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The Fate of the Three
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02-08-2023, 06:44 PM





GAME SHOW HOST: "Welcome one and all to the brand new game, the FATE of the THREE, a very quick game where one wrong answer sends you to the depths of hell.    Introducing our first contestant; 3 Letter Man.   Welcome, 3 Letter Man."

THREE LETTER MAN (HGH): "It's nice to be here,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "You need to answer a question correctly in order to stay in the game.   Are you ready?"

THREE LETTER MAN: "I am ready,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "What does 1 plus 1 equal?"

THREE LETTER MAN: "That's easy, two!!!"

A buzzer sounds.

GAME SHOW HOST: "Wrong, 1 plus 1 equals a window.   You failed.  Time to go,"

A trap door opens below Three Letter Man's feet and he disappears out of sight.

GAME SHOW HOST: "Next up is the man known as Lord, Welcome Lord,"

LORD (LORD RAAB): "Hi it's nice to be here,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "You need to answer a question correctly in order to stay in the game.   Are you ready?"

LORD: "I'm ready,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "Who is the king of the forest?"

LORD: "Um Tarzan?"

A buzzer sounds.

GAME SHOW HOST: "Wrong, the king of the forest is a Lion,"

A trap door opens below Lord and he disappears from sight.

GAME SHOW HOST: "Last up is Master, Welcome Master,"

MASTER  (MASTERMIND): "Thank you it's good to be here,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "You are the last one left, so you still need to answer the question,"

MASTER  (MASTERMIND): "I'm ready,"

GAME SHOW HOST: "What is the capital of New Zealand,"

MASTER  (MASTERMIND): "That's easy, The Capital of New Zealand is N,"

A siren starts bleeping.

GAME SHOW HOST: "You thought outside the box, you are our winner.   That's all we have time for, tune in again for The Fate of the Three,"



The camera fades in to the private jet of Mastermind as he is heading from New Zealand to Canada, to take part in Thursday Night Anarchy.   It finds Mastermind sitting looking out of the window.

"So once again Vinnie puts me in another match that I hate, a Triple Threat Match.  He knows I despise these matches but it just goes to show the power he wields when it comes to his own show. 

"Anyway enough about the one who thinks he's a god, and let's focus on my match.  HGH and Lord Raab.  I'm intrigued about Lord Raab, and I'm kinda looking forward to our matching up, but I'm not intrigued about HGH.  I've beaten him before and it's just like any newbie, after a loss to yours truly, goes and throws his toys out of the cot, and disappears.

"I'm better than you HGH.  If you return then you better bring your A game, because I have your number.  I outsmarted you the last time.

"And as for Lord Raab.  You may call yourself a Monster, but I call you a fake wannabe.  You may have done okay up until now, but come Thursday Night you have met your match, and you won't be putting me down at all.  I won't let you.    You may be masked, but that shows to me that you have a weakness."

Mastermind smirks as he looks at the camera.

"That weakness is insecurity.  You want to show the world that you are a masked-up monster, but that facade is nothing when it comes to me beating you.  You say you want to get your hands on Sarah Lacklan, but you haven't done that yet, and I'm standing in your way.    HGH is a pitiful loser, you are worse.    Heck it looks like I'll be facing Sarah before you.  How terrifying that maybe for you,"

Mastermind starts laughing as the camera fades out.

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7th Year Record 2023 - 2 Wins 8 Losses
6th Year Record 2022 - 5 Wins 8 Losses 1 Draw
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4th Year Record 2019 - 12 Wins 1 Draw 21 Losses
3rd Year Record 2018 - 6 Wins 2 Losses
2nd Year Record 2015 - 1 Wins 9 Losses 2 Technical
1st Year Record 2014 - 24 Wins 34 Losses 6 Technicals

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Former Three Time X-Treme Champion
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Lost in the 1st Round of the Woodstock Open - Wrestlestock 2019
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