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Cooking With Gina
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Gina Van Zyl Offline
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01-10-2023, 05:30 PM

Gina Van Zyl stands in the check out line at a local grocery store in Los Angeles, she's minding her business, flipping through a magazine when from behind her she hears a kid's voice.

Mom! I think I know who that is! That's Gina Van Zyl! She's a wrestler. I watch her all the time!

Gina can't help but smile at the excitement in the child's voice

That's nice dear.

The mother is obviously not interested in what the boy is saying, Gina turns around and smiles at the boy, he instantly goes wide eyed.

It really is you! Ohmygosh! 

The boy rushes forward and hugs Gina, taking her by surprise, looks appalled at first, not knowing what to do. She lightly pats his back and gently pushes him away.

Um, hello there.....nice to meet you?

She is clearly uncomfortable with the interaction,.but tries to be friendly to the child.

What's your name little boy?

Tony! I'm so glad to meet you!

He hugs her again, Gina is clearly getting annoyed with the little boy but tries to humor him. She gives him a firmer pat on the back and pushes him away with a little bit more force.

Look kid, quit touching me ok? I'm happy your glad to meet me, but hands off. Personal space and all, I'm sure you understand.

Tony nods and smiles brightly

Can I have your autograph? I just got this magazine and it has a picture of you! I'be never actually met a wrestler before! It would be awesome if you'd sign it!

He flips to the page with her picture, she smirks as it's a picture of her XWF debut, the referee is raising her hand, she has her foot on Jessica Anderson's chest. She pulls out a marker from her purse and signs it over Jessica's face.

There you go, enjoy.

She starts to hand the magazine back when she notices a picture of Sidney Grey on the next page. She scowls and rips the page out, balling the picture up and throwing it on the ground.

Hey! That's not nice! My mom hasn't paid for that yet!

Oops, sorry about that. But to be honest you don't need to be looking at garbage like her anyway. I actually did you a favor Tommy.

My name is Tony!

Gina rolls her eyes and hands  him the magazine.

I don't care what you name is Timmy, now run back to mommy.

Tony looks heartbroken as he walks back to his mother. Gina smirks as she moves up in the line to pay for her groceries, the cashier gives her a dirty look for being so mean to a little boy. 

Gina sits in her living room, a glass of red wine is on the table across from her, she scrolls through Twitter and smirks.

Sidney Grey likes to make a fool of herself on social media doesn't she? She honestly thinks she can beat me?

She sips her wine and chuckles

I wonder if she realizes that all she's doing is adding fuel to the fire? I'm surprised a woman of her age even knows how to log onto Twitter. 

She sets her glass down and stands

The stipulation.for the match is quite interesting, but it doesn't matter if the count has to be to five or a hundred the fact of the matter is, she doesn't have the stamina to compete with me.

She smirks as she walks to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator, she takes out two steaks 

You see, I have a prime cut here. It's perfect it's ready to go, and over her, is a cheap, poorly cut piece of meat, much like Sidney.

She pulls a meat tenderizer mallet from the drawer and opens the steak, placing it on the counter. She pounds the steak with the mallet.

No matter what you do to it, it just won't be any good, it just turns mushy and flabby. Wow this really does remind me of Sid.

She holds the steak up and examines it, she smirks 

And just like Sidney, this steak is garbage and the only thing to do is throw it away. 

She drops the steak in the trash can and waves at it 

Good bye Sidney.

The camera focuses on her face, a confident smirk spreads across her lips.

Sidney, you washed up hag you truly have no idea who you're facing do you? I mean I understand that you are in a constant state of confusion, but perhaps you should do a bit of research before you run your mouth.

She opens the other steak and begins seasoning it

I've been watching some of your matches, to be honest I'm not impressed in the slightest bit. You're out matched, you're out smarted and when the referee counts to five? I will gladly be the one to put you in the trash. 

Gina puts butter in a pan and turns up the heat, she places the steak in the pan and smiles 

I'm going to enjoy shutting you up Sid, most of the time it's just business. But this time....I'm really going to enjoy it. See you soon hag.

The camera slowly fades as Gina continues to cook.
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