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01-29-2023, 01:58 AM

“What if you learnt to shut that mouth?

It’s cold as balls out here, and I can barely keep my mouth closed. I don’t know how you’re able to rattle on and on for so damn long every time you open your mouth, Jenny.

How’s it feel to hear so much of your voice all the damn time? It’s a wonder Elijah Martin and Chris Chaos have had their brains melted to silence – shutting down really is the only way to bear with your incessant blabbering.

Fuck’s sake.

Don’t worry, come this weekend I’ll teach you all about silence. I’ll send an elbow through that grotesque face and leave your jaw needing a wire to keep it shut.

You talk so much it’s hard to keep up, it’s a wonder anyone knows what you’re on about at all, I had to pause that vignette five times just to figure out if you were talking about me, Goth, yourself or the twelve other personalities you have running about in that head of yours.

You’re most definitely consistent Jenny, consistently a pile of pointless shit.

You ever see a five-year-old show you his collection of cool things he found at the playground? A random rusted screw, a saliva-sticky M&M, chewed up gum, one three of diamonds card and something that resembles a fossilized toad? That’s your work in the ring – every day shit without rhyme or reason.

We never know which one of the thirteen personalities we’re going to hear from today. We don’t even know what you’re fighting for or where you’re headed.

Boo-hoo, you’ve got a tortured childhood, start a circle-jerk with the twenty other kids in the locker room who’ve been dealt a bad hand – call it the Queen’s Court.

I’ll sit-in when I decide to give a fuck.”

Your screen flickers to life and the audio you’ve been listening to is paired with a furious fist slamming onto a wooden table. The ominous tone Isaiah’s taken catches you by surprise, this is the beautiful, flawless, drool-inducing Isaiah you know and love… But there’s something different about him. You just can’t place it yet.

“You’ll do good to keep any mention of my girlfriend out of your mouth too – it’s gonna ruin any attraction I have towards her.

Yes she’s my agent – but she sure as hell is nothing like silent ol’ Chaos. Whatever happened to his iron balls and domination of the XWF? What in the world did you do to emasculate him so completely?

Yes, Chaer’s my agent – she handles my calls and makes sure I get my promotional content in on time… When she’s not busy forgetting.

But you and I both know we don’t get much of a say in how we’re booked. We don’t get to choose who comes in our way – because if you CHOSE those exact same failures to face as I did, I don’t know what to say.

At least I had the disadvantage of having sub-par booking and being forced to face the runts of the lot as the Television Champion.

You’re the X-Treme Champion, your championship shares the honorable, esteemed misspelt name of our organization and still you didn’t get much better than I did. Even let Marf yank it from under your nose. Madison Junior. Goth again? Professor X… Atara Raven?

Also, have you been getting my second’s or have I been getting yours? I haven’t been paying too much attention to you.

But looking back, not sure who’s “gauntlet” has been of better quality to be honest.

Not forgetting that I did takeoff the heads of Michael Graves, Finn Kuhn & Angelica Vaughn before even claiming my title. All within the last few months.

Note to split-personality no. 1: That’s been my entire spiel Jenny, I hated the fact that all the threw at me were the scraps.

I’ll give it to you though, the one time I got to face somebody I actually thought was worth his shit – I lost.

The one time I faced some real competition here in the XWF – I couldn’t stand on my two feet. They got taken out from underneath me, as hard as I tried to make a point out of Ned Kaye.

I’m not better than him.

But you? I sure as hell hope I’m better than the XWF’s self-pitying queen. You’re no underdog Myst, not sure you can claim a career that spanned years, being the defending champion and still claim everyone expects you to lose in the same thought. You missing therapy again?

Everyone hates you, but nobody underestimates you Myst, get your head outta’ your ass.

Nobody wants to be you, not Goth, not me, nobody. But everyone sure as hell wants to beat you.

Even the hotdog and the pig.

You’re not public-enemy number 1, I’m pretty sure Charlie Nickles takes that cake – but beating Jenny Myst does still mean something. I’m sure it’ll get me some points in the back because you’re insane and nobody likes you.

Nobody likes a lose cannon.

A zombie-making schizo.

I’m surprised you expect them to.

I’m surprised it keeps you up at night.

It’s like you’re 12 and just found out you’re in the burn book.

Grow up Jenny, be an asshole, get treated like one. Your talent in the ring has nothing to do with it – you’re just a disgusting person.”

