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01-10-2023, 03:18 PM

After being interrogated by the Detroit Police, I was ready to leave the city. I had to be in Canada in a few days anyway and I needed to put my focus there. Bam Miller and the bar fight that led to this visit to the Police Department needed to be put behind me for now. 

After being picked up by Theo Pryce, we discussed a number of things. Bam Miller, this CCPE Vs The World Event and even the plans for The Saga. As we head towards the airport, Theo questions a decision I made more recently and the motive behind it. 

"So, tell me.. What changed about this whole Anarchy situation?" 

He was right to ask. Anyone who PAID attention to the last show saw that the plan was to not compete on Anarchy anymore. Leave and move to Warfare as it merged with Savage. It was essentially an Elephant in the room left unanswered when the card got put together. Theo deserved an answer and I was surprised I haven't already explained it. 

"I can't run away.." That was the gist of it anyway. I added further knowing Theo wanted to better understand. "I set a goal to become Anarchy Champion. I set a goal to make this show my own. To be one of the names that this show is defined by.."

"That's gone according to plan!" Theo jokes, he was a Heel hiding in Face alignment if you ask me. He gave his smart ass comment a snicker of laughter before I continued. 

"It hasn't, you're right. I have sat and watched Ruby, Mastermind, that goddamn Caveman juggle the position at the top of this roster. LSM fumbled and since then, it has been anyone's guess as to who will be standing tall after each event. Anarchy wakes up choosing Chaos and I, for a split second thought that it was my problem. That I wasn't getting enough freedom to be who I am supposed to be! I was wrong.." 

"That's fair.." His voice drags as he side-eyes me while driving. "Ned and Kido would like to hang out soon. I told them you would bring snacks.." I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. 

"I'll be there. With Anarchy and Madness, I will better invest my time so that I am able to be more involved in the overall of things. First things first, HGH and taking that step to achieve my original goals.." 

"From what I've heard, he is hit or miss on Anarchy." 

Giving Theo a long stare as my head shakes from right to left slowly. I knew this wasn't public information but it should be and he should be ashamed of it. 

"How have we worked together for a full year now and you don't watch Anarchy?"

Shrugging, Theo responds as if he didn't really have an answer to the question. "To be fair? I don't keep up with Madness either." I faked a gasping reaction but I was aware of that as well. Again, Theo is a fucking HEEL! Don't let him lie to you. 

Sighing I had to move past this truth. I didn't sign up with Theo to have him watching my every move or match. I didn't need someone holding my fucking hand. "What I know is that HGH beat Lux but then got Ape Smashed by that Gorilla. He has had a few ups and downs, just like anyone else on the roster."

"Some more than others.." As casual as he threw that jab, he deserved to be punched in the ear. He was driving and I didn't want to crash so I refrained from acting on the thought of it. 

"You're right.." I said with dread in my voice. Theo snapped a look towards me. 

"This sad and depressed you isn't working for me, stop that!" He demands in a playful, almost laughing way. 

"No, I'm not depressed. Far from sad! I have lived these last handful of months with regret. With an unanswered question as to what I can do better to get myself out of this slump and you know what I realized?"

"What's that?"

"I just need to win!" Saying it as if it wasn't the most obvious thing in the world, Theo of course had a snappy response. 

"Beating Raab should have removed any doubt that anyone has ever had about you.." His sarcasm was second to none.

"By putting HGH on his back for three, I will add another win and for 2023 my plan is to add plenty more, this is going to be my year!" 

"Our year! The Saga's year!"

"Amen!" From there, he just drove. We sat in silence as I rested my head against the window, I might have fallen asleep. 


"I have strained with self doubt, buried the emotion that comes with losing as much as I have but Harmon, I'm whipping out my caaaaawk and marking my territory moving forward and on the 12th in the 'Great' Canuck up North, you'll be standing in that territory! 

You stay telling people that you're better than them but to me, you're an actor playing a role. You are exactly the type of bullshit gimmick on a roster that gives this business a bad name..

I mean, FUCK! 

You spent more time questioning how your Mind could be Mastered that you walked into the ring and got your ass mastered in your last match. If you made a deal with the devil, he didn't give up much for the soul of a man more borrowed than even Elijah Martin!

Is THIS what passes for fucking talent? I won't spit that I'm better than anyone but let the chips fall and you will see first hand, just as you did our first one on one match, better isn't good enough. You aren't good enough and you WILL know it!"


"Hey! Wake up, we're here!" Theo nudges at me. "We have a flight to catch!"

[Image: z9f1KQC.jpeg]
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