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Wanna Rassle?
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11-23-2022, 08:20 PM

"Where are you taking me?" Theo was dragging along and for good reason. I had asked him to trust me. Trust me that I knew the best way to prepare for our match at Bad Medicine. Trust me. 


A tormented, murderous scream rang from the building. Theo tripped over himself as he stumbled into the street. "What the fuck was that?!"

I shot a look up at the building where the screams came from and let a whisper break from my lips. "At least we know he's home.."

"Who?" Theo steps back onto the sidewalk having heard my soft spoken words. "Who is home?"

Grabbing the door, there was no time to hesitate. This would help us. The metal door groaned as I pulled it open and immediately there was a staircase as I peeked inside.

"You'll see.. Let's go…"

The building itself was only two stories. As we climbed up the first flight of stairs, another horrific cry came. This time we FELT it in the walls, the floor of each step of the stairs. I looked back to find Theo holding the walls and giving me that look like he just farted and not all of it was gas. I couldn't help but laugh. 

"It's not funny!" He wasn't moving anymore. I stopped and turned to face him as he began demanding answers. "What are we doing here? How does this help with Bam and Page?"

"You'll see!"

"I'm about to leave.."

Sighing, I knew I had to give him something more. He needed or wanted details. "You wanted to train. I'm getting us a trainer." 

"We can get training partners somewhere else. Somewhere.. Cleaner and less similar to a horror movie. Who is screaming right now?! That doesn't concern you?"

As if per request, another vibrating scream came and trickled down through the staircase where we were having our discussion. "Yeaaah.. I'm out of here!" Theo started to turn and leave, at that point it was becoming funny to me. 

"Chris Page is a Legend right?" I threw out an attempt to make this make sense. Theo stopped, he kept his back to me but he stopped. 

"Sure. Multiple time Champion, known across the landscape and from what I was told, he has a super cool co-host on a Podcast he has. Have you listened?"

"Nope. Can't say I have.." 

We were getting off track and as yet another screeching cry rolls down around us, it reminds me of what my point was. "If he is a Legend then regular training partners won't do shit for us! Add in Bam and he's… He's got a brick, right?" 

"That's fair." Theo agrees and slowly turns to face me as we stand in the staircase of a building that could very well be haunted. There was that vibe in the skin of the walls. Just eerie but maybe it was the screams? Who knows. "I just.."

"What?" Shrugging, I could tell he had something to say. "Just what?"

"I don't want you to take this lightly. We need this! Trilogy needs this.. YOU need this!" No lies detected. I was aware my lack of caring had been a burden on him, myself and the 'labeled' stable I was technically a member of. 

"Yeah, I know.." Before we could go any further in conversation or stairs, the thundering vibrations of what felt and sounded like a stampede grew closer to us from above.

"Ummm.." Reacting to what came around the corner above us, I knew he was still with me. Students wearing Letterman Jackets and Wrestling Singlets came rushing down the stairs, plowing past us like we weren't even there. One of the boys had his arm in a sling and all of them had fear in their eyes and bruises littered across the surface of their flesh. Theo was pressed against the wall as he turned from watching them disappear to looking at me all wild. 

"What the fuck was that about?" He was stuck. Shooketh as the kids said a few years back. "Were those kids?"

"Varsity Jackets, Singlets, I think so.." I could see Theo didn't want to continue but I was going even if he didn't. I gave him an option. "I'm going up, you coming?" I asked but didn't wait to hear an answer. I just started moving towards the top floor. 

"There.." I spoke out, nodding towards the door at the top of the staircase. I expected Theo to comment but he didn't. Together we approached the door and maybe it was just me but the air seemed thicker as we stood in front of it. "Go ahead.. Knock." 

Scoffing, Theo wasn't having it. "Never gonna happen. You knock!"

"You're acting like a real bitch right now.. Let me show you how a thug knocks!" I said with an exaggerated confidence as my arm lifted and I swung at the door as aggressively as I could but the tap that came was.. Subtle.  

"That's what I thought.." Theo said, laughing at my bluff. Neither of us heard anything inside. Just as I was about to give the door a piece of my mind for a second time, it popped out of place and slowly dragged open. An old man, pushing at least 80, stood in the doorway. Shorter than either of us, he looked up at us with a stone cold stare. Then a smile stretched across his face. Big ass teeth if I'm being honest.. 

"Sal Landau! Wanna Rassle?" The old man said with a cheerful but sinister smile.


"How would things have been if I had accepted Chris Page's offer to become a member of CCPE? Would I have more opportunities? Would the money be better? More lighter funds was tempting, lemme tell you.. Maybe I would be booked in WGWF because it seems every member of CCPE is added to the spotlight there. Would I have more wins? Maybe I would be standing here as the Anarchy Champion if only the choice had been different.. 

