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Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

11-19-2022, 08:58 PM

You wake. You suddenly find yourself tied to a chair, naught but a single dim bulb buzzing above you. Weeks could have gone by and you would be none the wiser. You try to move your head but you cannot, for it is quite tightly fastened; to what, you cannot tell. Suddenly a hand from the darkness appears, dangling food above you. There is a red button. It is within a finger's length. Beneath it an old, peeling tape label that reads “eat” in chicken-scratch handwriting. Taking this as your only opportunity to eat, you open wide, and press the button.

What you thought was food begins to squirm and flail sprouting limbs from its underbelly, grasping for the hand that holds it. The Hand releases. Before you can close your mouth, another hand forcibly holds your jaw wide, no matter your violent protests of every muscle in your body.

What you thought was food begins to crawl around your mouth, and begins feasting upon your tongue. The agony lasts for what seems like an eternity. But soon it is over. But the creature is not gone. Every minute of every timeless day you feel its little, pokey limbs stab this way and that as it makes a home… out of your tongue. In your mouth. The hand returns some considerable time later, this time with a fresh slice of pizza. This is no parasite. You slam the red button repeatedly, and again your mouth is forced open. You try to eat, crunching down as you try, but you find that you swallow very little of the pizza.

The creature is eating your food. In your mouth. Attached to what’s left of your tongue.

Your eyes dart across the way where there is a chair sitting directly across from yours. This person has a hood on, however........

In your delirium you realize that must be where the screams were coming from earlier.

Your eyes are watering, you are in and out of consciousness but you can make out, vaguely, that it is a female. You can tell by the upper body--the fabric of what used to be a fully intact shirt clinging helplessly to their slick skin--and the legs. Smooth, shiny....feminine.

You can taste the involuntary host beginning to stir again, and you know that another useless round of food is coming. Hopeless.

The strong jaws grip your jawbone, and you slam down on the button until it feels like the bones in your index finger will break. You are so hungry, but this parasite.......


Something is happening to her! You wriggle in your bonds, every ounce of your remaining strength put forth to try to break from your restraints to save the girl across the room. You want to be the hero, its what you do. More screaming, but you can't see what is happening as this time mashed potatoes are shoved into your mouth. Much softer, easier, right?

She's begging to stop as your jaw is being forced shut by the strong hand it is enclosed in. Just as your mouth is about to fully close, your eyes shoot as wide as dinner plates. These weren't your mothers mashed potatoes, and the entire inside of your mouth begins to burn with the rage of a thousand fires. The creature in your mouth seems unaffected but your cheeks and gums feel as if they are sizzling off. Your screams match hers.

Sometime later--though you aren't sure when--all is quiet. All you can hear is sobbing breaths. Mumbling under breath......Your eyes are dry from crying, like that makes any sense.....but what makes sense anymore!

A door opens somewhere, you're too broken to look. Whoever is in the room has made their way over to her. You hear her sobbing gasp as they got closer.

"S---stop" you try to say, but what it sounded like you weren't sure. Your mouth was destroyed.

A voice breaks the agonizing silence.

"Open your eyes."

You squeeze them tighter, out of defiance--and fear.

"I said open your eyes!"

A strong hand makes contact with your skin. The inside of your mouth begins to rumble.

It is hungry, again.

"Do you know this man?"

The sobbing female nods.

"He knows you, too."

There is a rumble in your stomach. THE PARASITE NEEDS TO EAT.

The hand is on your jaw again. No, not more food, please.

But the hand controls you. It makes your decisions for you. It controls your very being.

"You used to think highly of this man, didn't you?"

She nods.

"You used to consider this man a friend, didn't you?"

She nods.

"But this man isn't the man he claims to be, is he?"

She shakes her head. Sobs and sniffles can still be heard under the hood.

"He was very mean to you, wasn't he?"

She nods.

"He doesn't like you. He has never liked you. He only likes himself. Everything he does, he does for himself. Everything he does. You reached out to him, you offered for him to be a gave him a chance to be something with you and he didn't want it, did he?"

