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The World We Live In - THE ATOMIC BAT - Issue #1
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02-07-2023, 08:19 AM

Standing atop the New York City Police Department Headquarters, Captain Jim Jordon braced against the blustery conditions, bundling his wool lined trench coat around him as he shivered. With his right hand, he fired up the spotlight insignia of The Blue Tango while his free hand held a cigarette up to his lips, its tip producing a faint glimmer in the face of the rain.

The past few months had been difficult for the police department, ever since Tango disappeared, villains had began running rampant.

The Smoker and Harlot Quinn were up to their usual capers and mad deeds, including blowing tons of cigarette smoke into the O.R. while Jim's wife was in surgery!

Mr. Teaze was leaving innocent civilians everywhere wanting more, and doing anything to get it! Pure sex crazed madness!

Jim had already lost countless good cops. He couldn't stand to lose any more, but they needed help. Desperately!


He stared up at the light that was once a symbol of hope. 

Looking at it now only filled him with a sense of sadness. If The Blue Tango was no longer here to protect the city, who would?

Jim sighed as he turned off the light. He turned and tossed the cigarette into a bin as he went to leave.


A soft voice from behind called out.

“Maybe I can help?”

The gusts of wind and rain made it almost inaudible.

His first hopeful thought was that Tango was back. His gruff frown quickly melted into a gleeful smile as his eyes were fixed on the crouching figure. He couldn't help but groan as he noticed how small the figure was compared to Tango.

Jim first noticed how delicate the figure was when it stepped out from the darkness.

At that moment, he scoffed loudly!

“Who are you supposed to be? Being a hero isn’t some kids game! Now, get out of here before someone sees you!”

Jim spun slamming the fire exit closed behind him.

[Image: ezgif-1-29d94d8b46.gif]

"The world needs a hero just as desperately as this city. Evil and corruption seem to infect all things. War, greed, hate, jealousy, ego; Things that fuel the wicked and give them cause to commit the evil acts that they do."

"In life, we are all faced with choices. Ill gotten gains and quick rewards are fine temptations for those without the confidence to walk the harder and far more rewarding path."

"Take one of my opponents in my XWF debut as example. Sueñe el Molde: A talented Luchador with amazing agility and speed. They say that this man can fly to heights that much smaller and seemingly more acrobatic luchadors struggle to pull off. If true, combined with his six-foot and two-hundred-and-twenty-pound frame, one would think him to be one of the most dangerous competitors inside of the squared circle, but despite his unique talents and amazing maneuvers, it would seem that Sueñe el Molde finds himself content to be a Rudo instead!"

"Astra, the second and final competitor in my XWF debut. A true enigma to me, and even my contact within the XWF corporate mailroom struggled to find much concrete information on her. What I do know is that she is a talented martial artist, and a risk taking high flyer. My first impression? Dangerous, but so am I. The Atomic Bat is a creature of the night, and as a nocturnal, I do not fear the "Stars in the Nights Sky" any more than I do an "Eclipse"!"

"I am The Atomic Bat!"

"I will clean up these streets and the scum in our rings!"

[Image: ezgif-1-29d94d8b46.gif]






After Hours!

"Harlot!" *COUGH* "Damn it woman, answer me! HARLOT!"

The smoker grumbled as he finished swapping all of the happy meal toys with cigarettes and lighters! He then set off to find his kooky lover and villainous sidekick, Harlot Quinn, but as he entered deeper into the kitchen, he was met with a horrible sight.

[Image: Harlot-Quinn2.jpg]

Who killed Harlot Quinn?

"Harlot!? *HACK* Nooo!"

The Smoker's eyes, already filled with tears from the fumes of his own cigarettes; began to stream as he ran to the fallen Harlot!





Jim sat alone in his office studying evidence.
*Knock* *knock*

"Yeah? Come in..."

A uniformed officer with a worrisome look. "Sir, The Tango Signal... Somebody activated it!"

Moments later Jim and a handful of officers burst through the roof access door; their weapons drawn. 

To Jim's surprise, it was the costumed figure from the night before.

 "Weapons down!"

The officers do as commanded. 

Jim inspects the captured Smoker at The Atomic Bat's feet.

"That's your handy work I take it?"

"Indeed it is. I can help, but I can only do so with your approval! It is imperative that I work within the confines of the law!"

Jim glances back at the battered Smoker.

"Was that within the confines of the law?"

The Atomic Bat hangs her head shamefully.

"No, it was not, but it was a risk that I was willing to take to prove my worth."

Jim thought long and hard.

"The city needs a hero, and The Blue Tango seems to be busy elsewhere, and you did risk everything to apprehend The Smoker..."

"Is that a yes?"

"It's an okay, for now! Just remember, you work for me and within the confines of the law! Now, any word on the whereabouts of his accomplice Harlot Quinn?"

The Smoker's retelling is a mumbled mess through his gag.

"This sicko turned her into a "Harlot Nugget" before I arrived!"

"What a lunatic! What happened to the innocent days of smoking related crimes from you!? Take him away boys!"

The scene fades as a new alliance is born with a handshake between hero and Police Captain!

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