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A Dream Come True?
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Sueneelmolde Offline
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02-08-2023, 05:31 AM

Some people say this is a dream come true.

Those are the people who don’t act and only wish. Those are the ones who don’t plan and just hope. For me, stepping into the ring was something I knew I was going to do. One way or another I knew it was my goal. It was never a dream, I never put it on a fucking vision board, it was something I knew would be a reality. And the first moment I did step in the ring for my first match, I knew I was where I belong. I knew that I had a long career ahead of me. 

But somewhere along the line I lost sight of what made me. I got away from what made me and started to do what I felt I needed to do. I ignored those that helped shape me and pandered to the masses just to gain approval. But after taking some time off, I realized the error of my ways. I realized I had unfinished business. Not because I had more titles to win, but because I still had to honor those that came before me. Who shaped me.

I hear all the questions and the outrage. How can I possibly honor someone by not following the rules? Well that’s why I need to honor them because if anyone truly knew them, they would know that this is right up their alley. For example, they would know that Paul Renich was a sadistic son of a bitch who was always stepping over that line. And because people don’t know about them, that is why I need to step back into the ring in their honor.

That process starts at Anarchy against Astra and Atomic Bat. Two people who probably think they know everything about me, about everyone, just by reading a piece of paper. If I go just based off of what I read in hand outs and press release, I would assume I’m fighting a super hero and a Russian super soldier like I’m in the middle of a Marvel movie. And maybe it’s not that far off of that, but if I were to bet money I’d say that it wasn’t the case. 

Some people might point to Atomic Bat and I and point out the similarities, that we both wear a mask and both have redacted details about our origins. But that is likely where the similarities end because I doubt that the reasons the Bat has to hide are the same as why I wear a mask. The Bat likely does so because they don’t want to be known because they are afraid of who sees them and who knows them. Whereas I wear my mask because who I am underneath does not matter. As I’ve said, my time here is not about me or who I am, it is about those that shaped me and can not be here anymore. As for where I am from, what does it matter? Why does it matter if I tell everyone I live in Detroit, or Los Angeles, or Raleigh, or fucking Canada? What will that actually have to do with what I do inside of the ring? Fans will cheer me more? I don’t care about that. Fans will be more invested? Fuck that. I don’t need to pander, they can choose to cheer or boo me based on what I do in the ring. Can the Bat say that they feel the same way? Can they say that whatever happens around them, whatever type of atmosphere is occurring, does not matter to them? In my time, most people that sound like them need the love and respect or at least the recognition of what the fans and people will think. If indeed the super hero thing is true, wouldn’t they want to be loved for what they have done for everyone? 

Now Astra is a different beast. The super soldier with her head lost in the clouds. She probably has a bit of a superiority complex about everything, acting like she’s better than everyone else just because of her lineage and her standing. Sure, she’s changed and she can tell the word that, but what does that even mean? What does a sudden change mean in the grand scheme of things? The answer is nothing, because without knowing a ton about their past and who they were, a change means fuck all to me. What matters to me is how they are in that ring and there’s a good chance Astra is the one I’m going to have to battle harder. She’s the one who is going to put up more of a fight, pose more of a challenge. But no matter how skilled she is at kickboxing and striking, she sure as hell isn’t going to chase me away from this fight or this federation. What she prides herself in does not intimidate me, it does not make me fear anything about her. It just tells me I need to be more prepared, and prepared I will be.

That’s one of the things I learned over the years, no matter who stands in your way, you prepare and then when that bell rings, you kick their ass. You do not relent until they have been beaten one way or another. You make them wish they didn’t step into the ring, that they didn’t sign their contract, that they didn’t even want to get into this profession in the first place. Sure, everyone claims that’s how they are in the ring but very few can back it up.

I can. And I will. Astra and Atomic Bat are in for a shock if they think they can win easily over me.

But they're just chasing a dream.
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