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Final Wednesday Night Warfare - 12/28/22
Author Message
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12-28-2022, 10:03 PM

28 - 12 - 2022



- vs -

Xtreme Rules

- vs -
- vs -

Last Man Standing

- vs -

I Quit Match

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

(NOTE: Pods were drawn with the help of Theo Pryce and SBW)

Chamber Match for #1 Contender for the NEW unified TV/Supercon Title.

Finn Kuhn and Chronic Chris Page will start off the match first, and every 3 minutes a pod will be opened.


- vs -

Ladder Match - Winner must possess both titles to win

Wednesday Night Warfare goes live to the XWF Universe for the very final time in the history of XWF.

The fans have all turned up.

Suddenly 'Just the Good old boy's' hits the sound system,

and from the back comes SBW - Smoking Bob Williams.  One of the General Managers of Wednesday Night Warfare.  He makes his way to the front of the stage.  The music dies away.  He lifts the microphone which is in his hand to his mouth.

"Thank you, thank you.  Before we get started with the final ever XWF Wednesday Night Warfare, I just would like to say a few words.  I've been General Manager of Wednesday Night Warfare for the last 3 years, and have really enjoyed it.  I am sorry to see it go.  I do know that Warfare has been a staple of the XWF for years.  It has seen its own share of title changes and new champions.  It has seen a lot of General Managers come and go.  It has been a place where a lot of stables attack other stables and other wrestlers.

"So it is very sad to see this place finally close after tonight.  But XWF will still be a lot stronger for what Warfare provided, and we look forward to Weekend Warfare when that hits our screen in early January 2023.  Now to those of you performing tonight, good luck, and to those who have performed throughout the years then you'll be with me in saying goodbye.

"So with that in mind, lets get the party started, and bring in 2023 with style.  Good luck everyone participating tonight."

The Good old boys start blaring again, SBW takes a bow, as the crowd reacts and then heads to the back.  The show goes to commercials.

- vs -

Xtreme Rules

HHL: Ladies and Germs, we have an INCREDIBLE opening match to close out the last XWF show of 2022!

PIP: No doubt about it, Heather! Our opening match is one of the breakout stars of Monday Night Madness’ Deathmatch division taking on a mysterious newcomer! It’s Jacki O’Lantern versus John Gray-

The crowd goes from amped for the show to booing with their whole hearts!

HHL: Oh, c’mon…

PIP: YES! Unexpected Mark Flynn! The Universal Champion!

Strolling through the black curtain, in a suit and sunglasses, with the red, white and blue Uni belt over his shoulder, it’s the Universal Champion, Mark Flynn!

Flashing on the screen above and below his face, it says ‘CALL NOW’ and ‘1(800)OPTIMAL’.

HHL: I was really hoping because he wasn’t on the card, we’d get to New Years’ without having to deal with this asshole…

PIP: Try to maintain *some*Journalistic neutrality, Heather. Call the story like it is.

HHL: …Fine.


HHL: Great journalistic neutrality there, Pip. I feel like I’m really getting even-handed coverage.

PIP: SILENCE, YOU #FAKENEWS CRETIN. If you would open your mind for a half of a split-second, the OPTIMAL PATH would open before you…

Flynn extends the thumb and pinkie of his hand into a cell phone and smiles and he marched down the ramp. He points into the crowd and demands these people CALL NOW.

The crowd rains down a maelstrom of booing.

…Except for one section. The camera cuts to a section of two dozen people, all waving signs and cheering. Wearing black shirts that say ‘OPTIMAL PATH’. Holding signs that say “I BELIEVE IN MARK FLYNN” and “TRADEMARK”.

Not only are these fans cheering, they’re also obnoxiously getting into shoving matches and spitting on the sections that are booing around them.

HHL: We saw this crew at Bad Medicine, Pip! The legion of simps that worship the ground Flynn walks on. Trying to get Flynn’s success to run off on them.

PIP: You say ‘simps’, I say ‘people with taste’! They’re only people in this crowd giving Mark Flynn what he deserves: APPLAUSE.

Flynn reaches the base of the ramp, stomping up the steps with gusto. He reaches into his front jacket pocket and retrieves… A bit of plastic…

Flynn unfolds it… SNAP! It’s a NEW HEADSET MICROPHONE!

PIP: YES! The Voice of Reason around here is BACK! Flynn hasn’t had his headset since Micheal Graves snapped it in half!

HHL: Oh, what joy… *sigh* Well, folks, Mark Flynn will blow hot air for just a few minutes, then we’ll be rolling directly into our opening match! I promise you that!

Flynn adjusts a ‘deadmouse’ (technical term, look it up, you ingrate) onto the end of his headset, then carefully adjusts it onto his head…

The crowd boos in anticipation of Flynn opening his mouth. The Simp Section raises their finger to the mouth like a herd of librarians, wantonly shushing, trying to silence the crowd.

That only makes the rest of the arena boo louder.

”THE FINAL WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARFARE!” Flynn barks into the microphone. The crowd begrudgingly cheers, acknowledging the significance of this evening.


The crowd claps a little louder. They are huge fans here of Wednesday Night Warfare.

Flynn snickers.

“And none of you ingrates…”

The crowd starts to boo.

”Not one of you fucking BUFFOONS. Protested! Lodged a complaint! Filed a fucking grievance! SENT ONE SINGLE MEAN TWEET TO VINNIE LANE… That the last Warfare of the year FAILED TO INCLUDE XWF STAR OF THE YEAR 2022 MARK FUCKING FLYNN!”

The crowd boos with all of their hearts!

The Simp Section thumb their noses, shaming the crowd for failing to properly complain at the lack of Flynn.

“How could this happen? How could such an INJUSTICE occur? I just put on… Not one… But TWO match-of-the-year contenders out in the SAME FUCKING 30 days. Both Kieran King AND Atara Raven look like FUCKING MONEY… Because I took them on the Optimal Path.”

“So, NATURALLY… I call Theo Pryce.”

Flynn grins.

“Well, my people called Theo’s people. Successful people don’t have to touch their phones. They have their POORS handle that for them.”

HHL: I truly hate Mark Flynn.

PIP: That’s because you’re one of the ‘poors’, Heather.

HHL: …Pip, we get paid the same.

PIP: WHAT?!? That can’t be right! In my last three performance reviews, I’ve specifically demanded that you be paid less!

Flynn tucks the headset closer to his face to amplify his volume over the boos.

“And Theo’s people tell my people… That the show is already overbooked. The Wednesday Night Warfare Finale is FILLED TO THE BRIM… With NON-STOP WRESTLING ACTION…”

“And the boys in the board room… YOUR XWF General Managers… Are brainstorming the PERFECT OPPONENT… to step onto the OPTIMAL PATH against Mark Flynn.”

Flynn shakes his head.


The crowd pops. Even if they *would* like to see Mark Flynn in action, they’re amped to see this vain sourpuss not get his way.

The crowd starts a ‘WE WANT WRESTLING’ chant.

The Simp Section starts a rival, much-quieter (only because it’s 24 versus an entire arena) ‘LET’S GO FLYNN’ chant.

Flynn scratches his inner ear, as if he can’t quite make out the crowd’s displeasure. This makes them boo louder.

…Flynn shakes his head, fishing a hand into his pants pocket.

“BUT! See, this whole journey… THE OPTIMAL PATH™ ITSELF. Started because Theo Pryce BELIEVED IN ME.”

Flynn gets a wild look in his eye as his index finger wags at the crowd.

