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XWF FanBase:
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12-14-2022, 10:58 AM

(Facebook Go’s Live with Markella in Black Sugar Cafe On her island as she wearing Black Yoga pants, White Long Sleeve White T-Shirt and Open beige Cardigan. White New Balance Cross Trainer shoes as she a table with a Frappe with her legs crossed)


Well Isn’t this Exciting…

(As smile Clinching her fist)


I got Messages Early this Morning on Twitter I’ve been I am signed To XWF. They Should Be Honored that I chose to sign with them. I mean, Look at me. Who wouldn’t wanna sign me? I am TEN! and a STAR. And It’s Just The Beginning just getting My Brand Started. The Markella Brand. In The End Just Remember This Is Business It’s Nothing Personal I Just Get What I 

(As Video Comes To The End.)
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"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (12-28-2022)

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