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Time for your goodbye
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11-21-2022, 05:53 PM

It had been a rough few months for Lexi Gold. Just when everything seemed normal in her life, her ex-boyfriend Elijah Martin comes back into the picture and changes all that. Even the vibe in her home felt different after the unexpected intrusion. She tried to block that image in her head, but it was difficult. She sat on the steps in front of her home, just staring at the empty street and the leaves that covered the ground. Minutes later, a few cars drove by. One particular male behind the wheel drove slower than usual just to get a glance at her, causing her to become paranoid.

She decided to get up and head inside the house. She closed the door behind her and locked it, then made her way over to the living room sofa and sat down on it. She could use a close friend to help ease her mind a little, so she retrieved her phone from the coffee table and started texting her friend Emily Simms. An hour went by and there was a ring at the door. Lexi got up from the couch and peeked to make sure it was her before opening it. The two women embraced each other with a hug before Lexi invited her in, and they walked together to the dining room table and sat down.

Emily Simms: “It's so good to see you again, Lexi. When I got your text inviting me to come over, I was happy. I know you are going through a lot. Trust me, so am I, but just know I'm here for you.”

Lexi Gold: “Yeah. He literally broke into my house while I was away, then when I came home most of my stuff was already broken. I saw the look in his eyes, Emily, he is not the same I once knew.”

Emily rubbed her shoulder and looked at her with concern.

Emily Simms: “Are you sure you want to go through with the match, especially with everything he has done to you?”

Lexi looked down at the table and ran her fingertips on the edge of it, thinking about that question before answering.

Lexi Gold: “Yeah, I'm sure. The thought of him walking around thinking what he has done to me is acceptable is not alright in my eyes. I need to stand up for myself, be strong and give him the ass kicking he deserves even if it kills me. There is a consequence for some actions, and he will get a taste of his.”

Emily Simms: “I'm proud of you for wanting to go through with this. You are braver than most women I know, but just remember if you ever need anything, I'm here for you.”

Lexi Gold: “Thank you. I know you are dealing with your own issues too when it comes to finding out who your stalking is, but I'm here for you as well.”

Lexi went over to her and gave her another hug, then walked over to the fridge, pulled out a pumpkin pie from it and set it on the table in front of her along with serving utensils, silverware and plates, then returned to her seat and looked at her.

Lexi Gold: Care for some pumpkin pie?”

Emily Simms: “Emily: No, thank you. I actually just ate a pretty big meal with Buster right before I came here, and I still haven't recovered from it.”

They laugh and Lexi cuts a slice for her, then uses the pie server to pick it up, but before she could bring it to her plate she stopped and was in some sort of weird trance. She thought about the possibility of him breaking into her house again while she was at the grocery store earlier and putting something poisonous inside her pie. That thought lingered in her head for a good while before she finally broke out of that trance. Emily kept calling out her name the entire time, apparently.

Emily Simms: “Emily: Are you okay? You worried me there for a minute. I was calling out your name, but you didn't answer.”

Lexi sighs.

Lexi Gold: “I am not hungry anymore. Can we watch TV or something?”

Emily Simms: “Of course.”

Lexi couldn't tell if she was more angry or not as she threw the whole pie in the trash, then the two walked to the living room area, sat on the couch and turned on the television to see what was on.

“My life has always been a rollercoaster of events, especially when it pertains to my relationship history. Maybe Karma is resurfacing again, or it's bad luck on my part. It's difficult to find the exact reasoning, but it's safe to say that Elijah Martin had a plan to lure me this whole time, and unfortunately it worked. What I thought was a developing friendship and now turned into hell for me. I believe jealousy on his part played a big factor into this situation.”

“Jealous of what exactly? I don't know. I mean, he has been picking up wins from left to right within the company, so it can't be that. Perhaps my popularity in this business could strike a nerve with him, but I work as hard as anyone else out there and don't believe in succeeding based on my 'looks'. Nevertheless, his actions and attitude have proved that he had devil tendencies after all.”

“Luckily, Bad Medicine is where I have the opportunity to get payback on you, Elijah. You crossed the line when you broke into my house, but when I get my hands on you, your face will look much worse than how it looks currently. It will seem almost unrecognizable, that even a mask won't be able to hide what I have planned.”

“You may have some sort of advantages over me when it comes to strength and power, but I will not allow myself to become weak, or give up when those advantages get showcased. You see after months of being with me, you thought you knew my entire life, but honey I'm capable of so much more than meets the eye.”

“For far too long I was in your corner in and out of the ring playing cheerleader while you fed me information regarding this business and the people you encountered. It all seemed misleading, but I brushed it all aside. I wanted to be the supportive girlfriend, but now looking back, I want to burn those memories to the ground. I will not allow myself to become that woman again. I will carry that promise with me to my grave.”

“Elijah, the days of you walking freely without being punished are winding down. I'm sure by now you are pissing in your pants trying to figure out a strategy. Are you going to resort to asking Jenny for help with this one, or better yet, Chris Chaos? I'm not surprised if this is your way of solving things. Have fun finding your balls inside of Jenny's purse afterwards.”

“Unlike you, I won't need to call anyone for help. I rather take all the credit for my own actions, and that's exactly what I'm about to do. Please consider using this match as your last one, considering you mention hanging up your boots. You'd be doing yourself and all of us a favor with that decision, you scumbag.”
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