“See, way back when… I thought Theo Pryce was my enemy. I thought Theo doing so much to STOP ME from becoming Universal Champion… Was out of some sick, twisted spite.”

…Flynn cackles.

“But now! I SEE THE LIGHT. I understand that Theo PUSHED ME TO BE GREATER.”


The crowd erupts into boos as Flynn eggs them on.

“So. When Theo’s people told my people that I didn’t have a segment slot for tonight’s FINAL WARFARE…”

…Flynn smiles.

“I made one.”

HHL: …The Hell does that mean?

“See, when you’re a SUCCESS STORY™, people think you need all the resources in the world to succeed. People think you just tap into LIMITLESS MONEY.”

Flynn scratches his nose.

“Which I do have.”

Flynn raises his index finger in the air.

“But, sometimes, to make a big thing happen?”

Flynn pinches his fingers together.

“You think small.”

HHL: Could you hurry up so we could move onto the opening match?

“And sometimes, to STOP a wrestling match…”

HHL: …What? Stop a match?

“You don’t need to pay off security… You don’t need to hire local ruffians to stomp two jobbers into floor paste. You don’t even need to watch thousands of hours of gametape, learning both competitors weaknesses, assaulting them into the emergency room before the match…”

Flynn shakes his head.

“When you’re truly a SUCCESS STORY, all you need…”

Flynn finally fishes his hand out of pocket.

And reveals… A padlock?

Flynn smiles.

“Is a couple locks… On the right doors.”

Flynn points to the X-Tron.

Cameras are outside Jackie O’Lantern’s locker room… It’s being pounded from the inside! It won’t open!

The view pans down… The same model padlock in Flynn’s hand is on the door!

The X-Tron then flips to a split-screen! The same banging is going on from the inside of John Grayson’s door!


PIP: I’d rather hear Flynn speak for a full hour.

HHL: PLEASE don’t give Flynn any ideas…

The crowd boos with VIGOR! They wanted to see that match!

”See, corporate advertisers around the world pay MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to get 30 seconds of ad-time on XWF programming.”

Flynn grins devilishly.

“Me? I got myself five minutes of in-ring camera time on the BIGGEST FINALE IN TELEVISION HISTORY! …With twelve dollars and a trip to Lowe’s.”

Flynn guffaws at his own joke… But you can barely hear it over how hard the crowd is booing.


Flynn reaches into his suit’s front pocket and retrieves a small sheet of paper.

“Let me give you THE FACTS™ about how great this product is.”

“FACT: I have been Universal Champion for NINETY-FOUR DAYS. Longer than the reigns of all but TWELVE Uni champions in this title belt’s history.”

“That means… FACT: I am BETTER THAN…”

“Beloved industry darlings like Raion Kido and Thaddeus Duke.”

“XWF Legends like Unknown Soldier, Gator, Azrael Erebus.”

“Diet Mark Flynn, Peter Vaughn.”

The crowd boos louder and louder with each wrestler Flynn claims he is mathematically better than.


The crowd gets four times as loud. This arena will NOT tolerate James Raven slander.


Flynn double-takes his list…

“And would you look at that…”

Then, he smiles mischieviously.

“I’m even better than my ol’ buddy, Theo Pryce.”

The crowd boos loudest of all.

Flynn crumples up the sheet and tosses it over his shoulder.

“I am.”







Flynn points into the camera.

“And if you even want a SNIFF of the SUCCESS I EXUDE EFFORTLESSLY.”

Flynn points his hand into a phone again.


Flynn’s music hits again.

The crowd boos, letting Flynn know his message was not well-received. The Simp Section gives that promo a standing ovation.

HHL: …Well, folks. We’re receiving word now that, we’ve got to keep things moving. Hopefully, John Grayson and Jacki O’Lantern will see fit to give Flynn a piece of their minds… (or a swift ass-kicking…) for interfering with their ability to compete on the Final Warfare. But, tonight, their match is a…


Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

“5 out of 6” by Dessa plays and Lexi Gold appears from behind the curtain to a chorus of cheers from the crowd.  She slowly makes her way down the ramp and gazes out on the jam packed arena before she runs roward to fans at ringside and claps their hands. The Golden Goddess then makes her way up the steps and goes through the botom rope and taunts a bit before she makes her way toward the center where her eyes remain fixated on the stage as she awaits her opponents music to hit next.

Announcer: About to enter the arena, standing in at 6’4 and weighing in at 239 pounds!!!

The words fade as we hear the Church bells cling before the guitar riff starts playing along with the choir singing. The music builds up to where finally Corey Taylor can be heard. The name Goth emerges upon the titan tron, but the man only walks out after Corey Taylor can be heard screaming the words: “I’m finally holding on to letting go!!” As explosions go off on the side of the entrance stage. Goth stares at the crowd as his fiancé Melissa emerges behind him.

Announcer: Currently residing from Manhattan, New York!!! He is the King of Kings!! Goth!!!!

Goth lifts his head upwards to the ceiling while extending his arms, a smirk emerges upon his face as he listens to the mixed reactions. After a few seconds he looks back ahead of him towards the ring walking slowly, totally ignoring the fans who are trying to touch him as he walks to the steel ringsteps. He gets on the ring apron before opening up the top and middle ring rope for his fiancé Melissa as she steps through them. He then steps in the ring and stares down his opponent/awaits his opponent as his music slowly fades.

- vs -
- vs -

Last Man Standing


And immediately Goth runs forward hits both his opponents with a double clothesline!

The two drop and get up at the same time and Goth kicks Marf in the stomach!


Then quickly steps back up, blocks an attack from Lexi Gold before another kick to the midsection and...


And Goth stands back to his feet walking to his corner and relaxing as the ref counts.












HHL: Easy win for Goth, didn't even break a sweat!

PIP: Goth is one of the best the XWF has to offer, creepy dude but damn he's a force to be reckoned with.

- vs -

I Quit Match

PC: Welcome back XWF fans, to the final edition Wednesday Warfare! Coming up next we have quite the peculiar matchup

HHL: Quite a shocker for sure! When this match was listed on the card, I just say I was quite surprised. In a match that has had no build, and no promo material to cite, we will see the returning Dolly Waters facing Charlie Nickles in an “I Quite… match?”

PC: What in the world is an “I Quite Match”?

HHL: Someone obviously misspelled the match stipulation on the cue card. This is an “I QUIT” match

PC: Oh well this match will definitely favor Dolly then. That girl has bounced in and out of the XWF dozens of times over the years.

HHL: A bit hyperbolic, but the point is noted. The last time Anyone saw Dolly, she and Vita Valenteen were defeated by Maddy Jr. and Angie Vaughn for the XWF Tag Championships.

PC: Wow, Dolly tucking tail after a loss. Color me surprised.

HHL: if I recall correctly, something seemed off with the Midnight Dolls that night. And maybe we can gain some clarity on the situation tonight.

PC: I wouldn’t get your hopes up…

There’s an awkward silence through the arena as the camera pans to an empty ring, and then circles around a confused looking audience who are awaiting the contestants.

But neither has shown up…

Their entrance music should’ve long started by now.

The crowd begins growing restless as more time goes by with no sight of Nickels or Waters. Suspiciously, there’s not even a referee down at ringside.

PC: An “I quite” match is quite likely the most boring match I’ve ever witnes-

Just as Pip is finishing his thought there’s a loud bang, a shatter, and a scream, as a bloodied and bludgeoned referee is hurled through a portion of the digital display screen on the bottom of the XTron, and lands face first on the announce table near the stage.

Heather lets out a startled shriek, as the audience begins growing by with confusion and concern.

