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The Internship
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Vita Frickin Valenteen Offline
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02-07-2023, 01:01 PM

Life on the road, traveling around the world with the XWF couldn't compare with the hustle and the bustle involved with my new internship. Atleast, that's what Ari kept telling me every chance he could in the weeks leading up to today.

Vita Velenteen in: The Internship

It was her first day in the mailroom, and Vita was already overwhelmed by the amount of mail arriving at XWF headquarters!

Tons of fan mail! A good third of it addressed directly to the XWF's resident do-gooder Ruby, which totally makes sense because she has one of  the biggest followings in XWF!! ..despite having a tiny presence outside of the Anarchy brand itself.

There's also bills.

Unpaid bills.

Tons and tons of unpaid bills!

Most of them well overdue.

Seems we still owe a ton of money on that fake moon show among other things.

Oh, here's another one from our payroll accountant. Having not been actually paid in like, forever. Vita decided to snoop into the matter. 

But as she tears into it: BzZzZzZzZz *UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS* BzZzZzZzZzZz

Suddenly a micro explosive device inside of the letter fired and sent the contents up in flame as though it were printed on magicians flash paper!

"Okay, the mystery of where's our frickin' paychecks are, will have to wait till another day, I guess..."

Vita sighed as she slogged her way through the mundane task of sorting all of the incoming letters.

"Ew!" She thought. "What's with the soggy box!?" Her investigation didn't take long to uncover an explanation.

Oh, of course it's addressed to Micheal Graves!

Vita tossed the box into the correct container and squirted an obscene amount of hand sanitizer into her palms.

"Okay, totally starting to think that this gig isn't worth it!"

"What was that?"

Senior Mailroom bossman, Ari Silverstein's sudden intrusion to an otherwise private moment proved jarring for the young vampire, who literally jumped to the ceiling!


Vita's undead heart pounded as she looked down from the ceiling to Ari.

"I thought that you said working in the mailroom was your third dream next to becoming a professional wrestler and a superhero?"

Irritated and a little embarrassed that Ari scared her so, Vita snaps back with a snarky tone. "No, I said it was my fourth dream, after Wrestler, being a superhero, and scoring a touchdown off of a kick return. Which I did in last weeks game, by the way!" Before leaping gracefully to her feet.

"Yeah, I saw. Nice job, but that brings me to my point. Why did you really beg me to land you a spot down here? I know it can't be because you want to live the rockstar life of an XWF mailroom clerk."

Vita was astonished that Ari thought so little of his position.

"Are you kidding me? What happened to all that hustle and bustle talk?"

Ari looked a little embarrassed to admit; "I was just trying to big and important around here. I never thought that you'd actually go through with working here."

"Really? Gee, that's an odd perspective to have. I think it's pretty rad down here."

"Even after handling a Gravy package?"

Vita glared at the soggy mystery box in disgust. "I'll admit, I could do without that, but Noah, Lacklan, and now both iterations of The Midnight Dolls have taught me that nothing lasts forever. The committee at HeroCon revoked my Hero card, so  I can't fall back on Pink Mist endorsement deals now, and I never finished school, so I figure I might as well pick whatever menial job awaits me post in ring career now, and sharpen my skills for when the day comes."

"And you choose mailroom? Why?"

The real reason that she asked for this position? Not that anything that she said wasn't true, even if over dramaticized, but also and more importantly; because the mailroom was central station for information! Applications and try out tapes! Unpublished company bios and all manner of personal info right at her finger tips. Did you know that Theo Pryce has spent thousands in company dollars purchasing custom emojis in the app store? Well Vita does, and one day that information might come in handy!

"Oh, it just sounded like it would be fun, ya know? Snooping through the forbidden info? Finding the dirt on the baddies and..."

"And what? You know that you're not allowed to do any hero work now that your HeroCard is revoked!"

"I know, I know! It's stupid though! The jerks in charge at HeroCon act like I can't be a hero because vampires are inherently evil! We're not!"

"You DO drink peoples blood though."

Ari knew full well that Vita only drank the blood of vermin and pest, and Vita's glare confirmed that she knew that he knew!

"I have to drink blood to survive. I don't have to drink human blood. You know that just as well as the people who stripped me of my identity!"

Ari could tell that he had hit a nerve, and knew to back off. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. I'll let you get back to work. Watch out for packages from any of the X-Treme Alliance guys. Anything with their names on it is usually pretty gross."

Vita watched as Ari left the room. Once the coast was clear, she tore into a manilla envelope that was addressed to "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane. It was the approved applications for the newest batch of Anarchy stars. 

Two in particular seemed to draw Vita's attention as the scene faded to black.

[Image: TOPSECRET.png]

[Image: VVbatlogosm.png]

1x Anarchy Champion
1x Xtreme Champion
2x Television Champion
1x Lord Of Violence (March 2022)
2x Tag Team Champion
2x Freestyle Champion
3x Heavy Metalweight Champion
1x Federweight Champion
24/7 Briefcase Winner - March 2019
2019 Tweener Of The Year

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