Instead, I insulted Page and the brand he has created. I signed his offer with a dick on his recruitment. He spent money, invested time into recruiting me, said I'm pretty every step of the way.. As soon as I wasn't on board, I became a brush off to him. We were in AW together, he did nothing. He sent Elijah Martin. I handled that and found Bam Miller next in line. 

Not Vaughn

Not Flynn

Not anyone with any big stage talent because what have I done to earn that attention? I don't make pretty pictures, I sure as shit am not aligning with Theo to piggyback off his power and use him to find an easier path. I sink or swim on my own merit and that, as of late, hasn't been much. 

What have you done though Bam? What have you done to stand out other than carry a fucking brick and rep Sissy PD like you're not anything more than a programmed puppet with his hand up your ass? You're promoted in an arrogant man's self promotion at best! 

What have you fucking DONE? The answer is not a goddamn thing! You have a Tag Title match coming up on the 30th, you gonna lose that as well? I can relate to loss. You have a full schedule but me? I just have you. I just have Chris Pansy and everything that he, you, and the Sissy PD represents. 

I mean, you really told that Greek bitch that you haven't rode any coattails? How do you figure? Even before you tucked tail and left for a while, your name was aligned with CCPE. Before that, your biggest claim was during the OCW/XWF 'rivalry' where you barked the loudest and fell the hardest in the short lived feud.

Hell, if not for Theo and Page being involved in this match, XWF might have had to have a pre show because nobody cares about a match between two guys who have lost more than they are winning. I plan to change that and I will do so off the names of Bam Miller and Chris Page.."


"Show me what you've got.."

Standing in this makeshift ring he had set up right along with his everyday living needs. Couch against the wall, small TV that probably didn't have HDMI plugins. You couldn't play Madden on that shit, that's for sure! "Go ahead Jason.." Theo said as I gave him a look. He added an arrogant reminder. "I won my last match, pinned Page even.."

Not arguing, I turned to Sal. "I don't want to hurt you, old man." I said before throwing out a quick jab. He sidestepped, snatched my arm and twisted me up like a pretzel with a back arm lock. It hurt. "Aaahhh.. Wait, wait, I wasn't ready!"

"You lack defense." Sal doesn't suggest it, he says it to me as fact. I would have been a little insulted if he didn't have my arm bent behind me. Again, it hurt. What he said might carry some truth to it. Essentially I was James Harden, all offense and lacked the nerve to even attempt defense. "Show me something!"

I pulled free, spun around and planted Sal Landau dead to his jaw with a solid, bone cracking 'Mark of JASON'. Theo jumped back as his mouth dropped. Sal Landau landed on his back and was out cold..

"Holy shit, you killed him!!" Theo shouts as we both stand over Sal, looking down at him. 

"No, he's breathing!" I pointed at the slight rise and fall of his chest. "Yeah, he's totally fine!" 

"Did you have to hit him like that?"

[color=#df740"I mean.. It was a reaction.."[/color] I felt I had the right and was asked to do what I did. Sal was old though and maybe he did need some help. "Hey.. Hey, Sal? You alright?"

Bending down to check on him, his eyes opened. "Ahhaaa!" came from his mouth as his foot shot up and kicked me right to the balls. Using his other leg to kick me back, I fell to the canvas of his makeshift ring. Theo's rude ass was laughing hysterically as Sal popped up to his feet as if he were 50 years younger. 

"The Elbow was ok but checking to see if I was okay was wrong! Never trust a Possum until it is scraped off the road! Ha Ha!" Sal claps his hands together as if he was beginning to enjoy this. 

"To the balls!" Theo chimed in. Sal looked over at him and chopped him in the throat. Theo coughs and gags as he drops to a knee struggling to breath. 

"Chin down. Never expose your throat to your enemies.. Let's get started!"


"Bam suggested on Twitter that I needed to get all my jokes in now. That when Bad Medicine comes, he will lay me out for the WORLD to see! 

That's funny to me..

It's funny because this thing between us STARTED because I picked on him. We talked shit, it was almost playful. We argued over who lost worse at Relentless for fucks sake! 

But joking, the banter on twitter doesn't dictate how someone is once the bell rings. You want to be a copy of Tough Guy #394726 then by all means, more power to you for paying homage to something that did you before you. But please though, come prepared and I will gladly take that brick you tote around and FUCK you with it! 

I'm tired of losing. I am tired of being tired and you are my wake up call. When this match begins, you will no doubt have backup on call. Chris Page utilizes his tools well as we have all seen before. Be it marrying someone in public favor to boost his own brand. Signing everyone who needs a hand to hold to represent a brand named after him to using them to help fight his battles..

