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X-treme Wrestling Federation » XWF Live! » Looking for a FIGHT (or alliance)! Looking to insult each other (or team up)!
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Thad Only Talks Tough To Mirrors
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Charlie Nickles Offline
The Nickleman

XWF FanBase:
Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

02-18-2023, 01:44 AM

Did you all hear that vile, nasty shit Thaddeus said to himself about me? You know, from the safety of his own home, in front of no one but a mirror?

That was crazy, if that's how he really feels about me....

Why has he never had the balls to say it to my face? For the last two months I've been coordinating the offense for his LFL team, the 5-1 NY Pride. He's trusting his wife's safety, his wife's football career, in my hands. And we're breaking offensive records.

And every week, all I've heard from Thad in our team meetings is 'DAMN CHARLIE, YOU'RE DOING SO GREAT' why the sudden change? Why can Thaddeus only say some words in front of a mirror, and never to my face? 

Is he.....scared of me? Why don't you come out of hiding, Thaddeus, finally leave your closet and your mirror behind to face me, man-to-man, and tell me how you REALLY feel about The Nickleman....

[Image: 27J5l3J.png]
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