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Weekend Warfare - January 14th, 2023
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01-15-2023, 08:35 AM

OOC: There's been an issue with youtube videos so no entrance videos for this show, hopefully it'll get fixed but it's a youtube issue, not a boards issue so unsure of how long this will be a problem for. And sorry for the show being late... Blame Theo 🤡

01 - 14 - 2023



Jim Jimson's Birthday Open Battle Royale
- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

- vs -

- vs -

- vs -




Jim comes out with a sign saying "Kill all Dolphins" people come out with him handing out Dolphin Rape Awareness Month, pamphlets, making sure that people know, just how evil dolphins are.


[Image: 200w.gif?cid=82a1493bsto855k9tk0ve81r3e5...w.gif&ct=g]

Green and purple lasers!

Smoke! [/color]



[Image: onkgw3.gif]

Gravy charges onto the stage! He actually gets a pop! It's quickly drowned out by the boos!

With a confident swagger brought to you by BarnCoin, Micheal heads down the ramp, flipping off fans, grabbing his junk and all together being a terrible person. Gravy rolls into the ring and postures for the crowd showing them just how fucking cool he is now!

Gravy leans into his corner, chewing gum with a sinister grin. He just can't wait for this to begin!

The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience. In a flash, he sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles in to some pre-fight stretches.




The lights go out as a red spotlight shines down on the entrance ramp as a metal version of the Moonlight Sonata plays. Sarah calmly walks out onto the ramp and stops, taking the time to look at the crowd. As the guitars play, she slowly walks down the ramp, careful to avoid the touch of any fans, with an arrogant sneer on her face. As she approaches the ring steps, she carefully climbs them before entering the ring. She then climbs onto the closest turnbuckle and sits on top of it, waiting for the match to proceed.

Jim Jimson's Birthday Open Battle Royale
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Over the Top Rope Battle Royale

All four competitors are in their respective corners the crowd are already hype.

HHL: Folks, what a great first match we have here with THREE HUGE returns and a Weekend Warfare debut in Kieran King!

PIP: Technically isn't everyone here debuting on Weekend Warfare? It is the first show.

HHL: Yeah... But shut up!

The crowd bounce back with returning chants of each competitor's name and accompanying claps.

Tonight's referee is... Mr. Referee! Sporting a birthday hat.

PIP: ... Is that a puppet?

HHL: He is an XWF official, Pip and you will treat him with RESPECT!

Mr. Referee looks theatrical at each wrestler before flailing his arms and calling for the bell!


And we're off! Kieran King is the first to jump, heading straight for the birthday boy Jim Jimson, crashing him into the corner with a lariat, and throwing forearms into Jim's jaw!

Micheal Graves and Sarah Lacklan face off against one another; Graves misses his initial right hook as Lacklan ducks low and stops Graves' momentum with a stiff jab to the gut; Michael stumbles back holding his stomach as Lacklan makes her advance by stepping up and kicking out Gravy's leg with a swift kick to the knee and transition into an arm-lock head scissors to takedown Micheal Graves but to no avail as the bigger man powers out and slams Lacklan's pine onto the canvas before getting her into an arm trap and delivering a brutal headbutt to Lacklan!

Sarah is dazed briefly but manages to manoeuvre her legs, presses them against Graves' torso, and gets some room before spitting red mist into Gravy's eyes! But Graves' blindly spits out red mist of his own along with vile spittle!

HHL: Dueling mists!

Lacklan and Graves fall apart from one another clutching at their eyes as they hack and cough on the canvas.

Meanwhile, in the corner, King refuses to let up on his assault as Jim cowers in the corner; King smacking the shit out of Jim before throwing in knee shots to Jimson's dome and Jim drops down to the bottom rope; King gives Jimson a facewash with his boot before walking away before quickly spinning round with a roar and sprints into the corner delivering a hellish knee to Jim's face! Jimson's body slumps back as King cracks his neck and drags Jimson's body out of the corner and picking him up looking for F UR HEAD!

But Jimson slips out of the brainbuster leaving a pinecone in King's hands as Jimson drunkenly stumbles around, still shaking the cobwebs from the knee strikes; King looks at the pinecone then back to Jim who is now wearing a wig and goes in for a kiss! King holds off Jim like he was a zombie trying to take a bite out of him before pushing him aside and slapping the hair off Jimson's head; King goes for a lariat but it's dodged as Jimson runs under King's arm and boots him into the ropes, as King stumbles back, Jimson manages to roll him up and continue the momentum into a death valley driver!

The pair crash to the mat and Jimson stumbles back up before tripping over himself and falling back into a seated position.

Graves has now slid under the bottom rope and is at the barricade, he snatches a beer from a fan and pours it into his eyes to wash away the red mist torturing his vision. He slowly blinks and looks around remembering where he is and tosses the empty cup over his shoulder. Sarah Lacklan is at the apron, slowly regaining her vision as the rest of her eyeballs match her red iris.

Micheal Graves stumbles around the outside, his hand keeping hold of the barricade before he sneers and goes under the ring to the pop of the crowd throwing trash into the ring, like literal trash.

HHL: Why do we have trash cans under the ring? And why are they full?

Graves keeps pouring weapons into the ring.

PIP: ... Was that a bowling ball? Why do we have a bowling ball under there!?

Micheal keeps going, 2x4, steel chairs, a neatly wrapped small present and finally a spiked board along with lighter fluid!

HHL: Awww, there are little birthday candles sticking out of the board! That's nice.

Graves sets the board up placing it on the apron and barricade before getting back into the ring. While this is happening; King goes once more for Jimson, knocking him down with a slingblade and getting back up quickly to springboard off the rope into a lionsault but Jimson manages to get his knees up and King destroys his ribs, clutching them tightly as he rolls onto the mat kicking his legs. Jimson gets back up and leans against the ropes before a bowling ball rolls into his foot, Jimson picks up the ball as King gets onto his hands and knees and Jimson lines up looking for a strike but as he steps forward Lacklan appears out of nowhere and kicks off Kieran's body landing a leaping knee strike into Jimson's jaw which knocks him over the tope rope!

With a gasp from the crowd Jim is knocked onto the apron and manages to clutch the bottom rope wrapping his entire body around the rope.

Lacklan lifts the bowling ball and eyes it before dropping it to the mat with a sneer and a groan; as she turns Kieran King is up and knocks her back with a shotgun dropkick! Lacklan goes into the ropes but keeps her footing steady but her legs buckle and she drops to the second rope. King gets back up to his feet but Gravy blindsides him with a smack of a trash can which crumples with a crack and Gravy tosses it aside; Graves then looks around at his feet, kicking litter and debris away as he clutches the 2x4 turning back to Lacklan who is back to her feet.

Graves swings down with the 2x4 but Lacklan weaves out of the way and goes for a strike to the knee but Gravy drops the weapon down and Sarah's shin hits the wood with so much force it snaps in two!

Sarah reels in pain and drops to a knee; Gravy laughs like a maniac looking at the splintered wood and keep one half, grabbing Lacklan into a headlock and teases the sharp edge of the wood against her forehead before going in deep as Lacklan lets out a pained cry and blood begins to appear!

Kieran King puts a stop to this with a step-up enziguri and knocks Graves away, Lacklan jolts forward covering her forehead and wiping the blood away.

Graves begins to get up but King is right on and nails him with a headshot with a steel chair!

The crowd get rowdy as King throws the chair away in anger and yells at Graves on the ground about "karma." Graves is reaching out on the ground trying to stand, his eyes bulging out of his sockets and King picks him up, whipping him around into the fist of a standing Sarah Lacklan!

HHL: Supergirl Punch!!!

PIP: Nice teamwork from King and Sarah!

And then King launches a back elbow into Sarah Lacklan!

PIP: Lasted longer than I thought it would.

King gets Lacklan to the ropes and begins to try and push her over the top but Lacklan ties herself around the ropes and wraps her legs around Kieran's arm. Jimson is back up and rushes behind Kieran King, grabbing his leg and begins to push up! The crowd go wild as King is hoisted up and begins falling over the top!

And finally!

Lacklan drops!

And hits the apron landing still!

But Kieran King bounces off Lacklan's body and hits the outside!!!


King is on the outside in disbelief as Jimson stumbles back giving DX crotch chops in King's direction. Kieran King is stunned and doesn't move a muscle before sneering and throwing venom-filled words back at the ring slapping his hands on the barricade before storming out; Lacklan rolls under the bottom rope and catches her breath. Jimson looks around at the debris before spotting the present and picking it up, he inspects the label which is addressed to him and begins to open it up. A large smile creeps onto his face as he peeks inside the wrapping paper and pulls out a small box of lego bricks!

The crowd roar as Jim begins to empty the contents onto the ground before grabbing a handful of Lacklan's hair and pulling her towards the bricks; Jimson grabs Lacklan by the shoulder and goes for... A platonic and affectionate hug!

Lacklan... "Struggles" in the hold while looking confused and disgusted; Sarah pats Jim's back and then Jim tightens his grip and hoists Lacklan into the air!



Lacklan manages to get to Jim's back and twists at Jimson's arm, wrenching it back as Jim screams in pain. Lacklan walks Jim around the ring, refusing to let loose as she tears his arm from his socket in a manner of impressive locks before spinning Jim out and hits the Arm Breaker!!!

Jim reels in agony clutching his and Lacklan snaps his head back looking for a reverse DDT! But Jimsonlow bridges out and spins his dead arm into Lacklan's face! Then Jimson follows-up with a knee before launching into a Canadian Destroyer!!!


Both crash into the lego and howl in agony as they separate, their muscles seizing in pain! The crowd give a sympathetic "ooh" before launching into a chant!


Jim Jimson is roused by the chants, his arm dangling as he tries to catch his breath before he turns around into the waiting embrace of Micheal Graves!



Graves launches Jimson over the ropes with the crucifix powerbomb and Jim crashes and burns on the outside, his head hitting the barricade hard and he lies their in a heap on the floor.


HHL: Poor Jim.

PIP: Yeah... Oh well, who cares! We are now down to our final two! Micheal Graves and Sarah Lacklan! And a reminder Lacklan STILL has a match ahead of her! Will she conserve her energy here or go all out in this most prestigious battle royale?

Micheal Graves leans over the top rope and smiles to himself before turning back to Lacklan who is brushing the legos sticking out of her body. Graves runs in with a boot and knocks Lacklan down! He keeps his momentum pushing grabbing a handful of hair and whipping Lacklan around and throwing her into the corner with an impressive amount of strength; Graves rolls his jaw, the bruising and swelling setting in from Lacklan's punch. Graves roar and squashes Lacklan in the corner and the wind leaves her body; Graves begins to scale the turnbuckles carrying Lacklan up with him and the crowd begins to pick up once again!

At the top turnbuckle the crowd come to a climax and Graves hits...


Graves leaps with Lacklan in a moonsault fallaway slam!


Sarah Lacklan manages to rotate and land hard on her feet!

Micheal Graves quickly steps-up as Lacklan runs in but Graves kicks the smashed trash can at Lacklan who is forced to dodge under, she manages to get low and hit a chop block against Graves thigh which bowls him over! Micheal groans in agony as he forces himself back up as Sarah bounces off the ropes and goes into a low dropkick to the same leg which ruins Gravy's leg!

