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01-28-2023, 03:26 PM

[Image: MOSHED-2023-1-26-20-13-35.gif]

"Hello, I'm Steve Sayors, and with me today is one of the newest members of the Anarchy roster, a presumed "masked crusader" known only as The Atomic Bat!"

From off camera: "Camera 1, Steve."

Sayors awkwardly turns towards the correct camera.

"Atomic Bat! This is your chance to introduce yourself to the world!"

The Atomic Bat steps up to the microphone and stands in a heroic pose.

"My name is The Atomic Bat, and I'm a vigilante for justice in a world shrouded in darkness. I am coming to the Anarchy brand to help further my work as a hero and strengthen the message that good always prevails over evil!"

"As I suspected, folks! Another hero joins the mix on Anarchy!"

"Ah, yes! You must speak of Ruby. I am aware of her exploits here in the XWF, and I applaud her efforts of not only setting a positive example for the entire world to see on a bi-weekly basis, but doing so while also always standing firm against any and all who may pose threat to this company! She is a true inspiration. *Ahem* As they say!"

"Does Ruby have anything to do with the reason that you've decided to come into the XWF or Anarchy specifically?"

"Other than her setting the president of reaching millions with her message through this sport, no, Steve, but I would not be telling the truth if I didn't acknowledge the fact that the idea of an potential team up didn't entice the Bat-senses!"

"Wait a minute! Bat-sense!? Do you have super-powers!?"

"Indeed I do!"

"That may be a first since Trax! Would you care to elaborate on what those powers are!?"

"I won't go into too much detail as I wouldn't want to give my eventual opponents any early advantages, but I will say that I am perfectly equipped to deal with any nogoodniks whom may be looking for trouble in the halls of Anarchy!"

"Secretive." Steve eyeballs The Bat Mask. "That checks, but can you atleast tell us why you call yourself The Atomic Bat?"

"Indeed I can, Steve! Once, I was merely a mild mannered lab assistant who totally knew next to nothing about the highly dangerous experiments being performed in the facility that I worked for!"

"One day, an accident in the lab lead to radiation passing through a test animal, a bat, and into me."

"My genes mutated and from that day onward, I gained new abilities, many of which I seemed to share specifically from the vampire bat that was blasted before I was!"

"Hmmm, so are you saying that you're a radioactive vampire?"


"No Steve, not at all! I'm a hero granted her powers through science and totally not a vampire! My name is The Atomic Bat and I'm coming to Anarchy!"

Heroic pose. Fade to bat!
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