a joke, he competes. Others should follow that led.


TYLER CAGE: True take.

Griffin steps back up to his feet where he picks Page up and takes him back into the ropes, he shoots Chris across the ring with an Irish Whip, Page bounces off the far side into a spinning wheel kick that’s right on the money! Hawkins presses a second cover.




Page escapes with another kick-out. Hawkins immediately starts hammering down with right hands to the forehead before stepping back up to his feet where he takes several feet of chain and wraps it back around his right fist. Page rolls over and starts pushing himself up off the mat to one knee before stepping back up to his feet. Hawking swings the chain-wrapped right hand, Page blocks and counters with a gouge to the eyes! Page follows up by biting Hawkins across the forehead!

The crowd boos Page as he releases his grasp on the forehead of Griffin.

Chris drives a boot to the midsection doubling Griffin over where Page locks in a face lock and delivers an Implant DDT! Page rolls over Hawkins making the cover.




Griffin kicks out to a pop from the crowd which immediately diverts into boos as Chris starts choking Hawkins with both hands across his throat! The referee is powerless to execute a count but Page releases the choke after about four or five seconds anyway as he starts getting back up to a vertical base. Page takes several feet of chain and starts wrapping it around the throat of Griffin!

DENZEL PORTER: Page is trying to choke out Hawkins!

Chris picks Hawkins up off the mat and hurls him over the top rope and hangs onto the chain links suspending Hawkins feet above the floor essentially hanging Griffin! The crowd boos intently as Page maintains the leverage as Hawkins grabs at the chain around his throat to attempt to relieve pressure as Hawkins face starts turning different shades of red. Griffin manages to get to a seated position on the apron and uses his smarts to use his other free hand to reach under the bottom rope and yank the left ankle from Page out from underneath him causing Chris to slip and fall while losing the leverage on the choke.

Griffin pulls himself up using the ropes to see Page is back up and charging toward him.

Hawkins drives a shoulder block into the midsection of Page that doubles Chris over inside the ring, Hawkins springboards off the top rope with a Fame Asser driving Page face-first into the mat! The crowd explodes for Hawkins as he rolls Chris over making the cover.




Page pops a shoulder off the mat to a gasp from the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: Hawkins is cooking on all cylinders!

TYLER CAGE: Each of these men have a point to prove, but only one is going to leave with their arm raised in victory while the other leaves with nothing but less blood flowing through their veins.

Hawkins is back up to his feet where he unbuckles his studded leather belt! The crowd roars as he starts lacing Page with repeated shots lacing him across the back with the studs of the belt! Hawkins wraps the belt around his wrist with the studs facing out. He picks Page up off the mat and decks him with the right hand! Hawkins tosses the belt to the side before he  picks Page up and delivers a backbreaker. He follows up with a standing shooting star press! Hawkins hooks the inside leg.




Page escapes with another kick-out. Griffin gets back to his feet and doesn’t waste time in picking Chris up off the mat and hurling him through the ropes. Griffin steps through the ropes jumps down to the floor where he yanks the extra chain out through the ropes. Griffin snatches both legs of Page before falling back to the floor catapulting Page face-first off a ring post! Page smacks the post and falls down to the floor. The crowd pops for Hawkins as he is back to a vertical base where he comes around the corner of the ring to find Chris Page has been busted wide open. Hawkins doesn’t take his foot off the gas as he starts stomping away at the now bloody forehead of Page!

TYLER CAGE: Griffin Hawkins is living up to the reputation for being one of the greats live tonight at the DPI! He is relentless and Page has been busted wide open.

DENZEL PORTER: It’s not for the weakened heart; and remember Tyler, Chris Page is the one who issued the Dog Collar stipulation.

TYLER CAGE: I bet he’s regretting it now.

Hawkins picks Chris up off the floor and sets him up for an Irish Whip into the steel steps, Page counters and sends Griffin smashing knees first into the steps and the momentum sends Griffin sailing over the stairs and smacking on the floor. The blood flows down the face of Page as he drops to one knee and tosses back the ring apron pulling out a steel chair. The crowd boos as Chris makes his way around the corner of the ring. Hawkins is on all fours and it’s Page who cracks him across the back with a vile chair shot that echoes throughout the arena while driving Hawkins down to the floor. Page raises the chair high in the air and crashes it down across Hawkins back a second time before sliding the chair into the ring under the bottom rope. The blood flows down the front of Page’s face and down his chest staining the white tank top in his own blood as he reaches down picks Griffin up off the floor and tosses him into the ring under the bottom rope. Chris wipes the blood away from his face before he slides back into the ring and pushes himself up to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base. Chris snatches the chair and then takes several feet of the chain wrapping the chair with it! Hawkins is starting to work his way back up to a vertical base but when he turns around to find Page it’s too late as Chris waffles him across the forehead with the chair wrapped in the chain. Hawkins hits the canvass like a ton of bricks as he has now been busted wide open as well!

Page drops down to make a cover!




Hawkins escapes to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: Hawkins has been busted open as well from the chain wrapped around that steel chair at the hands of Page.

TYLER CAGE: The lights are on but is anyone home?

DENZEL PORTER: You know Page is going to be equally as relentless.

Page gets to both knee’s glancing at the official who shows him two fingers. Page is to one knee and then steps back up to his feet where he starts to stomp violently down onto the now bloody forehead of Hawkins. Chris wraps some chain around his fist and delivers a standing side fist drop down into the forehead of Hawkins as even more blood starts to flow. Chris makes another cover hooking the outside leg.




Griffin pops a shoulder up off the mat to a massive ovation as Page cuts his eyes back at the referee smacking his hands together three quick times. The referee shows him two fingers as he gets to one knee before stepping up to his feet. Page positions the chair flat on the mat and turns his attention back to Griffin. Chris reaches down picking Hawkins up off the mat. He positions him for a Piledriver but it’s Hawkins that counters with a back body drop! Hawkins grabs some chain and we see him start whipping Page across the back with each shot being more vicious than one prior! The crowd roars louder and louder with every shot.

Griffin shifts his attention back toward the steel chair.

Hawkins points toward the chair garnering a thunderous ovation as we see Chris starting to push up off the canvas. Chris reaches out using the ropes to get to his feet only to find Hawkins with the chair as he uses it to assist with a Back Stabber! Chris screams out in sheer pain as he rolls out to the floor evading a cover. Chris starts to get to his feet where he staggers away from the ring itself; meanwhile Hawkins takes some of the chain and as Chris walks around the corner of the ring toward Kat we see Hawkins yank the chain which pulls Page back, spinning him around and causing him to smack off the ring post again!

DENZEL PORTER: The chain once again comes into play by Hawkins! The blood loss from each man is unreal. How much more can either of them take?

TYLER CAGE: This is about two men that are settling a score. For so long the question has been asked who is the better man between Hawkins and Page.

DENZEL PORTER: We are going to have an answer shortly!

Page drops to one knee as Hawkins rolls out to the floor. He wraps some chain around his fist and when Page stands up Griffin drives a loaded right hand between the bloody forehead of Page sending him crumbling to the floor. Griffin takes a moment to wipe blood from his face as the crowd roars intently. He makes his way over to Page and snatches him up by the ponytail before hurling him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Hawkins slides into the ring where he reaches a vertical base as Page is pushing himself up to his feet. Griffin lands a right jab, followed by a second, then a third, a fourth, a fifth before taking CCP’s head off with a discus lariat!

Hawkins drops down into the cover hooking the inside leg.




Page escapes with a kick out to a gasp from the crowd. Griffin gets back to his feet where he backs up into a neutral corner and steps up to the middle rope followed by the top rope Hawkins has his eyes on Page and sets sail with a Swanton Bomb! Page pulls up his knees sending Hawking crashing down onto the tucked knees and into the spine. Both men are losing a lot of blood as Chris starts pushing himself up off the mat.

Chris snatches Griffin up and takes a back waist lock.

Page snaps off a German Release Suplex that folds Hawkins up like an accordion. The crowd is on fire as Page manages to find his way back up to a vertical base. Chris takes several feet of chain and wraps it around his fist as he backs up into a neutral corner. Chris steps up on the middle turnbuckle before holding up his right fist in the air. Page sets his sights on Hawkins and jumps off looking for a second rope fist drop and drives the chain wrapped right hand into the bloody skull of Hawkins!

Page motions calls it makes the side press while hooking the inside leg.




The crowd explodes as Hawkins shoots a shoulder up off the mat at the two and three quarters mark!

DENZEL PORTER: Hawkins kicked out! I don’t believe it!

TYLER CAGE: The only better second rope fist drop comes out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Page starts working his way back to his feet. He picks up some slack from the chain and lashes Hawkins across the ribs! He lashes him a second time, and then a third! The crowd boos intently at Page as he calls for the Page Plant! Chris starts sizing up Griffin who is now rolled over to his chest and pushing himself up off the mat to one knee before stepping up to his feet. Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection that doubles over Hawkins for Page to underhook the arms but before he can deliver the Page Plant its Griffin who counters with a back body drop! Griffin staggers into a neutral corner as we see Page scurrying back to his feet and as he stands Hawkins comes out of the corner looking to deliver the SHOT IN THE DARK Superkick!

Page ducks and latches onto a back waist lock and looks for a German Suplex.

Hawkins with a standing side switch into an arm bar before shoving Page forward, Chris puts on the brakes and spins around where a second attempt at the Superkick is made! Page catches the foot of Hawkins and spins him around in a complete circle where he meets him with a boot to the midsection! Page underhooks the arms and drives Hawkins into the mat with a thunderous PAGE PLANT!

The crowd is in a frenzy as Chris executs a cover hooking the inside leg.




Hawkins pops a shoulder off the mat blowing the roof off the building!


DENZEL PORTER: This place is going bananna’s!

Page gets to both knees, his face a crimson mask, his shirt blood soaked with a look of complete and utter shock etched on his face. The referee shows him two fingers as Page starts working his way back to his feet as the crowd chants “HAWKINS! HAWKINS! HAWKINS!” in unison toward the ring. Chris reaches down picking Griffin up by the hair, the blood soaks Hawkins face as well, neither man leaving without wearing the wounds of war. Chris drives Hawkins back into a set of buckles. He laces him across the chest with a stiff knife-edge chop that echoes throughout the arena before Page rips the “CASH” t-shirt exposing the chest of Hawkins before lacing him across the chest with a second and more vile knife-edge chop. Page lands a third knife-edge chop across the chest before bringing Hawkins out from the corner where he looks for a scoop slam, Hawkins slides down the back of Page shoving him toward the corner, Page puts on the brakes and spins around where he eats the SHOT IN THE DARK Superkick!

Page crumbles to the mat.

Hawkins executes a back press and makes a hook of the inside leg!




Page kicks out at the last possible second to a massive gasp from the crowd before we are met with a massive ovation directed at the ring.


DENZEL PORTER: The rollercoaster ride Hawkins and Page are taking us on is off the charts.

Hawkins is the one to both knees with a look of shock on his face. The referee shows him two fingers that he shakes off. Hawkins wraps his fist in several feet of chain, he starts hammering away at the open wound on the forehead of Chris Page. Hawkins breaks out into piston like right hands as the crowd gets louder and louder! Griffin eyes pivot to the steel chair that has now been kicked over by the ropes. Hawkins decks Page one more time for good measure before stepping up to his feet. Griffin walks over to the chair and picks it up off the mat.

Page is starting to stir, ever so slowly.

Chris is pulling himself back up to his feet where the bright red all over his face. He turns to find Hawkins who comes out from the corner with a homerun shot over the skull of Page sending him crumbling back down to the mat. Hawkins tosses the dented chair down to the mat before dropping down making another cover.




Page narrowly escapes popping the left shoulder off the mat to a massive, collective gasp from the Las Vegas crowd!

TYLER CAGE: The blood loss from these two men continues!

DENZEL PORTER: Hawkins just dented that chair over the skull of Page!

Griffin Hawkins, blood covering his face and down the front of his chest backs away from Page as the referee shows him two fingers. Hawkins shakes his head out of shock before cutting his eyes toward the dented steel chair and then back at Page. Griffin makes his way back up to his feet where he immediately makes his way over and starts picking Page up off the mat. Griffin sets him up for SOUTH OF HEAVEN! Hawkins looks for the Unprettier, Page brakes free and shoves Griffin into the ropes, Hawkins bounces off the ropes and into a desperation Spinbuster Slam from Page!

Both men lay on the mat as the crowd continues to be on the edge of their seats!

Several seconds pass before Chris Page starts to stir.

DENZEL PORTER: Spine on the pine! But can Page capitalize?

TYLER CAGE: At what point will age come into play? If he can’t take advantage he can’t get the win. It’s pretty simple.

Page rolls toward the ropes and starts pulling himself back up to his feet. Chris backs up into a neutral corner where he steps up on the bottom rope, then up to the middle rope, and finally up to the top rope. He looks down upon Hawkins before setting sail with a Diving Headbut to the collar bone of Hawkins! Page manages to drape an arm over Hawkins chest.




Hawkins KICKS OUT!

DENZEL PORTER: I’m convinced Chris Page is middle aged and crazy! This match is turning into a sleeper of the entire weekend!

TYER CAGE: Page is digging deep into his arsenal, but can’t seem to put it together to put away Griffin Hawkins.

The eruption from the crowd continues as both men are once again laid out on the now blood soaked mat. Several long seconds elapse before Page starts to slowly negotiate himself back to his feet before reaching down and picking Griffin up. Page takes Hawkins back into the ropes and shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Hawkins bounces off the farside and right into a Judas Effect elbow strike! Hawkins crumbles to the mat with Page falling down on top of him.





DENZEL PORTER: Page has to be asking himself what is he going to have to do to beat Hawkins because NOTHING is working.

TYLER CAGE: One thing about Page is he might be an old dog, but as he’s shown he has a lot of new tricks.

Page can’t believe it as he calls for a faster count. CCP steps back up to his feet where he picks Hawkins up and puts him in position for the HIGH TIMES, Flip Piledriver. Page leans over wrapping his arms around the waist of Hawkins who suddenly spins out of the High Times attempt and counters with a high-angle Implant DDT spiking the bloody head of CCP into the mat! The crowd explodes for Hawkins who rolls Page over making the cover!