Lacklan gets up and immediately begins stomping down on the leg over and over and over as she roars in anger! Graves scream in agony but manages to get a hand around Lacklan's ankle and pulls quickly which drops her to the mat and the two scramble on the ground, trading blows with one another!

On the outside, Jim Jimson is finally back up and sees the board with candles. He excitedly pours the lighter fluid onto the board.

HHL: What's Jim up to?

PIP: I think he wants to blow out the candles?

HHL: That's cute, doesn't he just melt your heart?

PIP: ... No?

Lacklan manages to get the upper hand in the ground game and gets into a mount to lay forearm strikes into Graves' mush! After several strikes; blood pours from Graves' nose and he begins to laugh as Lacklan tries to knock him out!

As a forearm comes down, Graves angles his open maw and bites down on Lacklan's wrist who yells in pain as Graves sinks his teeth into her flesh and tries to tear away but Lacklan manages to get loose by giving a thumb to Gravy's eye! She falls away from a bloodied Graves clutching her arm.

The two take their time to get to their feet and square off once more; Gravy backs away from an incoming roundhouse and swats at Lacklan! He manages to get a hand on her and throws her into the ropes and she tumbles over the top but keeps her footing on the apron beside Jim and the board.

Graves sprints forward and goes for a big boot but Lacklan ducks low holding the top rope down and Graves has to save himself from going to the outside, teetering on the apron!

Lacklan kicks Gravy's knee out and he drops to the apron!

Lacklan kicks out again but Gravy blocks the blow and as this is happening, the two back up as Jim lights the board aflame!

Micheal Graves gets to his feet along with Sarah who misses a high kick and Graves gets a forearm into Lacklan's stomach and looks for a powerbomb!!!


Jim goes to blow out his candles!


Mr. Referee calls for the bell!



The board splinters and Graves writhes on the ground in pain trying to put out the fire. Sarah Lacklan drops to the apron winded as her theme plays and Warfare slowly fades to commercial.

Sarah Lacklan is still in the ring, a confident smile on her face as the ring crews are already inside to check on her. They go to work on her cut, quickly closing it as the blood flow is temporarily ceased for the time being. There’s still a mouth-sized gash in her bodysuit, and she seems to be wearing it like a badge of honor for the time being as she knows her work for tonight has just been beginning.

HHL: Easy to forget just how dominant of a competitor Sarah Lacklan is when she’s on the ball. She just convincingly won an entire battle royal, and she’s trying to go two-for-two tonight, back-to-back on the first ever Weekend Warfare!

Pip: Well, let’s see how our new debuting sensation manages to hold up against her tonight…

And speaking of-


(The sound of banjo picking begins to play over the PA)

Woke up early this morning
As I looked around my world be crumblin' down
What I saw, I couldn't believe, Who are you?
What might I be? Oh, the things you do

("Mad Dog" Mark Wright comes barreling through the entrance way. Chugging a can of beer. He stops at the top of the entrance way, and smashes the can on his head. Mad Dog throws the smashed can into the crowd and then pulls his jacket off throwing it down and runs down the entrance way and slides under the bottom rope into the ring.)

HHL: First time we’re seeing the Mad Dog, Mark Wright here, but you have to like the fire in his eyes! Not a lot of people would be itching to throw down with a former Universal Champion for their first match, especially when they’re being thrown at them as a mystery opponent! He’s stepping right to Lacklan here tonight, though!

Pip: Well, let’s see if he gets put down gently tonight or not. If I were a betting man - and I am, Heather, I’m willing to bet that Lacklan goes two-for-two tonight.

- vs -


As Lacklan’s already warmed up from the match prior, she wastes no time going on the offensive, bringing her grim countenance back into full view as she looks to try dismantling the Mad Dog. Lacklan darts in with a head full of steam, aiming a sharp kick right at Wright’s arm! Wright barely sees it coming in time though, bringing his body back as Lacklan’s kick only hits air! The crowd gives a nice ‘ooh’ at Wright’s reflexes as he instead reflects with a kick to the gut himself!

Lacklan doubling over now! Wright wastes no time himself, dragging the former Universal Champion by the hair and bashing her face right into the nearby turnbuckle! Lacklan’s face bounces off, and she takes a moment to see if her cut is oozing blood again. Wright doesn’t give her much of a reprieve though, sizing her up and hitting a SOLID headbutt that drives her back into the corner yet again!

HHL: Strong opening here by the newcomer Mark Wright - let’s see if he can keep up this offensive!

Pip: Match has only just begun - the Mad Dog can’t afford to be getting too comfortable out there.

Lacklan is now firmly in the turnbuckle, and Wright sees his opportunity to get some real damage in. A barrage of gut kicks get sent careening into her body, one after the other and looking to knock the air out of her! Lacklan has to double up on her body to try protecting herself, but she’s still forced into a seated position and reeling!

Wright sees a major opening now, backing up and placing Lacklan in his sights now with a confident smile on his face! He darts in now, looking for the Coal Scrubber face wash kick-




Pip: Holy Hell, I’ve missed seeing a Sarah Lacklan kick in action! They’re like weapons of mass destruction, Heather!

HHL: Her legs and kicks are what helped her to get to becoming a Universal Champion in the first place, Pip! Just like that, momentum’s swung the other way, but the Mad Dog has a chance to recover and bring the pressure back to Lacklan!

Wright staggers his way back out there, and Lacklan takes advantage, bringing down Wright with a sharp drop-toe hold! Wright’s face bounces off of the mat, and Lacklan, as smooth as she’s ever been inside that ring, transitions and rolls over Wright’s body to take the arm and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar!

HHL: Dangerous hold being applied by Sarah Lacklan with that Fujiwara Armbar! If you’ve ever forgotten how frightening it can be to be locked in that hold, just remember it’s the same submission hold Mark Flynn uses to his advantage constantly, managing to break the arms of anyone who finds themselves trapped in there for long!

Pip: And we might be seeing Sarah Lacklan do the same damn thing here! Is it gonna be tap, nap, or snap?

It’s neither so far as Mark Wright is agonizing regardless in the tight hold! He reaches out to the ropes, but they’re too far now! Lacklan won’t let him move, positioning her body as well as possible to try and make things difficult! It won’t stop Wright from trying though, trying to position his own body to get up! The fans are pounding their feet against the floor, trying their best to will Wright back into this as they seem to be taking a liking to him and his ‘don’t-give-up’ attitude.

Wright slides his legs over, now in a seated position as it looks like he’s about to get back up! Lacklan looks surprised, but doesn’t let it get the best of her as she breaks her hold - BUT NOT BEFORE BREAKING MARK WRIGHT’S FINGER AS SHE DEPARTS!

Wright sucks in air through his teeth, holding onto his wounded hand as the crowd winces for him. Lacklan smells blood in the water, looking to follow up now as she grabs the worked up arm! She grabs it, twists it around, looking for the Arm Breaker-

BUT MARK WRIGHT CUTS THAT OFF WITH A BLOW TO THE KIDNEY FROM HIS FREE HAND! Lacklan staggers from the shot as Wright hits her again to the midsection! Lacklan is forced to let go now as Wright grabs her from behind - BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX SENDS LACKLAN DOWN AND THE CROWD INTO A FRENZY AT HOW SHE GOT THROWN LIKE A RAGDOLL!

But wait! That’s not all! Wright still has Lacklan in waist control, and the crowd realizes this as he drags himself AND her up at the same time! Lacklan’s eyes are glassy, and the crowd are bringing themselves together as they see that the unlikely upset may be happening!


Lacklan weakly rolls up onto her knees, stunned and wary as she tries her best to blink out those cobwebs. Wright pounds on the mat as he brings himself up onto his feet, ROARING as he does so! He runs the ropes with a full head of steam, Lacklan in his sights one more time - MAFIA KICK TO THE SKULL LAYS SARAH LACKLAN OUT AND OPENS HER CUT FROM EARLIER!





HHL: What an offensive sequence by Mark Wright! The Belly-to-Back Suplex, the German Suplex he calls the Applachian Suplex, and his UMWA Kick! Sarah Lacklan is on her back foot, and the crowd is LOVING it! It’s a miracle that didn’t get three!

Pip: I’ll admit I underestimated Mark Wright, that’s for sure. But it’s gonna be taking a LOT more than that to bring down Sarah Lacklan!

Mark Wright brings himself onto his feet, wiping the sweat out of his hair as the crowd is still cheering him on. He’s feeding off of their energy, looking to bring this sprint of a match to a close now as he brings Lacklan up by her hair. He nods to the crowd, looking to wrap this up for good and all as he runs the ropes!
















Is fading.

The roar of the crowd reaches a fever pitch, but as Lacklan mercilessly arches the hold back further with that cold stare in her eyes, Wright sees that he’s still just too far away. The desire to continue to fight and win just isn’t strong enough at that point to overcome the pain his senses are in.

And finally…

He goes to sleep.

As his eyes close fully, the referee goes into position, raising and dropping Mark Wright’s arm.

It falls for the first time.

It falls for the second time.

And finally, it falls a third and final time as the bell rings.


HHL: What a match, Pip! I don’t think anyone expected such an explosive performance from Mark Wright in his first ever match, but Sarah Lacklan proved exactly why she was a former Universal Champion!

Pip: Bet he’s feeling pretty proud of himself, alright, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. But I bet you Sarah Lacklan definitely has her sights set on Mark Flynn, now…

Finn Kühn is backstage, getting ready for what’s set to be a big match upcoming against none other than Atara Themis. He pulls his tape over his wrists before practicing some shadow boxing combos in the mirror, having his game face on and looking ready. Nodding, it looks like he seems rather satisfied with everything, and pounds his fist together as he gets ready for action.

However, all is not what it seems. Out of the corner of Finn’s eye, he sees one of the overhead lights is turning… progressively orange?! His brows furrow at the sight, realizing something is very wrong all of a sudden as he turns to look at it.

“What… the fu-”


THE OVERHEAD LIGHT EXPLODES AS FINN GETS BACK! And raining from the busted light is none other than… a large pile of Halloween candy?! Finn looks bewildered at the sight, cocking his head up and seeing a small note also floating down and landing on top of the candy.

Hesitantly, as if expecting something else to pop out of the candy as well, Finn carefully makes his way to the note, before picking it up and reading it. The camera can’t quite make out what it says… but it’s enough for him to grit his teeth, before crumpling the paper and putting it into his pocket.

“Why do I have to bother with her…?”

The vicious chords of Beware immediately come onto the PA systems as the fans pop like crazy. Whether they love or hate the man who's about to come on out from behind the stage, they can all admit that he knows how to make an entrance.

“I close my eyes and seize it!”

“I clench my fists and beat it!”

“I light my torch and burn it!”

“I am the beast I worship!”

No sign yet from the man himself in the back, but that's not stopping the fans from getting into things. Many of them are swaying along with the beat and singing along with the lyrics. The result is an almost electric atmosphere with many people on the edge of their seats in sheer anticipation.

“I close my eyes and seize it!”

“I clench my fists and beat it!”

“I light my torch and burn it!”


As MC Ride transitions into the first proper verse, John Grayson comes out from the back with that confident, shit-eating grin. Right now, at this moment, he's the man of the hour and he knows it. He holds his arms out as he poses at the top of the ramp, the fans around him giving a mixed reaction. The lyrics progress, and as they near the end of the first verse John conducts the crowd along to continue singing.