But suddenly, emerging from the referee-shaped hole in the XTron is none other than Charlie Nickles. A grim expression etched across his face.

HHL: well now it makes sense! That coward Nickels has been up to his no good tricks backstage, trying to sabotage this match!

The crowd begins booing the no good bastard, before joining together in a chant for Dolly Waters. And soon after, she obliges them. She too is emerging from the damaged portion of the XTron, staring down Charlie with ill intent. Charlie claws and scratches at his own face before beckoning for Dolly to join the fray! Bloody trails begging streaking down The Nicklemans face.

C'mon Dolly! Come join in on my sick fun!

The Nickleman smiles wild eyed at the one and only Dolly Waters. Dolly shifts her eyes through the crowd before lifting a microphone up to her mouth with intent. Charlie continues hammering on the referee as Dolly's voice starts booming through the arena.

A wise man once told me that the only guarantee in life is that it’ll change… for better, for worse, the only thing we can count on is that tomorrow will be different.

Change. That’s the guarantee. Not the death cliche, or taxes, obscenities from The Nickleman, or any of that nonsense. Change.

Just look around you.

Look at how much this company has changed over the years. Retired owners. Retired brands. And Retired Championships…Retired due to a lack of interest, I should add. Just like this show. Left in the hands of poor management, the ownership buried their heads in the sand and let the most successful, exciting, historic, wrestling program on earth CHANGE into a heaping pile of dog doo doo!

Oh they sure love to spit on me because of how I’ve changed over my career. Coming and going. But to and from what?! A company that hasn’t been able to book a decent show in nearly a year?

A company who has to schedule ridiculous stipulations to garner an audience?

A company who can’t even cultivate a steady tag team division? So they have to piece together some odd job, odd couple partners to challenge the hottest tag team duo coming out of Relentless?!

They’re all a bunch of goddamn, Willy-nilly hypocrites!

The XWF can change on a dime, paint it up with frothy euphemisms like “rebranding” and “unifications”. Yet no one is supposed to change the way they feel about the XWF. Especially not the talent!

Well guess what, I have changed. This ain’t “new year, new me.”


It’s fuck you! I’m doing ME!

With that Dolly swings the mic towards Charlie’s head, but intentionally swings around him and cracks the referee in the skull. The fans gasp and boo as an enraged Dolly Waters joins in with Charlie, pummeling the referee.

Security swarm the dragged duo as they’re torn off of the ref.

Before security and get the two wrestled down, their voices are heard booming in unison into a live microphone


A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldn't be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the Chamber, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind.  Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn.

Mastermind gets to the Chamber door, and turns to face his Misfits and holds out his fist and they all bump fists with him, before he nods, and they all turn and walk back to the back.  Mastermind then enters the Chamber, and heads to Pod #4.  He goes inside and it closes.

As soon as LSM's theme music hits the speakers the lights go dim as the crowd starts cheering for their favorita luchadora. As the bass bumps through the arena the crowd chants along to the slightly modified music. A spectacle of green and red pyrotechnics shoot up twenty five feet in the air from their base on the entrance platform. A complimentary arrangement of pyro shoots up through the four turnbuckles of the ring.


A green, a red, and a white spotlight shine down from the rafters, randomly perusing through the rambunctious crowd as they await their X-treme Champion. After a few seconds all three of the spotlights are directed towards the entrance tunnel.

Who's this?

Latina Submission Machina pops out onto the illuminated entrance ramp alongside an additional burst of multicolor fireworks. The crowd pops hard for the champion as she holds the belt up high over her head.


Announcer: Weighing 145 pounds and standing at 5 foot seven inches tall, fighting out of Ciudad Juárez, she is your reigning XWF X-treme Champion....she is LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!

The luchadora bounces around just outside the tunnel before holding the X-treme championship belt up at eye level and staring into it's center plate with a satisfied smirk. LSM flips her hair to the side before she tosses the belt atop her shoulder. With a big chip on the other, LSM starts walking down the ramp amidst thunderous applause. The multicolored spotlights follow LSM every step of the way. She briefly pauses to give out a few high fives and to take a few courtesy photos with the front-row fans.

When she finally gets to the Chamber Latina Submission Machina starts pumping up the crowd to cheer louder. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts moving into the Chamber.  She walks over to where Mastermind is in his pod, and stares at him, before moving to Pod #3, and walking inside.  The door closes locking her in.

Geri Veyden makes her way down the ramp, and walks straight into the Chamber.    She heads over to where LSM is and starts staring at her, before doing the same thing with Mastermind.  She walks to Pod #2, and then goes inside, it locks her in.

The beat kicks in and I Invented Sex echoes through the arena, the crowd cheers and parties! Balloons and streamers fall from the ceiling as Dick Powers saunters onto the ramp with a rose between his teeth and bounces his head smiling followed by his manager Riley Reed who smiles nodding his head to the rhythm. Dick drops to his knees and opens his arms wide, flaunting what he's got to the crowd as his pyro goes off behind him. He hops to his feet clapping, dancing and high fiving fans on his way to the Chamber.  He walks into the Chamber taking a quick look at Geri Vayden, LSM and Mastermind before going into Pod #1, and it locks him in.

The strong beat of Art of Blade begins to reverberate throughout the arena as the fans begin to get on their feet and cheer for who's about to come out. Before long, the sight of the King in Rags, Finn Kühn, comes out to a strong ovation. He looks out amidst the area, his kingdom for tonight as he smiles.

His pace as he comes down to the ring is slow, even and measured. As the commentators discuss amidst themselves about recent events and the upcoming match, Finn surveys the area one last time as he steps into the Chamber

As Art of Blade reaches its chorus, Finn thrusts his arms up to the air, posing passionately for the fans as afterwards he settles into a game face, he starts going from pod to pod staring at his opponents.

Chris Page makes his way down the ramp, and heads straight for the Chamber.  He makes his way into the Chamber, where Finn Kuhn watches him as he goes from pod to pod staring at his opponents.  He makes his way back to the center of the Chamber where Finn is waiting and starts trash tralking with him.

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

Chamber Match for #1 Contender for the NEW unified TV/Supercon Title.

Finn Kuhn and Chronic Chris Page will start off the match first, and every 3 minutes a pod will be opened.

There goes the bell and the match is underway.

Finn stands his ground and expects Page to do the same, but Page heads straightt for him and starts mouthing off.

Finn just stares at him as Page comes closer.  Suddenly Page lashes out, and tries and slap Finn, but Finn blocks him.

Page knees Finn straight away, and Finn bends over in pain.  Page grabs Finn and sends him running towards the nearest Chamber wall, and Finn stops himself just in time before he reaches the wall.  But Page is on top of him in a flash, and elbows him in the back before he uses a NECKBREAKER move.


PIP: "What a start from Chris Page, he really means business,"

HEATHER: "I think he wants that TV Title spot at Snow Job really bad,"

Page helps Finn back to his feet, and tries again to push Finn's head into the chamber wall.  But Finn again stops him.  The only way for Finn to get away from Page at this point in time, is to stamp on his toes.  Page in pain shudders backwards.  Finn rolls out of the way, and tries to get some distance, but Page is after him again.


Finn tries to get some distance between himself and Page, trying to wear down the clock so Page can have someone else to focus on.  But Page catches up to him.  Finn tries to stand up for himself and tries to hit Page with a couple of quick jabs, but Page blocks them.