Another kick out from Chris Page eyelashes before the fatal count of three. A dejected Hawkins shakes his head as he questions himself on what he’s got to do. Suddenly it comes to him as he starts to work his way back up to a vertical base. Hawkins reaches down picking Chris Page up by the hair, he positions Page for the PAGE PLANT!

Griffin underhooks the arms but suddenly has Page rip free and take Hawkins down with a double leg takedown followed by a double foot stomp onto the sternum of Hawkins! Page backs himself up into a neutral corner where he starts slamming his right boot against the mat to boos from the crowd. Griffin clutches at his sternum as he begins working his way back to a vertical base and once he stands Page comes out from the corner with Hawkin’s own SHOT IN THE DARK Superkick that’s right on the money!


TYLER CAGE: He’s going to beat Hawkins with his own finish!

Page drops down on top of Hawkins making the cover and hooking the inside leg.




The roof explodes with a thunderous ovation upon Hawkins shooting a shoulder up off the mat at the very last possible second! The crowd is at a fever pitch as Page is to both knees,


TYLER CAGE: Inside Hawkins beats the heart of a warrior!

Page backs way from Hawkins as he runs his hands over his face. Page starts to get up and once vertical he stomps down on the bloody forehead of Hawkins before reaching down and picking him up off the mat. Page picks up some chain and whacks it across the sternum of Hawking before taking him back into the ropes, Page shoots Griffin across the ring with an Irish Whip, Hawkins bounces off the near side and its Page who drops his head looking for a back body drop only to have Hawkins put on the breaks and hook up Page delivering a PAGE PLANT!

The crowd roars as Griffin rolls a lifeless Page over making a cover!




Page narrowly escapes by popping the left shoulder up off the mat!


TYLER CAGE: Neither man is giving an inch! Chris Page is showing the world that he can hang with anyone and you know Griffin has to be asking himself the same question Page has asked himself. What do I have to do to beat this man?

Hawkins spouts out at Page “STAY DOWN!” as he starts getting back up to his feet. Hawkins stomps on the chest and sternum of Page before reaching down and picking him up off the mat. Hawkins wraps some of the chain around his first and decks Page with a hard right hand rocking him backward several feet. Hawkins comes back with a second right hand that sends Page back into the ring, Page bounces off the ropes driving a boot to the midsection of Hawkins doubling him over where he instantly transitions into the HIGH TIMES spiking Hawkins on the top of his skull!

Page rolls over Hawkins on his back and makes a side press hooking the inside leg.




Hawkins pops a shoulder again! The ovation from the crowd is unreal as they continue to watch this brutal slugfest continue!

DENZEL PORTER: This match is going to continue!

TYLER CAGE: Hawkins is showing the world why he belongs in the conversation of one of the best in the industry today.

Now it’s a dejected Chris Page who can’t believe it. He starts to stir and work his way back up to his feet, Chris reaches down to pick Hawkins up off the mat only to have Hawkins counter into a Japanese Armbar forcing Page down to the mat! Hawkins suddenly snatches up a section of chain and starts wrapping it around the forehead, the eyes, across Page’s lips, and down around his throat! Hawkins starts torquing back on the chair causing it to wrap tighter and tighter around Page’s face.

The referee is in position asking Page to surrender!

Chris refuses by way of waving off the referee which only sees Griffin crank back harder and harder on the chain! The referee continues to ask Page to surrender, and Chris continues to refuse but it’s clear that he starting to fade. Page reaches for his throat to try and create some separation but Hawkins traps Page’s arm with his free leg!! The referee asks Page to surrender, Page barely manages to wave him off as he continues to fade. Another attempt by the referee goes unanswered before Page’s body goes limp. The referee asks one more time for Page to surrender but there’s nothing from CCP which causes the referee to call for the bell!


Match Time: 33:12


DENZEL PORTER: That’s it! This one is over! GRIFFIN HAWKINS has defeated CHRIS PAGE via referee stoppage.

The crowd roars loudly as Hawkins releases his grasp on the chain as Page’s head falls to the mat. Kat Jones slides into the ring checking on Chris while the bloody Hawkins gets to his feet and his arm is raised in victory.

TYLER CAGE: Hawkins and Page just beat the hell out of each other and there is no telling what could have happened, damage wise, if the referee didn’t stop the match.

DENZEL PORTER: An impressive showing tonight by both, but when it mattered the most it is Griffin Hawkins who put the pieces together and leaves with a huge win to kick off the final night of the DPI.

Kat rolls Page out of the ring as he is coming back around. Candice comes back around the security railing helping Kat help Page up to his feet attention diverts back to the ring as Griffin celebrates a hard fought victory!

Ad Promotions

Match Two
Standard Singles Match
Mike Bishop vs Emmanuel

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica blasts through the arena to signal the arrival of Michael Bishop, the Dreadknight. As the crowd roars in approval for him, he drops the hood on his black jacket and marches towards the ringside area, his eyes focused only on the ring even as fans try to encourage him or get his attention.

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 242 pounds….he is the DREADKNIGHT….MICHAAAAELLLLLLLLLL BIIIIISSSSSHOOOOOOP!

If I get a word, the homies gon' hydroplane, yeah!

If I get a word, the homies gon' hydroplane

Slide (I'm ready)

As the beginning of D Smoke’s “Say Go” blasts through the arena, Emmy is right behind the curtain, waiting for those first two words to send her through to a massive ovation from the fans.

Say go
Bomb like the block, where the legos?
If a ni*** hate, then it's case closed
You lookin' at the great with the say so (I'm ready)

Say go
Generatin' guap and the pesos
We already got what we prayed for
Lookin' at ya watch, what you waitin' for? Listen (I'm ready!)

Announcer; And his opponent, from Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 130 pounds…she is the SWWS WORLD Champion and the Platinum Standard…….EMMANUELLE!

Standing on the ropes and holding her belt up high, Emmy takes off the red and silver mask she was wearing to cover the lower part of her face, revealing a confident smile before stepping into the ring and standing across from one of her mentors, Michael Bishop.

Before the match begins, Emmanuelle and Bishop stand in the center of the ring, staring each other down. Bishop’s eyes are emotionless and cold; Emmy’s eyes, although not backing down from his gaze, have a noticeable fear in them. It’s clear that even with all the progress that she’s made over the past three years, Bishop still commands a lot of respect from her. Her eyes only leave his when he extends a gloved hand for her to shake before the match begins.

Denzel Porter: Emmy’s gone from a pupil of Michael Bishop and his friend Carlos Rosso to a rival. The past two years she’s been waiting for this moment, and here it is.

Tyler Cage: She may regret getting what she wants before this night is over. After losing his OWA World Championship a few weeks ago, I’m not sure that he’s in a mood to play nice, even with somebody he knows well.

Mister Big Ticket: You can feel the tension with this one! In a lot of ways I’ve heard Bishop has been trying to avoid this match. Not because he fears Emmy in any way, but he knows exactly what he’s capable of in that ring and doesn’t want to cause harm to someone he genuinely respects!


Emmy hesitantly reaches out and shakes Bishop’s hand, but is immediately pulled in for a fierce headbutt right across the forehead and bridge of her nose. He follows that up with a snap Saito Suplex, immediately drawing angry, blood-thirsty boos from the crowd. Less than thirty seconds into the match, Emmy is not only on the ground trying to regain her bearings, but sporting a nasty gash right above her nose, bleeding from it. Bishop seems completely unfazed by anything. The referee’s admonishment, the crowd’s reaction to his underhanded tactics to start the match, even Emmy struggling to use the ropes to get to her feet. With a sadistic sneer he even allows her to get to her feet in the corner.

Emmy starts to scream at the top of her lungs, waving Bishop to come to the corner and engage. He rushes in with no hesitation, immediately pummeling his much smaller opponent with palm strikes. Emmy manages to cover up to avoid heavy damage but is rocked several times with strikes to the jaw. The referee backs Bishop out of the corner and he does so without hesitation…but the official barely moves out of the way as Emmy comes blazing out of the corner with a shotgun dropkick! Michael Bishop is staggered a little, but Emmy continues to attack with chop-blocks and dropkicks to the knee and quadricep of Bishop. She goes to the well once too often and is given a vicious lariat for her troubles.

While the crowd does have noticeable support for Bishop still, the majority of the crowd is behind Emmanuelle, rallying behind the woman with chants of her shortened name (Emmy) and clapping. Undeterred, Bishop attacks her midsection and back, delivering knees right into her ribcage before pulling her into a power bomb. He is indifferent to the booing audience, standing and waiting for Emmy to get back up to her feet.

Denzel Porter: This is a very bad, very tough individual, Michael Bishop.

Tyler Cage: The crazy thing is that Emmy knew exactly what she was signing up for when she took on this match. She wanted to prove herself to Bishop, maybe even prove something to herself.

Big Ticket: She may want to try actually wrestle him though. She looks a little worried to me, this ain’t the normal Emmanuelle we’ve seen in SWWS and WrestleWorld and Project: Honor. She does not look loose and wrestling free. She may not see him like just another opponent but she may have to wrestle him like just another opponent, yeah!

Once he’s allowed Emmy to stand up again, Bishop seems to just wait for her to do anything. Emmy, however, seems to start having second doubts about herself, about the match that she had been asking for. She runs up to Bishop and starts hitting him with forearm strikes but a well-placed European uppercut stalls her momentum completely. With the California native stunned Bishop easily secures a Bridging German Suplex.


Emmy manages to get a shoulder up and scrambles to get to her feet only to be taken down by a Fujiwara Armbar. A panicked Emmy manages to get to the ropes with her foot to avoid serious damage being done. Bishop is up again before his opponent, his expression growing more bored and disappointed by the moment. He marches right up to a recovering Emmanuelle who tries a spinning backfist which is easily avoided by Bishop. Emmy’s followthrough was so hurried and sloppy he easily catches her with a forearm strike of his own before Beil tosses her across the ring.


For the first time in a long time, Emmy looks genuinely afraid. Eyes full of confidence usually are filled with horror as Bishop walks over to her again, demanding her to try striking again. Out of instinct she goes with her favored forearm strikes, only for Bishop to eat them and simply slap her across the face…hard.

Michael Bishop: (no mic) Emmy, if you don’t stop fucking around and fight, I’m gonna put you in the ground. Now fight!

Bishop slaps her.

Michael Bishop: (no mic) FIGHT!


Michael Bishop: (no mic) I SAID FUCKING FIGHT!

And again. This time, however, Emmy responds. Echoing his headbutt to start the match, she lands one onto his nose and mouth, staggering the MMA legend in the process! Realizing that her forearm strikes have been ineffective, she runs into the ropes with a full head of steam and catches Bishop square in the chest with a running big boot, knocking him off his feet and sending him crashing into the ropes. Emmy follows up by face washing him several times with her boot and running into the ropes again to land a dropkick that sends him out of the ring.

Denzel Porter: Emmy has finally started to find her footing in this match! She’s got that swagger that we’re used to seeing!

Tyler Cage: She’s having to dig deep, and I think she’s digging even further into the bag of tricks, look above us!


Emmy connects on the outside with a diving crossbody from the top rope, taking down Bishop again and bringing the crowd to their feet. She gets up, a small stream of blood dripping down her nose and face, but a confident smile as she grabs Bishop by the hair and gets him back into the ring. Settled into the match at last, she calmly waits for Bishop to get back to his feet, stalking him and waiting for her opportunity to land the Malibu Shine, her signature tornado DDT. Bishop sees it coming all the way and counters the Malibu shine with a Northern Lights Suplex. The slams and suplexes are taking their toll as Emmy gets up slower and slower, doing her best to mask the obvious pain in her lower back.

Bishop doesn’t give her much time to recover, landing a hard kick right to the small of her back before pulling her up by the ears. A furious and desperate Emmy manages to pull away and makes the mistake of trying to engage Bishop with strikes. Her punches occasionally land but only do minimal damage, but one spinning side kick to her ribcage sends the Platinum Standard down to the canvas shrieking in pain and holding her side. The referee immediately backs up Bishop to have a look at an obviously hurting Emmy, but she pushes him away just as quickly, gritting her teeth as she tries to get up to her feet.

Bishop charges into the corner, using shoulder charges to those already injured ribs, the younger and smaller woman helpless as she collapses again to the mat. The referee is more insistent on checking on her this time, asking her if she wants to go on. She nods her head and tries to get one up on Bishop by charging him, but only gets a vicious Spear for her troubles.

Tyler Cage: If some ribs weren’t cracked before, you can damn sure bet they are now!

Denzel Porter: I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some broken ribs. Forget about fractures and all that, this young lady could have some serious internal injuries!

Big Ticket: Well, I think Bishop is at least trying to get it over with as he covers her in the center of the ring.


Emmanuelle managed to get a shoulder up, much to even Bishop’s surprise. Deciding that it would probably be best to get the match over with quickly, he pulls up Emmy looking for his Debellatio jackhammer, but she manages to counter it by flipping over his head. With a quick drop-kick to the same knee she targeted earlier, she goes for the Oklahoma Roll after Bishop falls to the mat, only scoring a one count for her efforts. She tries to keep the offensive pressure going by attempting to enter Bishop’s guard to land strikes and that turns into a fatal mistake.


Tyler Cage: This whole match has seen Emmy try to go move for move with her mentor in the MMA game and while Emmy is decent as a martial artist, Bishop is one of the best to ever do it!

Denzel Porter: She’s gonna have to tap, y’all. There’s no damn where for her to go! She’s got too much going right for her to risk it by even struggling.

Big Ticket: At this rate she’s tapping or she’s napping, my guy!

Emmy’s panic is only intensified when Bishop starts landing vicious hammer fists to her head with his free hand. It’s not long before the World Champion is down on the mat, locked into one of Bishop’s most dreaded submission holds. The referee is checking on her, believing that Emmy is out cold he calls for the bell….or he was about to! With Emmy’s panicky struggle and some fortunate ring positioning, she was BARELY able to get her foot onto the rope right before the referee was going to declare her out. Bishop looks up in confusion for a moment before smirking at a nearly-unconscious Emmy. Getting up to his feet and hobbling on the knee that had been damaged earlier, he pulls what’s left of Emmanuelle off the canvas and Irish whips her into the corner. He comes in with a hellacious spear right in the corner that lands with so much force it almost revives Emmy before she groans in pain. Then, Bishop climbs the turnbuckles and starts to rain down hammer fists, looking for some kind of referee stoppage.

