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PlaceMarker One Step Closer?
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02-08-2023, 09:22 PM

"HGH, you're off. HGH, you've lost a step. What has become of HGH. Those are the birds, those are the whispers, those are the sheep that follow the false one and hang by their every word, but that's what people like to do though right? They like to say things, they like to stir the pot. What do I say? I say, let them, let them talk their talk that's what they do. I don't care what any of you naysayers have to say, speak your mind I welcome it. However, remember they are just what they are…OPINIONS!"

A light comes on to reveal HGH sitting down in a large chair.

"It doesn't matter how many times I fall, I get back up. Do you sheep actually think that a couple of losses will keep me down? Oh no, no, no, it will take more than just two losses in a row to keep me down. Let me make this perfectly clear, Thursday night, Mastermind and Lord Raab what a night it will be for me. I'm coming not only to win this match. No, no, no, that would be too sweet, I'm coming for your blood, I'm coming to bash both of your skulls in. For far too long I've been looked at as a joke. Well, no more, Thursday night the darkness will be released. Far too long has the demon inside been in slumber. This demon has a thirst, a thirst for blood."

HGH pauses for just a moment.

"First off, Lord Raab. It's been awhile since I've shared a ring with my favorite punching bag. There is no doubt that I know you'll be more than happy to oblige me with maximum violence. The question is, how far are you willing to go? What lengths will you go to get one step closer to your goal? What are you willing to do to get  the job done? Raab I don't want this big green dipshit I've faced in the past. You say you're a monster… I say prove it! I want you to prove to me just what a monster you truly are. If you really even are one."

HGH stops and reaches behind his chair for a bottle of water. He twists the cap off and takes a drink.

"Now, to you Mastermind. Then there is you, the master of the minds. Not gonna lie, you got one up on me. I can't deny that, it's on film. However, that was then, this is now, before I may have taken you just a bit lightly. A mistake I won't make this go round. Come to think of it, where are my manners? I forgot to thank you for that cute little gift you left for me, but you see, you have mastered many things, my mind is one you haven't even scratched the surface on.  You won one match, you didn't master shit in that match, but if that helps you sleep better at night then continue to think that. I look forward to watching you beg for mercy while I am beating on you and watching your blood pour from your body will be quite the euphoric pleasure for me. Just make sure your cronies won't miss you once you disappear."

HGH smirks as he sits back into his chair.

"Triple threat matches, matches that I thrive in. Matches that I have had a lot of success in. What that means for the two of you is this. Come Thursday, there is nothing that is going to stand in my way. I don't care that there are two of you, it may very well take two of you to get the job done. Just know that when that bell rings in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the HGH you boys will be in the ring with will be one with destruction on his mind, and the fury that will be unleashed upon the two of you in this match will leave both of you shells of your former selves."

"Three men will enter the ring, but only one man will walk out. This isn’t just going to be a symphony of destruction, and I shall conduct this glorious masterpiece to the tune of both of your downfalls. To you Mastermind, I didn’t think I would get to see you again so soon. Nevertheless, the loss I took at your hands, that was just luck and I will stand by that until we come face to face, one on one again. You may have won just one single battle, but the war…the war has just only begun. To you Lord Raab, the big green goof, I still stand behind my earlier words. If you truly believe you're a monster, prove it. I have faced you twice, maybe three times and I have beaten you in every single meeting. In every meeting, I kept hearing you say just how big and bad you are and how much pain and suffering you would cause. Well, buddy boy, make sure that monster shows up Thursday, because that will be your only chance at survival. Mastermind, let’s just hope that after Thursday there will be enough of you left to continue this little game we may have inadvertently started. You may have gotten one up on me, but oh dear Mastermind will be the last time you get one up on me.”

HGH pauses, reaches for his water and takes off the cap, takes one last drink then looks back at the camera.

”Thursday night boys, there will be a day of reckoning, I do hope you are prepared for this day. I for one can't wait to inflict pain on the both of you."

HGH smirks.

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer. Revelations 6:2.”

"So, show me, what's beyond my eyes?"

Screen fades.
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