PIP:  "Chris Page seems to be in a real mood at the moment, he wants this so bad,"

HEATHER: "If he's not careful he'll get himself into trouble.  He needs to pace the match out,"

Suddenly Finn turns and uses his ELBOW and connects with Page's face.  Page stumbles backwards, and this time Finn knows he has to turn the tables on Page, or risk being set upon again.  From nowhere Finn DROP KICKS Page, and Page goes flying towards the other side of the chamber.    A smile crosses Finn's face, as he stands up.


Finn methodically walks slowly to where Page has landed, and it seems to have felt the full impact of the DROP KICK.  He gets up wearily, as he watches Finn walks towards him.    But then out of nowhere, Page launches himself onto Finn, and they both hit the floor hard.  Page tries to hit Finn with a few punches but Finn desperatly tries to block them out.  Page gets up and lands a KNEE DROP on to Finn's stomach, and the wind disappears from Finn like a rush.

Page helps Finn to his feet, and sets him up for a DDT.  But somehow Finn reverses it into a BACK BODY DROP, and he slumps back to his knees as Page hits the ground hard.


PIP: "It's almost time for the first pod to open, Dick Powers is about to join the match,"

HEATHER: "What a hectic start this has been, it's been good viewing,"

Finn stands back up, just as Page gets back to his feet too, he seems to be smiling.  He knows that FInn has given him a good start to the match.  Page looks outside the Chamber at the timer, and turns to Dick Powers pod, he is waiting patiently.  Suddenly Finn sees his chance, and attacks Page with a SHOULDER TACKLE. 

This sends Page smack bang into Dick Power's pod, and the sound of him hitting the pod full frontal is reverbuated around the arena.  Next second an alarm goes off to signal Dick Power has entered the match.    Power's pod door opens albeit slowly because of the force of what happened with Page.

Powers looks across at Finn, who signals to him to go ahead and start attacking Page, while he watches, and gets his energy back.  Powers picks up Page, and sends him crashing into the open pod, and then he takes off after a bewildered looking Finn.

Finn takes too long to recognise what is happening, and its Powers who hits Finn with a FLYING LARIAT, and this takes down Finn quickly.  Powers stands over the downed Finn Kuhn, and looks out at the crowd who seem to be wanting him to do a pose.  So with Finn down on the ground, Powers poses over him.


PIP: "What the audience wants, the audience will get,"

HEATHER: "That wasn't a very good pose though, you must admit that,"

Powers looks down at Finn, and pulls him to his feet, and hits him with a couple of ELBOWS, and drops him back to the ground again and poses.  He seems to be enjoying the attention from the crowd.


Once again Powers helps Finn back to his feet, and sets him up for SEEING STARS a.k.a a Springboard Side Kick, and he executes it well.  Dick Powers looks to be in full control.

He slowly walks over to where Finn has landed, and turns him over onto his back, and puts one foot on him for an attempted cover.  The referee has to make a 3 count.



Suddenly from out of nowhere Chris Page hits Dick Powers with a SPEAR, thus breaking the attempted cover, and the two go flying into the nearest Chamber wall with Powers getting the full impact.  He hits the wall with such force that the whole Chamber seems to shudder.


PIP: "Woah, where did Page come from, one minute he's down and out inside Powers's pod, and the next he's saving Finn Kuhn from being eliminated.  What's going on here?"

HEATHER: "Maybe Page just wants to do it all himself,"

Page gets up, and grabs Powers and sends him crashing face first back into the Chamber Wall,  Powers slides down the wall.  Page turns around and looks over at Finn, who is sitting up and trying to figure out what just happened.

Page helps Powers back to his feet again and executes a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX.


Page covers Powers.



Kickout.  Somehow Dick Powers manages to kick out from the brutal assault that Page has put him under.    Page gets up, grabs Powers and sends him flying towards Finn, who scrambles out of the way.


PIP: "We are about to open Pod #2,"

HEATHER: "Geri Vayden's turn to enter the match,"

From where Page is standing at the other side of the chamber, he yells at Finn to finish off Powers.  It's his turn to do something.

Finn gets up.  He walks over to the downed Dick Powers, and rolls him over.  He goes for the cover, but the referee doesn't get a chance to start the three count, as Dick pushes Finn off himself and rolls away.  An alarm goes off to signify the second Pod to open.

Pod #2 door is opened, and out steps Geri Vayden, but she doesn't get very far as Chris Page hits her with a DROP KICK.  She goes flying back into her pod.    Page doesn't stop, and gets up, and runs into Vayden's pod, and starts hammering away on her with a few punches and elbows.

Meanwhile Dick Powers gets to his feet as does Finn Kuhn.  They stare at each other.    Suddenly Vayden comes flying out of her pod with Page not far behind her.  She hits the floor not far away from Powers, and tries to scramble backwards.  But once again Page is on top of her, smashing her with forearms this time.


Suddenly its Finn who attacks Powers from out of nowhere with an ELBOW to the head before placing him in a lock and then ARM DRAGGING him across the ring.

Vayden is meanwhile squealing at Page to stop his powerful attacks, but Page won't.  She tries to get away from him time and time again, but Page is hell bent of kicking the stuffing out of her.


Page then stops his mind numbing attacks and turns his attention to Finn who has his back turned to him as he faces Powers.  Page tries to snap on a SLEEPER HOLD.

PIP: "There's a lot going on here, all at once, to try and cover things,"

HEATHER: "But it's mainly Chris Page, trying to establish pure dominance,"

Finn tries to struggle with Page, but Page looks like he has the SLEEPER HOLD clicked in, and Finn collapses to his knees, suddenly Page looks behind him to see Vayden getting to her feet, and trying to slip further down the Chamber to be away from the chaos and try to get energy back.  Page with no reason at all, lets Finn go, and is off after Vayden.


Vayden squeals as she realises Page is after her again, and tries to throw a few punches but Page blocks them.  Page grabs her and sends her flying sidewides into the Chamber wall, right near Mastermind's pod.  Mastermind looks at Page, Page looks back at Mastermind.  Mastermind just smirks at him.  Page shakes his head.  Grabs Vayden, pulls her to her feet, and executes a T-BONE SUPLEX right in front of Mastermind.

Meanwhile Powers is in front of Finn who is trying to recover from the attempted SLEEPER HOLD from Page.  Powers hits Finn with his POWER TRIP move, a.k.a A low sweep knocking down the opponent and for Dick to perform a standing moonsault onto Finn.


Meanwhile Page places Vayden into his HIGH TIMES Finishing move a.k.a Flip Piledriver, and executes it perfectly, and goes quickly for the pin.





HEATHER: "Geri Vayden didn't last long, Chris Page made sure of that,"

Another alarm sounds this time Pod #3 opens and out steps Latina Submission Machina.

PIP: "Surely LSM will last longer than Geri Vayden,"

HEATHER: "We'll have to wait and see what mood Page is in,"

PIP: "Only three more minutes before the last pod is open, and then it's whoever survives gets to go to Snow Job to face the Television Champion,"

LSM comes out of her pod, and quickly goes into a stance as Page, comes close.  He tries to attack LSM but she steps out of the way, and grabs him on the way past, and takes him down using a JUDO TRIP.  The crowd outside goes 'oooohhhh' not seeing this coming.

Meanwwhile Powers is hitting Finn with a few more punches. before Finn manages to get away.


Meanwhile LSM is on top of Page, and places him in a HEADLOCK, squealing into ears to calm the 'F' down.  This just forces Page to go even harder, but LSM has the headlock in real tight.

Meanwhile Powers is stalking Finn, but from out of nowhere Finn hits back with a SUICIDE DIVE sending them crashing backwards to the other side of the Chamber.


