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Thanks for submitting your player! Here's what to expect from here...

Now that you've posted your LFL Player's profile here, we'll review it and move it to the official LFL roster forum. When that happens, you'll have your user account opened up to some expanded sections on our forums with more options.

If you have any questions, or would like to check on your status, you are welcome to send a message to Vinnie Lane.

Welcome to the LFL!

DENVER DIMES Samantha Skylar
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11-22-2022, 11:40 AM

[Image: Samantha-Skylar-1.jpg]
Natalia Markova

Player Information

Desired Team: (if you have no preference, just say Free Agent): The Denver Dimes

Desired Position: (1 offense, 1 defense): Left Tackle / Defensive Tackle

Jersey Number: #21

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140lbs.

Brief Bio:
Samantha Skylar is the baby sister of Head Coach Devin Skylar. She is a retired wrestler that is looking to get back into the business. The self-proclaimed Badass with a Great Ass is uber athletic and is slated to be a shutdown corner for The Denver Dimes. A tomboy turned girly girl, Samantha hasn't forgotten how to hit hard and hit fast. She takes no shit from anyone and can be considered a bit of a veteran being in her 30's compared to other teammates.

Player Strengths & Weaknesses

1) Size 
2) Strength
3) Blocking 

1) Short Temper
2) Talks a lot of Trash
3) Will hit opponents illegally

Best way to contact you: (I.E. Discord, Twitter, E-mail, etc.)
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