But Emmy had other ideas.

Denzel Porter: The referee can stop this any time now. Emmy’s not even defending herself.

Tyler Cage: Those hammer fists are coming fast and hard and- wait a second!


The Running Powerbomb, also known as the Dreadnought Bomb, is a signature finishing move of one of her long time friends, JET rookie sensation SONYA. The powerbomb is enough to buy her some time to breathe, even as ragged and labored as those breaths were. Once Bishop started to stir, she landed another tribute move, the X-Crusher, the patented Stunner from OWA superstar Jeff X! When that wasn’t enough, she jumped onto Bishop’s back, locking in a sleeper hold in the center of the ring! Bishop, overwhelmed by the sudden surge, starts to fade quickly, falling to a knee before eventually into a seated position. Fans more aware of Emmy’s background know that the second part of the SPARK-Ling Combination, an April Song tribute, is coming. A vicious penalty kick follows up the sleeper hold to the roar of the crowd as Bishop collapses lifelessly to the mat.


That was all! Bishop kicked out at ONE and Emmy can only look at the referee in shock and terror. She gets up to her feet and pulls Bishop up with her. She tries to go for her Somersault Reverse DDT, the Palisades Bomber, but is cut off with a Yahtzee! Superkick from the Dreadknight! With Emmy stunned he locks in a rear-naked choke. Emmy has this one scouted and when Bishop pulls to take her to ground, she times it so that she rolls over him with his shoulders pinned to the mat.



Bishop manages to release the hold once he realizes that Emmy lets herself go down easily, but not before he nearly loses the match. The two scramble up to their feet quickly but somehow Emmy wins the race, landing a vicious V-Trigger like knee strike right to Bishop’s face. Then, she lands her ace in the hole…The Palisades Bomber! But realizing that Bishop kicked out at one after her earlier offensive flurry she pulls him up, the pain etched onto her face as her back and ribcage slow her down significantly…and Bishop has enough time to land a vicious headbutt right into her ribcage, sending Emmy howling in pain into the temporary refuge of the ropes. With some time to recover thanks to Emmy’s injuries, Bishop takes his time rising to his feet. Once he’s up, he starts landing a vicious barrage of kicks to Emmy’s quadriceps and lower back. He goes for one final kick but his attempt is caught by Emmy, who lands a desperation spinning back elbow strike right to his jaw.


Sensing that this was her moment, landed another pair of Palisades Bombers to Bishop. The crowd is going wild as she stands up, still with wrist control. Somehow after a trio of Palisades Bombers he’s still moving. Emmy decides to risk everything on one final move. Summoning every ounce of strength that she has left, she picks up Bishop, struggling with so much pain that there are tears in her eyes as she scores the Northern Lights Bomb straight onto the back of Bishop’s head. Still in pain as she hooked both legs, her eyes closed for a moment, almost in a silent prayer as the referee made the count.



Announcer: The winner of this contest by pinfall, The SWWS WORLD CHAMPION…. EMMANUEEEEELLEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Emmy rolls off of Bishop bloodied, exhausted, in serious pain and crying…but victorious. As her theme blasts through the arena and an appreciative crowd gives a standing ovation for the effort of both combatants, she simply lays on the canvas, soaking it all in. She’s in so much pain and so much shock that it’s actually the defeated Bishop who makes it to his feet first. A small smile is on his face as he extends his hand to the champion Emmanuelle, who accepts and is gingerly helped to her feet before the two embrace.

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Match Three
Standard Singles Match
Brandon Hendrix vs Jason Long

The third night of the Denzel Porter Invitational has been nothing but spectacular so far as we are mere seconds away from the fifth match on the show: 'The Last Breathing Mercenary' Jason Long goes one on one with 'The Highest Prestige Of Italian Heritage' Brandon Hendrix in a first time ever one on one match.

Stephanie Michaels: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

Crowd: "ONE FALL!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Ragazzi e ragazze di tutte le età. You're in witness to the highest peak of Italian Heritage to grace your television sets in the history of Omega Alliance Wrestling. He stands at six foot six inches tall and weighs in at this time at duecentosessantacinque libbre. He is the highest ranked of the Antoniano Family. He is the current reigning and defending OWA Icarus Champion...He is Don Hendrix."

{Sicilian Heart starts playing, the music of the Mafia introduces the Mobsters of the Antoniano Family: leading first is the main muscle of the group. Standing at six foot and five inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and seventy pounds is Tony Antoniano. Coming in on both sides are the twins of the operations, the wild cards: Matteo and Marco Antoniano. Both standing at six foot and three inches tall, and weighs in at a combined four hundred and sixty nine pounds. And last is the second in command. Standing at six foot and three inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds, forty four year old wrestling veteran Angelo Caito.}

Di qualsiasi razza o religione
Non si fa assolutamente distinzione
Segui comunque anche se non capisci il pallone
Non ti interessa il calcio ok dunque
Non ce ne frega un c....segui comunque
Qui restiamo bomber anche oggi come ieri
Come ibra come gullit come Vieri

{'Japr L'ekk' by IL NANO and DESTINY kicks in as Caito steps to the side and so does Tony which leaves the middle opened for the head of the Antoniano Family, the Don himself: Don Brandon Hendrix. Brandon walks past the curtain and into the spotlight, standing in the middle of his hired guns, his eyes glancing around the crowd. Angelo then walks behind him then Tony stands in front of Brandon, protecting him from the dangers the fans can bring him. Brandon taps on Tony' shoulder, signaling he's ready to move, so Tony Antoniano takes point in leading the group, making sure his boss is safe as they make their way down to the ring. Matteo and Marco brush fans hands away from touching Brandon and Angelo in the back walks behind Hendrix in case someone tries something when Brandon can't see them. The men make their way to the ring before stopping at ringside and Brandon tells the Brother's to go up first. Matteo and Marco walk up the steel steps and Marco enters the ring while Matteo stays on the outside. Both men sit on the middle rope and raises the top rope, and that's when Don Hendrix walks up the steel steps and steps between the ropes. Marco exits the ring and Matteo gets off the edge of the ring and all four men surround the ring, leaving Hendrix to stand in the middle of the ring. Brandon scales the crowd before spreading his arms out slowly…..}

Brandon: (W/O Mic) "Bow…. To The Don."

{Brandon throws his arms up and the fireworks come. The stage and each corner of the ring starts blasting fireworks as Hendrix keeps his arms up as his family stand on the outside, arms crossed. Brandon lowers his arms down and the fireworks stop. Hendrix walks to the corner of the ring as his theme song ends.}

There’s a moment of silence inside of the arena as the crowd awaits for the Hendrix's opponent, but then the lights inside of the arena dim to darkness and the crowd sit in silence, but then they hear the words speaking through the P.A. System and that signals for them to begin booing upon knowing who it might be:


The crowd inside of the building began to boo loudly as the vocals of “Superhero” begin to play through the speakers, the lights beginning to spiral around the arena before bringing them all around onto the stage where the OWA World Champion steps through the curtain, a large grin along his face as he stops at the top of the ramp and looks around the arena. The camera panned closer toward the World Championship wrapped tightly around his waist as he began his slow walk down to the ring, soaking in every second that the crowd showed their hatred for Long.

Introducing first/And their opponent… wrestling out of Wexford Town, County Wexford, Ireland and weighing in tonight at two hundred and fourteen pounds… HE IS THE CURRENT, REIGNING (AND DEFENDING) OWA WORLD CHAMPION… THE LAST BREATHING MERCENARY… JAAAAASOOOONNNNNNN LOOOOOOOOONNGGGGGGGG!!!!

Long finds himself at ringside as his ring introduction is made, taking a moment to stand there and take a deep breath before turning to walk over to the steps and head up along them to get onto the ring apron. From there, he brushes his feet along the apron, removing the OWA World Championship from around his waist and steps through the ropes. Long heads into the furthest corner and steps onto the second ropes, title in hand as he raises it up high and the negative reaction from the crowd continues– which only brings a large smile along his face, slightly laughing at the crowd, before leaping off of the apron and staying within the corner to prepare himself for the match.


As soon as the bell rings, Hendrix delivers a nasty stiff headbutt to the face of Long, dropping him where he stands. Hendrix goes to attack but the referee stops him and checks on Long, which shows his nose is gushing out blood, but he pushes the ref out of the way to takedown Long and starts to ground and pound his skull like a madman seeing red. The ref has to force Long off with a DQ warning as he checks on Hendrix, who has a gash from the forearms. The ref goes to ring the bell, but Hendrix stops him and yells.

Hendrix: "Ring that bell and I'll break your fucking neck!"

The ref looks on in horror as Hendrix uses his body to pull himself up. The two stars are bloodied up and we are under the five minute mark. The crowd groans in uncomfortability as they see the blood rush from both men fast. They stare at each other, pissed off at the other before rushing in and start to headbutt each other repeatedly, causing the lady's to look away and the men to cover the kids' eyes. The two men trade headbutts back and forth with each before they deliver one final headbutt and they fall to their knees. The two men land on their knees, already dazed and confused from the brutal headbutts they gave each other as the fans watched speechless.

The two starts to push each other's faces before it starts with the stiff forearm shots before they make it to their feet and starts to go ham as the crowd is getting into it. Long Blocks a foreman shot and ducks underneath him, hitting him with a German Suplex before getting to his feet and runs off the ropes into a clothesline from Hendrixwho rolled from the German to his feet. Hendrix lifts Long up and places him over one shoulder before giving him a Lawn Dart through the ropes, sending him face first into the mat, causing him to roll around. Hendrix Exited the ring and stomps at Long's gut before he rips the cover of the announcers table off and tosses the monitors to the side. He grabs his noses and sees the blood on his hand before turning to Long and grabbing him by the throat and lifts him onto the table before climbing up the table himself. Hendrix lifts Long up slowly, but the OWA Champion breaks free and chops Hendrix, the sound echoing throughout the arena. He then elbows Hendrix across the cheek, forcing him to spin around and Jason grabs him around his waist and Germans him off the announcers table to the floor below, both men taking the brunt of that.

Angelo walks over to Hendrix and kneels down beside him, whispering in his ear. Jason pulls himself up with the announcers table and sees Angelo by Hendrix. Long walks over, pushing Angelo back and grabs Hendrix by the neck and throws him back into the ring. Long turns his head and looks at Angelo, who's trying to tell his client what to do. Long walks over, getting into the face of Angelo before climbing back up to the apron, and he takes one step between the ropes and Hendrix immediately grabs Lee Jason by the neck and DDT hims, spiking him on the top of his head. Hendrix pulls Jason away from the ropes and covers him.



And Jason kicks out. Hendrix grabs his back as he turns his attention to Angelo, who sticks his thumb up and slices it across his throat, telling him to end Long. Hendrix kicks Jason from under the ring before sliding under himself. Hendrix grabs Jason by the head, pulling him up and grabs Long by wrist, pushes him back and pulls him towards him and pops him up and drops him on the apron with a powerbomb. He pushes Jason into the ring and covers him again.



And Jason kicks out again. Hendrix cracks his neck before pulling Jason up. He places Jason's head between Hendrix's legs and hooks both his arms, and he tries to lift him up for 'MAFIA' but Jason flips over, landing behind Hendrix, rolling up the Don asHendrix's shoulders on the mat from hooking his legs.



Hendrix lets go and kicks out. Both men get up and Hendrix goes for a strike, but Jason blocks and elbows him in chest before pushing Hendrix back and Jason nails him with a clothesline. Hendrix pops off his back into a chop that drops Hendrix again. Jason pushes Hendrix to the corner and hits Hendrix in the jaw with a right and then chops him in the chest, jab and chop, jab and chop, and jab and chop. Jason tosses Hendrix over head and he lands on his back. Jason starts beating his chest as he waits for Hendrix to get to his feet before popping him in the air and powerbombs him before covering him.



Hendrix kicks out. Jason gets to his feet and adjusts his elbow pad. He leans against the turnbuckles, staring at Hendrix who's slowly getting up. He goes for the spin with his elbow, but stops as Angelo is on the apron. He smirks and flips Angelo off before running… he's going for VANITY KILLER....






'Japr L'ekk' by IL NANO and DESTINY plays as Hendrix and Long lay motionless on the mat after an incredible and intense match. Angelo enters the ring with the Icarus Championship and aids to a bleeding Hendrix. To finally say he had his dream match and was able to defeat a wrestler the caliber of Jason Long is a big night for the Antoniano Family, and Hendrix himself. The remaining three from his entrance earlier return from the back as they lift Hendrix off the mat. The Don takes his OWA Icarus Championship and steps on the chest of Jason Long, raising his title in the air to end the scene from this match.


*Taken from the @unleashzedragon Instagram Live feed*

The Dragon: Hey everyone it’s Mark “The Dragon” Cross here with you at the Denzel Porter Invitational…Day Three update…and as awesome as it’s been here watching all the action, hanging out in Vegas again with my old friends from Sin City Wrestling, and my new friends from WGWF, I solemnly swear I will never judge anyone for saying they’re getting too old for this…I had to order two double espressos this morning and yeah, they were both for me…

Mark stops for a moment to sign an autograph for a passing fan.

The Dragon: Sure man, no worries! Anyway…just to let you know that I’ve officially been cleaned out of SAGA merchandise, so much so I even gave this kid my shirt off my back last night, it’s been crazy…but I’m still down to meet as many of you here as I can, don’t be afraid to just come on over…and besides, losing that shirt gives me the perfect opportunity to represent my bestest of friends in the whole wide wrestling world Amber Ryan, who’s in action later today.

From behind Mark, a figure comes stumbling over, bellowing at the top of his lungs as he slings his arm over the SAGA man’s shoulder.


The Dragon: DRUNK GUY!

