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You're a joke Cletus.
Author Message
Lord Raab Offline
"The Green Disease German Monster"

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Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

01-11-2023, 04:57 PM

All Lord Raab could do was laugh, knowing Cletus had tried everything to get Lord Raab pissed off, only he ended up laughing at him as he was at the exact location as usual due to him being uncomfortable doing videos anywhere else, but the back alleys and with slime and green flame in barrels. Nothing was different, and he continuously laughed at Cletus.

Lord Raab: "You're the biggest fucking joke I've ever met in a wrestler. You're weak-ass insults. You've been completely worthless, so why bother wasting time with me? Even Jason Cashe, I could take more seriously than you. Let's go with body shaming since you love to do that, you worthless piece of shit. So fucking, what do you know? At least my body size is somewhat normal for my height. Imagine being six feet tall, eight inches, and weighing way below the average body mass. You're skinny as fuck. Also wrestlers are more taken seriously if they have muscle and built bigger than skinny pricks like yourself"

Even Lord Raab wasn't that stupid about the mass index, and he knew it was a valid point as Henry stood well in the background.

Lord Raab: "Last I checked, you have a problem with me and thank god, this match is a steel cage match because who fucking cares what celebrities do in the movie's world. What about wrestling? Ever since you came here, you've spoken nothing but a bunch of bullshit that is completely irrelevant to wrestling. Everything I've ever spoken about has been about wrestling. Because unlike you, I give a shit about wrestling. You're pathetic, honestly, and I don't care what you say about me since nothing you say will be relevant to me or your worthless lies."

Raab laughs because he can't take Cletus seriously, no matter how many times Cletus interrupts matches of Lord Raab's, and the flames grow more extensive, and the slime is placed all over the pavement.

Lord Raab: "Do you honestly think your attacks will bother me? Granted, it did slightly against Jason Cashe, but I don't know what the fuck your problem is with me. I think you're the one being a weak little bitch here because your trash talk is nonsense. You've made no fucking sense in what you say to me. No fucking sense in your attacks on me. Also, show no fucking commitment of how desperate you are to wrestle, apart from when you trashed me, which again, you didn't even trash me that good."

It was to the point that Raab thought everything about Cletus that more or less praised and respected Jason more than he did with Cletus.

Lord Raab: "Of course I'm ugly, I never thought I'd be getting complements like that because I fuck people like you up. In my opinion, good looking guys shouldn't be in this business, knowing their face gets fucked up and I'm glad I'm not a good looking guy. If I was, I wouldn't be a wrestler. See, nothing you've said makes sense. You couldn't be violent just looking at you. You're a lazy hack wrestler. I mean, that's coming from me, but at least I take pride in fucking wrestling matches and want to be all barbaric and hardcore. You're utter scum. You only had one match here the entire time. Where's the work you want to put into this business? I never came here to win titles, I have another company to do that, but I came to fight because I'm fucking dedicated to this sport."

Henry saw that for the first time, Lord Raab was serious and he didn't really want to be. He should've been an asshole, but he hasn't been really, until now.

Lord Raab: "I came to brutalise pieces of shits like you that have no fucking place in this business. I think you're a sack of shit. I think you're jealous that people actually enjoy seeing me put out barbaric matches, while people turn their heads of you. Nobody gives a fuck about you Cletus. Nobody cares if you walk down to the ring and win against me. But you won't because you've done one match and even that was pathetic. You continued to attack me and that's the worst thing you can do to a diseased monster when you're full of poison. You're literally a poison to the wrestling business."

Nodding his head as he takes a break from speaking and although he wanted to end things there because he didn't really want to waste his time talking crap about Cletus.

Lord Raab: "You've proven nothing and the only thing I want to do to you is fuck you up. Congratulations for doing something that rarely any wrestlers have done, make me fucking likeable because you started all of this and you're going to pay the fucking price. You talk a lot of shit and you're a shit wrestler and a shit person. I have no reason to feel threatened by you. Instead, the threats I will dish out to you will be in the cage, causing you to bleed and it couldn't go to someone who fucking deserves to be bled, deserves to be injured and wheeled to the hospital."

He has a short break of drinking some water.

Lord Raab: "I'm winning because it will be for a good fucking cause on a worthless man who thinks looks matter, who thinks people don't get their face broken and beaten. You will experience that with me when I fuck you up so bad that you won't be standing after the match. Prepare to be Raabinated by The Green Disease German Monster, bitch."

Camera goes black.

[Image: AgO3KzJ.png]

[Image: bcywcYD.jpg]

I love AJ Allmendinger.
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