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02-22-2023, 01:41 PM


The scene swirls into focus upon a single muay thai heavy bag being shown in a single dim light.  As a moment passes by, stepping into the light near the bag and kneels in front of the camera.  Her hands already wrapped in her typical hot pink hand wraps.  Her hair slightly matted but up in a ponytail.  It is none other than Da Bad Apple Bottom Gene herself, Aphriya Adler.

“Hey y’all.  How is the world of the Extreme Wrestling Federation doing this fine day?  You're one and only Aphriya Adler out here doing my normal thing but I figured I’d better get in front of this GoPro and record some thoughts on what happened in that M M A fight last Anarchy y’all watched.  And of course talk about who I got this go around on Anarchy, Astra.  First off, Mister Lover Boy Vinnie, I do apologize for making that fight last all of what fifteen seconds or so.  But I was born in that world.  I have already beat the tar out of what’s his face so badly that y’all couldn’t show that match on television.  I sent Gia Van Zyl home with a dislocated ego.  I was supposed to have a tough fight last Anarchy in the Octagon.  I sent the Latina Submission Machina home with a dislocated jaw.  I am not just a pretty face.  I am not just a submission specialist.  I am not just an athlete. I am an all around pro wrestling, football playing, fighter.  Oh I do a little dancing too.”

She giggles as she looks off into the distance some before her eyes find the camera again.  Her smile is infectious.

“Now this week on Anarchy, I am facing off against, probably my most challenging and most successful performer on the Anarchy roster.  Astra.  I may say that Astra is the most challenging opponent I have had in my unblemished career here in the Extreme Wrestling Federation.  But I have viewed each and every single one of my foes that way.  I have to view them that way.  If I don’t than I won’t train hard.  I won’t be motivated to improve myself and move onto championship contention.  Which ultimately is where I plan to be in this company.  I didn’t come to this company to compete in quality matches and win some and lose some.  No my friends, I came here to show the more visceral side of this happy go lucky blonde bombshell.  Admittedly, seeing and being with my girlfriend has helped me unlock that side of me.  In that ring, or cage, or whatever other thing the brass wants to put me in against whomever, I am not sweet and gentle Aphriya, I am Da Bad Apple Bottom Gene coming to make your life miserable because you faced me.  Because you fought me.  Astra, you are up next.  I could be like these other arrogant people that come on the airwaves, example being Gia and say I am going to run right through you.  I can’t say that honestly.  Just like I couldn’t say it honestly for last Anarchy.  But Thursday night I will make sure you won’t ever forget the night you stepped foot in the ring against me.”

She reaches down and grabs the camera and begins to walk away from where she was.  She pushes a few strands of her blonde locks out of her face, but her smile still bright as can be.

“Thursday night Anarchy is the show that I came to because it fits with what I can do.  But I know I am capable of competing for that championship.  I know I can be a champion.  It began night one.  I have faced off against each and every single person put in front of me and I have defeated them.  Normal style wrestling matches.  Submission matches.  And now a Mixed Martial Arts contest within the confines of a cage.  Astra, you are next.  You are the next person I am facing and I am doing everything I can within my control to make sure I am prepared for you.  Studying up on you.  Seeing your past matches in this company and beyond.  So I can tell you this, at the end of the match, I am going to do everything I can to make sure my hand is raised in victory.  I am hoping you are doing the same.  I want you to be doing the same.  If you aren’t then most likely Thursday night will be another brutal and short night for my opponents.  Astra just being the latest.”

As she speaks, she seems to be pacing throughout the gym that she started in.  The background shows the dim lights throughout the gym, other mats, and bags can be seen as she turns.

“So to all my fans.  My supporters.  To everyone out there that will be tuning into X W F Thursday night programming.  You will see people that I have faced off against performing.  You will also be seeing a championship matchup that I plan on being a part of very soon.  But before y’all arrive at that match, y’all will bear witness to your Bad Apple Bottom Gene fighting Astra.  Basically jockeying for position in the championship picture.  This is probably the most I have ever discussed my want.  My drive.  My motivation to be a champion again.  But I want you all to know it.  I want the brass to know it.  And I want whomever wins the championship Thursday night to know it.  Whether it is the current champion, Tommy Wish or the challenger that tweets a lot of stuff out on the tweet tweet machine, Sidney Grey.  I am coming.  I will do whatever I can to make sure Astra falls, then onto the next.”

She winks and blows a kiss to the camera as it swirls to black.

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