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Charity Event
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11-24-2022, 08:16 AM

The scene opens with Ring Master and Tech Ni9e having a conversation on their way to the charity event.

Tech N9ne: Thanks for joining me. Charity has always held a special place in my heart and a place like Kansas City it's hard to find enough folks who care. I don't mean that in a negative light but around here individuals think about themselves more often than others. I have always been a humble guy. Becoming popular or known throughout the country does not change who I am. It only makes me stronger. It keeps me in check knowing where I started and know with my talent and platform, I can reach others in a way I'd only imagine growing up. I certainly hope you plan to use this time and give back whenever you feel it's necessary.

Ring Master: Of course, this is the holiday season, right? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All the food I can eat with no shame. I will be sure to give my belly a good charity of stuffing and turkey.

He laughed.

I do feel the world would be a better place if we just took the time to thanked those less fortunate then us. The charity event today is a great start and I love the idea. We should never be happy with what we are doing and where we are going. It's always changing, and we need more humble men and women. I plan to give back to the armed forces once this year is over. If anyone deserves respect and giving back, it's them. Then you have the children and elderly who struggle daily finding love, food and comfort. We should never have starving kids. They need people to look after them and we fail on a daily basis. So, it's part of the reason I came with you today the other being I enjoy new endeavors and charity has been on my bucket list. I get so busy with my life that I forget, and I won that. Truth be told regardless of what happens after today I already feel like I've done a great thing.

Tech N9ne: That's good to hear now before we head inside, I want to ask you a few more questions if you don't mind. The first being why haven't you reached G.O.A.T status yet? You're incredible.

Ring Master: You're right. I haven't reached G.O.A.T status. It's something that takes a lifetime to achieve. We all prepare to be the best and want to be remembered long after we have retired. I don't try to be anyone else but me. I understand that people will compare me to others, but I can't control that. All I can do step in that ring and give it everything I have. There are times it won't be enough. It happens but I am never going to stop pushing myself. Speaking of the G.O.A.T though I feel that Charlie Nickels and B.O.B. are on that level. He is the one that we want to beat and prove that we're on the same level. The idea of being the G.O.A.T is subjective but to me it is being legendary.

Tech N9ne: Speaking of B.O.B. I have heard that they will be at Bad Medicine. You should probably stay clear of them because trouble seems to follow them no matter what.

Ring Master: I think B.O.B. have a horrible reputation because of people. Are they the nicest guys on earth? No. They are not the spawn of Satan either. Sometimes words can be harsher than actions. I feel like most people don't even understand them. I know for a fact they will be at Bad Medine but perhaps this time I will get the opportunity to shut them up. I don't know anyone here who has taken on B.O.B. and been the same afterwards. I'm not looking for a fight with them just saying if they get in my way, I plan to deal with them accordingly. It will be a great evening for everyone involved. I am going to earn that Television title opportunity; I'm going to wipe the floor with my opponent, and I am hoping to finally silence B.O.B.

Tech N9ne: You sounds like a determined guy. I've followed you on Instagram for a little while now and you have a bright personality for sure. I am looking forward too Bad Medicine. You will show off that personality and put smiles on the faces of everyone there. In fact, one of the charities I work with is going to be there so maybe show some love to them. It can't hurt the image, right?

Ring Master: Absolutely not and I will certainly try to shout out to them during the match. Let's get inside though and enjoy the event. I want to put Bad Medicine out of my head for now.
They get out of the limo and head inside as the scene fades.

OCC: Sorry for the short RP week/work has been crazy in the retail world. Just wanted to get something up.
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