Drunk Guy: Man you’re pretty cool and all but do you know who fuckin’ rules?

The Dragon: Who?

Drunk Guy: Larry Tact!

Mark glances down, waving his hand in the general direction of the shirt he’s wearing…

The Dragon: Mate, get outta here…

Bringing his hand up, he pushes the drunk guy out of shot by the face.

Drunk Guy *Off Camera*: Dude, dude hey dude, did you just see that? Mark Cross just pushed me! DPI IS AWESOME!!

The Dragon: Fuck me…anyway, I’m going to head out and find my seat. Amber, go out there and kill it, remember I’m totally here of my own free will and not because I’m scared you’d have detached limbs if I split before your match…and there are still tickets available for WGWF WrestleWars 8 right here in Las Vegas, March 27th, but they’re selling fast…Main event is me versus Peter Vaughn for the World Heavyweight championship. Not only do I promise you a great show, but if you come out to see me win the belt live? I might even let you touch it afterwards!

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Match Four
Standard Singles Match
Mark Flynn vs Tatiana Jolee

The guitar opening of “Plowed” by Sponge begins to bellow out over the P.A system bringing the attention to the stage as the lights strobe as if in sync with the tempo of the song.

Will I wake up, some dream I made up
No, I guess it's reality
What will change us, or will we mess up
Our only chance to connect with a dream


The fireworks explode off the top of the tron bringing the end to the strobes as a spotlight illuminates the figure of Tatiana Jolee standing there. Dressed in her blackout ring attire with matching boots and pads - her hair is pulled up in a bun and she has a black leather jacket with the Canadian flag on the back.

Will I wake up, some dream I made up
No, I guess it's reality
What will change us, or will we mess up
Our only chance to connect with a dream

Say a prayer for me
(Say a prayer for me)
Say a prayer for me

Say a prayer for me
(Say a prayer for me)
I'm buried by the sound

Of a world of human wreckage
In a world of human wreckage
In a world of human wreckage

Where I'm lost and I'm found, and I can't touch the ground
I'm plowed into the sound

To her side steps her manager, Ruby Goldhirsch dressed in a classy business savvy designer outfit, and after a nod to one another, the duo makes their way down the ramp to the ring.

Announcer: “Making her way to the ring, accompanied by Ruby Goldhirsch - from Vancouver, British Columbia… TATIANA JOOOOOLEEEE!”

To see wide open with a head that's broken
Hang a life on some tragedy
Plow me under the ground that covers
The message that is the seed

After a quick conversation with Ruby on the outside, TJ walks up the ring steps, gliding across the apron before entering the ring through the middle ropes. She gives the hard camera a smirk and a little wink while removing her jacket before settling into the corner to await the start of her match.

Denzel Porter: Tatiana Jolee is one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in professional wrestling. She has been showcasing her talents in Action Wrestling where she has won the Television Championship three times along with beating Lissie Hope to become CBS Champion.

Tyler Cage: Impressive resume and from I hear she's a skilled technical wrestler much like her opponent tonight Mark Fkynn who is no short on success as he is the current XWF Universal Champion since defeating Raion Kido.

Mister Big Ticket: This is going to be the battle of skilled technical Champions and I can't to see them go.

Mark Flynn Comes out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact as he walks down the ramp.

Announcer: Weighing in at 210lbs, from Battle Creek, Michigan "King of the Mid-Carders" and XWF Universal Champion, MARK FLYNN!!!!!

Mark Flynn walks up on the steps and then climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks around the arena with a cold stare and then looks down at the mat and waits for the bell.

Denzel Porter: Mark Flynn and Tatiana Jolee are just a couple minutes away from showcasing the entire world their talent.

Tyler Cage: All I know is that Jolee is a Baddie and Flynn will have his hands full with trying to out wrestle her.

Mister Big Ticket: A battle of in ring gamesmanship.


Mark and Tatiana meet center in the ring, they stare each other down as fans go back and forth chanting their names.

Denzel Porter: A once-in-a-lifetime moment right here, two of the best technical wrestlers of their generation.

They begin the test of strength and Mark Flynn gains advantage and starts backing Tatiana up towards the ropes but she kicks him in the knee to break the hold and then trips him up to make Mark Flynn fall face first on the ropes. She then bounces off the ropes from the opposite side and comes back and drops her leg over his head and then tosses his head against the mat and stomps at his hands and then lifts him up and delivers a chop to his chest and then slings him into the the turnbucke and looks to follow up with a close line but Flynn moves out of the way and Jolee eats the turnbuckle and then turns around into Flynn, he take her down with an arm drag and then tries to lock in an armbar but Jolee slips out of his grasp and then they stand in the middle of the ring again.

Tyler Cage: Fast pace action out of the gate.

Mister Big Ticket: Both looking to push one another early in this match up.

Jolee and Flynn paced around the ring, sizing each other up before locking up in the center of the ring. Flynn against the advantage and moved into a headlock but only for a moment as Jolee started to lift Flynn up and quickly back down into an Atomic Drop that launched him into the corner. Flynn got back up, shaking off the moment. As they sized each other up, there was a shared look. This was a clash between two ground mat technicians. One mistake could be the end.

Denzel Porter: Neither one giving an inch or an advantage so far.

Tyler Cage: Who's going to blink first?

As they moved back into the center of the ring, about to lock horns again, Flynn dropped to a knee and slid around to the back, looking for a quick German Suplex, only for Jolee to land on her feet, Flynn tries adjusting to attack but he was met with a European Uppercut, followed by a drop toe hold into the STF.

Denzel Porter: Beautiful transition work by Jolee.

Tyler Cage: Flynn looks like hes in trouble.

Mister Big Ticket: Will there be a submit or will Flynn find a way out of this postion.

As Jolee starts to wrench back, Flynn looks for a way out fo the hold and then locks eyes with the ropes. He plants  his arm under him, he started to push up, bent knee acting as a fulcrum before a sudden twist would transfer him on top of her and him effortlessly floating into Side mounted Triangle choke with his arms around her arm and neck. Jolee  would struggle and kick for a bit before her feet found purchase on the mat and arched her back to slip out of his clutch. Setting them back to square one. For a moment, as they looked at each other from their positions, there was a small smile of admiration. Flynn got back up onto his feet and slapped both biceps in turn and running toward Jolee who looks ready to lock horns again, except Flynn nails her with a running knee strike and then Jolee went as stiff as a board as she fell back. Flynn shook off his hand for a moment, he didn’t get as much of it as he wanted but one mistake was thinking they would keep going into grappling. He went right over to her and stomped hard on her left wrist, which was so key to much of her offense. Reaching down he bent her wrist back and then stomped on her raised elbow, sending her rolling away in pain, clutching the arm. Before she could do much to recover, he had her trapped in the corner, arm draped over the rope and pulled back in to apply pressure. The ref quickly came over giving them a 5 count, with it broken at 4 and then immediately reapplied.After another 5 count, Flynn broke it, but immediately Jolee rushed in, wrapped her good arm around his neck and fell backwards slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Quickly into position, she hit her own German Suplex, quickly turning as Flynn got up, sliding into position she followed up with a kneeling DDT, followed quickly into a grounded headscissors. This time, Flynn had to kick on his own, just making it to the ropes which caused Jolee to immediately break.

As Flynn stood back up, he ran towards Jolee looking for  a knee strike to go, but he would soon be Swept Off His Feet and then Jolee would hit a double foot stomp tot he chest before going for the pin


Kickout by Flynn and got up as he was holding the back of his neck from the impact. Jolee moved around the ring, hyping up the fans, trying to tap into that second battery of hers. As Flynn pulled himself up in the corner, he was soon met by running knee strike, which he fell into a Hip toss, As he rolled up to sit down, Jolee was already bouncing off the ropes to deliver a sliding forearm to her seated opponent. Jolee takes a moment to admire the cheeringg fans in the arena but its costly as Mark Flynn jumps up on he rback from behind and puts his arms around her neck and locks in a chokehold in the center of the ring.

Denzel Porter: Jolee was living in the moment but now she in no mans land.

Caught in the center of the ring and stretched a bit, Jolee was fading under the choke, the ref lifting her arm


Her arm stays up as she starts swinging her legs back and forth, soon, Flynn was ontop of her as she started to stand. He quickly slid off and moved into position for a Standing suplex, but Jolee got her foot under him to block. With a last gasp of adrenaline, she grabbed his knee and reversed it into an ankle lock and then drags Flynn into the middle of the ring and increases the pressure on the hold.

Denzel Porter: Marvelous transition work by Jolee to get herself out of trouble and put Flynn stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Tyler Cage: Flynn has to dig deep now.

Jolee keeps the pressure on as Flynn digs deep as he starts to use his forearms to drag him towards the ropes while the referee ask him if he plans to give up but Flynn shake his head and continues to pull himself forward until he able to grab the ropes and despite the frustration on Jolee's face she lets go of the hold and then stalks Flynn as he uses a the ropes to pull himself up and as he turns around Jolee looks for an arm drag but the XWF Universal Champion uses his high IQ to reverse the move right into  Fujiwara Armbar!!!

Mister Big Ticket: My God these two wrestling technicians are showing off just how easy it is for them to get you stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Tyler Cage: Flynn looks like he has Jolee right where he wants her at.

Flynn leans back so that he can apply more pressure to the hold and Jolee looks around for an escape but the pain starts to get to her as she bites her tongue and tries to pull herself to the ropes but Flynn break the hold for a moment to deliver some kicks to the face of Jolee and then pulls her back to the center of the ring and replies the the submission hold.

Denzel Porter: Flynn using the high in ring IQ to bring Jolee backs and prevent her from breaking the hold again.

Flynn applies more pressure and then the referee comes to check on Jolee and ask her if she likes to give up but she refuses to tap or give in but as the referee looks over at her arm, they notice the damage she's taken and how bad it's starting to look and after asking Jolee would she like to give up on her own and she refuses again as she fights back the pain as Flynn bends are arm back even more brutal and the referee finally gives in and calls for the bell.

Tyler Cage: Wait what just happened? I didn't see a tap out?

*Bell rings*

Announcer: Here is your winner by referee stoppage, The XWF Universal Champion Mark Flynn!!!!!

Denzel Porter: Damn it you hate to see it end like this but the referee had no choice from whatever been told. Jolee's arm had taken too much damage and the referee didn't see how she could continue the match in her condition.

Tyler Cage: These two gave it their all and sucka to see it end like this but Flynn earned this win. He made the right adjustments throughout this match to put him in a position to win.

Mister Big Ticket: Ms. Jolee should feel no shame about this, she gave it everything she had tonight. She might not have won but she damn sure put on a performance that these fans will remember as much as they will Mark Flynn.

Jolee stands up still holding her injured arm close to her and then begins to exit the ring but Mark Flynn turns her back around and with an intense look he gives her a handshake and a respectful nod as the fans give them a standing ovation.

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Match Five
Standard Singles Match
Larry Tact vs Amber Bane-Ryan

Pieces of Man” by Drown plays over the arena speakers as the lights cut out. Royal blue lights flicker on the stage while golden spotlights scan the crowd before focusing on Larry Tact at the top of the stage. He opens his arms and puffs out his chest, soaking in the crowd’s reaction before bellowing and making his way down the ramp, the spotlight following him.

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Manhattan New York, I give you Larry Tact!!!!!!

As he walks, Larry critiques some fans at ringside with petty insults before arriving to the ring, glaring at his opposition. He pulls himself up using the ropes and walks slowly along the apron before wiping his boots and entering the ring. He stretches using the ropes, smoothes back his hair and bounces from side to side, again zeroed in on his opposition and ready to go.

Denzel Porter: The Level Up Power Champion looks ready to go to battle tonight.

Pulsing, red lights rolls over the crowd like a rising tide to the opening growing distortion before the opening riffs of ‘Cry Sister’ by Royal Bliss overtake the arena.
Opening vocals kick into gear as the lights seem to pulsate and the tron image tears itself into a rough greyscale triptych with the middle section splattered in red- each one depicts hits and misses alike in heavy slow motion.

Announcer: Making her way to the ring, from Atlantic City, NJ, I give you  Amber Jaye Bane-Ryan!!!!!

As the chorus roars and the triptych bleeds into one real time footage reel legacy of violence stained red and saturated black, the tell tale silhouette appears atop the ramp- cheers splintered with boos as the materialised form tends to draw a mixed reaction between those who judge action and those who understand that theres more than meets the eye.
Either way, the Painted Hurricane soaks in the reaction and energy.

As fans reach for acknowledgement and wave signs of support, some are met with a half-hearted hand touch while those that dare to scream their expletives and empty threats get a sly wink or a sarcastic kiss blown in their general direction.
Fluidly, Amber circles like a shark- beelining for whichever camera person is the slowest to get out of her way- lip syncing or giving a little bit of bonus commentary down the lens before a playful nudge sends them back on their way.

Slipping under the rope, Amber doesn’t call for fanfare or adulation. Simply stalks towards the closest turnbuckle, and leisurely perches herself atop of it. Hands clasped and elbows resting on knees in lazy anticipation, wearing the ever-present knowing smile across her otherwise apathetic features.

*Bell Rings*

Denzel Porter: Here we go wrestling fans across the world, a match that many have been waiting to see is about to happen and I promise it won't disappoint.

Tyler Cage: Both these competitors asked for this match and like the good booker Denzel is he made it happen and now we get to witness magic in the ring.

Mister Big Ticket: It's put up or shut up now for these two stars.

