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Looking for a Fight
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02-06-2023, 11:57 PM

"Hello?" The groan in his voice, I could instantly tell he was sleeping. 

"The fuck is this?" I demanded to know. 

"Huh? Jason?" Theo coughed before clearing his throat. "What time is it?"

"Depends. What time zone are you in right now?" 

"I'm home.. It's.. What the fuck man?! It's 3 in the morning!"

"I didn't make you answer the phone, Theo." Logic was on point with that response. I tried to tell myself anyway. "Why am I facing Jenny Myst on Anarchy?" 


I repeated the question, a form of it for the third time. "Xtreme Title, Anarchy?"

"She is required to defend the belt on Anarchy so she can–"

I didn't need the overall logistics. I mean I initially wanted the reason but it fell short in need as I was getting the answer. "So I'm being booked as what? A feeder? You know I'm going to break this bitch's face right?"

"You two have beef?" Theo asks and no, I wouldn't say beef was the right word. Even our history was pretty surface level. "It's an opportunity.."

"Opportunity? Hold up.." I told him as a fight was taking shape. Theo listening began to question the noises he must have heard as I strained a bit on my end. 

"What are you doing?"

"Pooping.." The push I gave was a flex in itself. A grunting growl started to form until I heard Theo's disdain. 

"I'm hanging up.."

"No, don't!" I put a pause on the push. Damn these nine cheese burritos. It's the last time I ever tackle a recipe from Bobby Bourbon. "What happens if I win?" At first I wasn't sure if Theo had hung up. Pulling the phone from my ear, I check the screen and find the time lapse still counting. "Theo?"

"I'm uncomfortable talking to you right now.."

"You're uncomfortable?! I'm becoming familiar with giving birth right now."

"Bye, Jason.."

"Wait, wait!" I pleaded into the phone. "Really, I need to know what happens if I win? If I beat this Queen of Xtreme for the Title she has held longer than anyone else?"

"You become the new Champion?"

My head shakes, I knew that part of the question. For someone who didn't want to be on the phone, he was being a real smart ass. 

"What if I don't want to defend it on Warfare after?"

"Weekend Warfare.. And why not?" Having a point to his confusion, Theo adds. "It wasn't that long ago you were accepting of a change of scenery and we discussed you moving on from Anarchy!" 

"I mean.. Who on Warfare gives any respect to Anarchy? They bad mouth it like it's the Minor Leagues. It's almost an inside joke that people have where Anarchy and Madness are the lesser shows."

"That's not true!" Theo tried to lie. He was a Heel in expensive clothing and had everyone else fooled. I knew he was a villain. 

"Motherfucker, so you watch Madness and Anarchy?" 

His silence said it all. As he spoke his next words, you could HEAR a smile on his face. "To answer your question, you'd have to defend it on Weekend Warfare. This is a special occasion." 

"I mean.. Anarchy only has the one Title… What if I refuse and force Warfare to come to Anarchy and try to TAKE it back?" 

"Are we playing the What If game right now?" I could tell he had a yawn hit him abruptly. 

"I prefer to think of it as What will become.. I'm looking to stir some shit. Third times the charm, right?"

"Third time?" Theo was tired. Probably half asleep so I will forgive him for not remembering. 

"Thunder Knuckles, Charlie Nickles and now Jenny Myst. The three times I have been booked with the Xtreme Title being involved somehow. It's literally time to shit or get off the pot with this belt.."

"I want to go back to bed now." The last few of his words were accompanied by yet another yawn. "Bye Jason." He hung up on me. Total dick move.

I laughed as I pulled the phone from my ear. For the sake of fitting what it is my next opponent labeled me as being the last time her mouth spit out words involving my name. I was looking for some toilet humor at least in the setting. Putting the phone down next to the sink, I prepared myself for the great struggle. 



"Upon seeing the match, I said to myself that you were the target. Jenny from the Block left lying with Myst flowing from her eyes after coming up short has some interest, don't get me wrong.. 

I'm not Noah though and I won't spend 20 minutes finding ways to call you a cunt. He's the 'Son of Vaginastein' ain't he? It's not about him but it seems you see this as more of a match rehearsal..

You'll I'm sure will remind folks how you helped me beat Centurion once but let me inform you that I've beaten him since then and didn't need the assist. Lumps and Ups I have found but that's what we all find when on this roster.. 

It's not OCW or XWF lite where wins and opportunities are won on a paved path with railings so the journey is easier to walk. So WHEN I beat you? When I take that belt you claim Queendom over, maybe I hold it hostage on Anarchy? If any of you hoes working Weekends want it back, you better clock in on a weekday and prepare to work a double shift on Thursday night..

You don't even want to be here right? This is a burden for you so I will unload that burden and take what you expect to keep. You better HOPE a Holden Ross, a Sissy PD comes down and does for you what you did for me against Centurion or it will be heard over the PA as..

Annnnd NEEEEEW! X-Treme Champion! Dee-Oohh-Gee! That's me!"

[Image: z9f1KQC.jpeg]
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