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Answering The Call - THE ATOMIC BAT - Issue #2
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02-19-2023, 06:41 PM

The Atomic Bat ran across the rooftops, alone, in pursuit of members of the League of Hitmen.

"Harlot to Bats", she heard in her headset, "you're not strong enough to face Sir Vishnu and these men alone. Come back".

"It may not be expected, but someone needs to stop them, and if not me; Then who!?" She said before leaping off of the edge of a building and gracefully gliding to the next with her cape spread to her side like wings.

"You can't keep doing this to yourself! You've been at it every night for weeks! Even you must rest!"

The Bat fired a gas propelled grappling gun and swung up to the next building. "I'm stopping them. End of conversation!"

Harlot still didn't agree, but what could she do? She was a slave to the Bat. "Okay, fine, but at least let me assist!" 

"No, you stay behind." She said as she peered over the buildings edge at her targets entering a vehicle below. "I need this!"

As the vehicle drove, TAB maintained pursuit on the rooftops above while moving much faster than even an Olympic sprinter. From inside of the vehicle, we get our first glimpse of Sir Vishnu as he briefs his men on tonight's hit.

"We have been paid quite handsomely to ensure that what happens tonight appears to be natural. There will be security. It is imperative that we are not seen."

A loud thump echoes from the roof.

"What the!?!"

Sir Vishnu motions to his men to check it out. One of them downs the window and does just that. Imagine their shock when that dude is yanked from the vehicle and thrown behind it? Well, it was nothing compared to the fear in their eyes when The Atomic Bat slid through that window and into ole boys seat!

"I don't suppose any of you would like to go quietly, huh?"

"Kill her!"

A grin stretches across The Bat's face. "Hoped not!" 

Externally, we watch as the vehicle takes a sharp right and rolls across the street, wrapping itself around a telephone pole!

Some time passes before we catch back up with The Atomic Bat. Red and Blue strobe lights flash in the background and the members of the League of Hitmen are loaded into Ambulances behind her. 

"This is Toni Ventrilla with Action 9 news! We're at the scene of The Atomic Bat's latest solved caper and we have the caped superhero standing by! Bat, can I call you Bat?"

"Of course! The Atomic Bat is a mouthful!"

"Great! Bat, earlier Captain Jim Jordan informed us that the men that you captured were members of the secretive League of Hitmen. How was it that you were able to track them down when nobody else has been able to in the past?"

"Let's just say that I have a sixth sense for sniffing out misdoings!"

"It would certainly appear so! Though, if that is the case, how is it that you were unaware of the vicious attack against Ruby last Anarchy?"

"Oh... Wow... I didn't expect that to be brought up..." A frumpy furrowed brow is noticeable, even through the cowl.

"Action 9 News always asks the tough questions!" She says before shoving the mic back in The Atomic Bat's face.

"I'm ashamed to admit that I was caught up in the excitement of winning my debut match. While I was wasting all of the hot water in Winnipeg, Ruby was at the mercy of two psychopaths." The Atomic Bat clentches her fist tight, but otherwise maintains a cool demeanor.

"I imagine that a buttkicking the likes of the one behind us is in store for the ladies behind that attack, but what of your opponent this week? Should Latinia Submission Machina expect a night at the nearest medical facility as well?"

"What!?" The Atomic Bat is genuinely shocked by that assumption. "No way! LSM is one of the good ones. Maybe confused from time to time, but with someone like Charlie Nickles trying to influence her life, it's a wonder that she isn't full on crazy evil doer like so many in that company before her! I commend LSM for never succumbing to the allure of the easy path. It takes real conviction and dedication to your craft to not get caught up in all of the wackiness of our business, and she's mostly done a great job of that. Normally, I would look forward to sharing the ring with her, and I'm not going to let my mood change that! There's a butt kicking in store all right, but it's not for LSM. For LSM, I only aim to give the XWF Universe the best match we can, and trust me, Atomic Technical Prowess and Lucha style and speed? We're going to tear the frickin' house down!"

"That sounds great! How do you do it!? Juggling a professional wrestling career and nightly policing of the city? You must run on nothing but coffee!?"

"I don't drink coffee, not intentionally anyway, but sometimes it does end up in the bloodstream!"

Tina Ventrilla raises an eyebrow at the odd statement. The Atomic Bat picks up on this awkwardness and laughs as if it were a joke. Tina seems unsure, but follows suit. 

"Well, anyway! On behalf of Action 9 News and all the good people of New York, we thank you for your service and wish you luck this Thursday on Anarchy!"

"I appreciate the sentiment, but luck is no substitute for hard work", The Atomic Bat turns to look directly into the camera. "And I promise that I'll always work hard to clean up the streets AND the locker rooms of the XWF!"

Tina and The Bat shake hands and share pleasantries. As they part ways, Harlots voice comes in over TAB's headset. "Bats! You're not going to believe this, but you have a communication from Tango!"

"Patch him through!"

TAB fires her grappling gun and vanishes into the night sky.

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