Larry and Amber walk to the center of the ring not saying anything just staring intently. The ref calls for the bell and both people start throwing fists wildly. Larry is landing many shots but so is Amber. Amber pushes Larry back and bit then follows up with an elbow causing Larry to stumble a bit. Amber shoots in for the lock up. Amber and Larry are pushing themselves back and forth both doing their best to not lose the lock up. Amber spins out grabbing Larry in a side headlock. Amber rakes the headlock a few times. Larry is finally able to push Amber off hard, sending her into the ropes. Amber hits the ropes coming off them back at Larry who plants himself hard on the mat and hits a shoulder block knocking Amber to the mat. Amber quickly gets back to her feet shooting in for another lock up on Larry. Amber once again spins out of the lock up this time holding the Arm of Larry. Amber starts to twist Larry's arm. Larry yells out grabbing his shoulder/peck. Larry rolls forward un twisting his arm and grabbing the arm of Amber then flipping her to the mat. Once again Amber gets up fast and squares up with Larry. Larry kicks amber in the stomach causing amber to lean forward. Larry grabs her head and hits a beautiful swinging neckbreaker. Amber stays down a bit longer but still gets up to her feet. Larry stays on her. As Amber is getting to her feet Larry grabs her whipping her into the ropes as she comes off them Larry lifts her high hitting a huge spine buster. Larry immediately makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Denzel Porter: Fast offense from both competitors since the start of the bell and Larry looked like he was about to take control before going for the pin so quickly in this match.

Tyler Cage: Yeah Tact was laying down the law but it's going to take more punishment than that to make Amber give up… Just ask Mac.

Mister Big Ticket: Mr.Cage have some respect, but yes Amber is as tough as they come just ask the Sin City locker room.

Larry smacks the mat glaring at the ref as he stands up. He grabs Amber by the hair pulling her to her feet and shooting her into the corner. Larry charges at Amber looking for a clothesline into the corner but Amber gets her boot up catching Larry in the face. Larry stumbles back towards the center of the ring as Amber comes flying out of the corner jumping up hitting a huge Knee to the face of Larry. Larry goes down hard to the mat. Amber grabs Larry off the mat and pushes him back into the corner. She starts unloading with wild punches from both hands. Landing many shots Larry falls to his but in the corner. Amber smiles and runs to the opposite corner then back at Larry full speed hitting a knee to the downed Larry in the corner. Larry crumbles to the mat then rolls under the bottom rope falling to the outside. Amber smiles looking around the arena.

Denzel Porter: Amber is in full control of this match right now.

Tyler Cage: And she's loving it as we can see.

Mister Big Ticket: Always good to enjoy yourself but have to give Larry props for using his ring awareness to go to the outside and prevent an early pin attempt on himself.

Larry is starting to move on the outside. He is using the ring apron to pull himself to his feet he finally does only to look into the ring and see Amber sliding across the ring mat right before she Baseball slides his face sending Larry back to the guardrail. Amber gets up running back into the ropes then firing across the ring jumping over the top rope flipping and crashing onto the barely standing Larry. They both crash to the outside hard. The ref starts to count.

Denzel Porter: That landed looked bad for the both of them.

Tyler Cage: Good thing we are in Vegas, plenty of massages available around here.


Amber slowly starts to get to her feet. She stomps on Larry a few times before grabbing his head and picking him up. Amber goes to roll Larry into the ring but Larry counters with a punch.


Amber stumbles back a few steps. Larry grabs her arm and whips her into the ring stairs. She hits them and flips over them landing hard on the other side.


Denzel Porter: These two are so focused on destroying each other, that I don't think they realize what the referee count is.

Tyler Cage: What the rage gets going, it's hard to focus on all the small details.

Larry rolls into the ring and then immediately back out breaking the refs count. Larry steps over Amber then squats down grabbing her arms and neck and locking in Larry's Throne. Amber is screaming in pain. The ref is calling for Larry to break the hold and get back into the ring. He starts counting again.

Mister Big Ticket: Smart thinking by Larry to stop the count and get back to inlficting more pain.


Larry pulls harder on the head of Amber who is struggling to break the hold but can't.


Larry drops Amber's body to the floor standing up then grabbing her hair and rolling her into the ring. Larry gets back inside the ring and as Amber gets up he takes her back  leg out from underneath her by using his shoulder to target her back knee and then follow up with a close line that takes her back down to the mat and then Larry bounces off the ropes again and this time drops his knee across the face of Amber and immediately goes for the pin.




Denzel Porter: Larry Tact was just a fingertip away from walking out of here as the winner.

Tyler Cage: Frustration has to be setting in now for Tact.

Mister Big Ticket: As they say desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Larry Tact slaps the mat in frustration as he lifts Amber up and slings her into the corner and then delivers some punches to the face, then lifts her up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up there with her, and hits her with a couple more head shotsbefore lifting her arm over his shoulder and once he gets his blamace, Larry Tact hits a superplex from off the top turnbuckle, bringing her and himself down hard to the mat but with the little strength he has Larry gets his arm over Amber.




Mister Big Ticket: Amber WILL NOT DIE!!!

Larry tolls over and catches his breath and then slams his fist against the mat and begins crawling towards the ropes to pull himself up. He leans up against the ropes and watches Amber did the same on the opposite side as she slowly pulls herself up. Tact looks at her with disgust and begins to charge at her but Amber is playing possum as she notices Larry come towards her and ducks while pulling the ropes down and Larry gies right out of the ring and crashes down hard to the mat. Amber looks down at Tact and then back at the ropes and then with a sinister smile, she bounces off the ropes and comes back and hits a suicide dive on Tact!!!!

Tyler Cage: Mac Bane is married to a certified Baddie!!!

Denzel Porter: Amber just turned herself into a missile to take out Tact.

Mister Big Ticket: BOMBS AWAY.

Amber gets up and starts hitting chops to the chest of Tact and then pulls up with a kick to the gut and looks for a DDT but Tact reverses into a close line and then rolls her back inside the ring and then Larry quickly follows her. Larry calls for the end as he picks Amber up off the ring mat. He hoists her onto his shoulders into a torture rack. He spins her into a powerbomb but Amber spits mist into his eyes and Larry drops her. She immediately grabs his head hitting ORIGINAL SIN and immediately making the cover.

The ref slides down to make the count


*Bell Rings*

Announcer is your winner by pinfall, Amber Bane Ryan!!!!

Denzel Porter: What a WIN!!! Amber and Larry delivered on all the gyoe but tonight Amber was the better wrestler.

Tyler Cage: Don't bother the Banes tonight, because after that performance I can bet you the celebration is going to be wild tonight.

Mister Big Ticket: A deserving win for the Sin City wrestling

The referee raises Amber's hand up in victory as the fans give her cheers and a round of applause.

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Match Six
Four on Four Falls Count Anywhere Match
Epitome vs Misfit Mafia

Denzel Porter: Its been an amazing night of action here at the MGM in Las Vegas as many of the biggest stars in pro wrestling have gathered here for a three day magnificent event and that continues as up next we have a WAR coming up to determine who is the most dominant group when it comes to Misfit Mafia and The Epitome.

Tyler Cage: Yeah there will be blood and broken bones after these two teams go to war tonight and both have a good chance to prove their superiority over the other.


*Bell Rings*

The two teams stare each other down as Mario Porter with Hakeem Mosi, Shogun with Christian King, Gojira with Kirby and then Angel Valdez and Hunter Moso. The fans chant back and forth for Misfit and Eptime, and you can just feel the electricity in the air. Both group continue to talk trash towards one another until Hakeem makes the first moves and lights Mario up with some punches and then everyone starts going at it but Hunter and Angel who continue to stare one another down in the middle of the ring while chaos unfolds around them. Once the others have cleared the ring and taken the fight to the outside Angel and Hunter start talking trash to one another.

Denzel Porter: Angel Valdez is the longest and most prestigious MCW Champion in history and right now he stands across from the man that owns it Hunter Moso.

Tyler Cage: It's now time to see if the asunder is the master.

Mister Big Ticket: It doesn't get any bigger than this, big FIGHT feel right now.

After a couple of seconds of letting the fan's excitement build up the two begin trading blows back and forth inside the ring. Moso, Valdez, Moso, Valdez, Moso, Valdez, Moso, and then Moso again and again as he gains the advantage and then slings Caldez towards the ropes and Moso meets him with a big-time clothesline, which sends him outside the ring with everyone else as they continue to brawl. Moso looks down at everyone still fighting then back at the ropes and then the fans with a huge smirk on his face and then bounces off the ropes to gain momentum as he comes back toward the group and then launches over the top to hit a big dive on top of everyone and then Hunter Moso pops up beating on his chest and then pumps up the fans.

Denzel Porter: AIR MOSO!!!

Tyler Cage: A breathtaking dive by Moso as he just took out everyone.

Mister: The action in this match is already banging.

Moso lifts Angel up and slings him across the barricade and follows after him. Meanwhile, Gojira sends Kirby Midas into the steel pole and then bounces his head off the steel steps and then Kirby staggers around the ring as Gojira follows after him with evil intentions. Shogun and Mario battle it up the ramp as they trade punches back and forth until Mario wraps up with him and then delivers a knee to the gut and follows up with a suplex that sends Shogun back first onto the unforgiven steel ramp. As Shogun grabs his back in Pain, Mario continues his assault by stomping down Shogun.

Tyler Cage: Everyone is trying to beat the holy hell out of each other.

Mister Big Ticket: Bragging rights for which group is the superior unit is up for grabs and neither team wants to come out of this match as second best.

Back by the Hakeem grabs hold of Christian King and bounces his head off the ring apron and then rolls him back inside. Hakeem then follows uop by going up tot he top turnbuckle and the fans in the arena get excited.

Denzel Porter: Hakeem Moso is one fo the best wrestling performerces in the world today and tahts why these fans get excited evrytime hes in a match, because they know theyre about to witness greatness.

As Hakeem gfets ready to lauch and hit a high flying attack  from above, he changes his mind as Christain backs up and looks at the referee and ask for a timeout.

Denzel Porter: I think Christian is confused about the rules of this match.

Tyler Cage: Dont worry I think Hakeem is about to remind him.

Hakeem jumps down from the top turnbuckle and goes after Christian but Christain backs up and as Hakeem looks to close the space between then he pulls the referee in front of him so that Hakeem cant get to him. Christian sticks his tongue out at Hakeem as he tries to get under his skin and it work as Hakeem tries to run through the referee to get his hands on Christain but Christain uses this moment to his advantage as he deilivers a poke tot he the eyes of Hakkem and then pushes the referee into him.

Tyler Cage: I like this Christian King guy, hes a smart guy, that understands how to adjust on the fly.

Denzel Porter:  Christian is no stranger to getting around the rules.

Mister Big Ticket: There are no rules in a falls count anywhere now Denz.

Christina laughs as Hakeem tries to get his eyesight back and then lifts him up to deliver a thunderous chop to his chest snf then another and other until he backs Hakeem Moso up against the ropes and then slaps him in the face, Christian laughs as he delivers another chop and then slings Hakeem towards the otherside and waits for him to bounce back as Christian looks for a big time spinebuster but Hakeem reverses it into a roll up pin attempt.




Christian pushes Hakeem off him and then looks shocked went for the win so early but Christians confusion gives Hakeem enough time to follow up with a shinning wizard.

Denzel Porter: Christian just got cooked as the young people say.

Tyler Cage: Yes we do and yes Christian King just got cooked with that wicked shinning wizard.

Hakeem taunts Christian for a moment before headin to the top turnbuckle again and waits fro Christian to get up and looks to hti a high flying move but Christian ducks out of the way as Hakeem coems down and then Christain goes to the top of the turnbuckle himself looking for a crossbody but Hakeem had landed on his feet and sees Christain flying through the air and then nails him with a superkick!!!

Mister Big Ticket: LIGHTS OUT!!!!

Hakeem rolls Christain over and coems for the pin attempt but before the referee, can begin the count. Kirby Midas slides intot he ring and breaks it up but only for a monet as Misfit member Gojira pulls him back out the ring by his foot and then quickly unload on Kirby with a punch combination and then finishes it off with an enzuguri.

Denzel Porter: Kirby made the save for his team but now hes paying for it.

Tyler Cage: Kirby just taking one for the team.

Mister Big Ticket; Well looks likes hes about to take alot more for the team.

Goijra sends Kirby intot he steel steps and then delivers a couple stomps to him before lifting him back up and looking for a supelx on top of the steel steps but Kirby slips out of his grip and kicks Goijra in the gut and then slings him intot he barricade. Kirby takes a moment to catch his breath and then picks up the steel steps and rams them into the chest of Goijra and then takes the steps and slams it across the face of Goijra.

Denzel Porter: What a nasty blow to the head Goijra just took from Kirby.

Tyler Cage: Kirby tried to put a crack in the side of his ehad.

Mister Big Ticket: Going to need a tylenol for that headache.

Kirby now looks under the ring and takes his time searchingbefore a smirk coem sover his face and pulls out a steel chair and then places it inside the ring and then pulls out a table and sets it up by the ring but before he can turn around and go back after Goijra, Goijra sneaks up on him and puts him in a choke hold. Kirby struggles for a moment as his eyes get wide and he tries to reach for the chair but after a while he gives in and slowly… goes to sleep in the hands of Goijra.

Tyler Cage: I think he just stole Kirbys soul.

Mister Big Ticket: Nobod is home upstairs for sure.

Goijra sets Kirby down on the table and then goes to look under the rign and only takes him a moment to find what hes looking for as he brings out a tall ladder and sets it up inches apart from the table but before climbing up he goes back over to Kirby to deliver some punches but then he goes slump and falls down on both of his knees as Mario Vontez Porter appears from behind him with a sledgehammer in his hand.

Tyler Cage:Your son just turn the lights out on Goijra.

Denzel Porter: Hes got a bad habitat at striking people when they least expect it.

Mario lifts the hammer up and nails Goijra in the back of the head and he falls down tot he mat, Mario wakes Kirby up and gets him off the table and then motions him to help him lift Goijra up on the table and then they hammer him with punches until he lays still. Mario then tells Kirby to hold himd own while he climbs up the long ladder. Mario quickly climbs to the top of the ladder gtes the fans hyped up before launching from the top of the ladder and hits a BIG TIME FROG SPALSH ON TOP OF GOIJRA!!!!

Mister Big Ticket: HOLY HELL!!!!!

Denzel Porter: Mario just might have sacerfieced his body to take out the muscle of Goijra.

Tyler Cage: The lengths these competitors will go through just to prove they are the better stable is insane!

Kirby looks stunned as he sees the broken biodies before him, he finally snaps back to reality and goes to check on Mario but Shogun coems out of nowhere with a running knee strike, that sends Kirby staggering back and falling ot the ground.Shogun checks on Goijra to see if hes allright but the big man is still layed out from the carnage. Shogun then returns his attention back to Kirby as he starts to get back up on his feet and Shogun meets him with a chop to the chest and Kirby grbas his chest and starts walking away from himas he ehads over by the commentary table.