Page gets to his feet, and tries to pull LSM off of him, but somehow it's not working.    LSM tries something different, and tries to do a RUNNING BULLDOG, but at the very last second Page drops out from underneath LSM, and uses her full force to send her crashing towards the nearest Chamber Wall.  LSM hits the wall with such force that once again like earlier the whole Chamber seems to shudder.

Meanwhile Finn is on top of Powers and is hitting him with JABS, HOOKS and UPPERCUTS.


Meanwhile Page walks up to the downed LSM, and picks her up, and slams her back into the Chamber Wall again.  Cracks start to appear, and the crowd starts to cheer very loudly.    Page bends down and picks LSM up again, and then throws her head into the Wall yet again, this time hitting the cracks, forcing blood to come out from LSM face.

PIP: "I can't get over the mood that Chris Page is in.  This is a sort of mood that he feels unstoppable,"

Page looks back at Finn.    And wolf whistles him.    Finn looks back at Page, and Page sends LSM flying over towards him.


LSM lands beside Finn and the fallen body of Dick Powers.  Finn looks back across at Page, who just ushers him to finish LSM off.  Page then turns his attention on Mastermind's pod.

With Mastermind and Page having a staring competition, with Mastermind still stuck inside his pod, Finn helps LSM to her feet, and sets her up for SWAN SONG.  a.k.a  Discus Elbow. A devastating strike capable of breaking through tough defenses.  He executes it well.


Finn pulls LSM back to her feet, Finn executes his Finisher VICTORY VERSE - a.k.a Wheelbarrow Victory Roll

Finn then goes for the cover.





The final alarm goes off to signify Mastermind being last to enter the Chamber.

HEATHER: "And there we have it our final entrant into the Chamber.  The last one to survive will be heading to Snow Job for a shot at the Television Champion." 

PIP: "Both Geri Vayden and Latina Submission Machina have been eliminated, Chris Page, Finn Kuhn, Dick Powers and Mastermind are the only ones left.  It's time to get it on."

The door to the last pod opens and out steps Mastermind.  He still has his eyes on Chris Page, who still is keeping his eyes on Mastermind.  Neither is moving.

Finn looks across at the situation, and then looks back down at Dick Powers.  But Dick is nowhere to be seen.  Finn looks around but is met with a DICKUS CLOTHESLINE a.k.a Dick leaps and spins in the air cock-slapping his opponent in the jaw.  Finn hits the floor hard, and Powers starts laughing uncontrolably at him.

Meanwhile Mastermind stands his ground as does Chris Page.  These two have never met before in a match.

HEATHER: "This is quite a site to behold.  This is the first time Chris Page and Mastermind is meeting in a match like this.    Usually Page is quite high above Mastermind in the pecking order, and he is a former Universal Champion after all.  Mastermind is usually a Mid Carder.  But from time to time faces people like Chris Page.  I think this is going to be a doozy."

Page starts walking towards Mastermind asking him what he thinks he is doing sharing the Chamber with someone in the mold of himself.  Mastermind once again stands his ground.  Mastermind doesn't talk back which irks Page.  Page stops right in front of Mastermind.

Meanwhile Powers hits Finn with a Discus Punch, and it gets through his defenses.  Finn is on the back foot and is in a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile Page keeps berating Mastermind, but Mastermind doesn't respond.  Suddenly he smirks at Page, which infuriates him.  Page lashes out with a left and right punch but both times Mastermind blocks them.  As he does with an attempted knee to the gut.  Mastermind saw it coming.    But what he doesn't see coming is an elbow which forces him to stumble backwards.

Meanwhile Powers tries to hit Finn with another Discus Punch, but this time Finn blocks it.  He lunges at Powers with a SINGLE LEG take down and executes it well enough, and gets away from Powers, right into the middle of a fight between Mastermind and Chris Page.

Mastermind is hitting Page with lefts and rights of his own, and Page is blocking and sending back the same.  They are both blindsided by a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE from Finn which sends the crowd into a massive eruption.   

It's Mastermind who gets to his feet first, and runs at Finn, Finn stands his ground, and grabs Mastermind and uses his energy to make a CARTWHEEL sending Mastermind flying towards the other end of the Chamber and towards Dick Powers who has just got to his feet, and is surprised to connect with Mastermind.  They both go flying in opposite directions.

Meanwhile Finn smiles at what he had achieved with Mastermind, and saw him and Powers colliding.  He knows he's forgotten about Chris Page, and his smile disappears, and he turns around to be met by a SHOULDER TACKLE from Page.    Finn stumbles backwards.

Mastermind is up on his feet, just as Finn stumbles into his view.    He hits Finn with a SPEAR. 

PIP: "This match is going from strength to strength.  It's anyone's match now."

Mastermind gets to his feet, only to be kneed in the guts by Dick Powers.  Powers sets him up, and gets him ready for a DDT, only for Page to hit him from out of nowhere with a MISSLE DROP KICK.  Mastermind drops to his knees and rolls away.

Powers hit the chamber wall, and he has Page hitting with knees and punches, and elbows.  It's like he can't get out of the mess that he finds himself in.

Meanwhile Mastermind is up on his feet heading over to where Finn is laying.  But to his surprise, Finn hits him with a BACKFOOT sending Mastermind flying across the other side of the Chamber.

Meanwhile Powers looks all beaten up, as Page takes a step backwards.    Powers looks set to fall forward and Page uses his movement to put Powers into CODE BREAKER.    The full force hits Powers hard, and he collapses onto the chamber floor, Page is on top of him in seconds, and goes for the cover.





HEATHER: "Wow what a way to stop Dick Powers in his tracks, using the code breaker,"

Finn keeps on his attack on Mastermind.  Mastermind is being blasted by knees and forearms and punches and every so often he would block one or two but it's too much.  Finally Finn connects with a heavy thrust kicks using both his KNEES and FEET, thus making Mastermind very groggy.

Finn then hits Mastermind with BREAKER SOLO a.k.a Step-up axe kick to the head of a kneeling opponent - A devastating strike capable of breaking through tough defenses.  Mastermind hits the ground hard.

Mastermind now looks in trouble as Finn hovers over him.  He helps him back to his feet and he performs FATALISM a.k.a Kamigoye - Finn's strongest impact maneuver and capable of causing knockouts in certain situations.  Finn goes for the cover.



Broken up by Chris Page, who grabs Finn and sends him flying across the Chamber back into his pod.    Page looks down at the fallen Mastermind and spits at him.  He then turns his attention on Finn.    He walks slowly and methodically over to Finn, who is trying to get his senses together, and his shock turns to horror when Page hits him with a few lefts and rights.

HEATHER: "Why did Chris Page stop Finn Kuhn from covering Mastermind?  Only he knows surely?"

Finn fends off Page, and pushes him backwards.  Page stops and starts laughing.  Finn walks up to him and slaps him.  Page slaps back.  Suddenly from out of nowhere a slightly groggy Mastermind hits both Page and Finn with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE before hiting the floor.

Finn struggles to get up, but quickly moves himself away from the situation, while Page looks annoyed and gets up.  He walks over to Mastermind who is clearly struggling now, and helps him to his feet.  Suddenly Mastermind eye pokes Page, and Page stumbles backwards.

Suddenly Finn sees an advantage and is up on his feet and attacks Page, turning him around and going for a SMALL PACKAGE.



2 and a half..............................


Finn quickly gets off of Page, only to be elbowed by Mastermind.    Finn stuns Mastermind with a backwards kick to the stomach, and it's Page who is up also grabbing Finn and sending him crashing to the other side of the Chamber.   

