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02-08-2023, 07:53 PM


The scene swirls into focus in a bird’s eye view of an octagon, standing in the center is a blonde woman, the camera then begins to lower and move to the outer edge of the octagon cage.  It reveals the blonde to be none other than Aphriya Adler, Da Bad Apple Bottom Gene, herself.  She is adorned in a hot pink sports bra and the same colored Thai shorts.  She stands still, only her eyes are moving as she begins to speak.

"So here we are, in a world where I cut my teeth as the old saying goes.  I am not sure if this was a specific request by whomever this Latina Submission Machina person is, but I don’t think it was the right one.  I guess the brutality that I inadvertently displayed last Anarchy was not enough to deter this Machina.  I am not sure who you are Miss Machina, but from what your namesake entails is that you are quite the submission machine.  Well in case you weren’t paying attention, I am quite the submission machine myself.  Ask Gia Van Zyl.  She will tell you.”

Her eyes are laser focused on wherever the camera goes.  She has MMA gloves on her hands as her facial expression is quite serious.  Not the normal expression seen on Aphriya.

“Now I was hoping to be all jovial and happy the next time I appeared on camera for the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, but it seems there is an animal, a beast they want to unleash within me so your normal happy go lucky Aphriya Adler is sitting on the back burner so to speak.  You see folks, I love what I do.  I love the people that I have around me and that support me.  But not even they can control what happens within the confines of a chain link steel cage with eight sides that I can use to my advantage.  Which I have used to my advantage in my Mixed Martial Arts career.”

She does let out a sly smile as does her eyes as she brings her hands to her hips.  The camera begins to slowly encircle her, but she remains still other than her pose.

“I came into this sport green.  Yes I was a combat sports athlete.  I had experience in this realm but not the showman side of things.  I learned a lot in my time on the television show, The Search.  Funny thing is, one of my first ever matches happened to be a Mixed Martial Arts rules match for a championship.  And the ending of that match was quite similar to what Gia felt several weeks back.  And a little less of what Major Jung experienced a few weeks ago.  When it comes to these styles of matches, I am actually undefeated.  Heck, I am undefeated so far in Xtreme Wrestling Federation.  And Miss Machina, if you think requesting a specific shoot style match slash fight with me gives you an advantage?  I hate to break it to you sister, but that only helps me.  You see, this may come on a little harsh, a little strong, but the truth is, I was molded by these eight walls of steel.  I was raised in this world.  I just found myself too distracted with the other things that I had going on in life at the time to have any true real success at the sport.  But now, at this moment in time, I am fully focused.  I am stronger than I was then.  And my dear Miss Machina, you have a severely rude awakening coming to you Thursday Night.”

Her tone remains steadfast.  Firm.  But as the camera comes back around to show her face, she is smiling, she even pops out her hips to pose for the passing camera.

“I know I am not indestructible.  I know that I am not unbeatable.  Heck I have several defeats in my professional wrestling career.  But coming into this match up, I feel pretty confident that my skills and experience when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts style fights outweighs most anyone’s.  So Latina.  Submission.  Machina.  I again don’t know if it was you who specifically requested this style match or if it is the big bosses wanting to see me in this to prove my worthiness.  Either way, I know what I am capable of.  I have proved it three times in this company.  Each time more brutal and powerful than the one before.  So this Thursday Night Anarchy, I will have to once again prove how relentlessly hungry and brutal I am.  I didn’t come here for a few pops from the crowd.  I didn’t come here to pander to the higher ups.  I came here to prove that I am so much more than just another pretty face.  I am more than my modeling career.  I am so much more than a dancing Doe, and a football player.  I am a true professional wrestler.  And once again I am going to prove that to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation faithful, the higher ups, and I am going to have to prove it to you in person Latina Submission Machina.  I love you all out there that support me.  Without any of y’all I wouldn’t be here now, so to my fans and everyone else.  Thursday Night, Aphriya Adler is going to have to unleash the real Bad Apple Bottom Gene.  See y’all Thursday Night.”

She turns to face the camera with a bright smile.  She throws her hands up with hips popped out posing, she then blows a kiss and a wink to the camera just before it swirls to black.

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