Denzel Porter: Dont bring the action over here.

Tyler Cage: I dont think their listening to you Porter.

Mister Big Ticket: Look out!

Shogun bounces Kirbys head off the commentary table and then again and again until Kirby is in a daze and then Shogun backs up and goes tot ake his head off with a bicycle kick but Kirby ducks and lifts Shogun up and delivers him back first down onto the commentary table but it doesnt break. Kirby recovered his stamina and then hits Shogun with some punches and then grabs a steel chair from the rng bell area. He lifts the chair above his ehad and goes to smash Shogun over the chest with it but Shogun moves out of the way and the steel chair hits the commentary table and the force of the vibration makes Kirby drop the chair and shake his hands but this gives Shogun the opprtiunity to hit a tornado  DDT on Kirby.

Tyler Cage: I know Hakeem Moso is in this match but Shogun has incredible athletic ability.

Denzel Porter: That he does and we just saw how special he is from that display.

Shogun lifts Kirby up now and places him on the commentary table and the fans get up on their feet as Shogun rolls intot he ring and lcimbs up tot he top trunbcule and points down at Kirby and the fans give him a loud YES that echos out of the arena and then Shogun shrugs his shoulnders and then dives off the top turnbuckle and deliver a flying ELBOW to the ehart of Kirby and they breakthrough the commentary table and the fasn give out a chant.


Tyler Cage: Shogun just took out Kirby and our entire work area.

Mister Big Ticket: That was an insane move by Shogun for sure.

Denzel Porter: The competitolrs in this match are given it all they’ve got here at the DPI, and looks like they plan to give more than they already have.

The hard cam switches to the c rowd as Hunter Moso takes a fans cup of beer and takes a sip and then smacks Valedz in the face with it and then slings him into the barricade by the fans and then waits for Valdez to stand up and then Hunter hits him with a closeline to hell that sends Valdez back over the barricade and intot he rign area. Hunter pushes a fan off their seat and then takes the folded chair and jumps over the barricade with it and hits a crawling Valdez in the back with it and then tosses the chair to the ground and then starts talking trash to Valdez.

Denzel Porter: So much history between these two men right here.

Vladez reaches for something under the rign as Hunter approaches him and tries to lift him up but Valdez surprises him with a cheap shot pucnh that drops Moso down tot he mat and then Valdez raises his fist in the air to show off the brass knuckles he just used.

Tyler Cage: Gnagwar tactics now, man I love this match.

Back inside the ring Hakeem trade blows with Christian until he gets the upperhand and slings Christain intot he corner and then follows upw ith a dropkick to the face of Christian and then hits a snap suplex out of the corner and begins to play to the crowd but then  notice that Hunter is introuble as Valdez chokes him out with his hands. Hakeem walks over to the ropes and leans over to grab Valdez by his hair but Christian King sneaks up behind him and hits him with a lowblow that allows Valdez to slip out of Hakeems grasp and then Angel decks hakeem over the head with the brass knuckles and then Christian hits him with agerman suplex.

Denzel Porter: Christian and Valdez have always been clsoe and you can see them display that chemistry just there.

Tyler Cage: Thats a bromance.

Mister Big Ticket: I dont see any romance being showed here.

Valdez smirks as Christain takes care of Hakeem but this distraction gives Hunter the opportunity to smash Angel over the head with a steel chair and then once more over his backa nd then Hunter lifts Angel up and slams him down hard tot he ground with a spine buster. Angel crawls away and as Hunter approaches he tries to swing with the hand that has hte brass knuckles but Hunter catches his hand and then nails him with a headbutt! Angel staggers over by the barricade and Hunter notices it and starts backing up to get a running head start as he charges at Angel and then delivers a MASSIVE SPEAR thats ends Angel Valdez through the barricade.

Denzel Porter: MY GOD!!!!

Tyler Cage: The former MCW World Heavyweight Champion just got broken in half.

Mister Big Ticket: The two captains of their respective teams are downa nd out after that.

Christian looks over at the carnage and shakes his head in disbelief and then turns around to get hit with a drop kick to his chest that drops him down in the corner and then Hakeem meets him with a running kick to the head and then lifts him back up to deliver a chop tot he chest and then lifts Christian up on the top turnbuckle and then gets up there with him and delivers some more punches to his ehad and then lifts Christain arm over his shoulder and looks to hit a big time suplex but Christian fights back enough to break Hakeems hold and then takes control of Hakeem as Christian now is incontrol and hits a cannadian destroyer off the top turnbuckle and goes for the pin.




Denzel Porter HAKEEM KICKED OUT!!!

Tyler Cage: Hakeem refuses to give up, even after taking a canadian destroyer off the top turnbuckle.

Mister Big Ticket: Hakeem Moso is showing how much heart he has in this match.

Christian slaps the mat in frustration and then looks over at Hakeem with disgust and then starts choking him like a maniac and then when satisfied he lets go and looks around the ring until his maniac eyes falls on the steel chair that was brought in earlier and walks over to pick it up and looks back at Hakeem with a sinister look and then back at the fans with a smile.

Denzel Porter: I think Christian is done showing mercy, hes ready to put this match away.

Christian turns around thinking Hakeem Moso is stil struggling to get up but as he turns around Hunter Moso coems out of nowhere and delivers THE MOSO FOOTPRINT!!!!

Mister Big Ticket: The owner of MCW just took off the head of his former Hardcore Champion Christian King with a brutal claymore.

Tyler Cgae: Talk about abuse of power.

But before Hunter can go for the cover , he looks over at Hakeem Moso thats yelling at Hunter to let me have him, let me finish this for us. Hunter lifts Christian up and looks at him with a smirk and says its over and then slings him towards Hakeem that hits a nasty kick to the gut of Christain and then hits the MONEY SHOT!!!!!

Denzel Porter: There it is, The Money Shot pedigree from Hakeem.

Hakeem goes for the cover as the referee gets into position.




*Bell Rings*

Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, MISFIT MAFIA!!!!!!!

Denzel Porter: Hakeem got the win for his team, what a great win this is for the Misfit Mafia.

Tyler Cage: Impressive win and you got to love how the brothers came together at the end to get the victory.

Mister Big Ticket: Great win for Misfit Mafia, but you cant take anything away from The Epitome tonight, both teams came ready for war but it was just the Misfits night for victory.

The referee raises the hands of Hakeem and Hunter as Christain rolls out of the ring and the fans cheer loudly for the Misfit Mafia as Shogun and Goijra join Hakeem and Hunter. They lock hands and raise them high in the air as they stand tall together tonight at the DPI NIGHT TWO.

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Match: Seven
“5-Star Match” - 4000 words
All 5 women start in the ring at the same time.
Each is assigned 2 different targets to eliminate by pinfall, submission, or TKO.
No DQ. No Count-outs. Eliminations must occur in the ring.
When your 2 targets have both been eliminated, the match stops and you win.
We will draw colors LIVE this Sunday night on the EFED Power Hour Twitch Stream 1/22
Crystal Hilton Zdunich (gold) vs.
Zara Ivory (blue) vs.
Selena Frost (black) vs.
Brittani Helms (red) vs.
Jessie Lee (green)

[Image: TIA-Belt.png]

The lights in the arena dim down as the crowd eagerly awaits the start of the next match. The tension in the air is palpable as the anticipation builds.

DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to what promises to be the most unique match of the night, the 5-Star match for the THIS IS AWESOME PROMOTIONS Women's Championship!"

The crowd cheers as Harvey Marx introduces the five competitors.

RING ANNOUNCER HARVEY MARX: Introducing first, in the black corner, from Nome, Alaska, weighing in at 135 pounds, Selena Frost!"

The crowd erupts in cheers as Selena Frost makes her way down the aisle, striking confident poses and soaking in the energy from the fans.

DENZEL PORTER: "Here comes Selena Frost, looking as confident as ever. This woman is a true fighter, and she's determined to leave here tonight as the new THIS IS AWESOME PROMOTIONS Women's Champion. Based on her performance at the World Series of Wrestling, she’s a safe pick to win it all."

HARVEY MARX: "Next, representing the green corner, from the Perth Western Australia, weighing in at 150 pounds, Jessie Lee!"

Jessie Lee strides down the aisle with a swagger, her eyes fixed on Selena Frost.

TYLER CAGE: "Jessie is a BIIIG baddie. She's got a chip on her shoulder, and she's looking to take out both Selena Frost and Zara Ivory."

HARVEY MARX: "Now, in the red corner, from the Nation's Capital, weighing in at 132 pounds, Brittani Helms!"

Brittani Helms bursts onto the scene with a huge pop. She swaggers her way to the ring, climbing the ring steps with thunderous stomps.

DENZEL PORTER: "DC Savage is in the house, folks! Brittani Helms is one of the most dynamic athletes in the game, and she's got her sights set on taking down Crystal Zdunich and Zara Ivory. She has a lot to prove tonight."

HARVEY MARX: "And in the blue corner, from the Richmond, VA, weighing in at 131 pounds, Zara Ivory!"

Zara Ivory struts down the aisle with a sultry swagger, her eyes fixed on Jessie Lee and Brittani Helms.

TYLER CAGE: "Zara Ivory is a force to be reckoned with, Denzel. She can go all night long. She’s the joker card in this 5-card Draw.”

HARVEY MARX: "And finally, representing the gold corner, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 115 pounds, Crystal Zdunich!"

Crystal Zdunich walks down the aisle with a fierce look in her eyes, her gaze fixed on Selena Frost and Brittani Helms.

DENZEL PORTER: "Second match of the DPI for Crystal Zdunich, but she's determined.”

With all five competitors in the ring, the referee signals for the bell to ring, and the 5-Star match is officially underway!

DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is it! What a match this promises to be with five of the best female wrestlers in the world all in the same ring! Each woman is represented by a color. Competitors are eliminated one by one. Once both opposing colors are eliminated, are eliminated, a color wins the match.”

TYLER CAGE: "I still don’t understand, but I’m still ready to turn up for some girl-on-girl violence.”

DENZEL PORTER: “Don’t worry friends, I’ll continue to hold your hand throughout the night. Four of these women were in the World Series of Wrestling, but none of them have met in the ring. We are in for a treat.”


All 5 women charge towards each other, looking for an early advantage. It's a sea of bodies, fists, and elbows flying in every direction.

Jessie Lee and Zara Ivory find themselves in a corner, trading blows. Selena Frost and Crystal Zdunich are battling in another corner, while Brittani Helms surveys the action, keeping both Zdunich and Ivory within her sights. Helms takes advantage of the situation and charges at Jessie Lee and Zara Ivory, causing them to break apart. Lee steps out of the way and Helms hits Ivory with a splash in the corner.

DENZEL PORTER: "Jessie Lee and Brittani have formed an unlikely alliance, doubling up on Zara Ivory here. Brittani is the quintessential tweener in this match."

TYLER CAGE: "I wouldn’t mind getting in tweener.”

Jessie Lee and Brittani Helms double team Zara Ivory, each taking one of her arms and throwing them over a shoulder. As Zara struggles to break free, Jessie and Brittani execute a perfectly synchronized double suplex, sending Zara crashing to the mat. Meanwhile, Selena Frost and Crystal Zdunich engage in a technical wrestling masterclass, trading holds and reversals. Selena locks in a modified crossface, but Crystal counters with a rolling escape and traps Selena in a headlock. The two women continue to counter and reverse each other's moves, each trying to gain the upper hand. Back with Zara, she manages to fight her way out of the double team, hitting Jessie with a jawbreaker and Brittani with a powerful spinning heel kick.

DENZEL PORTER: "I’m starting to see how this is shaping up. Ivory is at a real disadvantage here, but they’re all showing why they were invited to compete for the title.”

TYLER CAGE: "This match is buck.”

Crystal Zdunich is giving Selena Frost the business, utilizing her speed advantage to outwork Frost. She lands a spinning wheel kick, followed up by a snapmare, before locking in an armlock. Selena Frost struggles to break free, but the 19-time world champion is a master of her craft and doesn’t budge. As the tide seems to be turning in Crystal's favor, Brittani Helms suddenly switches her focus from Zara to Crystal, blind-siding Zdunich with a shining wizard.

Crystal hits the mat and reflexively flops over. Helms follows up, snatching Zdunich up by the blue hair, but Zdunich fights back, countering with an ankle pick takedown. Before she can dive on top of Brittani Helms, Selena Frost is there with , but she's outnumbered and struggling to keep up. Brittani and Selena are relentless, with tandem offense that keeps Crystal on the defensive.

Across the ring Jessie Lee locks Zara Ivory in a standing half-boston, working on the lower back of the green-haired nightmare. But Zara Ivory is not easily subdued. She tucks and rolls before delivering a kick to the face of Lee. Then delivers a rising uppercut and a snapmare takedown. She stomps the chest of Jessie Lee and pauses to work the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what we call an all-out war!”

TYLER CAGE: "It’s like a Black Friday sale in here.”

Meanwhile, Zara Ivory and Jessie Lee taking the fight outside the ring. Lee with a running boot, but Ivory parries sending Jessie Lee into the guardrail. Split legged, half in the crowd, half out, Zara finishes the transition and flips Jessie Lee into the front row. The two women make their way through the crowd, trading punches and kicks as they go. Finally, Jessie gets the upper hand when she tosses a bucket of popcorn into Zara’s face and slams her head into a handrail. Zara stumbles back, dazed, and Jessie takes advantage, driving her onto the concrete floor with a vicious DDT.

Back in the ring, Crystal Zdunich, with an unexpected burst of energy, takes down both Brittani Helms and Selena Frost with a double DDT. As Jessie Lee and Zara Ivory take the brawl outside the ring, Crystal takes advantage of the chaos and climbs to the top rope. The crowd roars as she leaps off, executing a picture-perfect 630 senton splash onto Selena Frost, who is still recovering from the double DDT.