Page looks at Masterrmind who is hunched over.  He grabs him and executes a REVERSE DDT which also acts as a cover.





Clearly Mastermind had the stuffing knocked out of him to be able to execute a kick out.  Page is up and he is quickly on top of Finn.

HEATHER: "Clearly the last two people standing is a remarkable feat for the two people who started this match,"

PIP: "And it's clear who wants this match the most,"

Page helps Finn back to his feet and with huge force sends him crashing backwards into the chamber wall.  It's enough force that huge cracks start appearing.  Page starts kneeing Finn hard in his stomach.  He pulls him back into the chamber but again sends him crashing into the chamber wall.  Very hard.  The chamber wall almost breaks.

Page pulls Finn back to the center of the Chamber and suddenly hits him with JUDAS EFFECT.    Finn hits the ground very hard.  Page is on top of him making a cover.






PIP: "Chris has done it.  He's going to go to Snow Job as the new number 1 contender for the Television Title.  What a match."

The stadium falls silent as Ned's entrance X-Tron begins, sans its usual accompanying effects and music. He walks out to the sound of applause, but otherwise, he is all business. His eyes are red, the Supercontential Title around his waist, and he is clearly still emotional from everything going on around him. With a deep inhale, he turns around revealing custom, gold and white boots with S & C engraved upon them. He shakes off the emotions and begins to walk towards the ring, taking the moment in as the crowd cheers him on. As he stands in the center of the ring, he raises a single fist before pointing to the Wednesday Night Warfare logo, preparing for the battle ahead. He pats the belt as he waits for the referee to come by and take it from him and hook it to one of the wires above. There is an unparalleled focus in his gaze as he begins to hype himself somewhat, the crowd appearing to fade away slightly as he stares at where his opponent will soon be

In heavy contrast to Ned Kaye’s entrance, as music blares and smoke begins exiting from the entrance ramp and the Supercontinental Champion is raised on a hidden platform appearing through the smoke upon a black and golden throne, a crown on his head and the Supercontinental Championship around his waist. He takes a few steps forward, his eyes focused on the ring, he throws the cloak off his shoulder and poses at the top of the ramp hyping himself up as he stomps down towards the ring. Moving to the side of the ring, looking at one of the ladders at the side and getting onto the apron looking around at the roaring crowd before posing once more and entering the ring before going to his corner and climbing the turnbuckle, hyping up himself and the crowd.

Tonight’s referee Chaz Bobo checks each competitor and takes their titles showing them to the hard camera before attaching each to lines in opposite corners and calling out for them to be lifted.

HHL: The crowd are ecstatic for this match and these two are just standing in their corners! This is the perfect main event for the final Wednesday Night Warfare. Both men want to give their all, both men hail from New York City, both are champions wanting to take home the gold.”

PIP: Ned Kaye has been with us coming up 4 years now, never wavering in showing loyalty to the XWF, one of the best Hart Champions I’ve seen, winner of the Leap of Faith match in his first year here, a fan favorite who has churned out some of the best promos in the fed and got the best matches out of people. Isaiah King has been on one of the best run I’ve seen in years, many people have said he can’t be stopped, I see him as the future face of the company! The amount of potential coming from him is overwhelming, no matter what happens tonight, 2023 will be Isaiah King’s year, mark my words.

Cameras pass by the barricade and sandwich between the ladders set up at either side of the ring, showing those who have turned up tonight. Maybe you’re there! Be cool if you are.

HHL: Very well put, Pip, it’s gonna be a hell of a match and from who are sitting in the front row right now you can see it’s a big match feel. Jason Cashe and Raion Kido are here to cheer on their teammate, joined by Theo Pryce, Gator and Vinnie Lane!

Vinnie holds up a gorilla plushie as Gator and Theo share differing opinions on Picard. Over on the opposite side, Chaeryong side-eyes the camera as it passes.

PIP: And rooting on Isaiah King is The Queen, Cheryeong!

HHL: Shows the difference in the relationships built here with Ned’s crew compared to the lone Cheryeong.

PIP: I’d trade all of those assholes for her.

HHL: There’s the old Pip I know and tolerate.


- vs -
Ladder Match - Winner must possess both titles to win


The crowd erupt as everyone’s attention turns to the ring. The two inside take a few steps towards one another, Ned Kaye holds out a fist as a sign of respect and Isaiah King fist bumps which gets polite applause; the pair lock up into a collar and elbow tie-up in the center of the ring which King leaves early and throws Kaye into the ropes and feints going low as Kaye returns and jumps to leapfrog but King shoots up and catches Kaye into a bearhug before launching him back with a belly-to-belly but Kaye spins out and manages to land on his feet, as King steps back up Kaye launches forward with a superkick which the Television Champion barely avoids as he drops low and gets Kaye to the mat with a drop-toe-hold and immediately tries to mount Kaye for a ground and pound but Kaye gets a foot into King’s gut and pushes him away! Isaiah King throws his weight into the ropes and sprints forward as Kaye gets back to his feet and Ned drops King with an arm drag which King takes but rolls onto the canvas and gets back to his feet continuing his momentum and going against the ropes once more and slides under an incoming bicycle kick from Ned Kaye! As the Supercontinental Champion turns he leans back quickly and barely dodges a Discus Elbow and the two push one another away from one another to catch their breath and size one another up, the crowd hyping each competitor up.

PIP: Both seem evenly matched from the starting minutes of this match.

HHL: Ned is always looking, always learning, and tries to read his opponent’s moves and combat them. King is methodical and calculative, combined with his training and raw talent it’s like watching a mirror match.

Both men slow their breathing, their fists raised as they wait for the other to make a move; Kaye’s foot swipes right and King launches into a right hook catching Kaye and rocking him briefly, King follows up, stepping forward and getting a closed uppercut to Kaye’s sternum and transitioning quickly into a discus elbow that lands this time and Kaye stumbles to the side, shaking the cobwebs; King takes advantage running up and going into a Slingblade! But Ned Kaye turns his body in time and hops up throwing both knees into King’s back as they land! Isaiah bounces off Kaye’s knees and lands on the mat, clutching his back. Ned gets to a knee and checks his cheek, rolling his jaw before getting to his feet and sending a short kick into King’s chest, throwing him back and Kaye follows up with a step-up enziguri which King ducks under and quickly grabs Kaye’s leg, tripping him and scales his prone body getting Kaye in a leg-trap front facelock on the mat.

PIP: King slowing the pace down with a fantastic wear-down submission.

Kaye struggles in the hold for a few seconds before quickly rolling his arm out and pushes himself to the side and manages to free his leg and escapes the hold; spinning his body around as he gets to a knee and throws a strong right into a raising King! Isaiah is knocked into the ropes and hooks his arms around the top rope as Kaye sprints forward looking for an early Notorious Knee!!!

But King drops down and Kaye has to adjust his body to not go sailing to the outside, barely managing to land on the apron and keeps his footing; turning around King tries to shoulder thrust Kaye to the outside but Ned gets a quick knee up and halts King and Ned Kaye hops onto springboards into a Tornado DDT! The crowd get louder as Kaye hits the move and both men lay on the mat. Kaye briefly closes his eyes and bumps his fist against his chest before sitting up.

HHL: Touching tribute to Steven Cooper there with a perfect Tornado DDT with a classic Ned Kaye twist.

Kaye gets to the corner looking down briefly at the ladder on the outside and climbs the turnbuckles to reach the top. Kaye steadies himself his eyes drifting to the Supercon dangling far above his head in front of him before locking onto Isaiah King prone on the ground before launching off with a gorgeous shooting star press!

