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My "Ordinary" Life: Meeting A Bloody, Seductive, Psico Woman
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Tommy Wish Offline
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02-12-2023, 07:33 PM

After Tommy and the boys had their fun in a Canadian hotel last Week, Tommy was back in Brooklyn in his small but newly furnished apartment which he shares with roommate, who looked like MGK but more skinnier with less tats on his body. Tommy enters the place to see it being a mess, with him laid up with a Megan Fox type of chick on the couch. As he was stumbling through the trash he woke him up and the roommate, named Chadrick or Chad for short. As Chad woke up, he see’s Tommy and waved his hand at him to signal him to leave him alone.

T: Yo Chad, why is our crib a mess man?

Chad then sucks his teeth in, as he wakes up his girl who looked at Tommy holding his Anarchy title. She then gets up from the couch and she tries to hold the title. Then Tommy lets her hold it, as Chad got up to see what is going on.

Chad: Hey Trisha, what you doing?

Trisha: I’m just holding your roommate's title, its so shiny!

Chad: Wait, Tommy, didn’t you tell me you defended the strap at some ppv last month?

Tommy: Uh, yeah… but knowing you, I doubt you saw the match.

Chad: Well you know me and Trisha are always busy but… HEY!

Chad then catchers Trisha hands on Tommy’s non existent abs through his shirt, and Chad beams his eyes at her like schoolgirl as she had her head down. Chad then gets up from the couch, and he heads to the kitchen to heat up some grub. Then Tommy gets his belt from the couch, but Trisha called out for him and he ended up sitting next to her, he noticed that they were half naked so that meant she was damn near naked herself as she talked to Tommy.

Trisha: So yeah, i heard from Chad you are this big rapper and wrestler from the south… and i want to know about…you know…

Tommy: What?

Then Trisha puts her size 7 french pedi on his lap, which causes him to be intrigued. Then she starts to rub on her body as she teases him, then before anything could happen Chad ended up coming back to the living room and he looked at Trisha while eating a day old chinese fried rice, then he smiles at her as Tommy looked confused with the whole citation.

Chad: Oh c’mon Trisha, you tryin to tease him into our relationship?

Trisha: He’s cute, something about him makes me feel like he can be my daddy and his little girl. Plus, feel something in his shorts with my feet on his lap. I didn’t know you are into that.

Chad then taps him on  the shoulder, as he egged him on about telling his secret to everyone in the room. As he wanted to no sell it, he ended up rubbing her legs up to her teigh then back down to her feet, and looked at both of them.

Tommy: Well you could say i’m into..

Chad: …Feet, he’s into that shit Trisha… ever since I moved in with him and with many girls i’ve been, do you know how many times their socks, pantyhose and shoes have been missing?

Trisha “gasps” at Chad for telling  him that, while Tommy ended up blushin or in this case shying away from this conversation. Then she puts her foot on his face, as Chad laughed on.

Trisha: Well well Tommy, you nasty fucker… do you know how many times I wanted someone to you know… worship them.

Tommy: Whoa whoa whoa… this is getting too much… um, i’m about to step out of the crib for a walk. 

Trisha then mounds on top of him, as Chad ended up heading to his room to put on some clothing, after that, he was in a suit and tie with his hair slicked back. Then he signals himself he was about to leave, as Tommy looked on with worry.

Chad: Well Tommy, I'm about to go out to some business meetings for my communication gig, so I probably won’t be back until like a few days from now.

Tommy: Wait what… where are you going for long?

Chad: Bruh, don't worry about that, you already know how to handle Trisha… just be aware she like to um… leave some messes behind.

Chad then laughs and he heads out of the apartment with a suitcase. Then Trisha then gets off from Tommy’s lap and she stands up to pull out something from her nether regions and lets just say it was something that even Sidney Grey would find revolting. As she drops her bloody t***** on the floor, she was wandering around the living room as Tommy looked on with disgust.

Tommy: Oh c’mon Trisha, please pick up that thing off the floor. It’s disgustin!

Trisha: Um no, i dont need too, I had it on for a whole night… plus, Chad tends to pick them up off the floor and tosses it away for me. I don’t do that when he’s around… in fact, he likes that i’m dirty as fuck!

Tommy: Well I anit Chad or yer maid, you need to pick that up and toss it out before it seeps on the floor.

Trisha ignores him as she puts on Chad’s robe in his room, as Tommy begrudgingly puts on a mask and gloves to pick up her bloody t***** off the floor and tosses it away. Then she comes out of Chad’s room and shows him a box of empty tampons she found in his bathroom, she then hands it to Tommy as he looks at it with questions.

Tommy: Why you giving me this box?

Trisha: You need to buy me some more of them…

Tommy: Uh hell no, you need to get your own. I don’t want to do that shit!

Trisha: Well if you don’t want me to have Aunty Grey on your bed or couch then you need to buy me some more of these asap…

Tommy: You know what, how about this, call Chad and have him send you the money to go buy them yourself. I’m not your boyfriend who’s already down for whatever you both are doing on the low, maybe just get out the crib while you are at it back home.

Then she crosses her arms at him and she tilted her head sideways at him in a disapproving manner as he just sits on the couch to watch some TV, then she blocks his view and she ends up Choking him on the couch with her eyes in a widen state as she grits her teeth at him as he tries to fight off her grip.



She finally lets go of her grip on his throat, and he ends up putting on his coat and brought his keys and wallet with him, then he picks up the box of tampons she wanted him to get. Then as drives off in his hoopty he passes by a FVS Pharmacy store, he then ends up bypassing that and tosses the box of tampons out the window with no fucks spared as he ended up driving to his second solo apartment in Lower East Side as the cuts off.
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