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Undedicated wrestlers need to be beaten.
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Lord Raab Offline
"The Green Disease German Monster"

XWF FanBase:
Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

02-22-2023, 03:22 AM

In the dark alleyway was Lord Raab doing his usual stuff of laying out the slime across the pavement, on top of having green flames appearing from the metal barrels, the same old thing since his opponent was still pretty new to XWF. However, something was going on Twitter that Lord Raab needed to address, even in the rain, dripping down with the barrels having to be covered.

Lord Raab: "Before approaching my opponent, I must address the cowardly fuckheads on social media. Dumbasses are accusing my twin brother Konrad of something he didn't even do. Not sure why shitheads want to bring up shit I did from seven years ago. But if you want to go for someone that drank piss and ate bugs and a bit of blood, COME AT ME, shit on me for doing that stuff that I did, not at Konrad. Why? Because I loved doing those things. But I had to stop because the wrestling organisation said it went too far. People on Twitter are sissies and cowards, so fuck you all for not doing your research in the first place."

It was the one thing that would be the defining moment for Lord Raab to come out and admit he was the one who did those things. Now he got that out of the way; he cleared his throat and focused back on the camera.

Lord Raab: "Moving on, I love that I can get right back to where I started in the business almost ten years ago, a wrestling style I was born to do, hardcore wrestling. So I listened to what you said two weeks ago, Sueñe el Molde, about why your opponents wear masks and why you do. I don't hide my identity, I wear a mask because a wrestler I first ever saw back in Koln was wearing a mask, and he inspired me when I was at the point of committing suicide to wrestle. He trained me and everything, so to pay back for everything he did with my wrestling career, I wore a mask in dedication to saving my life and became a wrestler because of him."

Lord Raab opened up a lot about himself, one of them because he had to from accusations from other wrestlers on Twitter, and the other was because his opponent talked about masks. But it was done and dusted.

Lord Raab: "So you made one match debut, whoopie; anything else I should know about you since you only spoke about mask wrestlers? Nothing about your wrestling career shit about gaining approval. Do you think I care if I gain people's approval? No. I don't, and I certainly already don't give a fuck about you. Because nothing you've said has anything to do with wrestling, despite you stating you're a wrestler. You're another generic high flyer in a mask. How is that anything different to what anyone has seen before? Have you ever been in hardcore matches before? Are you even a hardcore wrestler?"

Raab scratched his chin to take a break as the green flames poked a bit but were covered by rain falling. He licks his lips.

Lord Raab: "I'm nothing but professional wrestling. I'm nothing but a hardcore wrestler, and sure, your high-flying skills may weaken me a bit, but it's nothing I can fucking handle to throw you around like the piece of trash you are. Nothing thrills me more than you being a weak wrestler with no real reason to step into wrestling besides some bullshit identity. Just stepping into the ring because you fucking know it. If someone were to ask me why I got into wrestling, it was to be fucking aggressive and beat the living daylights out of them to let my anger out, to be creative in ways that none of the other combat sports gave me. I question your dedication to the sport. I don't even see in your eyes you want to do this. Saying you got unfinished business to deal with, what unfinished business?"

He was shaking his head violently, wondering why he was facing someone in a match that had no idea what they wanted to do in wrestling.

Lord Raab: "I'm going to beat the shit out of you with weapons to clock you out of your undedicated ass because you don't have the passion for this. You don't. I already answered the questions that you would ask me, but you're pathetic. Heck, I don't even see you being a hardcore wrestler at all. On the other hand, I know your weaknesses are against a powerful diseased monster like me. I will inflict punishment on your body, I will cause you to bleed, and I want to bash your fucking head in because you're honestly so fucking stupid. This is what I do, and I don't care for titles either because I enjoy fucking beating the shit out of wrestlers like you."

It was to the point that Raab ran out of things to say because he nearly covered everything, and there wasn't much left to say as the stuff Sueñe said was roughly irrelevant to him.

Lord Raab: "You won't be walking away from this fight this time because you'll get injuries none of your other opponents did to you. I will beat you like your life is on the line because I can and will. Just like me, the most passionate wrestler out of the two of us, will win this match. That's all I have to say since you're input is minimal at best. Prepare to be Raabinated by The Green Disease German Monster."

Raab shook his head, hating the video he did, but it was done as he removed the covering of the barrels and left to go to his hired apartment.

[Image: AgO3KzJ.png]

[Image: bcywcYD.jpg]

I love AJ Allmendinger.
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