“Wage war like no tomorrow, 'cause no HELL there won't be one!”

“For all who deny the struggle, THE TRIUMPHANT OVERCOME!”

Without any further delay, John Grayson proceeds to make his way down to the ring. He gives some scattered high-fives and motions for a few hot girls in the front row to call him after the show, before fixating his eyes right into the center of the ring. Bouncing on his toes at ringside, John rolls into the ring and quickly flips up onto his feet from the prone position.

As Beware continues echoing throughout the arena, John Grayson poses once more for the fans before picking a corner and sticking with it. With his tongue licking his lips in excitement for what he'll be getting into after the show, it's clear his enthusiasm right now at this very moment cannot be understated.

It's time to go to work.

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

- vs -

The ring bell goes to start the match, John Grayson steps up to John Black and starts trash talking him.  Suddenly Black hits him with an almighty uppercut that sends Grayson stumbling backwards.  Black follows up landing a heavy FLYING LARIAT which puts Grayson down. 

Black helps Grayson to his feet and sets him up for BLACKLISTED a.k.a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, and rolls ontop of Grayson.





PIP: "Wow that one is over real fast,"

HEATHER: "Didn't get time to settle in,"

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

Metalingus by Altra Bridge hits the speakers.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldn't be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:
[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

ANNOUNCER: “And now, standing tall at 6'0" and weighing in at 227 lbs., from Osaka, Japan, “The Lion”... RAIOOOOOOOOOOON… KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

"The Deathsurround" by Butcher Babies hits the speakers and Geri Vayden makes her way to the ring.

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -


As the match starts, Mastermind and Raion Kido burst to either side of them and throw Geri and Marf out of the ring! Geri Vayden goes sailing over the top rope with a hellish clothesline from Mastermind whilst Marf Swaysons takes a nasty spill to the outside with a shotgun dropkick from Kido!

The crowd pop as Mastermind and Kido pace the ring and look at one another sizing the other up, Kido gives a smile as Mastermind stares him down giving a nod of respect as Kido thumbs his nose and gets into a fighting stance which Mastermind matches.

HHL: Geri and Marf are out of the ring setting up for a classic one and one between these two competitors.

PIP: Vayden spends more time on the outside than the crowd at this point.

Kido and Mastermind get into a collar and elbow tie-up, Mastermind getting the advantage quickly and locking Kido up in a headlock and wrenches at the neck but Kido travels back getting to the ropes and pushes back, slipping through the headlock and throwing Mastermind into the ropes. Mastermind comes back and drops low avoiding an incoming attack from Kido who is forced to jump over; Mastermind gets back up quickly and hits the ropes and the two sprint at each other meeting in the middle but Kido manages to leapfrog over Mastermind and carries on his sprint returning for a lariat but Mastermind drops Kido with a quick arm drag which bowls him over.

Mastermind steps back to assess the situation as Kido slowly gets to his feet giving an impressed nod as the crowd clap and chant on each competitor.

HHL: Kido said Mastermind never stood a chance in his promo, looks like old MM still has gas in the tank to impress this young star.

PIP: I think Kido is just impressed Mastermind can do an arm drag.

Mastermind charges and goes for a low dropkick but Kido jumps over the attack and Mastermind has to scramble to not go to the outside and gets up into a sprint to meet Kido once more but is stopped short with a slingblade from Kido! Raion kips up and strolls the mat as Mastermind gets to his knees quickly and stares at Kido who throws his right fist into the air and poses to the crowd.

HHL: Gotta love the mind games.

Mastermind gets to his feet cracking his neck and the two lock up once more; Mastermind focuses on Kido's joints and gets in a tight key lock twisting at Kido's shoulder and wrenches down on Raion's arm before throwing a knee into the back of Kido's leg and locking in a headlock adjusting the hold hoping for the Mind Sleeper!

But Kido flails and moves toward the corner whilst Mastermind is at his back and Kido leaps up getting two feet on the top turnbuckle and pushes off bowling Mastermind over and goes up and over with a bridging pin and the ref slides in for the count!






Mastermind rolls to his feet as Kido meets him and chops Mastermind's chest and sends him reeling with a loud crack! Mastermind then avoids a follow-up right hook and pats down an incoming jab and a discus clothesline is countered as Mastermind gets to Kido's back and gets Kido to the mat with a big back body drop! Mastermind transitions, hooking both legs of Kido and standing up trying to lock in the MIND CONTROLLER!

PIP: Mastermind looking to end things quick but can he lock it in!?

Kido pushes his weight to the side and Mastermind struggles to turn Kido over.

MM struggles but Kido is still too fresh, still too strong!

Mastermind strains himself but Kido manages to slip a foot loose!

Kido kicks Mastermind off and rolls to his feet, MM hits the ropes once again and returns looking for a spear!

But Kido hops up and drops two feet down on Mastermind's neck! The crowd pop as Mastermind drops like a sack of bricks and Kido tries for another pin attempt!





KICKOUT! At 2 and a half!

Kido sits up into a seated position and barely ducks an incoming low kick from Marf! Kido gets back up fully and throws Marf to the canvas with a German Suplex, Marf lands hard but stumbles back to his feet stumbling into the ropes and coming back at Kido who counters with...


Kido roars as his right fist connects to Marf's chest and he is out!

Kido covers!






A double axe-handle stops the pin but Mastermind is back up and whips Vayden away into a short arm clothesline, keeping a hold of the arm and wrenching it down before transitioning into a nasty armbar! Geri screams in agony as Mastermind tries to pull Vayden's arm out of her socket but before Geri can tap Kido is in play and breaks the hold with a stomp to Mastermind's hand and Geri's arm.

Geri rolls to the apron and Mastermind meets Kido again; a slingblade from Kido is spun out of and Mastermind gets to Kido's back trying once again for the Mind Sleeper but Kido quickly gets an arm to his neck to block the attempt but Mastermind uses it to his advantage and drops Raion with an arm-trap release German Suplex! Kido lands hard on his front and Mastermind rolls to his feet, slapping the mat as he picks Kido back up by the hair but Kido swipes down Mastermind's arm and lets loose throwing a series of quick precise punches into Mastermind's body!


Raion screams with each deadly hit from Lightning Plasma!

Mastermind is down for the count as Kido gives his final hit and sends Mastermind over the top rope and to the outside!

The crowd are fully on Kido's side as he comes to the center of the ring and examines the crowd before performing the Lion's Roar along with all the fans.

HHL: Kido is FIRED UP!!!

Geri Vayden comes out of nowhere and tries to takedown Kido who stands his ground, getting an elbow to the back of her neck before following with an uppercut then sending her into the corner! Kido sprints up to Geri and hits a devastating high knee! Geri falls forward but Raion Kido catches her and begins to scale the turnbuckle with her in his grasp and the crowd chant on as Kido sails through the air with Geri!


The top rope release German suplex sends Geri into the opposite corner and Kido gets back to his feet with claps from the crowd and heads to Geri, grabbing her legs and pulling her into the center of the ring but before Kido can do anything Geri surprises Kido with a small package!!! The ref goes in for the count!



Kickout before 2!

As Raion Kido gets out of the attempt and transitions quickly into...


A tight and painful Cattle Mutilation has Geri screaming in pain!

But Mastermind is back in the ring!

He moves towards Kido to break the hold but is blocked by Marf!

Mastermind halts suddenly and trips Marf onto his back and quickly locks in...


Mastermind's signature Boston Crab has Marf reeling!

Every time Marf goes for the ropes, Mastermind adjusts his body and bends his spine further.

Geri Vayden is down and trying her hardest not to give in!

HHL: Heaven's Treasure versus the Mind Controller! Who will win!?

Marf is inches from the ropes.

Geri is biting her lip not to give the verbal tap out.

The ref is in the center of both men, looking back and forth.

Geri is about to give in!

Marf slaps the mat once unable to touch the ropes!



The ref calls for the bell and a split second later Marf taps out furiously.


Mastermind shakes his head frustrated as Kido releases the hold and celebrates as his theme plays us to commercial.

The big screen lights up showing a scene within what looks like a mid to high range counselor’s office. Seated in a leather wingback chair is a woman in her mid forties dressed in a pantsuit writing on a steno pad. As the camera swivels around a boy can be seen lying on a leather davenport. He’s stimming furiously and his eyes are locked on the ceiling above him.

The counselor ceases writing and sets her pen down on the steno pad and watches the boy stim for a moment before breaking the silence.

Counselor:  Ok Julian, how about we try something fun? Your mother told me that you like comic books, video games and action movies. How about we try something involving all three? It’s a game of sorts. In this exercise we’re going to investigate what you think is the ideal protagonist.

The boy snaps out of his almost trance for a moment and looks at the counselor.

Julian: Protago-what?

Counselor: Protagonist means… A hero, yes a hero. Let’s investigate what you think the ideal hero would look and act like? Does that sound like a fun idea?

Julian’s eyes return to the ceiling and he nods absently as he continues to stim.

Julian: Like Nathan Drake in Uncharted or Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3 or Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider or…

The counselor interrupts Julian.

Counselor: Let’s try to avoid just listing off all of your favorite protagonists…er...heroes. What I want to know is what you, a nine year old boy, thinks an ideal hero would look and act like.

Julian nods again and is noticeably stimming less. He likes the idea.

Julian: I guess he would be kind of like He-Man. The hair at least. His hair would be bright yellow and he’d have to be pretty buff. He’d need those big muscles to pull rocks off of grandmas when buildings fall onto them. He’d be really strong.

The counselor scribbles down some notes.

Counselor: Good. He-Man. Continue.

Julian: And he would root for everybody.

Counselor: Root for everybody? What do you mean by that?

Julian: He would think about more than himself. He would think about everybody else and he would want the best for them-everyone. He would do anything he could to help them, ‘specially if they were in danger. He totally would. AND he would have, like, all of the money so he could help the people who don’t have the money.

Counselor: So he would be a bit of a philanthropist.

Julian furrows his brow as he looks back at the counselor for a moment.

Counselor: Um, a philanthropist is someone who donates money, time, their own skills or expertise to help create a better world.

Julian nods.

Julian: That, he’d be that. He also wouldn’t be afraid of being beaten up or losing. No matter what happens, he would be able to get back up and dust himself off. He wouldn’t give up.

Counselor: This is good Julian, keep going.

Julian: He would probably believe in God and he might even still believe in Santa Claus. My big sister told me Santa isn’t real so I would want this guy, my guy, to believe in Santa and maybe even find proof that Santa is real.

Counselor: Is belief in God important to you?

Julian: Yeah. I think that God is important for people because they try to be better at life if they believe in God.

Counselor: Ok. Is there anything else that ‘your guy’ would do?

Julian: He would fight bad guys and monsters.

Counselor: Bad guys?

Julian: Yeah, bad guys. Like big guys who want to hurt the people who haven’t done anything wrong. My guy would want to protect those people so he would fight the bad guys, even if the bad guys were bigger than him.

The counselor takes down a few more notes while Julian continues.

Julian: He would fight monsters too. Like big ones. Bears too. Yetis. And he wouldn’t be afraid of the dark. Or maybe he would be afraid, but he wouldn’t let that stop him from facing the monsters. Oh and he’d be brave. Really brave.

