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Author Message
Lena Lyons

XWF FanBase:
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11-23-2022, 12:50 PM

[Image: 567489.png]
Sydney McLaughlin

Player Information

Desired Team: Philly Bellas

Desired Position: Tight End/Linebacker

Jersey Number: 95

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135lbs

Brief Bio: A longtime fan favorite mixed martial artist, Lena Lyons enjoyed a turbulent 32 fight career, filled with controversy and excitement from her first fight all the way through to her last. Nicknamed 'Thugga', she is loved for her outspokenness, toughness and unique demeanour, playing football seemed like a logical next career step after she was approached by Philly Bellas owner and close friend Precious Pepper Vain.

Player Strengths & Weaknesses

1) Lengthy - Lena has very long limbs, giving her a unique stride that allows her to gain seperation from whoever's covering her, or gain a better angle for a tackle. 
2) Hit Stick - Lena has a big body and a big attitude. If she tackles you, you're going to feel it, similarly, if she has the ball after a catch and you're in the way, she's trucking you.
3) Check the X-Ray - Lena has that DAWG in her, no doubt about it. She won't back down from anyone or anything, whatever the situation, Lena is going to fight for every inch.

1) Hot Headed - Lena has a fierce temper, and doesn't take shit for a second. She is not above throwing hands on the field if it comes to it.
2) Discipline - Similar to her temper, Lena doesn't have great discipline, and may be
to taking silly penalties. 
3) Blocking - Lena is definitely a recieving tight end, and whilst she can block, it's not one of her strengths at all. She has a tendency to hold.

Best way to contact you: (I.E. Discord, Twitter, E-mail, etc.)
@ThuggaLyons - Twitter

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