Isaiah’s sitting on a leather armchair, a remote in his hand. He leans back, away from the table and the camera that’s on it. There’s an empty ashtray with an unlit cigarette balance on it to his right.

“But like I said, facing you still means something.

If it didn’t, I’m sure good ol’ Theo wouldn’t have given me that call.

Facing you and Goth in the same ring is supposed to be some kind of defibrillator to my system I think – shock me back into perfection… Well that and getting some fans in seats because heaven knows nobody wants to actually WATCH you wrestle Goth again.

You’ve maybe faced one real challenge in Atara, if her absent husband and oversized family wasn’t distracting her that night.

Now you’re going to face YOUR Ned Kaye.

Your real challenge.

The person who’s going to show you what championship quality looks like.

The person who’s going to rip your precious title out of your hands and make you feel absolutely worthless.

The person who’s just better than you.

Oops, I might be projecting a little. Ned really did a number on me.”

Isaiah rubs an index and thumb against his temples, his free hand taking the cigarette and toying with it. A sigh of relief.

“Sorry for this rant Jenny… I just had to get it out of my system while watching your shit.

I’ll be sure to record an actual vignette and do some real promoting though… I just couldn’t hold this in any more.

I’m a rising star, you know that – Theo knows that – the XWF fanbase knows that.

I just wish I didn’t have rise through you, but if that’s what the big guy wants, that’s what he’ll get.

Now back to your regularly scheduled promotional video.”


Continued from Blood Upon The Snow

Chae’s hands moved like a trained surgeon… Or someone who went for a home economics class once? Isaiah had his hand wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth and a bottle of whiskey. He periodically pours the whiskey straight into Ezekiel’s mouth while wiping away specks of blood and allowing Chaer to tend to the wound.

“What happened Zeke?”

Isaiah’s voice was cold, the fear and anxiety he’d had for his friend just moments ago had vanished when he heard him say they were back.

“He’s bleeding out on our coffee table Isaiah, I don’t think this is the time.”

“What happened.”

Isaiah doesn’t even let her finish, speaking over the second half of her sentence.

“Those damned Ko-fucks.”

Chae clicks her tongue and is a little rougher on the wound than necessary.


“Yeah, yeah – they must’ve been stakin’ out the place waiting for me. Musta’ not heard that I’d been on the wagon.”

“Luckily for them, you fell off it then.”

“Gurl, shut up.”

Chae holds up a pair of tweezers, with bits of fabric she’d plucked out from the wound.


“What’d they want?”

Ezekiel rolls his eyes, pointing at his wound.

“Obviously for me to be dead. Or…”

“If they wanted you dead, you wouldn’t be bleeding out on my table right now.”

“Yeah, appreciate the concern.”

“What’d they want you to tell me?”

“Well… Not you – Jeremiah.”

Isaiah finds his fists in tight balls, his nails digging into his palm. They shouldn’t know about Jeremiah – nobody should.


“How w-“

“How do they know Jeremiah is alive.”

“I don’t know man, but they know The Court is still running things around here… The real Court. And I think they’re tryna take it back.”

“I guess they didn’t know you were out.”

“Yeah, why would they go after you and not one of the active folk?”

“Well… I’m not sure you could necessarily say I’m out.”

Isaiah tilts his head menacingly towards Ezekiel, his left brow raising just as terrifyingly.

“I-I maaaybe was drinking with some of the ol’ g-gang.”

Chae stops her cleaning, placing the tweezers on the table and standing up, Isaiah similarly steps back from the table. Almost in unison the two exclaim out.

“What the fuck Ezekiel.”

“Of course, they stabbed you. Cos the damn Bishop was back drinking with his fuckin’ boys.”

“It wasn’t like that…”

“That’s what it looked like, that’s all that matters – you know that.”

“Y-yeah Iz. Will you please j-just stitch me up.”

Isaiah curses under his breath as he and Chae return to the wound, all attempts at being gentle out of the window as they try to patch Ezekiel up. Chae leans her head against Isaiah’s side as she works, whispering to him.

“You’ve gotta do something about this Iz, before we actually lose someone.”

The streets were kind to nobody. That’s why for generations people toiled their entire lives just to have a roof over their heads, an escape from the snare of the roofless.

People did everything to find solace.

They sold their entire lives to corporations, to slavery, to debt, to protection. Just to not feel the cold, emptiness of the street.

Mortgages, minimum wage jobs, gangs.

It’s a tale as old as time, and it’s a tale that had a chapter reserved for four young teenagers.

For Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Chae and Isaiah.