DENZEL PORTER: "Crystal Zdunich with the ROSE PRISM POWER (630 Senton Splash) onto Selena Frost! Frost is wiped out, Zdunich goes for the cover!"

TYLER CAGE: "This is it! Frost might be the first one out.”

The referee starts counting,





DENZEL PORTER: "She kicks out!"

TYLER CAGE: "WHAAA… I thought that was it.”

Crystal Zdunich can't believe that just happened. She's on one knee, still dazed from the near fall. Suddenly, she there’s a whooshing sound and feels a sharp impact to the back of her head. It's Brittani Helms with a spinning back kick, known as a DC HEADKNOCKER!!! The crowd gasps as Zdunich crumples to the mat, completely stunned.

Meanwhile, Selena Frost is on her hands and knees, regaining her composure. Helms sees her opportunity and quickly moves to cover Zdunich for the pin. The referee slides into position, starting the count.





Zdunich kicks out with a mighty heave on a one count, sending Helms flying off of her. The crowd erupts in cheers as Zdunich springs to her feet and delivers a punt kick to the face. She targets Selena Frost next, driving her back into the ropes and unleashing a flurry of punches and kicks. Frost tries to fight back, but Zdunich is too fast and too skilled. She lands a kick to the mid-section, followed up by a Canadian destroyer and Selena Frost in down yet again.

DENZEL PORTER: “Zdunich is climbing the turnbuckle… AGAIN!!!”

TYLER CAGE: "She’s going for another 630. That’s like 12… something”

Suddenly, Zdunich is up top. The crowd holds its breath as Zdunich launches herself into the air, executing a perfect 630 senton splash onto Frost. NO!!! Frost pulls up her knees. The impact is brutal, and Zdunich is clutching her back. Brittani Helms swoops in and delivers another DC HEADKNOCKER to Zdunich!!!

Helms covers. Frost piles on top. Both determined to takedown the odds-on favorite to win.





DENZEL PORTER: "Unbelievable! Helms makes a name for herself tonight and she’s just put down a 19 time world champion in Crystal-Zdunich!"

TYLER CAGE: "She cheated, Bro. Zdunich just got DB’ed by Helms and Frost.”

DENZEL PORTER: “DB’ed? Should I ask what that is?”

TYLER CAGE: “Double Baddied.”


DENZEL PORTER: “So, with Zdunich eliminated, that puts both Brittani Helms and Selena Frost in position to steal a quick win. Brittani Helms will win if Zara Ivory is eliminated. Selena Frost will win if Jessie Lee is eliminated. We have ourselves a race.”

TYLER CAGE: “I still need to look at that cheat sheet. This sh*t complicated.”

Jessie Lee and Zara Ivory fight their way back to the ring, with Jessie Lee leading the charge. But as soon as they step onto the apron, Brittani Helms and Selena Frost are there to meet them. Helms goes straight for Ivory, unleashing a series of hard-hitting strikes, while Frost focuses her attention on Lee, using her quickness to dodge Lee's strikes and counter with some of her own.

Brittani Helms and Selena Frost share an elbow bump as they floor both Lee and Ivory. But the lack of focus gives Jessie Lee and Zara Ivory time to recover. Ivory connects with a springboard splash onto Helms. Lee connect with a devastating roundhouse kick to Selena Frost’s head.

Frost reels and Jessie Lee locks her up and delivers a DEAD DROP buckle bomb slamming Frost hard into the turnbuckle. She drags Frost away from the corner and covers.



Broken up by Helms with a double axe handle.

Helms wags her finger as Jessie Lee rolls out of the ring, but Zara Ivory is on the attack. TEAM OF MISFITS (spear tackle)!!!

DENZEL PORTER: "Zara Ivory just hit Helms with a nasty looking spear! Helms might be done."

Ivory covers Brittani Helms.




Helms kicks out just in time, much to Zara's frustration.

Meanwhile, Jessie Lee is getting her senses back and snatches up a steel chair. She looks pissed steps into the ring. She looks to Helms who betrayed their temporary alliance by breaking up the pin. She holds up the chair and threatens to take over Helms’ head, but she doesn’t notice Selena Frost from the side. THE GLASS SHARD (superkick)!!! Selena Frost just kicked the steel chair into Jessie Lee’s face. Lee splits her eyebrow and Frost covers.




Lee kicks out, showing her determination to win the match and both women gasp for air.

"Certified banger," Tyler says.

Across the ring, Brittani and Zara exchange blows, both determined to come out on top. Brittani whips Zara into the ropes and charges at her, but Zara ducks and runs the ropes again. Brittani pivots to deliver another DC HEADKNOCKER (spinning back kick), by Zara Ivory is too quick. She’s springboarded off the second rope into a beautiful corkscrew stunner.





The referee signals for the bell, and BRITTANI HELMS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED BY ZARA IVORY!!!

DENZEL PORTER: “The dynamic has changed now. Zara Ivory AND Selena Frost are in position to win. With Brittani Helms out of the way, all they need to do is eliminate Jessie Lee and they become co-champions.”

TYLER CAGE: “I clearly don’t understand the rules of this match.”

DENZEL PORTER: “Just study the graphic Mr. Cage. It’ll make sense later.”


The crowd is on its feet as Jessie Lee pick up the steel chair again, blood caged and dripping over her right eye. She looks around the ring at her opponents and decides to swing it at Zara Ivory. Ivory manages to roll under the chair shot and quickly retaliates with a dropkick to Lee’s back, sending Jessie stumbling.

Quick to create a distraction, Jessie Lee tosses the steel chair towards Zara Ivory and runs forward with a front kick. But Selena Frost is quick to come to her defense and intercept the attack. A couple quick kicks to the thigh to double Lee over and Selena Frost lands a spinning huricanrana to take down the bigger Jessie Lee. Frost helps Ivory up.

TYLER CAGE: “So what happens again if Jessie Lee is eliminated?”

DENZEL PORTER: “Then both Selena Frost and Zara Ivory would be TIA Women’s Champion.”

TYLER CAGE: “Both?!”

DENZEL PORTER: “Yes sir. As stated in the match stipulations, they would be co-champions.”

TYLER CAGE: “That’s kind of whack.”

DENZEL PORTER: “Or is it genius?”

Jessie Lee rolls under the bottom rope to take a powder. Selena Frost and Zara Ivory take the opportunity to devise a plan. Selena points at Ivory’s chest, then her own, then to Jessie Lee, who’s on the outside of the ring. The audience immediately understands and erupts in approval.

TYLER CAGE: “Time for a double team.”

DENZEL PORTER: “Indeed. It does appear as if we have a handicap match on our hands.”

Zara heads to the ropes to pursue Jessie Lee, but Selena stops her and offers to retrieve their opponent. Zara appreciates the offer.

While the two in the ring are exchanging pleasantries, Jessie Lee is digging under the ring. It’s only after she drills Selena Frost in the face with a foreign object that we figure out what she was looking for. It’s a bare of brass knuckles! And she’s just hit Selena Frost with the BOOM! (super woman punch).


DENZEL PORTER: “Frost is a crumpled heap here, but eliminations must happen in the ring. What is Lee to do?”

Jessie pauses for a moment, thinking about rolling Selena Frost back into the ring, but it’s not easy moving a dead body. Instead, she brandishes the brass knuckles, points at Frost on the ground, points at herself, then points at Zara Ivory.

The crowd boos at the tweener who’s had to take drastic measures in this handicap situation. Jessie stuffs the knux into her bra and snags a steel chair from the timekeeper’s table, sending the timekeeper running away.

Zara Ivory waits in the ring as Jessie Lee crawls under the bottom rope into the ring. Ivory is ready though. The bigger, but slower, Jessie Lee swings the chair, but Zara parries the attack and counters with a rising knee that sends Jessie Lee flying backwards into the ropes.

Zara follows in hot pursuit with another TEAM OF MISFITS!!! No. Jessie Lee side stepped it, causing Zara to get tangled in the bottom rope. Lee connects with a stomp to the back, causing Ivory to roll over. Then a brutal chair shot to the forearms and chest. Ivory is able to fend off a second attack with a kick to the knee to causes Jessie Lee to drop the chair.

Zara gets up and delivers for four hit combo. Jab, cross, hook, uppercut. Jessie Lee drops to a knee.

TYLER CAGE: “She’s rocked!!!”

DENZEL PORTER: “Yes. She. Is.”

Zara grabs Jessie by the back of her head and pulls her to her feet and… Lee counters with a body punch that drops Zdunich.

DENZEL PORTER: “Jessie Lee put the brass knuckles back on and just rearranged the organs of Crystal Zdunich.”

TYLER CAGE: “Somebody call Dr. Dre.”





The referee signals for the bell, and Zara Ivory has been eliminated from the match. The referee also scoops up the brass knuckles and pockets them before Jessie Lee has a chance to use them again.



DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached the final act of the 5-Star Match, and it is down to Selena Frost and Jessie Lee. No more gimmicks. No more special rules. Just one on one for the title."

TYLER CAGE: “Like God intended, Portey.”

Selena Frost climbs back in to the ring, Jessie Lee charges at her with a flurry of sloppy brawling attacks. Selena easily counters each strike with her signature style that she calls, "The Way of the Dragon." She moves with fluidity and grace, disarming Jessie and weakening her with each blow.

Jessie tries to power through Frost's counterattacks with brute force, but Frost's technique proves too much for her to handle. Selena connects with a stiff kick to Jessie's midsection, sending her to the mat. She then locks in a Fujiwara armbar, applying pressure to Jessie's arm.

Jessie grits her teeth and tries to power out of the hold, but Selena tightens her grip. The crowd is on their feet, cheering on Jessie to fight out of the hold. Jessie's arm begins to tremble as Selena applies more pressure.

Just when it seems like Jessie is about to tap out, she muscles up and manages to roll out of the hold. Selena faceplants and scrambles to her feet, and the two women square off in the center of the ring.

The crowd is electric as the two women trade blows, each trying to gain the upper hand. Selena lands a series of rapid-fire kicks, but Jessie manages to duck under the final strike and grab Selena's leg.

With Selena off balance, Jessie manages to lift her up and hit her with a devastating powerbomb. The crowd gasps as Selena hits the mat hard.

Jessie Lee, who was outnumbered only minutes ago, and wears half a crimson mask , scoops up Selena Frost, with the last reserve of her strength, sits her on the top turnbuckle. The crowd gets to their feet.

Lee climbs to the second buckle and signals to the crowd.

DENZEL PORTER: “LEETHALITY!!! (a double underhook facebuster).”

The thunderous impact on to the steel chair laying flat in the ring. The sound echoes in the arena. Both women land awkwardly, both severely damaged, but Selena Frost clearly took the worst of that exchange.

Lee rolls away quickly and thrashes, clutching her knee.

DENZEL PORTER: "OH MY GOD! Did you see that, Tyler? Jessie Lee just hit her finisher, the LEETHALITY, off the top rope onto the steel chair!"

TYLER CAGE: "And she may have sh*tcanned her knee cap in the process. That was sick, brah! Somebody call an amberlamps.

Lee howls in pain while Frost lays motionless. Dragging one leg behind her, Jessie Lee crawls towards Selena Frost and uses the top of her own head to roll the body onto its back. Face down, Lee only has the strength to throw an arm across Frost’s waist.

The referee makes the count.





DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s alllll over! We have a new THIS IS AWESOME PROMOTIONS Women's Champion and it’s Jessie Lee!"

TYLER CAGE: "What a match, what a night, and what a champion!"


As the final bell rings, the arena erupts in cheers as the new champion is crowned. The Sauce Boss steps into the ring, microphone in hand, as the crowd grows silent in anticipation.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have witnessed something truly special," The Sauce Boss starts. "For the first time in the history of THIS IS AWESOME PROMOTIONS, we have a champion. A women’s champion. And what a championship match it was!"

The Sauce Boss turns to the winner, Jessie Lee, who is still catching her breath after the grueling battle she just endured.

"Jessie, tonight you have earned the respect of not only myself, but of the entire pro wrestling world. I believed you had this in you when you were invited to join this competition. Thank you for confirming what my heart already believed was true." The Sauce Boss continues. "This championship is a symbol of hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Your example will empower young women around the world to find the strength in themselves to overcome any obstacle. Thank you for being a friend."

DENZEL PORTER: (chimes in) "It's clear that Jessie Lee is overwhelmed with emotion after this incredible victory. And who could blame her? This match was a grueling and intense battle from start to finish, and to come out on top as the champion, despite the odds late in the match, is an incredible accomplishment."

TYLER CAGE: “She is one, tall, mean, glass of sexy water. Baddie confirmed.”

The Sauce Boss hands the championship belt to the winner, who lifts it high in the air as the crowd roars. "And now, I ask that you all give a round of applause to the winner and to all the incredible women who have just displayed the best of what women's wrestling has to offer. Style. Grace. Beauty. Power. Each one of them is awesome. They should all be proud of what they have accomplished and it’s been a pleasure introducing them to a global audience tonight. Jessie… congratulations. I’ll see you at the World Series of Wrestling in October."

The winner is in tears as she clutches the championship belt, unable to put into words the emotions she is feeling at this moment. This victory is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. A match designed to elevate a lesser-known wrestler into the national spotlight has just coronated a new queen of wrestling. Dreams come true.

Denzel Porter sums it up perfectly,

DENZEL PORTER: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed the birth of a new champion. If this match is any indication of what is to be expected from TIA Promotions and the World Series of Wrestling, 2023 is shaping up to be a good year for the sport.”

The arena erupts in applause as the winner makes her way up the ramp, championship in hand, ready to start her reign as the new THIS IS AWESOME PROMOTIONS Women's champion.

“And here is your winner, by way of pinfall elimination, Jessie Lee.”

Winner: Jessie Lee
Match length: 38 minutes 40 seconds
Match rating: ****

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Main Event
SEB vs Shawn Warstein 

The bell sounds to kick off the Main Event of the DPI. SEB and Warstein walk out from their corners and circle each other once they meet at the center of the ring.

DENZEL PORTER: It’s Main Event time, and I am here for it.

TYLER CAGE: It’s been an insane weekend of action for sure.

