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The almighty king of all that resides within the world of the X-Treme Wrestling Federation, niggaz!
TITLE - King of XWF

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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

02-05-2023, 05:50 PM

From Roobee's Go-Pro...

The masked heroine, Roobee and her trusty sidekick, Nuggets awoke from their drugged stupor, only to find themselves strapped tightly in their seats. The heroes struggled against their bonds, but it was no use, whomever had tied them, had done so with expert care to avoid a daring escape. The masked and usually lemon and lime colored hero, looked down at her costume, now inexplicably red and yellow.

Roobee: “Holy laundry mishaps! What’s going on here?”

She strains against the ropes, but to no avail.

Roobee: “Well, flip lil’ buddy. This looks like quite the jam we’re in. Any idea where we are…or how we got here?”

She looked over at her trusty sidekick, the diminutive hero Nuggets, who wasn’t really an actual person, but a talking tiny green and yellow bucket filled with chicken McNuggets.

[Image: hEYgbQF.jpg]

Nuggets: “Roobs! No idea, but…instead of jam, do you think we could be in sweet and sour sauce instead?”

Roobee: “Absolutely, my gal! It’s a sticky situation, no matter how you dunk it! I just wish I knew how to get out of it!”

Nuggets: “You could use chopsticks! That way you keep the sticky sweetness off your fingers!”

Roobee stared at her pal.

Roobee: “Errrrr, great life hack Nugs, but I was actually talking about who put us here, and why!”

Right on cue the video screen in front of the two flickered to life, revealing the face of their mortal enemy…at least for this week’s episode. Roobee’s eyes narrowed to slits under her mask.

Roobee: “I should have guessed it was you! My OLD adversary, SuperModel!”

The classic beauty gave a long and haughty laugh. The look of triumph was evident on her surgically rejuvenated face.

[Image: 1vwu2Zu.jpg]

SuperModel: “Yes Roobee, it is I and unfortunately for you, this isn’t a season finale, this is your last show of the series! You see, you’re being cancelled…or as I like to call it, getting James Gunned!”

The hero couldn’t help the shock that hit her. She didn’t want to believe the words of her archnemesis (for this episode).

Roobee: “WHAT?! This can’t be the end! Not like this! I have so much work still left to do!”

SuperModel gave a wry chuckle.

SuperModel: “Like what? Finally filling in that dingy little training bra! Good luck Flatty McFlatterson!”

Roobee glanced down at her admittedly flat chest, then quickly shook off the meanspirited, if not completely accurate dig.

Roobee: “Low blow evildoer, but I’m talking about the only REAL goal that matters, regaining my Anarchy Championship! As soon as I’m out of these bonds, you can count on being served a heaping helping of justice from me and my partner! Isn’t that right Nuggets!”

She looked over at her stalwart partner.

Nuggets: “I don’t think so, I’m chicken! Kung Pow Chicken to be precise!”

Roobee: “Nuggets? What has she done to you my gal?! Sweet and Sour Sauce? Chopsticks? Kung Pow Chicken? WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO YOU?!”

SuperModel smiled as she leaned in close, her beautiful face filling the screen.

SuperModel: “What have I done? I’ve orchestrated your downfall Roobee! Beating you and getting one step closer to the Anarchy Title picture would be one thing, but if I’m to get everything I want…that means I can’t just beat the incorruptible hero…I have to destroy the entire idea of you, so you don’t keep coming back to haunt me, like a bad case of indigestion!”

Roobee struggled against the ropes, calling on the forces of good to grant her the strength to break free, the ropes starting to give, bit by tiny bit.

SuperModel: “Fight to the end Roobee, but it doesn’t matter.”

With one last burst of strength, Roobee breaks free and runs over and unties Nuggets, but pauses as she sees the ‘Made in China’ logo imprinted on her bucket. Roobee scoops up her friend and runs to the door, yanking it open, only to be greeted by a great gust of wind and a view of the Atlantic Ocean from a dizzying height. Roobee looked back at the monitor, more confused than before.

SuperModel: “The sad part about all of this is that no one will know what part I played in bringing down a communist collaborator. Goodbye, Roobee!”

Only then, at the end did it dawn on her, just as the missile hit…

The camera pans back around to the smiling face of the SuperModel as she screamed.


[Image: saturday-night-live-logo.jpg]

The usual intro for Saturday Night played, introducing the cast and the musical guest before getting to the host…JENNA ORTEGA!

The fans applauded as Jenna bounded on stage, bowing in appreciation as she started to open the show, only to be pushed off-stage by Sidney Grey.

[Image: m7SKVeZ.gif]

“Thank you for having me! It’s a pleasure to be here tonight! I was in town for a LFL game, and when Lorne called and said he needed some star power, I figured I’d come help! I know, it’s pretty selfless of me with such a busy schedule! In town to beat up your LFL team, then to prop up an ugly no-name actress, and then it's back to the XWF to end Ruby’s career! It’s incredible how busy I am, but I don’t just do it for myself, I do it for the fans!”

Jenna tried to get back on stage, only to have Sidney pie-face her back off screen.

“So, I really want all of you to tune in to XWF Anarchy this coming Thursday Night to see me in action! I promise not to disappoint! Not only will you get to see me ascend to the Anarchy Title picture by humiliating Ruby, just like I have continued to humiliate stupid Gina Van Z-“

Suddenly, Sidney is blasted off the stage by Gina Van Zyl as she charges from out of the back.  It's chaos on the set of the show as they abruptly fade to black.

[Image: FYKIoOU.gif]

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