Chris Page is nothing special. You can find people JUST like him with the same moves, music and self praised approach to this business. Really, the irony is that XWF is seeing a bunch of yesteryear names returning and each of them have that same aura present. 

But Chris Page? He blocks people who give him anything other than praise. If I was surrounded in a comfort zone, I'd probably be that high on my own bathtub vapors as well. You can see it by how he only ever RTs and Likes what supports his own narrative. His safe space is now complete and it's called WGWF.. He called me lightwork? Fine. I'll be that over being a Sissy PD bitch."


"No more, please!" I was out of breath, my arm, ankle and neck were hurting. "Theo can't take it anymore, he hurts!"

"Fuck you.. This is your fault!"

The chuckle that came from Sal Landau made my skin crawl. He was enjoying this far too much at our expense. "You'll thank me when we win.." I said with exhaustion in my voice. "Now we just need to prepare for Bam and his bricks.." I will probably come to regret saying this as it opened the eyes of Sal Landau.

"Bricks? So there are no rules to this match of yours?!" His excitement wasn't comforting at all. We watched him exit the ring and take a swig from a bottle of water he had on a counter in his kitchen. I could use something to drink at this point. "Get up. We're going outside!" 

"Outside?!" Theo asked before trying to rise from the corner. I was leaning against the ropes and moved over, offering a hand to help him up. He took it. 

"Yeah, outside. Around the corner is a Construction site. They have a pile of bricks we can use.. Meet me there in 15 minutes."

This idea was not one Theo or myself liked the sound of. That was until we saw Sal walk off towards the back room. He was hunched over, showing signs of his age. I backhanded Theo to the chest lightly to get his attention and then whispered. "I say we fuck him up and make it look like he got robbed!"

"I think he dislocated my shoulder.." Theo says, ignoring my suggestion as he exits the ring and heads for the door. I guess we were continuing with the training. 


"Bam, you have said you can beat the unbeatable. Do the unthinkable because you were a dumpster butt baby from Detroit. Who have you beat? What have you done that was unthinkable? Needed a brick to have a chance at winning? You brought up someone's newborn baby but fell short on any real punchline and how did it, like EVERY big stage match you've had since I have known you end? You lost. 

This is a battle of two losers and two Positions of Power that are trying to help polish turds. I'll see you at Bad Medicine and you can try really hard.. 

Discuss how many struggles you've overcome. 

The sad story

The pity party.. You're a midcarder with a brick and I'm going to treat you like an opening act."


"There are 5 Ds you must learn in this lesson. Dodge, Duck, Dive, Dip and Dodge!"

That didn't sound right. Theo caught it as well as we both gave each other a glance. Ignoring that Sal said Dodge twice, he was sitting in a wheelchair next to a pile of bricks. I raised my hand, I had a question and maybe I didn't need to raise my hand but I did anyway. "Yeah, what is it?" 

"What's with the wheelchair?"

"I'm 78 years old.. My back, knees and spleen hurts." That made sense but also probably hurt Theo's ego knowing he just got his ass kicked a little bit ago. I'm ignoring my own involvement, this is my story. Shhh..

"Did you say Dodge twice?" Theo blurts out as Sal goes to pick up one of the bricks. 

"I did, yes. DODGE!" Sal throws the brick, it has little accuracy and while he was aiming for Theo, the brick connected right to my face. I might have seen a flash of light and lost a split second of time because I don't remember falling, yet I am on the ground. Theo was laughing again because in truth, he's a dick. "Dip!"

I barely saw Sal throw the second brick but I didn't hear Theo cry out. Looking over, Theo had actually caught the brick and he wore a smile of pride on his face as he looked back at me. "DUCK!" Sal shouted and Theo turned just in time to see the third brick hit him to the midsection, near the ribs. He sucked in air as if someone yanked it from his body. 

As I got up from the ground, I understood now that it was funnier when someone else was being hit. I laughed. "You need to defend against whatever comes at you. A brick, a wrench, a ball.." Sal looks at Theo after saying 'ball'. 

"This isn't Dodgeball though so catching one doesn't give you anything but a weapon of your own. How will you use it?"

The brick Theo caught was on the ground. He used it by losing it after being hit with a different one. I noticed a car slowly driving by that had a little dog with its head sticking out of the window watching us. Our eyes connected. Then my vision got blurry. "DIVE!"

I felt a wetness on the side of my face. My hand lifts and touches the sore spot where the brick had hit me, there was blood near my eye. "Protect yourself! NEVER take your eyes off your opponent!"

Theo just covers up as Sal begins hurling bricks towards us. "This is YOUR fault!"

It was. I will own this..

[Image: tt82AUo.png]

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