But King quickly gets to his feet with lightning speed and dropkicks Kaye out of mid-air!

Ned Kaye crashes and burns, landing in a heap near the ropes. King catches his breath and rolls a hand across his neck before stepping past Kaye and leaves the ring; he snaps the ladder together and pushes it into the ring as Kaye begins to stir.

PIP: Finally! Was wondering if these guys forgot it was a ladder match for a second.

King sets up the ladder near the corner, underneath the Supercontinental Championship, but doesn’t scale the ladder just yet, watching as Kaye gets himself up with aid of the ropes shooting a smile at King as he gets to his feet. Isaiah grimaces and steps towards Kaye and the two get in one another’s faces sharing some choice words, King berating Kaye as Ned tries to get in King’s head. Isaiah manages to wipe the smile off Kaye’s face with a mean right hook and follows with a swift left jab and then a brutal European Uppercut! The sound of flesh hitting flesh rips through the arena as the crowd gasp; Kaye hangs an arm on the top rope, his neck turning a bright red, King grabs Kaye by the collar but Ned gets in a shoulder thrust and throws King behind him! The Television Champion manages to land onto the apron but is surprised by a Pele Kick from Kaye which knocks him hard onto the outside!

Ned Kaye moves the hair out of his eyes looking at King starting to get up before psyching himself up and hitting the ropes. Cheryeong on the outside calls out to King, throwing her chair towards him which King gets a hand on as he begins to stand and Kaye comes at him, sailing threw the ropes with a Tope Suicido!

Straight into the steel chair as Isaiah King clatters him! Kaye falls into a heap on the floor clutching his skull as King laughs to himself

HHL: Goddamn! I felt that!

PIP: I think the people at home felt that! Why aren’t Cashe and Kido helping out their buddy!?

The camera cuts quickly to Kido and Cashe cheering Kaye on to get up.

HHL: They wouldn’t dream of interfering in this match, they know Kaye wouldn’t forgive them for doing so.

King moves over to Cheryeong and resets the chair placing it behind the barricade for her to sit back down. The two share a moment before King moves quickly into the ring and begins to scale the ladder; King makes good time and manages to get to the top and reaches up for the Supercontinental Title but his footing becomes unsteady as Kaye is up and scales the apron, hopping onto the ropes and springboarding off with a dropkick and nails the ladder which topples and King falls over the top rope and lands hard on the outside! Kaye stays in the ring, landing roughly on his back and takes a breather, holding his temple as his skull is still rattling.

HHL: King took a nasty spill to the outside there, he’s grabbing his knee which could slow him down.

PIP: And Kaye has a potential concussion, so again, still pretty evenly matched… Hey, Heather, a Kayecussion.

HHL: That’s not funny.

PIP: … Yeah…

Kaye manages to get to his feet first and looks to the ladder angled over on the outside near King and decides to move to the other ladder, slowly making his way there, adjusting the ladder and throwing it into the ring. Meanwhile, King is back up and sees Kaye on the opposite side of the ring and the gears begin to turn he sets up the ladder on the outside and begins to scale it. Kaye rolls into the ring and goes to the ladder in the center looking up in time as he sees King leaping towards him!


Isaiah King makes an impressive jump and nails Kaye with a spinning discus elbow! The two fall to the mat.

PIP: Kaye is out!

The sound of the crowd comes to a peak as they begin to cheer and stomp, playing for both competitors! After a while, King is back up as Kaye stirs. Isaiah looks around at the ladders and the titles, trying to figure out what to go for first, he then looks at Ned Kaye who refuses to stay out cold. King gets to his feet and gives a few stomps down on Kaye’s head before taking the ladder in the ring and setting it up a few feet away from Ned; King begins to scale the ladder, visibly limping on his weakened knee.

PIP: What is King doing? He’s nowhere near either title!

HHL: King isn’t looking for a title, he’s looking to put Kaye down for good!

King is near the top but Kaye is back up now too! Fueled by adrenaline he matches King and forces himself up the ladder! The two meet at the top and King manages to get the first hit in!

Kaye fumbles but stays on the steps and throws a punch of his own!

And King returns!

And Kaye returns!

The crowd go wild as both men grab each other’s collars and trade blows, again and again and again! Until Kaye drops a step!

King goes for a final haymaker!

But goes too far in!

Kaye ducks the blow and King fumbles forward almost falling off the ladder!

Ned Kaye takes advantage slingshotting himself forward!



The slingshot headscissors takedown lands and both men land hard onto the mat from a 15ft fall!

As both men stay still on the canvas the crowd let out a chant of…


Both men stay on the ground for what feels like an eternity.

HHL: You gotta ask yourself how much more can these two give?

PIP: It’s crazy to me that neither has managed to get one of the titles yet!

After a while, Ned manages to get up first as King has rolled away onto the apron. Ned stumbles to his feet, falling onto the ladder and holds himself up before grabbing the ladder and manoeuvring underneath the Television title! Kaye steadies the ladder and slowly begins to climb step by step.

King has taken to the outside and is holding himself up onto the apron. He looks to Ned who is now halfway up the ladder and adjusts his knee before looking to the ladder on the outside close to him and up at the Supercontinental Championship. Isaiah King decides to grab the gold instead of taking the risk of stopping Kaye as he slides the ladder into the inside and quickly begins to set it up!

HHL: Ned Kaye is inches away from securing the Television Champioship!

PIP: But Isaiah King is making good headway towards the Supercontinental! We’ve got a stalemate!

The crowd cheer on both men and Ned Kaye grabs a hold of the TV Title and unhooks it! As he lofts it over his shoulder he looks to the opposite corner and quickly jumps down to get to King!

But he’s too late!

Isaiah King grabs the Supercon!!!

The crowd roar out as both men have a title each and stare at one another.

HHL: Ned Kaye with the TV, Isaiah King with the Supercon!

PIP: It’s a draw!?

Chaz Bobo looks between both men and can’t come to a decision. King steps down from the ladder and looks to Kaye, both men squaring up, a title draped over their shoulders.

As the crowd begin to quiet down a southern voice comes over the mic as Smokin’ Bob Williams, flanked by Atticus Gold comes out onto the ramp.

SBW: Seems we’re at an impasse. And I’ve talked with Atticus here on what should happen in the case of each man taking a title and the most logical conclusion would be a draw.

Atticus nods as murmurs come over the crowd, Kaye and King in the center of the ring.

SBW: So, gentlemen, if you would, can you please both wrap your respective titles around your waists.

Ned and Isaiah are briefly confused as they take the titles off their shoulders and put them around their waists. Ned with the TV, King with the Supercontinental.

PIP: It is a draw!

HHL: I suppose it only makes sense, but what’s gonna happen with the Unified Television Championship?

SBW: Now, we’re gonna carry on this match!

The crowd pick up again in a roar. Atticus smiles as SBW speaks.

PIP: What!?

SBW: The man who takes the title off their opponent will be declared the winner of this match and will be our NEW Unified Television Champion!

The crowd get hyped! Ned Kaye gives a tired grin as King stares a hole through him.

HHL: WOW! Never expected Smokin’ Bob to syke us.

Chaz Bobo makes each wrestler take a step away from the other before throwing a hand down for the match to continue and the crowd go fucking insane.

Ned Kaye wastes no time immediately trying to go for another Notorious Knee! But King stops Kaye in mid-air and throws him down on the mat and immediately reaches for Kaye’s strap but Ned manoeuvres out of the way and rolls away onto his feet; a sprinting Isaiah King is stopped short by a quick chop block to King’s bad knee which drops Isaiah and Kaye follow’s up with a standing senton!