They were seated on the curb, by the feet of The King’s Court gym, so close to each other that their shoulders touched. In that very order.

Little did they know, order was going to be a very big part of their lives.

“Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see, sometimes your words just hypnotise me.”

“Man, they just don’t make it like that anymore.”

“I don’t know, Wu-Tang still going kinda hard.”

“Ya’ll thought about what Pops’ said?”

“C’mon Iz, leave it, stop thinkin’ so hard. We gon’ get paid, what’s there to think?”

“You think he’ll really pay us the twenty, Jer?”

“Yeah, sure, he ain’t failed us yet right? And we owe him, white mans took us in.”

“Yeah I know. I mean, I’ll bring him his beers and clean his floors, but this different Jer.”

“The payout different too, leave it.”

“Throw yo’ hands in the air if you a true playa’”

Her sweet voice, still with its strong Korean accent, cracks through the conversation, and the kids burst out into a laugh, throwing their hands in the air and flashing up gang signs they’d seen the older kids do.

Life didn’t seem all that serious just yet, sure they were broke, sure they basically lived on the floor of the gym – but they were kids and they liked their hip-hop and learning how to box. Well, until Pops would call them.

“Oi, boy, King – it’s time to go.”

A backpack comes flying down the steps of the gym, landing with a clang on the trashcan that was by the curb. It shakes the kids to alert, and Jeremiah get’s to his feet faster than the others can react.

“Yessir, I’ll be back in a bit.”

“You better count the bag before you come back.”

Jeremiah slings the backpack over his shoulder and looks back at his friends, giving them a quick wink before hopping on a rusted brown gearless bike and making his way down the street.

That’s right – there wasn’t much to think about. Jeremiah was already doing all the work, joining up was just a formality really. Also, they did everything together, couldn’t just let Jeremiah walk into the den could they? No, they couldn’t. Their friendship wouldn’t let them and knowing Pops - he wouldn’t let them either.

Chae leaned on Isaiah’s shoulder, breaking out of the Biggie and whispering to him.

“You’ve gotta protect him, Iz. You gotta.”

Isaiah’s eyes followed Jeremiah’s back, seeing him cycle down the street without a care. Both of them were completely unaware of how much their lives were about to change just then. They were also completely oblivious to the eyes of Empire, watching them from the shadows.

Your screen crackles to life in a familiar fashion. You see Isaiah seated on a similarly familiar leather armchair, but this time, Chae is seated on the armrest to his right and Ezekiel is learning slightly uncomfortably on the other side. The large man has his abdomen bandaged up, and one of his eyes shine in the light.

“Kings rise, kings fall.
Empires come and go.
Winter comes, and spring follows.
Queen’s fall, they tumble.
And Goths… Well people forget them altogether.

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to address you, friend – I just don’t think about you very much. If there was a dark horse in this match, it’d be you. If there was a dark horse in this company, it would be you.

On every card but never the headline.

Facing champions but never one.

Delusions of grandeur but never celebrated.

Last time you were on screen, didn’t you manage to get into some kind of scuffle with Jenny and Elijah? While bigger names took the show away, you tried to squeeze yourself into the situation.

You tried to bring some heat to this match and what did they do to thank you?

They put me in it.

You tried to assert your dominance, bring down the whip – if I may, on Jenny Myst -

(And for future reference, I think she’s into that Goth, not sure if pain is really how you want to be “punishing” her.)

And what did you get in return? Theo realized Jenny Myst vs Goth was going to be the part of Snow Job where people changed channels, went to the bathroom and queued up for unnecessarily expensive beer.

You were gonna be the breather in a star-packed show. And the XWF can’t afford breathers – not when we have the highly premiere stadium of Lambeau Field, Green Bay – God forbid we have a boring match.

And so I relented. I said sure – because I was in a deep funk, a funk brought upon by losing my shiny gold belt to Ned Kaye. The temptation of another belt, albeit one a little dirtier and with a higher chance of carrying some STDs, was too much to resist.

Chae, my lovely PR executive knew it was just the thing I needed to get back on my feet.

And it was.

I’ve never felt better these last two weeks.

There’s still a giant hole of emptiness in my chest – a hole that needs to be filled by success and progress, but my entire body has been perfected to fill it.

I am ready to get back on the yellow brick road to my domination of the XWF – I am ready to claim every belt this place has to offer, to return this business to it’s glory days of dominant champions.

This match with you… This might just be where it begins.