Counselor: He sounds brave, especially if he’s fighting bad guys and monsters.

Julian: Yeah, for sure. He would be so brave that he could even cry if he was feeling sad. He wouldn’t get embarrassed about being himself.

Counselor: Well, this hero of yours sounds like quite the guy.

Julian: He is. He’s also really gentle with creatures like kittens and baby deer.

Counselor: Fawns.

Julian looks confused for a moment.

Julian: Fawns too. Yeah. He would even save spiders, even if they’re the big scary ones. He would use glass jars and if anyone was curious, they could see the spider before he let it go.

Counselor: So in summary,

She checks her notes.

Counselor: Your guy would be strong but sensitive. He would be wise, but silly at the same time. He would have incredible physical strength and strength would be paired with a mental strength and security in self. He would have no fear of failure or success.

Julian: And he’d have blonde hair like He-Man.

The counselor chuckles and makes another note.

Counselor: And blonde hair like He-Man. Got it. This is really good Julian, you’ve never opened up to me this much before and I really like it.

Julian: It’s fun. I like my guy.

Counselor: Me too Julian. So… What would you call your guy?

Julian thinks mulls over that question for a moment before coming to a bright realization.

Julian: Oh, I know! I’d call him…

The camera fades out from what was a frantic and fast-paced Fatal Four Way match, now jumping to the backstage area as Finn Kühn seems to be walking at a frantic pace backstage, as if looking for someone - or someplace. He checks every single locker room door, trying to find the one that matches up with the one he read in the note earlier, before finding the appropriately numbered door.

Finn knocks, clearly expecting a response, however… no one answers.

He tries again, however it produces much of the same. Finn looks clearly exasperated as he calls out.

“I know you’re in there. Open up already so we can discuss this like adults.”

Fed up with this, Finn opens the door, only to see that it was unlocked the entire time, with no lock on the inside of the door. He steps into the locker room, seeing none other than Jacki O’Lantern sitting on one of the nearby benches and gorging herself on candy.

“Took you long enough to come find me!” Jacki says with a honey-tinted smile at the King in Rags.

Finn sneers at her, sauntering inside as the door is left just slightly ajar. Clearly unamused by Jacki’s games, Finn gives her a cold stare as he speaks.

“Okay, so this isn’t the first time you’ve tried targeting me. Everybody and their Mom can figure out you were the one targeting me back at Solstice last month. What gives?”

Jacki thinks on it for a moment, debating internally if she should actually tell Finn, before she decides to do so and looks at him. “Well, it’s not like I was going to hide that fact about targeting you last month if you came to find me. Anyway… it’s simple, y’know? Not for nothing, but you really don’t know how to have fun at all in your life. That’s what professional wrestling - no, actually. That’s what life is all about! You need to learn to enjoy yourself! That’s why… I went ahead to play pranks on you! To try and put a smile on your face!”

A moment of silence passes as Finn seems utterly flabbergasted at Jacki’s explanation. He walks forward again, chuckling out of sheer disbelief, before managing to form words. “Fun? You think exploding pumpkins and raining lights are what’s considered fun? Having fun doesn’t matter in the slightest to me, but you have an odd definition of the term ‘fun.’”

“Is it really?” Jacki points out. “I mean, not for nothing, but… it’s not like I went ahead and harmed you at all, when we both know I could have done that a few times over. I thought the candy would be a nice surprise for you, really.”

“Well, it’s not,” Finn says as he’s now coming closer to Jacki, who stands up as the two are now almost face-to-face. “Knock it off, before I make you.”

“Sorry,” Jacki shrugs as she steps away from the candy pile, leaving Finn now next to it as she heads to the door. “But for all the times you like to put yourself on a high and mighty pedestal, it’s time you learn a lesson yourself. If you wanna make me stop, you’ll have to fight me. How does… the Denzel Porter Invitational sound?”

Finn stops and considers the matter himself for a moment. He stares at the pile of candy for a while, mulling it over, before twisting his face into a sneer once more as he shakes his head and turns to face Jacki again. “No deal. Go find someone else to take part in your silly circus.”

Jacki looks genuinely disappointed, frowning at the response, before she gives an exaggerated sigh.

“Well… if you really feel that way…” she says as she stares at Finn, before coming closer to the door. “…Then you can reconsider your options for the night.”

Finn widens his eyes as he realizes what Jacki’s intending to do, but he’s too slow as Jacki slams the locker room door right in his face! A click can be heard as it turns out, the lock was switched around to be on the outside of the door! Finn tries opening the door and barging his way through, but to no avail!

“Damn it- LET ME OUT!” Finn shouts in vain, pounding on the door as Jacki skips away. And from the sound of it, no one else seems to be coming this way any time soon… “Oh, I’m going to relish getting my hands on her…”

HHL: Jacki O’Lantern just trapped Finn inside her own locker room! How the Hell is Finn going to get out there to face Atara Themis now?!

Pip: Who even knows where Atara is herself, Heather?! I haven’t even seen her backstage all show! I don’t think you can hold the match, considering everything!








The lights in arena turn into an explosion of pinks, purples, greens, rainbows, unicorns on fire, lucky charms, rivers of sugar, and mountains of Meow Mix Ocean Explosion tuna treats as Angelica Vaughn walks out onto the ramp. She pauses with her hands on her hips, letting her cape sway gently, and gives her opposite coast home crowd a wide smile. Behind her, a blur of black and red speeds forward and under her arms as Sarah Lacklan slides in front of her and matches her pose, her head nearly a full foot under Angie's. Sarah tilts her head way way way back and up and flashes her Billion $$$ Smile, and the two wink at each other. Angie then takes her hands off her hips and pushes Sarah forward, making the former Universal Champion squawk in wide-eyed surprise, before the two make their way down the aisle.

Halfway there, Angie slows to a stop, her face turning slack, with her jaw falling to her chin. Ahead of her, Sarah sighs and rolls her eyes before backing up to Angie and, with a gentle firmness, pulling her away from that Cute Boy she had noticed sitting in an aisle seat. Angie looks longingly at the verified Cute Boy while Sarah shakes her head.

Once at ringside, Sarah slides into the ring underneath the ropes as Angie climbs the steps. Sarah gets to her feet and pulls down the top rope with all her weight, allowing Angie to step over the top rope like the most giant of giant wrestlers. As Angie walks to the center of the ring and stands with her hands on her hips, Sarah takes a microphone from Tigs and gives her a big wink.

SARAH: Hello, everyone! My name is Sarah Lacklan-

The crowd, dutifully, responds with the sound of a trumpet’s fanfare.

SARAH: World’s Greatest Life Coach and I am here to introduce to you the very FIRST member of the Family First of the XWF and my absolute (non-spouse) #RideOrDie. She is standing at the eternally totes-too-tall height of five feet and eleven inches...


SARAH: ...and weighing in today at about...oh...I'd say about thirteen or fourteen well-fed kitties...and because she likes dumb, useless, God-awful farm chores-

Sarah shutters in disgust.

SARAH: -she is fighting out of the Supes Totes Amaze Ranch in Texas...she is the Leggy Blonde of Legend…President of the Deborah Hodge Fan Club…the FUN-raiser of the XWF...the Vaughnemous A.N.G…

The crowd waits patiently as Sarah takes a deep breath.


Angie raises her hands into the air as a bedazzled spotlight shines down on her.


The crowd breaks out into a chant as Angie leads them with pumps of her arms.


John Madison Jr. makes his way to the ring, holding his share of the tag team championships.

The tag champs coalesce in the ring, and appear to be going over strategy.

There’s anxiety falling over the arena as several minuets have gone by now with no sign of the challengers.

PIP: Heather, out of nowhere as this match seems to have been booked, I ust say this is a highly anticipated contest.

HHL: You can get a real sense of that by the way these fans seem to be getting restless. If Dolly Waters and Charlie Nickles don’t arrive soon, this match might have to be forfeited.


Dolly Waters' famed theme song bursts through the arena speakers, to a mixed reaction from the audience. But it’s been playing for a few moments now, and still no signs of the challengers.

HHL: What in the world is going on here Pip?

PIP: WAIT! I’m now receiving word, Heather, that Charlie Nickles was…


Dolly Waters emerges from the back, a perturbed look on her face as she’s pushing Charlie Nickles in a wheelchair…?

PIP: This confirms exactly what I’m hearing, Heather! …that Charlie Nickles was involved in a car accident on a turnpike here in New Jersey, and was seriously injured.

Charlie appears to be comatose. A blood soaked white bandage wrapped around his head. Dolly strolls the wheelchair down to the ring with purpose, the features on her face growing with frustration as she stops just short of the apron and produces a microphone.

Cut the damn music! Not like these idiots in Jersey actually have good taste anyway…

The music is cut, and boos from the audience fill the stadium

This situation is an absolute disgrace! My tag team partner, the BELOVED Charlie Nickles is in serious need of accommodations here, and leave it up to the knuckleheads in XWF management to totally fumble the ball once again. 

HHL:What is she talking about, Pip?

But what else can you expect from a bloated company like the XWF, who swallows multi million dollar lawsuits on the daily to not be prepared for something like this? I mean… we’ve made accommodations to the ring for multi dimensional space aliens, for werewolves, vampires, even literal fucking gorillas- but you mean to tell me we don’t have a wheel chair lift available for my tag team partner?


…and via some OSHA-BBB-XWF bylaw, that my legal team WILL find, if this accommodation is not made right now, this match will be forfeited by the on behalf of the XWF and those tag team championships will be awarded to the discriminated against party here… that being myself, and Charlie Nickles!

PIP: I… I don’t know if any of what she’s said just now is true…

HHL: Well, it’s certainly stirred something up from corporate, because look here!

A team of ring technicians suddenly emerge from the XTron, carting down to the ring what appears to be some type of lift mechanism.

Well, it’s about damn time!

The ring technicians begin going to work, as Angie Vaughn and John Madison Jr. exchange an inaudible back and forth discussion with the ring official, confused about why a man in a wheelchair is going to be allowed to compete in this match…

The camera cuts back to Pip and Heather

PIP: Ummm, to our audience watching from home, we must apologize on behalf of the XWF. This is a situation unlike any we’ve seen before unfold on live programming, so we’re working through these technical difficulties alongside you, and will hopefully be returning with more action packed content after a word from our sponsors…

PIP:Twenty minutes has passed since the XWF Tag Team Champions arrived at the ring. One can only imagine what type of souring that might’ve done to their juice heading into this contest, but it does appear now that this match for the tag team championships is about to begin.

The mechanical wheelchair lift has been installed next to the ring, and very slowly, the still comatose Charlie Nickels is being lifted in his wheelchair up onto the ring apron.

Dolly exchanges some terse words with the ring officials before shooing away the ref who asks if she’s ready to compete.[/color]

- vs -

The bell rings, and FINALLY, this match is underway.

We start off with John Madison Jr. and Dolly Waters. JMJ approaches Dolly for a handshake, and after some hesitation, she accepts the sportsman-like, yet very naive offer. Dolly grabs onto JMJ’s arm and begins twisting her hands around, giving him a gnarly Indian Burn, and follows up with a fierce spinning kick to his sternum.

