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X-treme Wrestling Federation » XWF Live! » Looking for a FIGHT (or alliance)! Looking to insult each other (or team up)!
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I Was Being Kind
Author Message
Robbie Bourbon Offline
Mad Scientist

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

01-28-2023, 12:41 AM

Ah, hello XWF Universe! My, my, my, I was a fair king, to you all, letting you fulfill your own little desires and wishes for, oh, how long? Why, almost a year!

That changes.

This era of lame duck, ratings killing champions, even more pathetic challengers, and no actual talent arriving to shake things up has to end.

As such, in my second year, and oh, there will be a second year, tenth letter of the Alphabet be damned, I will have to enforce my hand upon you all. I concede, I should have listened and taken my crown more seriously instead of allowing anarchy to reign. Reign it did, and now everything sucks. I apologize, XWF fans, for allowing such a thing to happen.

To the rest of you who entered March Madness, congratulations. Some of you will have the honor of being my stepping stones.

Next Warfare, baby, and I come home.

[Image: DtUCPfZ.png]
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