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What's Beyond My Eyes?
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01-10-2023, 06:13 PM

The scene opens with a view of HGH just sitting in a chair in a dark room. He’s facing the camera wearing a white suit and a white tie. He has a drink sitting beside him on a stand next to the chair. He looks at the camera and he cracks a smirk.HGH reaches down for his drink, picks it up, and takes a drink. As he sits the drink down. A TV kicks on and on the screen is the first meeting between HGH and Jason Cashe. HGH watches the screen as he watches Cashe bashes his face in with a brick.

"Jason Cashe, oh how I've wanted to bash your skull in since that day. Since that day. Now it seems as though I get my chance, and this time Cashe I'm coming to collect a debt. You see, you took advantage last time and good on you for that, but make no mistake about it, this isn't going to be your regular old wrestling match. It's gonna be a slugfest, one i don’t intend on losing. Now, this match for you, well you'll probably think it's in the bag for you. You see that card and think to yourself, thanks, another easy win."

HGH stops for a moment and smirks, shrugs his shoulders, looks back up at the camera, and grins.

"I want you to keep thinking that way. Please do, because I want you to be comfortable with yourself after I’m done with you. Too many times have people looked over me and you know what? You're no different from the rest. The only thing you have going for you is the fact many will assume you have my number. Honestly, you may very well have it.”

HGH reaches down to take yet another drink. As he gulps down the last of his drink, he puts the glass back down and looks up at the camera in anger.

”You see Cashe, I don’t give a damn if I have to crawl through every circle of hell to get what I want. I’m not afraid to dance with the devil himself if it means getting that Anarchy title around my waste. The HGH you’ve faced off against in the past is nothing compared to the being that will be across from you on January 12th. Oh no, the man that will see you on Anarchy isn’t just coming for a win, or hell not even to use you as a stepping stone to the title. No Cashe, I’m coming for your ass. You like to fancy yourself a badass,but I know it’s a front. So get real comfortable at the bottom of the ladder.”

HGH stops but only for a moment or two. He collects himself and fixes his jacket. He reaches back and grabs the empty glass. As the lights come on, he walks over to the bar and pours another drink. HGH then takes a drink as the lights go back out. The TV comes back on, and on the screen is the match between Cashe and Lord Raab. He watches every move and watches how the match ends.

A few moments after the end of the match. HGH starts clapping and laughing.

”What in the hell was that?”

”Holy shit! So, you mean to tell me that this wannabe gangster, the guy that wants everyone to believe he’s hot shit needs help to win a match?”

HGH again burst out in laughter.

”Jesus Christ, my god, that has to be some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life. You needed help to beat a big green dipshit. How the hell am I supposed to take you seriously after all of that? Like I can beat that guy in my sleep, yet you needed help to get the win.”

HGH’s laughter stops. He takes another drink and puts it down. He looks back up at the camera with a serious look on his face.

”That, my friend, is unfortunate for you. You want me to believe that I should be afraid of you. That you are what Anarchy needs, that you are the face. How can you be the face when you can’t even handle your own business without help? At least in my shortcomings, I own up to them like a man. Have I won all of my matches? No, have I taken each of my opponents to their absolute limit? You bet your sweet ass I have.  What you need to understand Cashe is this. I will see you in Toronto on the twelfth. Don’t get too comfortable on the little pedestal you’ve made for yourself. I’m coming to knock you straight the fuck off of it. I will run straight through you like a freight train coming down the line. I will do whatever it takes, on my own to get the job done. Can you say the same? So, bring your best Jason Cashe, and even then that won’t be enough. In the end, I will prove to everyone without a shadow of a doubt that I belong in this business, and once and for all I will prove that I am the rising star of this brand. That I AM the future! There it is isn’t it? I am the future, and if I’m the future. Where does that leave you Cashe? Does it leave you lost and forgotten?”

HGH pauses, then looks back up at the camera. He speaks softer than normal, it's almost a whisper.

”January 12th, 2023, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You will witness first hand that I am the star here, you’re nothing more than a side note. You will see that I am the threat here, and you, you are nothing more than a memory. So Cashe, why don’t you show me what lies just beyond my eyes? Take me to the world where my spirit flies? What's beyond my eyes?

"See you Thursday BITCH!"

HGH laughs maniacally.

Screen goes black.
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