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electric footy footy
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Tommy Wish Offline
Some Nobody

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

02-18-2023, 05:32 PM

[Away from the apartment he shares with Chad, Tommy had been in his LES apartment for most of the time barring a few shopping runs for his fridge. T ended up just in his makeshift studio that was stuffed with records, MPCs, and a few other musical equipment. He turns on his computer and boots up Bootyloops, since it’s been a minute he’s trying to configure the plugins and what not. After he set up everything, he started making off beats through his cheap speakers that were blasting them.  As time passed, it was close to 8pm and he was still trying to master his five beats, until he got a phone call from an unknown number.]

T: Yo who dis?

???: It’s TRISHA!!

[As shit as Tommy thinks to himself as he stands up from his chair to move around in.]

T: Who or how did you get my number?

Trisha: Chad gave it to me when he got back from his business trip. He says that you decided to move out, is that true?

T: That’s none of your concern, and I decided to just part ways from him. Plus, I know he’s enjoying me not being around there.

Trisha: Oh that’s not true you silly twat! He complains that I ask for you so much, so he decided to just give me your number. So, what cha doooing?

[T just rolled his eyes as he paced himself back and forth through his studio and kitchen.]

T: Jackin off to some Sidney Grey nudes… you wouldn’t know who that is bu–wait a min..why do you need to know?

Trisha: Why so inconsiderate Tommy, can’t a girl like me check in on a man like you?

[T just doesn't give her an answer, as he went back into his beat making in his studio, as he was thumping on his MPC, Trisha then starts randomly moanin over a course of a minute as he had his speaker on. Since her moan was too distracting he ended up stopping recording his beat to talk to her.]

T: Trisha… if you know you and Chad are fuckin please hang up the phone, you got me messing up my mojo.

Trisha:Oh oh OHHH… O’h!!...

T: Trisha, i’m about to hang–

[Then the call cuts off as he puts his phone on silent mode, then he ends back into recording his beat. He takes a look at his phone ringing and it was the same number that Trisha called him in, so he ended up blocking her number and he went back into his beat making mode, as the scene turns white…]

[….NAH, its cuts to a room where we see a pair of bare feet stomping on grapes in a bucket somewhere, where it pans up to see a fake Sidney Grey (played by Lisa Ann) dressed in a skirt and a white blouse with her hair tied up. As she stomps her grapes in, we see a puppet version of Tommy holding his belt watching her in another room.]

Puppet T: Ah yes, the resident city girl who likes to party and bullshit… I still remember seeing her doing a fake retirement party for Ruby at one point that no one attended. Such a shame, I know she wanted someone to help her drink her clout infested mouth, I would have taken a sip but that meant that I would end up on someone tabloids as me partying with this broad.

Fuck, my first title defense is up against this past her prime socialite from the 80s when people had to buy real nudy mags? I guess I have no choice in the matter, and I already know that the off brand Dr Feelgood of a manager like Lane had to play up to my own weakness… bare feet… mixed in with random ass voltages? Sounds like a grand ol time for an odd man like myself, and I’m not afraid to go down the Von Erich route wrestling barefoot against her.

Who knows, I could end up putting in that Claw on her botoxed face of hers and rip the collagen off it, or I would grapevine that leg of her as I lock in the RUBY LOCK** until she ends up wanting to quit out of mercy against me. If I had to show Ruby my don’t give a fuck mode, then I have to show it to someone who feels the need to pretend that she has a reality show that couldn’t even match up with the Real Housewifes of whatever the city is called.

[Then we see “Sidney” getting tired so she gets her feet out of the grape bucket, but as soon as she steps on the metal floor, random voltages lit up under her soles which shocked her. Then Puppet T starts to laugh at her peril.]

Puppet T: Ah yes, Jump jump! Jump like if it’s Kriss Kross in 93… I know you aren’t the real Sidney who might end up suing me for defamation of character… but all I know is that when I get my hands on her, she’ll do more then be jumping off that ring… she’ll feel my freaky too: electric boogalou style on Thursday next week, if I do or don’t retain isn’t my issue… it just means I have to have my fun with this rejected playboy model who even Big Ed wouldn’t fuck with his no neck ass!

[Then we see “Sidney” jumping to a door, which opens to the other side and she tries to strangle the puppet, but someone off screen sedates her with a rag. Then the camera falls to the side, and it is all static but in between there were shots of Tommy kneeling down on “Sidney” and tasering her…..then it abruptly cuts off before anything happens.]
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