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We're really doing this...
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11-23-2022, 02:59 PM

I'll be honest with you all I wasn't really planning on doing a promo. Not because I think I'm above it all, which I am, no, I didn't think I needed to do a promo because even an average wrestler can roll out of bed with a few years worth of ring rust stuck on them and still Chris Page in a wrestling match right? I mean who hasn't beaten Chris Page before. I know I have. Chris Page has as many loses as Centurion but with about a quarter of the wins. Beating Chris Page isn't even something worth getting excited about anymore if it ever was. Maybe it was back in the early 00's before I even thought of becoming a professional wrestling legend but here today? In the year of our Lord 2022? Beating Chris Page is what you do before you do something worthwhile.

But no seriously I wasn't going to do a promo because I figured there was no way Chris Page was going to be dumb enough to promo for a match that he knows he has as much shot of winning as Jason Cashe does an Overachiever Award. But then I finished up a business meeting looked down at my phone and saw a text alert from my good buddy John Samuels and all it said was "lol" with a link to an audio promo that Chris Page uploaded to the XWF servers. So I went back to my office, I did not shut my door because I figured I shouldn't be the only one who gets to enjoy the raspy sounds of a chronic failure waxing poetic about all the things he's done for the business of wrestling while trying not to pull a muscle patting himself on the back. 

So I tapped some keys on my computer and fired up this "promo" in which Chris spends way more time than he needed to telling everyone how losing to me is a black mark on his otherwise oh so successful career. 


Why would I listen to a Chris Page promo when they are all the same?

Look, I don't want to sit here and run down Chris Page anymore than he probably already did himself but I will say this. Far better wrestlers than Chris Page have entered a ring with me and then watched from their back as the referee raised my hand in victory. So while I'msure that losing to me has kept him up at night for damn near a year, for me beating Chris Page barely registered as something worth remembering. I mean that literally. I honestly forgot when I wrestled the guy until some homeless guy on the street reminded me as I handed him a quarter and told him Happy Holidays. 

I'll be honest the best thing Chris Page ever did was admit that he couldn't hack it in the XWF anymore so he went and brought back an old passion project of his so he could feel special. Sure he may not be competing actively at the moment but we all know that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. It's only a matter of time before he books that promotion into the floor and while he does I'll still be here in the XWF doing what I do. Making money hand over fist as one of the owners of the place. Being brought on as a consultant for countless other promotions and super shows to show them how to do things the right way because they know that the XWF way is the right way. Oh and did I mention I'm co-staring in a movie for Splat? Yeah that's happening too. And the best part is they approached me. I didn't have to stand on the corner like a common street walker begging for a shot. They came to me because they know what Chris Page apparently doesn't or is too cowardly to admit. Theo Pryce = $$$$ Always has. Always will and if I have to smack around Chris Page and his bottom bitch Bam Miller to remind people of that I'll do it gladly. I might even leave some scraps for my boy Jason Cashe to gnaw on when I'm done. See you two walking corpses in Kansas City.

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