JMJ stumbles back, but is in tremendous shape and recovers quickly. He looks upset by Dolly’s trickery, and moves in on her with purpose. Waters shifts around the ring in a way that keeps the referee awkwardly blocking JMJ’s path to her.

He runs in for a short arm clothesline, but Dolly avoids the contact by rolling out of the ring. The referee begins a count…



JMJ heads out of the ring to chase after Dolly, while Angie begs Madison to let their opponents be counted out, but it’s too late. Just as JMJ turns the corner his met with a leg trip from Waters, who quickly hops off the apron with a diving knee that connects with JMJ’s temple just as he goes to stand.

The ref has restarted the count since JMJ left the ring, and is now up to a four. Dolly has re entered the ring, and has walked over to Angie Vaughn, sharing some unpleasant words with one half of the tag team champions.



Dolly peaks over her shoulder and notices JMJ starting to make his way up onto the apron, but just as he gets a leg through the ropes, breaking the count, Dolly is there, blasting him back off the side of the ring with a shotgun dropkick. The ref begins the count again, much to the dismay of the audience, who are booing and pelting the comatose Charlie Nickles in his wheelchair, and the bowing Dolly Waters in the center of the ring, with various items of trash.

A frustrated Angie Vaughn is pleading to the ref, but he informs her that no rules have been broken. Again, Dolly approaches Angie, taunting her. Begging her to come through the ropes for a fight. The ref gives Dolly a warning. Noticing something from the corner of her eye, Dolly begins pleading her case with the ref, and then puts on an oscar worthy performance. Deliberately widening her eyes, and looking terrified, she makes the ref believe that Angie is coming through the ropes to attack her, and just as he turns around to look, Dolly turns, timing a perfect crotch punch to JMJ who was just stepping back in the ring to continue the match.

Vaughn is livid, screaming at the ref now, who begins screaming back.

This distraction gives Dolly the opportunity to take even further advantage. She mounts JMJ and slings forearm down across his head, followed by another, and then hammer fist down on his nose. Blood gushes out immediately.[/color]

PIP: Heather, the booing from this capacity crowd might be one of the loudest reactions I’ve ever sat through.

HHL:Who can blame them?! This entire match has been a sham thus far!

PIP:Dolly Waters did vow that she and Charlie Nickles were going to steal these championships away from Vaughn and Maddison Jr. and it looks like they’re well on their way to accomplishing that tonight.

HHL: “THEY’RE”?! Pip, look at Charlie Nickles…

The camera cuts to a close up of The Nickleman’s face. Hi eyes are rolled into his skull, and his tongue is dangling from his mouth,

HHL: …he’s so drugged up he looks to be in an entirely different universe! This has been all Dolly Waters tonight, and for such a respected and talented athlete, it’s truly a shame to see her stoop so low.

Just before the ref turns away fromhis argument with Vaughn, Dolly delivers a well timed rake to the eyes of JMJ, but out of nowhere the talented rookie channels some fight and clobbers the challenger in the face. Dolly falls back, and next thing we know she’s being suplexed down to the mat with incredible force.

JMJ goes for the cover…



The sudden explosion of offense has Dolly reeling as the crowd goes wild. An arm drag flings Dolly into the turnbuckle where her neck whips back violently.

The exertion of that offense, combined with the damage he’s sustained has left JMJ unable to capitalize any further, as he’s down on the mat, trying to catch his breath. Vaughn starts clapping. Getting the audience to join in as she reaches her arm out, begging her partner to find the will to make the tag.

And he does!

The stadium comes unglued as Angie pounces towards Dolly. Quickly, Waters scrambled over to Charlie, grabs his arm through the ropes, and makes a tag herself.

Just as Vaughn is about to attack Waters, the ref steps in between them, reminding Angie that Charlie is the legal man now. Dolly then begins arguing something with the ref. The look on his face is one of exasperation as he orders Dolly out to the apron, and then makes some sort of hand signal.

In just a few short moments, the ring crew again comes down to the arena, and begins disassembling the bottom and middle ropes. This makes a path just big enough for Charlie to be rolled into the ring, and it’s none other than Dolly Waters who does the honors.

Vaughn is perplexed, she doesn’t know weather to attack Dolly or Charlie, but she doesn’t get much time to think this over…

Dolly begins ramming Vaughn with the wheelchair. The metal plates holding Charlie’s feet bashing into the tag champion’s shins.

Dolly continues to roll Charlie at Angie with incredible force, screaming louder with each lunge.

Vaughn has had enough…

When Dolly rolls the chair towards her again, she leaps over it, kicking Dolly in the face, and blasting her back. Vaughn follows up and begins punishing Dolly with a series of Muay Thai kicks before clobbering Dolly with the VAUGHNEMOUS!!!!

Waters falls out of the ring, leaving only Angie Caughn and the literally handicapped Charlie Nickles. But back in her corner, JMJ is pleading for a tag. After a moment of deliberation, Angie smiles knowing there’s no way JMJ can screw this up. She makes the tag, and JMJ immediately goes to work, tagging the defenseless Charlie in the chest with some well placed chops.

The strikes rolling him backward near his corner. JMJ begins to lift Charlie’s legs, preparing to lock in his famed figure-four submission, when suddenly he hear a ruckus.

It’s Angie! She’s being attacked from behind! Dolly has tied the free ring rope around Vaughan neck and is strangling her! Just as JMJ runs over to assist, Dolly drops from the apron and runs around the ring.

After a moment or so, JMJ finally frees the rope from Vaughn’s throat. Her face is nearly blue, and she appears to be in no shape to continue. JMJ is enraged. He turns around, but unbeknownst to him, Waters had already made a sneaky tag to Charlie.

JMJ runs at Charlie, but he’s intercepted by Dolly, who arm flips him to the ground, and locks in the Rolling Waters submission!!!

JMJ tries to break free, and for a moment looks like he’s about to reach the ropes with an outstretched hand- but Dolly uses a free leg and begins stomping on his fingers just as they're about to touch the ropes.

She repositions and rolls Maddy Jr. back into the center of the ring, and fully locks the submission in again.

Vaughn tries crawling into the ring, but she’s too weakened, and it’s too late anyhow…

JMJ is forced to submit.

Winners-and NEW XWF Tag Team Champions-Dolly Waters and Charlie Nickles

Dolly rushes over to the ref and snatches both tag titles out of his arms, then proceeds to pose with both straps in the center of the ring.

HHL: Pip, the tag team championships have just been STOLEN by Dolly and Charlie!

PIP: Its a miracle!!!

Charlie Nickles has made a sudden and full recovery, as he leaps from his wheelchair and hoists Dolly up onto one shoulder. Matching her around the ring as she continues lifting both of the tutors with psychotic tears of joy in her eyes…

The cameras cut to the X-tron as the capacity crowd at the first ever Weekend Warfare is buzzing. Already an action-packed card, it hasn’t disappointed. The lights turn purple as a theme they haven’t heard for a while begins to play, accompanied by white and purple smoke.

The crowd begins to go wild, some with cheers, some with boos, as the old theme for Jenny Myst begins to play. Up on the screen, purple words flash 3 times before sitting stationary on the giant video board.

[Image: z8MuE9j.png]

Pip: WHAT?!

Heather: WHOA!

Out of the smoke steps Jenny Myst, a big smile on her face, the X-Treme championship around her waist.

Pip: I thought this segment was dead and gone when she…..ya know……

Heather: Went crazy?

Pip: Yeah, that.

Behind her out of the smoke steps a large man in a mask and wearing all black clothing. Upon closer look, we see it is Elijah Martin. He appears to be playing some sort of bodyguard or private security role.

The two walk down to the ring, Martin following close behind, and walk up the steps, entering the ring. The ring has 3 chairs, two of which have a microphone on them, and a table which also houses a mic. The mic on the table has a purple handle with silver bedazzled rhinestones.

Pip: So, the Queen’s Court is back apparently.

Heather: And Elijah Martin has apparently been hired as the Queen’s private security guard.

Pip: “Well it clearly wasn’t working out here, maybe his job as Jenny’s grocery getter will be a more fruitful endeavor for him.”

Jenny grabs the mic off the table, and Martin stands behind her with his arms crossed.

JENNY: “It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? With everything that went down, I’m sure you won’t blame me when I say I wasn’t exactly in the mood. But now, I am back, I am feeling good, and the Queen of X-Treme is ready to hold court once more!”

The crowd is a mix of boos and cheers.

JENNY: “One thing this show was known for was getting interviews with the biggest names in the business, giving Savage fans their money’s worth. I am not the same person I was then, where, I’ll admit, it was all about me. My spotlight, my fame, my segment, me, me, me, me. Then, after it took off a bit, I realized how important this show was to the advancement of feuds, pushing of names, setting up matches, you name it. I began to realize that I was doing good for XWF, not just for myself. After my mental er—-episode—I tried to have this spot from my boiler room office but other than that weirdo Charlie Nickels, let's just say it was difficult to get guests of merit. So I am here, finally feeling somewhat okay, and I have booked perhaps the biggest guest ever on this show for the first ever Weekend Warfare!

Pip: With the track record of this segment, that literally could be anyone.”

Heather: “Be nice.”

JENNY: “So without further ado, let me introduce to you my biggest guest ever and the man I have been able to call my ‘friend’ as of late, the XWF UNNNNIVVVERSAL CHAMPIONNNNNNNN….MARK FLYNNN!!

The crowd roars as the camera’s cut to the entrance way. Flynn comes out with the XWF Universal Title over his shoulder. Jenny claps in the ring, stomping her feet with excitement. Flynn walks down the ramp with a confident smirk on his face, as if he is amused that Jenny asked him to be the first guest of the show’s return. He’s sporting a headset mic and his trademark pinstripe suit. He’s gesturing at the crowd, yelling at them to ‘CALL NOW’ as yellow letters and a phone number flash on the screen under his face.

He walks up the steps, entering the ring, as Elijah Martin steps up next to Jenny. Flynn pays him no mind, but gives him a side eye as he adjusts the headset microphone closer to his mouth.

JENNY: “Don’t worry about him, he’s here in case any of the also-rans with grandeur dreams try anything funny during our chit chat.”

FLYNN: JEN-JEN! I don’t *worry* these days. I’m TOO FUCKING SUCCESSFUL TO WORRY! FEAR is a poor failure’s game and I’m AWASH IN FUCKING TRIUMPH.
Jenny smiles.

FLYNN: Speaking of which, let’s MOVE SOME FUCKING PRODUCT. Ask your questions!

Jenny looks at Mark with wide, child-like eyes, like the next thing she is going to say is the most important thing ever said to anyone.

JENNY: “So I wanted to thank you, Mark Flynn. Thank you for believing in me when nobody else would, thank you for having my back when the entire fed turned against me…..

Flynn claps his hands emphatically. FLYNN: JEN-JEN, THAT is the beauty of the Optimal Path. When the entire world turns its back on you, THAT IS WHEN YOU ARE YOUR STRONGEST. When the Universe puts obstacles in your path, like a broken leg or a traitorous partner, it only does so that you might find the inner strength to LEAP OVER THAT HURDLE. Then, you TOSS OFF that FAILING APPENDAGE. It was holding you back the whole time.

