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02-21-2023, 03:40 AM

[Image: qEIb8bF.jpg]

“YOU'RE FUCKING KIDDING ME!” Sidney Grey screamed as she saw the booking sheet for Anarchy. This had been exactly what she hoped for, a championship match in the first few months of her signing, just not like this.

[Image: BsZtiya.jpg]

Sid’s Executive Assistant, Dani Chow shrugged her shoulders. “I sure it not big shock.” She did her best to sound reassuring, “Like when touch tongue on battery!”

Sid’s anxiety seemed to abate. “You think it will be something like that?”

Dani nodded. “Yes!” She paused, “Of course, my Uncle Jun, he have lovely coy pond and he drop lithium battery inside one day and KABOOM!!

Sid jumped, clutching her hand to her heaving chest. “THE FISH EXPLODED?!”

Dani went to her employer’s side, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “No! Fishy not explode. Just coy pond…” She paused, “…I mean, fishy die, but not explode.”

Sid jerked away from Dani. “You need to get me out of this Dani! I’m not getting fucking electrocuted! Not even for the goddamn Anarchy Title!”

[Image: 8BYv3EL.jpg]

“So, you’re really going to pass up a chance at the Anarchy Title because you’re afraid of being electrocuted?" The Producer asked from off screen.

Sid arched her brow. “Are you kidding? You can’t be the damn champion if you’re DEAD!”

“I’m sure the XWF wouldn’t put you in any actual danger.”

“Have you ever watched Anarchy? There’s been sharks, tigers, and God knows what else! This is a conspiracy!” Sid sat back in her seat, shaking her head. “They know that Tommy Wish is a transitional champion…AT BEST! He needed help to get past Ruby, TWICE! There’s no way in hell that he could beat the woman that retired her!”

“Technically, that was Gina Van Zyl.” They corrected.

Sid ignored them. “The XWF doesn’t want to see me as champion! This is just their insurance policy to keep me…” Sid’s voice trailed off and she seemed lost in thought for a moment. Slowly a smile crept across her face and she chuckled. “That’s it!” she said to herself.

Sid bolted out of her chair, knocking the boom mic out of the way as she ran off the set.


Sid was pleased as she stood in front of Dani, crowing about her solution. “Insurance! I get my feet insured, and when I show the company the policy, they will have to schedule a different match!”

Dani scratched her head. “Miss Grey…this plan…it not good.”

Sid rolled her eyes. “It’s a great plan!” Sid smiled to herself, rubbing her hands together. “Trust me, nothing could possibly go wrong!”

Dani reluctantly sent the Tweet, though she had a terrible feeling as she did it.

[Image: xzUxSBT.jpg] [Image: TUgrbdt.jpg]


[Image: D7A1OYx.jpg] [Image: sajirtt.jpg]


The Podiatrist lowered his glasses as he leaned in close to examine the feet of Sidney Grey.  The foot specialist took Sid’s feet in his hands and flexed them, then turned them side to side, insuring to get the best possible view.

A stern looking man in a well-fitting pinstriped suit peered over the doctor’s shoulder, speaking in a distinctly English accent, “Well, doctor? Your thoughts?”

The doctor slowly sat back, nodding his head. “They are exquisite. Honestly, I expected them to be…a bit more worn, for her age.” The man, quickly realizing his error, cleared his throat. “I-I meant…exquisite, for a woman of any age.” He looked at her, one finger pulling the collar from his neck in the hopes of releasing the heat that suddenly seemed to flare up. “How old are you, exactly Ms. Grey?”

The British man interjected, “It’s positively rude to ask a lady her age, Doctor. Your assessment should be fine.” He turned to Sid, helping her up as he showed her to the exit. “Thank you for trusting Lloyds with your insurance needs!”

Sid nodded, heading out of the office and making her way out of the building and down to the waiting car. She slipped inside, then sat back in the seat, breathing a sigh of relief as she pulled off her dark shades, revealing herself to be Dani Chow. “Done, Miss Grey.”

Sid smiled as she sipped a glass of wine, with her injured foot jammed into the bucket of ice.

[Image: j87xG0o.jpg]

[Image: m7SKVeZ.gif]

Tommy, you were right to be worried after you took Ruby’s title, but not because of some grand plot against you being champion. Your legacy was never one meant to be tied to the Anarchy Title. In fact, I know that winning the championship was a burden to you. Carrying around so much gold, from homeless shelter, to county jail, to prostitute infested drug den was probably like swimming in a shark tank with a T-bone steak tied to your penis. Sure, it got people to actually notice you, but you knew, sooner or later you’d be the next John Wayne Bobbit!

People like you may get to hold a belt, but it’s people like me who actually make them into something other than props in your latest ‘ordinary’ drug fueled misadventures with crack whores who absolutely DO NOT look like Megan Fox! Finally, Anarchy will have a champion that it can be proud of! Someone that The XWF fans can look up to…someone that children can aspire to be like!

I know, you thought that Anarchy had accepted you by embracing your affinity for feet with this ridiculous barefoot electrocution match, but just like I’m the only reason you left Snow Job as champion, I will be the reason that ridiculous stipulation is removed…and soon after, the Anarchy Championship from around your waist. So, after Thursday Night, you can go back to your weekly habit of begging for nickels to buy smokes, sleeping under the XWF ring truck, and pretending that anything higher than a 2 would consider sleeping with you!

You’re not just looking at a star, you’re looking at your next champion!

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