They lock up with Warstein snatching a side headlock on SEB who quickly takes him back into the ropes and shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, Warstein bounces off the near side and runs over SEB with a running shoulder block taking him down to the mat. Shawn fakes an elbow drop causing SEB to roll out over to evade but Shawn starts stomping down on the spine of Bryce. Shawn picks SEB up off the mat and rocks him with a series of right hands before taking SEB back into a neutral corner.

Warstein lays in several shoulder blocks before firing SEB across the ring and into the opposite buckles.

Warstein charges toward SEB who throws a reverse elbow to Warstein which then allows him to immediately come out from the corner with a back waist lock and deliver a Release German Suplex into the turnbuckles! SEB then yanks Warstein out toward the middle of the ring where he makes the cover.




Shawn escapes with a kick out,

DENZEL PORTER: The first pin attempt goes to SEB in this one.

SEB works his way back to his feet where he picks Shawn up and laces him across the chest with a knife-edge chop, followed by a second, then a third before Warstein cuts off SEB with a gouge to the eyes that draws some boos from the crowd. Warstein drives a boot to the midsection of SEB doubling him over for Shawn to lock a front face lock and then deliver a Falcon Arrow!

Shawn makes the cover.




SEB kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Shawn immediately gets to both knees and starts to unload with right hands to the forehead. The referee lays the five count to Warstein who throws up both hands at the four count before stepping back up to his feet.

DENZEL PORTER: I expect the pace of this one to quicken and stay hot all the way to the end.

TYLER CAGE: Both of these guys are uber-talented in their own ways, and with this being a year in the making I am here for it.

Shawn reaches down pulling SEB up to his feet where he puts him in position for Powerbomb! SEB counters with a back-body drop! Warstein is quickly back to his feet where he’s taken back down to the mat with an armbar that SEB transitions into a Japanese Armbar! The crowd pops for Bryce while the referee slides into position and starts asking Shawn to surrender. Warstein waves off the referee as SEB cranks back on the arm and shoulder. Shawn takes notice of the ropes and manages to maneuver his left boot onto the bottom rope which causes the referee to quickly call for a break.

SEB releases the hold and when he does Shawn slides out to the floor to create some distance between himself and Bryce.

DENZEL PORTER: Warstein is taking a few seconds to rethink things.

Shawn spouts off at some of the ringside fans before turning his attention back toward the ring while the referee is laying his mandatory ten count as SEB doesn’t give chase. Shawn climbs back up on the apron at the five count and steps back through the ropes and into the ring. SEB and Shawn circle each other once again before locking up center ring. They jockey for positioning before SEB takes a side headlock. Shawn takes him back to the ropes and shoots him across the ring, SEB bounces off the far side, and baseball slides between the legs of Warstein, SEB quickly gets up and when Shawn spins around he’s met with a front waist lock followed by a release overhead belly to belly suplex!

SEB scurries into a cover hooking the inside leg.




Warstein kicks out.

DENZEL PORTER: Trading some pure wrestling in the opening few minutes of this battle.

SEB gets to his feet where he picks Shawn up off the mat and rocks him with a stiff European Uppercut followed by a second, and then a third that backs Shawn up against the ropes. SEB looks for a lariat to send Warstein over the top rope and out to the floor only to have Shawn drop out of the way and low bridge the top rope in the process sending SEB spilling over the top rope and out to the floor. Shawn drops down to the mat and rolls out to the floor where he starts stomping away at SEB!

Warstein picks SEB up off the floor and locks in a front waist lock and delivers a Belly to Belly suplex on the floor.

TYLER CAGE: You can almost feel this one about to explode.

Shawn is back up to his feet where he doesn’t waste any time in picking SEB up off the floor and takes him toward the ring steps and drives him face-first off the top portion of the steel steps. SEB bounces off the steps and around the corner of the ring with Warstein right behind him. SEB spins around and is met with a double-leg takedown before being catapulted face-first off the ring post with a sickening thud.

SEB crumbles to the floor as Shawn slides into the ring breaking the referee’s count and slides right back out to the floor where he snatches up SEB and hurls him back into the ring. Shawn slides into the ring as well where he gets back to his feet and sizes up SEB who rolls over to his chest and begins pushing himself up off the mat.

Warstein comes up from behind with a BackStabber to SEB! Shawn makes the cover!




SEB escapes with a kick out!

DENZEL PORTER: Things aren’t looking to good for the SEB Empire. Warstein is not taking his foot off the gas.

Shawn is back up to his feet where he stomps down on SEB before picking him up off the mat. Shawn nails SEB with a stiff right hand before shooting SEB across the ring and into the ropes, SEB bounces off the ropes and into an awaiting Spinbuster by Warstein! Shawn floats over into another cover!




Another kick out from SEB but Shawn is right there to start choking away at SEB with both hands across the throat. The referee lays the count to Shawn who breaks at four and works his way to his feet as he’s admonished by the referee. Warstein pays him no attention as he picks SEB up off the mat and drives him back into a neutral corner. Warstein lays in several shoulder blocks to the midsection and then backs away from SEB only to charge forward looking for a Helluva Kick!

SEB evades at the last possible second sending Warstein crocheting himself on the top rope!

SEB yanks Warstein back into the ring and plants him with a DDT! The crowd roars as SEB nips up to his feet garnering a huge ovation from the Las Vegas crowd, Shawn is working his way back to his feet where SEB latches onto a back waist lock and snaps off a release German Suplex! SEB rolls through picking himself and Shawn up off the mat where he lands a second german suplex, SEB rolls through picking himself and Shawn up off the mat but before he delivers a third he transitions into a ripcord leaping knee strike under the chin that rocks Warstein back into the ropes. SEB shoots Shawn across the ring with an Irish Whip, Shawn bounces off the near side and into another armbar takedown that is transitioned into a Canadian Crossface.

The crowd pops huge for SEB who locks in the Crossface, the referee slides into position and starts asking Warstein to surrender!

TYLER CAGE: SEB has turned this thing around! He’s got Warstein locked in a Canadian Crossface in the center of the ring!

The referee continues to ask Shawn to surrender, and he continues to refuse while SEB cranks back harder on the head and neck of Warstein. The referee asks again for Warstein to surrender and again he refuses.

DENZEL PORTER: Shawn is going to have to find a way to get out because SEB has him locked down in the center of the ring.

Shawn raises his right hand up off the mat signaling for a possible tap out before instead biting the wrist of Bryce to find an escape from the hold. SEB and Warstein are both back on their feet with Shawn ducking a running lariat, SEB bounces off the near side and into a Spinebuster Slam! The crowd reacts hugely as Warstein floats over into the cover.




SEB kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd!

TYLER CAGE: A kick out by Bryce!

Warstein starts to get back up and backs himself up against in a corner as he watches SEB who begins getting back up off the mat. SEB starts to spin around looking for Shawn who explodes out from the corner with a spear that nearly cuts Sebastian in half!


Warstein makes the side press making the cover hooking the inside leg.




SEB shoots a shoulder up off the mat to another huge reaction from the Las Vegas crowd. Shawn doesn’t hesitate as he locks in a Dragon Sleeper! The referee immediately gets in position and starts asking SEB to give up. Bryce refuses while Warstein cranks on the pressure of the Dragon Sleeper.

TYLER CAGE: You can’t ever countout either one of these two.

The referee asks SEB to surrender and again he refuses but this time SEB starts to bridge up before turning into the Dragon Sleeper, wrapping his arms around the waist of Warstein and then snapping off a bridging Northern Light Suplex!




Shawn escapes with a kick out!

DENZEL PORTER: Another kick out by Warstein!

SEB starts working his way back to his feet where he snatches Warstein up to a vertical base where he nails him with a European Uppercut, followed by a second, then a third before taking Shawn back into the ropes, he shoots Shawn across the ring, Warstein bounces off the ropes and into single leg takedown and into the KING’S ROAD submission! The crowd responds with a loud ovation as SEB cranks back on the right leg and ankle while the referee starts asking Warstein to surrender! Shawn refuses to give in! SEB cranks on the hold with more torque, the referee continues asking Shawn to surrender.

Shawn pushes himself up off the mat and manages to land crossface blows to SEB breaking the hold.

Both men lay on the mat as the referee starts laying the count to both men.

TYLER CAGE: First to their feet is going to have the advantage!

Both men start to stir at the six count and each step up to their feet at the eight count, SEB swings with a right hand, Shawn blocks and counters with an open handed chop across the chest echoing throughout the MGM Grand, SEB comes back with a knife-edge chop of his own! Warstein absorbs the chop and come back with a knee across the midsection that doubles SEB over, Warstein takes SEB back into the ropes and shoots him across the ring with an Irish Whip, SEB counters and it’s Warstein that is sent across the ring bouncing off the ropes, SEB leap frogs over Warstein who puts on the brakes, SEB spins around where he eats a Superkick from Warstein sending SEB back falling back into a corner.

Warstein charges towards SEB this time landing the Helluva Kick!

SEB staggers out from the corner and falls flat down on the mat. Shawn opts not to make a cover! He steps through the ropes and out to the ring apron. SEB lays on the mat while Shawn starts scaling the turnbuckles, he climbs all the way up to the top rope. Shawn stands up on the top rope as he sizes up SEB and sets sail with a Diving Elbow Drop across the sternum! Warstein makes the cover hooking the near leg.




SEB escapes with a kick out to a huge ovation from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: Kick out from SEB! How close was that!?!?!?!

TYLER CAGE: I thought it was over!

DENZEL PORTER: Warstein has shifted the momentum in a huge way!

Shawn hammers down with right hands before taking a full mount as he grounds and pounds on SEB! Warstein lays in several more right hands as he then gets back up to a vertical base. Warstein reaches down picking SEB up where he hurls SEB into a set of buckles. Shawn rushes in after SEB who throws up a right boot to the face of Shawn staggering Warstein backward as Shawn turns away from SEB.

SEB comes out from the corner snatching and locking in THE PEOPLES G.S.H.O.A.T.


Before SEB can fully lock in the hold Warstein counters with a jaw breaker! Shawn is back to his feet where he lands a jumping knee strike, follows up with a straight elbow, and finally a spinning elbow strike! SEB ducks the spinning elbow and counters with a T-Bone Suplex! SEB makes the cover on Warstein hooking the near leg.




Shawn kicks out and SEB transitions into a Code Red submission! The referee immediately gets in position asking Shawn to surrender! Warstein refuses to give it up. SEB cranks harder and harder on the arm of Warstein yet Shawn managers to lock his hands together and roll over to his knees which forces SEB’s shoulders to the mat.




SEB kicks out but in actuality he aids in Warstein who picks Bryce up and sends him sailing into the buckles with a Buckle Bomb! SEB bounces off the buckles and into a boot to the midseciton followed up by the EGO TRIP, or Future Shock DDT!. Shawn makes the cover, hooking the leg.




SEB escapes to a huge ovation from the crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: I don’t believe it!

TYLER CAGE: You don’t have a choice because this match is going to continue.

Shawn throws up three fingers at the official as he steps back up to his feet. Warstein picks SEB up off the mat rocking him with a right hand, SEB comes back with a right hand of his own! Warstein comes back with a right hand, SEB fires back with a right, Warstein comes back with a right that SEB counters and transitions into THE STAMFORD BRIDGE! The referee slides into position making the count.




Shawn escapes with a kick out to a massive gasp from the sold out crowd!

DENZEL PORTER: Incredible variation of a Tiger Suplex by Bryce, he nearly put Shawn away.

Both men lay on the mat while the referee starts to lay the ten count.

TYLER CAGE: Both men are laid out. Who is going to be the first one up to their feet?

DENZEL PORTER: Who is going to win this thing is the better question!

The referee hits the six count before both Warstein and SEB start to stir. They each both get back to their feet at the eight count with SEB swinging with a right hand, Shawn blocks and counters with a thumb to the eye! Warstein follows up with a boot to the midsection doubling SEB over. Warstein sets SEB up and plants him with a spike piledriver! The crowd is split with their reactions as Shawn starts willing himself back up to a vertical base. Shawn backs up into a neutral corner as he calls for the KING’S CROWN!

SEB clutches at his neck while rolling over to his chest.

SEB starts to push himself up off the mat and up to one knee.

Warstein explodes out from the corner looking for the KING’S CROWN, or Kinshasa to the face of Bryce. SEB raises his head but see’s it coming, he ducks out of the way sending Warstein missing. SEB pops up and bounces off the far side where he catches Warstein with the EMPIRE KICK to Warstein! The crowd explodes as SEB makes the cover hooking the near leg.







DENZEL PORTER: ITS OVER!!! IT'S OVER!!! Bryce has done it!

Mister Big Ticket: What a win for Bryce, such a career-defending moment for him tonight, to walk in here as an underdog to a man known as The Tyrant and to many as the best to ever do it, and you beat those odds, they can only call you the Man now after beating the man in the Main Event of the DPI Night Three.

Tyler Cage: Sebastian put on a special performance that has added to his already impressive legacy, I don't know where you had SEB ranked among the beat in pro wrestling but after taking down Shawn Wasrtien tonight, you have to have him in the top.

Shawn rolls out of the ring with a non emotion look as he doesn't give the fans or anyone watching any hints in how he's feeling right now. As he walks up the ramp he gets cheers for the performance he put on, they chant his name as he walks up and heads behind stage.

Denzel Porter: Can't take anything away from a true legendary icon like Shawn Warstien.

The hard cam switches back to the ring where SEB celebrates in the ring on the top turnbuckle as he takes the moment in as the fans give him a standing ovation as they can't SEB over and over again.

Tyler Cage: Yo Denz where are you going?

Denzel Porter takes off his headset and walks up the steel steps and then inside the ring as SEB jumps down from the top turnbuckle and they meet in the center ring and Denzel gives him some kind words before taking his hand and raising it in the air as the fans get even louder and cheer for SEB.

Mister Big Ticket: Such a special moment here at the DPI.

Tyler Cage: It's about to get even more special.

As Denzel gives Seb a handshake, he takes his leave out of the ring at the same time Sloan Taylor comes running in and gives SEB a hug and then a kiss as they celebrate in front of a sold-out crowd the charts SEB's name as Night Three of the DPI closes out.
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