JENNY: “.....but everyone counted you out, didn’t they Mark? Ten years in the making. TEN WHOLE YEARS. That's two full hands. Ten years and now all of the sudden you’re the flavor of the week, the cream of the crop, the topping on the sundae. Big match after big match, from the XWF to the Cannabis Cup. From Atara Themis to Raion Kido you’ve conquered them all with relative ease, making us wonder if Mark Flynn is ever going to beat in singles competition……..”

She smiles a devilish grin.

JENNY: “Or rather…….when. Who is going to be the final Jenga block to send the legacy of Mark Flynn crashing down to the tabletop? Who is going to be the one that finally stops the unstoppable?”

She raises a questioning eyebrow toward Flynn.

Heather: She’s trying to bait him into saying something he shouldn’t here. Classic move.

PIP: This feels like a trap.

Flynn’s eye twitches at the implication that his title reign will ever end. But, he keeps on his salesman smile.

FLYNN: JENNARINO! I didn’t just conquer the Mountain Top… I am THE MOUNTAINTOP™. I am THE BRAND ON WHICH THE XWF STANDS™. The Optimal Path sent TEN YEARS OF SHIT MY WAY… And it made me stronger and stronger and STRONGER AND STRONGER. And now? My dominance is inevitable! My REIGN WILL BE ENDLESS. I’ve accomplished what only TEN OTHER superstars have done in the entire history of the XWF… Held the title for over 111 days! That’s something that my ol’ buddy Theo Pryce NEVER ACCOMPLISHED… That’s something that his golden child whose TOO STUPID to figure out how to open his 24/7 briefcase to get at the contract inside, Raion Kido could NEVER DO…

Flynn’s smile gets juuuuuust a little bit wider.

FLYNN: And Jen-Jen? While I’m bringing up stats, it’s juuuuuust a day longer than Chris Chaos’ reign with the belt. So… No. The unstoppable? WILL NEVER BE STOPPED.

The crowd buzzes, Jenny looks out at the crowd and nods with bright eyes.

FLYNN: I’m trademarking that, by the way. Mark Flynn. THE UNSTOPPABLE™.

Jenny smiles, back to a grin.

JENNY: “What if I told you I know someone who deserves a shot? That I know someone who has the tools to take you to the absolute limit. Someone who has been to the mountaintop before, and is wanting ever so much to get back there again? A man who transcends time, is a main eventer everywhere he goes, and has “BIG MATCH” all but tattooed on his forehead?”

Flynn has an amused smirk on his face.

FLYNN: “Aw, Jenalicious… I think we just covered that your little boy-toy, Chaos is INFERIOR TO ME. He’s not as Corporate as I am. He’s not as chaotic as I am… And at this point, I have two more wins over Raion Kido than he will EVER HAVE… HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Jenny laughs, slapping her knees.

JENNY: HELL NO! Good guess, but no. Chris is happily sitting home sipping margaritas on Clearwater Beach, waiting for that call from Theo Pryce to come back and put someone else over. No…….this is a man who just may have more gold than Chris Chaos, a man who is more decorated in more feds than anyone I can think of over the last half decade……”

FLYNN: More decorated… In more feds? …Oh, God. Is Theo dipping so deep into his shallow pool of challengers to  that he’s about to throw FUCKING CENTURION AT ME…?

JENNY: “Nopers. Without further ado, let me introduce to you the man who should be next line to challenge you for that Universal Title…………”

The crowd roars as Peter Vaughn steps out onto the ramp way. He’s got two championships on either shoulder as he walks forward, grinning at the reaction he’s getting both in and out of the ring.

Pip: Oh my god!

Heather: How did she set this up! Match-maker Myst may have just given us our Snow Job Main Event!

Jenny is clapping as Mark in the ring, looking less than amused.

Vaughn enters the ring and looks at Flynn before grabbing a mic. Jenny is clapping like a child, excited beyond belief. The two share a look for a moment, then Vaughn sits down.

JENNY: “PETER! Thank you for joining us on the QUEENS COURT.”

VAUGHN: “Good to be here, Jenny. Thanks for inviting me. Hey, Mark, how are you doing this fine evening? I heard a rumor that you’re looking for a contender for that title of yours.”

JENNY: “You are the one that first came to mind when I thought of who should challenge Mark at Snow Job. There are a lot of big names on this roster and lord knows Theo and the Vin Man love to pull out the red carpet for their geriatric friends for Pay Per View one-off’s when they're either sick of the current champ or need ratings……but you……you’re…….relevant. You’re a name that fans around the wrestling world recognize. Name a fed, name a fanbase, chances are they know who you are. We needed a world wide name to challenge Flynn, and unless Alias comes back anytime soon…..well……”

Pip: “Is she calling Peter Vaughn a consolation prize?”

Heather: “Shhhhh”

JENNY: “Tell us….Peter…..tell us now in front of the world on the first ever Weekend Warfare why you should be the one to take the title away from Johnny boy….”

Pip: She’s really stirring the pot here….this isn’t even an official match and she’s going to make these two go at it.

Vaughn seems to chew on that question for a moment. He lifts the mic to speak…

FLYNN: WAIT A MINUTE… Waaaaaait a minute.

BUT, Flynn waves his arm between Vaughn and Jenny, drawing attention back to himself.

FLYNN: …Ha. Hahaha… Let me cut in for a second and explain WHY Peter Vaughn WON’T be challenging me for the XWF Universal Championship.

Jen side-eyes Flynn, interested in what he has to say. Vaughn leans back, equally interested.

FLYNN: See, Vaughnie, here and I… Comprise the MOST DOMINANT DUO in the WGWF. Together, WE dominated the field… We finished first and third in a field of twenty top-tier talents… And if one TALENETLESS HACK, Tristan Slater… WHO I WILL REMIND YOU, HAD HIS TITLE REIGNS STRIPPED FROM HIM FOR STEROID USAGE… Hadn’t ILLEGALLY gotten involved in the match AFTER he’d been eliminated. Vaughn and I would have finished first and second…

Flynn elbows Vaughn in the ribs affably.

FLYNN: Of course, we don’t need to speculate who would have finished first between us two… Because, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE TOGETHER… WE TWO are the reason that CCPE is known the world over as the most dominant organization in the wrestling industry today… And if Theo Pryce… OR JENNY MYST… Think they can stir the pot with something so TRANSPARENTLY STUPID as trying to goad Vaughnie into going after my belt… They have another thing coming! Right, Vaughnie?

Flynn slaps Vaughnie on the back… Staring at him with a faux-friendly smile on his face…

Jenny is on the edge of her seat, awaiting Vaughn’s answer.

VAUGHN: “To get back to your question, Jenny, I’d like to point back to a little bit of history. You know, in early 2022, I had one of my biggest runs ever. I won the TPW International Championship, taking down Drew Archyle & Xavier Lux. I claimed the PW Valor World Title by winning the Roth Invitational Tournament. And I went to the top of the XWF by defeating a man named Jim Caedus, becoming the XWF Universal Champion.”

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Caedus’ name, with Vaughn seemingly agreeing with that reaction.

VAUGHN: “I know, Caedus has an interesting reputation nowadays, but don’t take away from his title reign… which I ended, becoming a World Champion in three feds at the same time. It was quite a rush for me, one that I’ve yearned to experience again. So skip to today. Once again, I’m TPW International Champion. I won the West Coast Rumble to become the WGWF World Champion. And now… it just seems like the perfect time to come for that XWF Universal Championship once again, even if you, Mark, are currently holding that title. Hey, I don’t make the rules… friend.”

Jenny, loving this drama on her show, brings her mic back to her mouth with a shit eating grin.

JENNY: “You two are adorable. I love this! I am so happy both of you fine gentlemen did me the honor of coming on the show today! It’s just a shame that one of you two top-notch competitors has to lose at Snow Job. I, on the other hand, am going to win. I am going to win and be thhhhhhhhiiiiiiissssss much closer to a briefcase, so best best believe I’ll be watching this match closely. I’ve never been more anxious to watch a Universal Title match before, and I know that no matter who wins…….2023 is going to be chaotic. Just know this boys……The Queen of X-Treme has eyes on you both….and that.”

She points at the Universal Title over Mark Flynn’s shoulder.

Flynn smirks, and Jenny, now off the chair, steps up to him. Flynn stands up, which prompts Elijah to get between him and Jen. The two bumps chests. Martin doesn’t back down from Flynn and you can cut the tension with a knife.

Pip: “Things are about to explode here! Why does this always happen on Myst’s ‘talk show’?”

Heather: “It’s good television, Pip! She knows what the people want!”

Pip: Total chaos?

Heather: Exactly!

Flynn sizes himself up against the masked monster, Martin…

He lifts his hands up acquiescingly… Like he’s about to back down and return to his seat…

Martin takes a half-step b-

WHAM! Flynn hauls off and decks Martin. He flies back, knocking over two chairs as he tumbles to the mat. Flynn turns around, in a fighting stance, to face Vaughn. Jenny gets between them……

”JENNY: WHOA WHOA WHOA! FELLAS! Let’s not compromise our health before the Pay Per View! I need one of you to be healthy!”

She pushes her arms out to try to separate them, and just when it looks like things are settling down….

Pip: You’ve got to be kidding me! What the hell does he want!

Goth steps out onto the ramp way, his face dead serious as usual.

Heather: He said on the Savage Solstace he wants a title shot! He wants Myst to know she has to get through him before she gets her hands on one of these two!

Goth walks down the ramp, up the steps and to the ring as Jenny continues to try to hold Flynn and Vaughn apart. Elijah Martin is back to his feet, making his way toward Flynn.

Pip: Goth is not afraid! He is walking right into the lion's den here, and this situation just got a hell of a lot more chaotic!”

Goth grabs a mic, and gets right up in Jenny’s grill.

GOTH: Oh hi Jenny, remember me??? The man that you promised to put that championship belt on the line against????

Jenny, now incensed, shoots Goth a look of daggers.

JENNY: “I said it before, Goth, and I’ll say it again……a little louder for everyone in the back…..……….. “

Elijah now steps up to Goth, attempting to separate him and Jenny. Jenny grabs her title off the small coffee table set up in the middle of the ring, and steps back to Goth. She holds the title in the air right in front of his face.

JENNY: “’re going to have to kill me to take this from me.”

GOTH: I have been competing since I have entered this company to get my stinking hands on that championship or any other championship belt for that matters!!! You think you can withhold me from obtaining that belt?? You have beaten me, I give you that… But I need you to put up or shut up one more time… Because I intend to take you down.

This time, Jenny is the one who loses her cool.

She turns away, and then when she whips back around she brings a hard slap to the face of Goth. He rears back, but has a sick smile on his face. He shoves Jenny, who falls onto her backside. Elijah Martin steps in and decks Goth, who begins swinging on Martin. Jenny is back to her feet and assists Martin, as all three are a Tasmanian Devil of punches in the far corner.

Flynn is going to exit the ring, but when he turns he bumps into Vaughn, who is standing in his way. He smiles, goes to move around, but Vaughn doesn’t let him by. Vaughn smiles, and taps the title over Mark’s shoulder. Flynn says something to him and the two get ready to leave the ring……

Goth shoves Martin into Vaughn, who stumbles back into Flynn. Flynn turns around and sees Vaughn, who has also turned around. The two think that one shoved the other, and tempers flare over. Those two come to blows in the center of the ring, knocking the chairs and table over.

