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The Super Dear'o

XWF FanBase:
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01-11-2023, 03:20 PM

From Ruby’s Go-Pro

The scene upon which we are thrust, is a rather unfamiliar one. For the Banana-Lime Blur was cornered. Outnumbered. Outmatched. Indeed, she had sprung a trap that she had not foreseen. A trap that not even Clark, as Ruby called the Man of Steel, could’ve seen coming with his X-Ray vision. A trap that not even Pete and Miles, as Ruby called the Spideys, could have sensed.

Clutching her lower abdomen, bent over and breathing heavily, Ruby looked up at her assailants. There were half a dozen, most of which had knives drawn and were slowly inching towards her. The Super Dear’O’s vision was partially clouded by tiny wisps of breath that escaped her mouth through the chilly air. Her eyes darted back and forth, trying to find an opening that didn’t exist. An escape route that wasn’t there. A chance to strike that would inevitably be met with the cold, piercing strike of steel.

Ruby: “Well, flip. Looks like I’m done for. Only a deus ex machina or undeserved plot twist can save me now! Funny, my guys. In a way, I always knew it would come to this. I’ve been lucky many times. But you can only evade fate for so long, it seems. There’s a lot I have achieved, but there’s so much more that I wanted to do. Just… if anyone finds this recording, tell Centy… Tell him that I-…”


Suddenly, from atop a nearby rooftop, came crashing down a tiny ball of relentless energy. Zooming and dazzling, she took down Ruby’s assailants before they had a chance to react, putting them to sleep in the blink of an eye.

Ruby: “Pebs!”

Pebbles: “Rubs!”

Ruby: “You were supposed to patrol the south side, what are you doing here??”

Pebbles: “Saving my mentor’s life, it seems like! I had a feeling you needed help, and a good thing I followed my gut instinct, like you taught me!”

Pebbles, Ruby’s trusty sidekick for quite some time now, was the tiniest Hero in the biz. Clad in Ruby’s colors and armed with her own array of gadgets, she was a force to be reckoned with yet easily underestimated. But she had never let that stop her from achieving greatness. Ruby straightened herself and grabbed Pebbles by the shoulder as a gesture of appreciation.

Ruby: “I taught you well, my gal. But the fight ain’t finished yet. You took down but a fraction of their forces. The bulk of their troops are holed up inside of their stronghold. Let’s go!”

Ruby tried to lead Pebbles there, limping from the hits she’d taken and blows she had absorbed. Her sidekick caught up to her and stopped her.

Pebbles: “Rubs! You’re not okay! You need to rest. That Servals game took a lot out of you, and we encountered way more villains than we had anticipated tonight. And then there’s still Anarchy you need to be ready for!”

Ruby sighed and halted. She appreciated Pebbles’ concern,  but she didn’t want to shy away from her responsibilities.

Ruby: “You’re right, Pebs. Maybe I’m just getting old. But like I tell myself every night I go out there and do… this… I know what I signed up for. And whatever I sign up for, I see through.”

Pebbles knew better than to argue with Ruby and her code… a code that had been drilled into her from the moment she signed up to be Ruby’s sidekick. Her concern wasn’t gone, but she was all the more determined to make sure that the both of them would get to go home safe and sound, while the citizens of this town slept comfortably.

Ruby jogged over to a nearby dumpster and used it to scale a nearby wall and get onto a rooftop. She brandished her Rubygoggles from her tool belt and started to survey the area below. Pebbles got out her replicas and followed her example.

Ruby: “FLIP!”

Pebbles: “FLIP!”

Ruby: “Do you see it?”

Pebbles: “I see it!”

Ruby: “That means it’s do or die, my choom.”

Pebbles: “And we don’t feel like dying today, do we?”

Ruby: “Not now. Not soon! Never! Cleaning out that rat’s nest is not going to be a walk in the park. And I have many more citizens to protect, and an Anarchy Championship to defend!”

Pebbles: “You can do it, Ruby! You’ve taught me anything is possible, no matter who you are!”

Ruby was beaming with pride at this point. Sure, she had accomplished a lot in her life. Winning wrestling titles, protecting the innocent, spreading the good word… But nothing could compare to helping a sorely overlooked and downtrod woman overcome her fears and anxieties and turn her into a superheroic, inspirational force for good.

Ruby: “Ya know what, Pebbles? You’re right. I had to fight hard to win my Anarchy Championship back. At one point even I started to doubt whether I could do it. But you can never give in to doubt, or it will consume you. So I won’t give it up so easily now. Tommy Wish won’t be a walk in the park either. But he has already taken a boot from me that I never got back, in spite of a strongly worded letter with a 5,000 word essay on how stealing is wrong attached. I won’t let him take my title belt away from me, either!

We finally managed to restore order to Anarchy, right before we rolled into 2023. And Tommy’s wish, upon a star, will be that he finally gets the better of me. But wishes only come true in two cases: if you’ve been a good boy, or if you leave an offering to the tooth fairy. The former is a no-go. And he’ll have plenty of teeth to offer, but only after he already lost to me again. Now let’s go and discard these villains. On three! One, two,---”

Pebbles: “Last one’s a rotten egg!”

Ruby: “Flip! Wait for me!”

*end broadcast*

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