Which Isaiah King counters by getting his good knee up and smashes Ned’s spine who reels on the mat; King hobbles to his feet and grabs a handful of Ned’s hair and throws him towards the ropes; Ned rebounds and King leaps!

HHL: CKO!!!!


As Ned ducks underneath and turns around.



King leaps into the air and gets a hooked arm around Ned!


Before King can drop Kaye, Ned pushes both his arms up onto King’s back and pushes him up and manages to throw him into the corner in a tree of woe!

Ned Kaye sprints towards King!

Isaiah King rolls out of the tree of woe as Kaye leaps!

King gets to his feet and turns to face Kaye!

As Ned Kaye kicks off the turnbuckle and….


Top rope hurricanrana and into the head scissors!!!

Kaye keeps the hold locked in tight and goes to grab the Supercontinental from King!

Isaiah King struggles, trying to move out of Kaye’s reach but the headscissors slow him down!






HHL: Incredible victory here by Ned Kaye. The XWF's last Supercontinental Champion is now it's first Unified Television Champ. Isaiah King gave it everything he had but on this night Ned Kaye gave a little more. This is easily the biggest victory of Ned Kaye's career to date.

PIP: Which tells you just how unremarkable his career has been.

As the crowd cheers following the conclusion of the match, Ned covers his face, clearing getting deeply emotional as everything hits him, both titles over his shoulder as he drinks the moment in, tears dripping down his face. Once he finally collects himself, he reaches for a microphone, wiping the tears from his eyes and beginning to speak, waiting for the crowd to settle down before the words flow out.

“Alright... there's a couple of things I want to say.”

“Firstly, thank you. Thank you to Isaiah King for coming out here and giving me a hell of a match! I know it's tough to lose, but this is a speed bump on a great journey ahead of him and when, not if, we fight for this belt again, I can't wait to see what he'll bring! Thank you to Steven Cooper for giving me the opportunity to get my life together and come out here week after week for all of you! We might be separated, Steve, but your impact will never fade not from me or anyone else who's life you touched! Thank you to all of you fans who have ever tuned in! I've been one of you and you all make this happen! And lastly, thank you to every wrestler that has ever come out here, under these lights, and put it all on the line! TONIGHT WAS FOR YOU AS MUCH AS IT WAS FOR ME!”

Ned runs a hand through his hair as the crowd goes wild, gesturing for them to settle as he begins another thought, looking onward.

“But now we have the question of what lies ahead? We know that the first Weekend Warfare will have me facing off against Ring Master, but it's a new chapter for the XWF and for everyone in and outside this ring. And that's a lot to come to terms with. We don't know what tomorrow brings, but I promise you this: Ned Kaye will be there through all of it to make sure that we never lose what makes Warfare Warfare! We will walk towards the future together with bright eyes and a sure foot and I will carry this belt and this brand with the passion and respect it deserves! The night may change, but Warfare is eternal! It is my home just like the XWF and this city is! Thank you, New York! I love you!

He throws down the microphone and raises his fist up high, the crowd reaching out and doing the same! He basks in the warm glow of Wednesday Night Warfare as the audience serenades him, knowing the moment may be temporary, but the memory permanent. He takes a deep breath and stands in the ring, awaiting the moment's end...

Suddenly "Know Your Enemy" By Rage Against The Machine explodes over the airwaves as all eyes turn towards the entry way as Theo Pryce, Raion Kido and Jason Cashe come out of the back all smiles as they walk towards the ring.

HHL: Looks like the rest of Trilogy is here to congratulate Ned on his excellent performance out there. I guess it's only fitting since it was Theo Pryce who announced this match a few weeks ago after Ned defeated Charlie Nickles to win the Supercontinental title.

Once in the ring Theo is the first to congratulate Kaye followed by Cashe and finally Raion Kido. While Cashe, Kido and Kaye talk amongst themselves Theo walks over towards Isaiah King and helps pull the man up to his feet. He leans in and whispers something into King's ear before patting him on the back.

King takes a step back and looks at Theo before nodding his head and then slipping outside of the ring towards the back as Theo grabs a mic from the ring announcer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time ever allow me to present to you the XWF's Unified Television Champion, a son of New York City...NED KAYE!!!

The already loud cheers grow even louder throughout the arena and Ned stands in the center of the ring triumphant.

Before the XWF goes off air for the last time of 2022 I wanted to take a second and speak to you all about evolution. As evidence of this title unification match and the merging of Savage and Warfare into weekend Warfare you have all seen first hand how the XWF continues to evolve and change with the times. It is what has allowed this federation to exist for 23 years and it will exist for 23 more because we evolve.

When The Trilogy was first conceived over a year ago it had a very specific purpose. Every single detail discussed. All the pros and cons weighed. The Trilogy was never about chasing titles or gaining power or anything like that. It was about a brotherhood. It was about people with a common goal working together for the betterment of each other and the business as a whole. It was about giving people something to cheer for. It was about hope. There have been some setbacks along the way but as we stand here at the end of 2022 and the dawn of a new day rapidly approaching it's time for The Trilogy to evolve into something bigger, something greater than itself. Something for you all to hope for in 2023.

The arena quiets down as those in attendance are clearly captivated by what Theo Pryce is telling them.

That something is the expansion of The Trilogy and it's ideals into The Saga. Over the past few weeks the fellas and I have spoken about what we all perceive to be a threat to his industry. Something that is the antithesis of everything The Trilogy, I'm sorry, The Saga stands for. That threat is none other than the Chris Page led CCPE. CCPE... Theo says one more time this time accompanied by a laugh. Because course he named the group after himself. Only Chris Page has an ego so big that he can do something like that with a straight face and not see how foolish it is. But it completely fits. You see for as long as I have known Chris Page he has sought only one thing. Power for himself. When he first returned to the XWF he tried to take control of it. He gathered some of his old friends to help him but he failed. He tried again several years later with some new friends and again he failed. That time it was because I stood in his way.

Chris eventually realized that as long as Theo Pryce was in the XWF he was never going to get what he wanted. What he craved. What he needed like oxygen to his lungs. And so he decided to bring the WGWF back from the dead and now he finally has his own little sandbox to play in but that still isn't enough for him. The WGWF wasn't the end of his thirst for power it was simply the next phase in his plan which started over a year and a half ago when he quietly began amassing an army of wrestlers under the CCPE banner. He told people CCPE wasn't a faction, it was simply a business but we all saw how that wasn't actually the case. You see the playing field may change from time to time but Chris Page's strategy never does. Chris Page does not evolve. But we do. We have and we, The Saga are going to stand in Chris's way. Here, there and everywhere else that he and his people think they can try and weasel their way into. Chris Page has his army and now it's time for us to have ours. The next domino will fall on the inaugural edition of Weekend Warfare so stay tuned.

HHL: Holy crap!

Theo tosses the mic down as the crowd once again goes bananas after hearing what Theo Pryce just had to say.

PIP: Unfortunately folks that is all the time we have for Warfare in 2022 but be sure to join us on Saturday January 14th for the first ever WEEKEND WARFARE. This is HHL and Pip Collins signing off for 2022. Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

Thank you to those of you who did promos for the very last show of Wednesday Night Warfare, and thank you to those who wrote matches.

Charlie Nickles
Dolly Waters
Atticus Gold
Mark Flynn

With that, we say goodbye to Wednesday Night Warfare and look forward to Weekend Warfare next year.
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