Pip: I guess the show is over! This is chaos in the ring! All 5 XWF superstars and our two Snow Job Main Events have come unglued! We gotta go to a commercial!

Heather: She wanted this! You know this is exactly how she planned it!

The show goes to commercial as fists fly in the ring.

Limp Bizkit's- Rollin' starts blaring over the speakers and Ring Master makes his way to the ring.

"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell starts blaring over the speakers and The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

- vs -

PIP: The bell has rung, and for the first time in history, the XWF Television Championship is under defense here on Weekend Warfare!

HHL: Oh, you can feel it in the air, Pip! These fans in New Jersey are foaming at the mouth for this contest! 

Though separated by only four inches in height, the mass and weight difference between Ned Kaye and Ring Master is startling. The crafty veteran, Ned keeps his distance throwing a few kicks towards the shins of Ring Master who’s charging in towards the champion like a bull.

Ned dances, and rolls away finding his back facing the turnbuckle as he avoids a shoulder tackle from Ring Master.

The challenger makes a goofy face at Ned, sticking his tongue out, and shakes his hips around in a confident manner, perhaps trying to distract the champion before charging again. But the big splash is avoided and Ring Master flies into a Ned-less turnbuckle, halting his momentum. Ned delivers a quick dropkick to the challenger’s back which bounces him out of the corner.

Kaye makes a quick vault towards the short side of the ring ropes, and on the rebound, leaps up and connects an impressive spinning heel kick with Ring Master’s skull.


HHL: Ned Kaye with a quick cover here!



RingMaster bench presses Ned off from his cover with ease. An impressive showing of strength lifts the champion into the air, where he then lands back on the canvass awkwardly on his shoulder.

HHL: OH PIP! Ned Kaye appears to be in a lot of pain, he’s howling out in agony here.

PIP: A shoulder injury is serious stuff, Heather. We’ll see how that plays out of the duration of this match.

Ned is up on his knees, grasping at his right shoulder, but he has no time to recover before RingMaster sends an ugly looking right boot directly into Ned’s deltoid.

Ned flops on his back and begins flipping around the ring, screaming out. Ring Master lifts Ned by the hair, and vertically presses the champion up above his body, then takes off running towards the corner.

SNAKE EYES! …but shoulder first into the top turnbuckle…


Ned is in bad shape, the challenger has him pinned into the corner now, thrusting his own, perfectly healthy, perfectly massive shoulder into Ned’s pecs. The champion is having a hard time breathing.

RingMaster laughs and does a little dance before wrenching the arm attached to Ned’s bad shoulder and whipping out of the corner- only far enough to jerk him back around and whip him right back toward the turnbuckle.




Is caught by the challenger, he spins Ned around and blasts him with car collision of a clothesline! Ned flips in the air, and as fate would have, lands directly on the bad shoulder again.

PIP: Folks, we were all looking forward to a very competitive match here for the Television Championship tonight, but thus far this has been a one-sided affair.

HHL: Injuries often occur in our profession, Pip. And when they happen during a match, especially at the very beginning, they can be almost impossible to overcome.

Ring Master begins stomping the shoulder again. Again he wrenches Ned up from the canvass by that arm, and whips him into the ropes. RingMaster hits the opposite set and charges to the side of Ned. three-hundred and twelve pounds of pure muscle, running full speed, crushes the champion with a running body block.

RingMaster goes for the cover, being sure to press down hard on that injured shoulder.




Ned Kaye has kicked out!


But RingMaster doesn’t look concerned, instead the big man laughes and proceeds to pummel Ned with a series of closed fists to the forehead, before lifting the champion again, and running through a serious of moves, one more devastating than the last. A body toss is followed up by a jumping splash, and then gorilla suplex… OVER THE TOP ROPE!

And my goodness, Ned just keeps landing on that damned shoulder!

The ref begins a count while Ned tries to recover on the outside…



PIP: Ned Kaye very well could be counted out here!

HHL: Yes he could, but I don’t believe RingMaster will allow that. He knows full and well that the title can only change hands by pinfall or submission.



From inside of the ring, the Master of this squared circle awaits for Ned to get to his feet on the outside, and just as he does, grimacing, and holding his shoulder- RingMaster charges…



A diving spear through the ropes!!!


Ring Master’s head smacks into the barricade as the ref starts a new count



Both men are down, Ned Kaye, perhaps, taking the opportunity to recover while the challenger appears to be busted open, and in bad shape after that miscue.



Ned gets to his feet, and gingerly, he rolls under the bottom rope. He lies on his back for a moment on the canvas before getting to his feet. He punches his own deltoid, jerking his shoulder around as his face twists with pain.



PIP: Now it appears that RingMaster might be counted out, he’s barely begun to stir on the outside and looks to be losing a ton of blood from his forehead!


Ned hears the count and his eyes bulge from his skull. He looks at the ref, then to his shoulder,


Then to the ropes, and then to RingMaster who is just now getting to his feet.

Ned grabs the ropes, and springboards over to the outside!




But not just any ordinary powerbomb…

RingMaster takes off running with Ned on his shoulders and releases him, a massive powerbomb into the steel ring steps! Ned’s shoulder, again, taking the brunt of the impact. The stairs explode, as Ring Master watches Ned’s body twist up like a pretzel, a deranged look in his eyes as the blood oozes down from his forehead.

He wastes no more time.

RingMaster lifts Ned up and throws him back into the ring. He gives the champion a moment to get to his feet, and charges after him… THE RINGER!


Ned spins to avoid the running headbutt, grabs RingMaster by the arm, and pulls…


Ned covers!




RingMaster kicks out at 2 ½!!!!

Against all odds, Ned Kaye has fought back in this match, and appears to be setting RingMaster up for a big move. He scales the turnbuckle, waiting for the challenger to stand.

Going for another big hurricanrana!







Ring Master crumbles to the mat…

A desperate, gassed and broken Ned Kaye collapses on the big man for the cover…





Ned Kaye celebrates in the ring with the XWF Television Championship when the lights go completely dark inside Prudential Arena which brings a massive response from the XWF crowd…

A spotlight hits the top of the ramp and…. There’s no one. The spotlight goes dark with a second spotlight that illuminates over Ned Kaye where the cheers immediately shift to a mixed reception as Ned Kaye looks up toward the entrance ramp in a state of confusion yet standing behind him in the ring barely caught by the spotlight is CHRIS PAGE.


PIP: I thought he told the XWF to take a long walk off a short pier.

HHL: He did but he also has a title shot that hasn’t been given to anyone else just yet.

Ned starts to turn around and he now locks eyes with Chris Page. CCP blows Ned a kiss before the spotlight above Kaye goes dark a third time. This time the house lights come up revealing Ned with his fist clenched, ready to throw hands but he’s now alone. Some confusion comes over Ned’s face as the mind games continue to be played by one Chris Page.

The camera comes back from comercial to focus on backstage, where TV champion Ned Kaye is walking back to his locker room after his successful defense.  Suddenly a flying hammer comes out of nowhere and hits Ned Kaye in the back of his head.  He hits the floor immediately.   

Kris The Hammer Von Bonn walks into view of the camera and up to the fallen Ned.  He picks up the TV title, looks at it, and places it down on the back of Ned.  He bends over, and whispers to Ned.  The camera zooms in to hear:

"I don't want a title challenge Neddy, but I do want a one on one non title match with you sometime over the next month or two.  I'll let you know when, enjoy your little headache,"

Kris picks his hammer up, and walks off.  Mastermind comes into shot ahead of him, and has a shocked look on his face, as he watches his stable member walk past.  He has a good association with Ned, but he has to side with his stable mate.  The camera fades out.

HHL: It has been an INCREDIBLE first Weekend Warfare!

PIP: Anyone worried that consolidating XWF content from two shows to one meant we’d be halving the action? I hope your fears have been THOROUGHLY assuaged tonight!

HHL: But we’re not done yet! We have the first XWF Universal Title match of the new year! As the self-proclaimed master of the Optimal Path, Mark Flynn, takes on that fiery technician, Latina Submission Machina!



The crowd hails down a maelstrom of boos.

Mark Flynn, the Universal Champion, rolls through the curtain in a red bomber jacket. At the top of the ramp, he turns back and extends his arm outwards…

Across the back of his jacket, it says "King of the Midcarders".

He turns around… And the camera pans across the Universal Championship resting on his shoulder.


HHL: Mark Flynn… A [i]controversial
champion to be sure. But, I have to acknowledge a fighting champion!

PIP: Yes!

HHL: A dominant champion.[red/]


[red]HHL: …Well, I wouldn’t go that far.


HHL: …Jesus, Pip. I was just trying to say a few nice things about him to get you off my back for once…


Flynn rolls under the bottom rope. The official reaches out to take the belt… Flynn retracts it from him for a moment, squinting, as if he has to decide if this official is worthy to even touch the belt…

Finally, he hands it over and heads to his corner…

As soon as LSM's theme music hits the speakers the lights go dim as the crowd starts cheering for their favorita luchadora. As the bass bumps through the arena the crowd chants along to the slightly modified music. A spectacle of green and red pyrotechnics shoot up twenty five feet in the air from their base on the entrance platform. A complimentary arrangement of pyro shoots up through the four turnbuckles of the ring.






A green, a red, and a white spotlight shine down from the rafters, randomly perusing through the rambunctious crowd as they await the beloved Machina! After a few seconds all three of the spotlights are directed towards the entrance tunnel.

Who's this?

Latina Submission Machina pops out onto the illuminated entrance ramp alongside an additional burst of multicolor fireworks. The crowd pops hard for the luchadora!


”AND THE CHALLENGER! Weighing 145 pounds and standing at 5 foot seven inches tall, fighting out of La Ciudad de Juárez… LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!

The luchadora bounces around just outside the tunnel before greeting the crowd satisfied smirk. LSM flips her hair to the side before she poses at the top of the ramp. With a big chip on her shoulder, she makes hands around her waist, like she’s got space for a belt! But, that space will be full tonight!

LSM starts walking down the ramp amidst thunderous applause. The multicolored spotlights follow LSM every step of the way. The soon-to-be champion briefly pauses to give out a few high fives and to take a few courtesy photos with the front-row fans.

HHL: Wow! Anyone who says LSM doesn’t have star quality has never seen her full intro! The crowd LOVES her!

PIP: Y’know what else they love? WRESTLING, Heather! How long does LSM have to take to get the ring already?!?

When she finally hits the squared circle Latina Submission Machina slides beneath the bottom rope and into the ring. LSM lets herself be checked by the referee before she starts pumping up the crowd to cheer louder. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Once she's content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go.

HHL: Well, we’re finally on the cusp of this match! Get ready for a technical showcase between two masters of the squared circle! Mark Flynn is the self-proclaimed greatest wrestler who ever lived.

PIP: And Machine is also a wrestler.

HHL: …How droll, Pip. I’d like to remind the audience that Machina has picked up some major upsets from opponents underestimating her. The moment you count LSM out, that’s the moment she pulls a victory from out of nowhere!

The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins reveling in the applause of her fans as she blows many kisses out to the crowd.

The official directs both Flynn and LSM to the center of the ring! He delivers commands! Then he signals to the timekeeper! The match begins!