With my feet knee deep in the cesspool of Jenny and Gerrit.

Two opponents who are as close to “veteran” status as we might have left at the XWF. The bastions of the past, witnesses to our glory days, and part of the problem of our present.

Honestly, I’m not sure you’re all that different from Jenny, Gerrit.

You too rattle on with so much to say while saying nothing at all.

Be a King to know a King? They might call me Isaiah King, but we both know there’s no king without a throne – and I clearly lost mine last year.

I’m no King, Goth and neither are you.

I’m an heir to the throne – and you’re a man who wishes he had a future to inherit.

You said it yourself, you’ve gotten more shots at this belt than most on the roster – and you’ve done absolutely nothing with it.

This is your pity shot – a shot that needed to be boosted with my presence. I didn’t ask for this match, I didn’t beg for it, I didn’t put up some cheap drama to demand it.

I just existed.

I just proved my worth in the ring.

I proved my dedication to the sport and to this business every time I fought.

I proved it when I faced Theo’s golden-boy, Ned Kaye.

That’s why when they needed someone to draw seats, they picked me.

Because I’m better than you Goth.

While you have dreams and goals you’ve failed to grasp.

I have dreams and goals that are waiting to be claimed.

I am the present and the future.

You’re the past and the forgotten.”

Isaiah runs a hand on Chae’s thigh, and she gives his hand a squeeze of comfort.

“I have something to fight for Jenny, Goth.

I have to keep winning, I have to keep succeeding, I have to keep moving up.

I need to do this because I need to prove to those who rely on me that they don’t need to go anywhere else to feel safe.

They don’t need to go anywhere else to feel protected, to feel wanted, to feel comfort.

The three of us – we came from the streets. We came from nothing. And just like everyone else, the world came running at us with promises of safety, protection, glory.

From the disgusting old man who took us in to turn us into weapons, to the generals of the streets who promised us a family like no other.

But I couldn’t rely on them – I couldn’t let my friends rely on them – because nobody was really looking out for us.

So in a world full of greed, with stronger people eager to exploit us for their own gain…

I decided to establish my own world – my own kingdom.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing here. The XWF – a place where I can rely on me. Where I can be powerful enough, where I can be successful enough that those who need me can find rest with me.

Where my friends won’t have to fear exploitation.

My grandiose plan has had it’s hiccups – Chae for one has gotten a little excited to protect our borders and interfered in my plans… But we’re all human – and we hate to lose ground.

It’s had hiccups – but my plan has not been derailed.

It’s back on track – and I have Theo to thank for that. I have Chae to thank for you. I even have this imbecile Ezekiel to thank for that.

…In some way – I have Ned to thank for that. For showing me I’m not quite good enough yet. For proving to me that this company still has talent worth chasing after, still has power worth gaining.

I’m not sure how many times you both had to name drop Ned, but just be sure – he’s better than both of you combined, whether you beat him or not Goth.

I’m not sure which version of Ned you got – but I haven’t seen someone as on-form as he is in a long time. He’s got me deadly excited about finding my feet, finding my form, getting back into the flow of things.

I can’t wait to get stronger by crushing you two.

I can’t wait to get more glory by taking your title away from you Jenny.

And I sure as hell can’t wait to establish my Kingdom anew once I do.

And maybe… Just maybe, I’ll have space for you Goth. You and your kinky little desires are welcomed to this home… Maybe you’ll finally be able to make a name for yourself too when you do.

Jenny though – you stay right where you are, a safe fifteen feet away, I don’t want to catch whatever you have.”

Isaiah’s face scrunches up into disgust and Chae slaps him on the shoulder to get serious.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

I’m sorry I ignored you Goth – really, it was a joke.

A joke about how you’re… Always forgotten.

Jenny’s little spiel about herself being overlooked? She’s full of shit being the champion and all.

But to you, it actually applies Goth. You are overlooked, but not because they accidentally forget you.

You’re forgotten because they have to – because no matter how many chances at glory they give you, you’re better left in the shadows of mediocrity.

As long as you don’t have a truly glorious light to follow – you’ll always be better off forgotten.

I’ll be your light Goth, I’ll take that eye liner off your hands and put a tan on your pasty skin.

I’ll give you a glimpse of glory, reflected off me.

You should be just as excited for tomorrow as I am.

Cos after Winter,

After the snow,

Comes a glorious Spring. Not just for me, but for you two too.

With love,

The king to be.”

Isaiah winks at the camera as Chae gets off the armrest to click the camera off.

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