- vs -

Flynn and LSM stand face-to-face. LSM looks fiery and ready to rumble, hopping from foot to foot. Flynn tilts his head to the side, looking like he’s sizing her up….

HHL: While we have two technicians in this match, they have two very different styles! Be prepared to see a battle for pace and control throughout this match…

PIP: Also, don’t go to the bathroom, you might miss this one!

LSM beckons Flynn forward, ready to grapple.

Flynn slowly lifts his arms, ready for a collar-elbow tie-up! LSM leans in to grap-

WHAM! With a two-handed palm strike, Flynn manhandles LSM to the mat! She lands on her back, somersaulting back to her feet… As Flynn points and laughs…

HHL: Disgusting. Flynn, obviously not taking LSM seriously in the early-going…

Flynn walks back to his corner, leaning over the rope to yell at the crowd. ‘IS THIS YOUR HERO? IS THIS WHAT YOU THINK A CHAMPION IS?’

Flynn turns around an- WHAM! LSM delivers a running dropkick straight to the back of his head! Flynn flops, looking dazed, back first onto the mat!

HHL: Never turn your back on LSM! If you’ve been keeping track of our X-Treme Title content, you know that La Machina can strike at ANY TIME!

LSM dives ontop of the woozy champ! The official counts!



Flynn emphatically lifts his shoulder on the one-count!

HHL: Interesting choice by Flynn to not use the full three-count to gather his wits… Is the pride of the champion going to wear him out quicker…

PIP: …No! Ridiculous question!

As Flynn paws woozily at the air, clearly still dizzy from that kick, LSM pounces on him, scooping him by the neck off the mat…

She pushes Flynn back into the ropes, looking for an irish whip… BUT Flynn clings to her neck, preventing getting flung! He backpedals, pressing his body against the ropes!

The official comes in to break up the clinch… But while he’s counting outside the clinch, Flynn sticks his hand in between his face and LSM’s and RAKES LSM IN THE EYE!

HHL: Despicable thumb-to-the-eye by Mark Flynn!

PIP: Are you kidding me, Heather? He pulled off that cheap shot RIGHT in front of the official! That’s MASTERFUL right there!

LSM covers her face defensively, pressing against her eye… As Flynn wraps her in a sideheadlock and WHIPS HER TO THE MAT!

”C’MON! Flynn howls as he clenches tighter on LSM’s throat. ”YOU THINK YOU CAN OUTWRESTLE ME? DO IT.”

HHL: “Flynn obviously unhappy with LSM’s claims that she’s a better mat technician that he is…”

As Flynn grips the side headlock, he suddenly rolls over his body, switching from a side headlock to a rear choke…


In a flash, Flynn drives his knee into LSM’s spine. Reflexively, her arms shoot back, which Flynn grabs, seamlessly transitioning into a surfboard stretch.

HHL: I will say, as I have in the past, I do not like Mark Flynn as a human being. That said, he is putting on a submission clinic tonight.

LSM squints, she tilts her body to the left, trying to power out of the surfboard stretch… But Flynn holds on tight, overpowering LSM, keeping her in the hold!

LSM tries shifting her arms to the right… BUT Flynn shakes his head, forcing LSM back deep into the surfboard stretch.

HHL: This must be agonizing for LSM. The pressure on the lower spine, wrenching the arms out of place! Weakening the joints second-by-second…

LSM leans forward, attempting another escape… Flynn tries to lean forward as well to keep the hold tight…

BUT when Flynn leans forward, LSM backward somersaults out of his grip and catches the champion in a head-scissors! Flynn tries to twist out! But LSM’s legs are wrapped tight! It just becomes a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! INTO A HURRICANRANA!

Flynn flops facefirst onto the mat… Which LSM neatly transitions into a crossface!

HHL: Holy Hell! We’re very early into this match, and LSM has created two opportunities for a huge upset victory!

In the center of the ring, LSM has Flynn in a crossface! But she hasn’t latched down his arm between her legs… She just wrenches him back against his own spine… Flynn’s eyes widen in profound pain!

The official stands over Flynn, asking if he wants to tap out! He shakes his head…

LSM yanks back even tighter, to increase strain on the back…

BUT FLYNN SHIFTS HIS HIPS AND KICKS BACK AGAINST THE MAT! LSM keeps the hold… But her shoulders are pressed against the mat!

The official drops to count…



THR-NO! LSM releases the hold to break the pin!

HHL: Clever move by Flynn. He couldn’t break the hold, but he could make LSM choose between breaking the hold herself or getting pinned.

PIP: Flynn ABSOLUTELY could have broken that hold himself, Heather!

HHL: Then, why didn’t he, Pip?

PIP: …

Flynn paws himself away, to create distance from the challenger… But LSM latches onto his foot! Dragging him backwards and latching her arms around his waist!

HHL: Waistlock! Flynn might in deep trouble here!

But in a flash, Flynn grabs LSM’s ankle and lifts it! She flops backfirst onto the mat… And Flynn twists her into an ankle lock!

PIP: MASTERFULLY DONE BY MARK FLYNN! What a counter, immediately asserting a control which he will NEVER LOSE.

Flynn applies torque to the ankle, twisting it in mid-air. Flynn lifts it high, standing…

LSM tries to battle against his efforts to raise her limb…

When Flynn goes with the flow! Pressing LSM’s ankle downward, then WRAPPING HIS LEG AROUND, trapping LSM into a heel hook!

PIP: Incredible gambit by Mark Flynn! Deceiving LSM into trapping herself deeper into his leg-oriented submission! Not only with this move END THE MATCH RIGHT NOW.

HHL: Debatable.

PIP: But, even if LSM can escape, it will hamper her speed for the rest of the match…


LSM’s hand shakes… Flynn rolls back and forth, to apply additional tension to the ankle… LSM’s contorts in agony! On her elbows, she crawls… Dragging Flynn’s deadweight…

A foot away from the rope…

Six inches from the rope…

HHL: Incredible strength by Machina! Flynn gave up his footing, which gave him less ability to drag Machina back away from the rope! Flynn traded control for pain exerted and LSM is finding a way to fight through it…



The crowd applauds…

But Flynn doesn’t break the hold!

The official stands over him, counting!





Flynn breaks the hold!

The official yells at him to obey his commands at all times.

Flynn holds up all the fingers on his hand back.


LSM clutches her twisted ankle to her chest, obviously in a lot of pain…

Flynn walks behind her and STOMPS HER DIRECTLY ON THE OTHER ANKLE!

Machina cries out in pain.

PIP: Forget becoming Universal Champion, LSM might never walk again after this match!

LSM tries to cover her ankle from strikes, but that just prompts Flynn to stomp her hand against the mat!

After several more calculated stomps onto LSM’s joints, Flynn kicks Machina in the side… Machina flips from her front onto her back…

Flynn presses a boot on her chest.


The official counts…



THR-Machina forces a shoulder up!

WHAM! Flynn boots her straight in the chest.


He presses his boot down again…

The official counts…



THR-NO! Once more, Machina forces the shoulder up.

HHL: Say what you will about Machina’s work ethic, (Flynn certainly had a few unkind things to say this week), but you can’t deny her fighting spirit.

The crowd comes to a roar, chanting Machina!

Flynn looks around, furiously at the arena chanting her name. He once again demands ‘IS THIS WHO YOU WANT AS YOUR CHAMPION’

Flynn raises his foot to stomp again…

BUT LSM LATCHES AND TWISTS! Pulling off an impressive dragonscrew from the mat to force Flynn to the mat and herself back to her feet!

HHL: Wow! Incredible quickness by LSM!

Flynn tries to scramble to his feet, but LSM catches him with a dropkick to the chin!

Flynn tries to get back to a vertical base! ANOTHER RAPID DROPKICK STRAIGHT TO THE DOME…

Flynn woozily backs up into the corner…

LSM climbs the ropes… Albeit slower than usual.

PIP: Clearly some of Flynn’s assault on LSM’s ankles have reduced her speed a bit…

HHL: But will it be enough for Flynn to take back control…

LSM mounts Flynn’s neck!

HHL: LSM is looking for a Frankensteiner!

LSM tilts backwards…


PIP: Uh oh! LSM went to the high-risk district and now she’s about to pay the price…

LSM waves her arms… Flynn stands up…


HHL: HOLY HELL! WHAT A SLAM! That one just might have done it…

Flynn stacks LSM’s shoulders onto the mat… The official counts…





BUT LSM managed to snag her on ankle on the bottom rope!

The crowd pops!

HHL: Incredible ring awareness by LSM! She somehow dug deep enough to get foot on that nearby bottom rope!

Flynn stands up, pumping his fist like he just won the SuperBowl… It takes a few seconds for the official to get him to turn around to see LSM’s foot on the bottom rope… He cradles his head in disbelief.

HHL: At this point, if you’re Flynn, you start asking yourself… What do you have to do to put this woman down for the count?

PIP: If you’re Flynn, you do whatever it takes. And that is exactly what Flynn is willing to do…

Flynn exhales… And grabs Machina by the arm… Dragging her limp, deadweighted body to the center of the ring…

PIP: Here we go! Flynn is about to close this match up! One Fujiwara Armbar coming up!

Flynn twists LSM’s arm behind her back…

PIP: YES! Fujiw-

But Robyn rolls! Tripping Flynn up onto his back… And before Flynn can fight to his feet, Machina gets his back and locks in… THE DRAGON SLEEPER!

HHL: Machina’s signature move!

Machine torques Flynn’s airway closed… Flynn paws at the air helplessly…

Arms swinging about! He’s nowhere near the ropes!

HHL: Machina might have him! We might have a new Universal Champion!

Machina leans back… Flynn’s eyes start to flutter… He might be passing out…

Flynn… Flynn!

Flynn bridges his feet up on the mat, pushing Machina’s shoulders against the mat!

PIP: The same way he taught NK to counter Machina’s Dragon Sleeper over a year ago!

The official counts…




Machina, at the last second, rolls her shoulder off the ground!

But, when she does, Flynn rolls against her, breaking her grip, and taking her back! He grabs her arm!



LSM screams, tortured, as Flynn cranks her arm straight out of its socket, driving his full weight into snapping her shoulder joint into bits…

PIP: Incredible counter by Flynn! LSM scouted Flynn’s dragonsleeper counter from their first tag match… But Flynn was ready with a counter to her counter!

LSM’s arm shakes… She tries to hang on…






Flynn immediately releases LSM’s arm… Lying on his back, completely spent… The title belt is handed off by the timekeeper to the referee, who drapes it over Flynn’s exhausted body. He cradles it to his chest…

HHL: What a showing by Latina Submission Machina… Who demonstrated to the world she has all the tools in her toolbelt to one day become Universal Champion!

PIP: But it wasn’t enough, Heather! The Optimal Path rolls on. And Mark Flynn, having successfully defended his title for the FOURTH TIME… Remains DOMINANT as Universal Champion!


A big thank you to those who wrote matches for the first ever Weekend Warfare:

Atticus Gold
Dolly Waters
Mark Flynn
Finn Kuhn

And a big thank you to those who wrote segments for Weekend Warfare

Jenny Myst
Chris Page
Kris The Hammer Von Bonn
Finn Kuhn
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