She shook her head.

Who was the girl?

"You want to eat?"

You don't have the option to answer anymore. You think about reaching for the button. Why bother?

"You hate this man, don't you?"

"You want to kill this man, don't you?"

"If I ask you to kill this man, you'll do it, won't you?"

You don't even know what was forced into your mouth this time. You didn't hit the button.



The girl laughed between sobs.

When it finished eating, the last of your strength went towards giving her one more glance. Your soul ached that you couldn't help her.

Blonde hair poked out from under the hood.


Everything goes black.

Chaos is like a worm

that burrows into your life and devours it

Chaos devours you from within

He controls the terms of it, the narrative, your decisions and your perceptions: are all shaped by his hands

[Image: a0YYl0C.png]

"Let me be the first to say it. Raion Kido sucks.

Wait, I am not the first to say it, am I?

You would love to know what is said about you when the lights go off, wouldn't you?

No, because you don't think there is anything wrong.

You probably think you're one of a kind, dontcha? You probably think that all of this success you've had makes you the rightful ass to sit atop that golden throne, just because you've come out victorious more times than not. You probably think that after being handed a title shot after two months, after fighting your way through the King of the Ring--which you lost, need I remind you--and taking down ‘big name’ after ‘big name’ as you blazed your path to unmitigated glory that you're suddenly the man we should all aspire to be?

You probably think that because you've had so much success in so little time, that you're the chosen one on the yellow brick road to XWF stardom.

You were given a Television Title shot because, hey, why not? That division needed a shot in the arm and you were the vaccine.

You were the one that didn't work.

You may think that you know what you're up against, but let me tell you now Raion, I've never been more in control. I live in your head space, completely rent free. You spend your days thinking of ways to counter the chaos, and neglect the one thing that should be keeping you motivated the most.

That drive to be the best.

Line them up, knock them down. You name them, he's toppled them. Top 50 names left and right have fallen by his sword. A fire ever growing, scorching everything around it and it burns its path to glory. Everyone knows his name, and everyone has counted him out. Time and time again, rise to the occasion and conquer what many say couldn’t be. Stepping into the ring with the greatest champion of all time, and coming out with his name in the victory column. By land or sea, hell or high water, this mortal man has slain the gods and taken their throne.

His only destiny to hold up that sacred prize--one that so many have held and so many have failed to.


Does this sound familiar?

I am talking about ME.

Did you think any different? Raion Kido, the man who many thought for quite some time that he could never be defeated. The man who rose up from the abyss to capture the allure of what his business has to offer. The man who was destined to be the biggest thing in the wrestling world.

The man who won the Universal Title by slaying the dragon that so many have been eaten by.

The man who squandered his opportunity to be king. The man who LOST his gift-wrapped shot for the Television Title. The man who LOST at War Games despite being drafted number one overall and picked by everyone to come out victorious.

The one who LOST his second Universal Title defense to a man who hasn’t been good enough to matter for 10 fucking years. The man who, despite all of his ‘accomplishments’, has one word branded across his forehead in hot iron: DISAPPOINTMENT.

The man who has ‘made Savage his home’, but has bitten down on that shotgun shell whenever the brightest lights came on.

The man who is just a…

Goddamn, I thought I was the arrogant one.

You took a stroll down that Optimal Path, and where did that land you?

You’re a small fish in a tiny pond, and you push your chest out and remind us all of your accomplishments every time you get the chance. What happened to being humble? What happened to being the soy-boy-good guy that everyone grew to love? You may be the golden goose to these domesticated hens, but I am the guy who is going to come to Bad Medicine and punch you right in your puppy-adopting-in-a-promo smaltzy face. You have faced off against what’s left of this crumbling utopia, but you’ve never met me.

…….Until now.

I’m the guy who doesn’t have to get metaphorical. I’m the guy who doesn’t have to fact check and throw numbers nobody cares about at you (sorry Mark, but we really don’t). I’m not the guy who has to play for comedy to get a few chuckles out of whoever decides XWF television is worth adding to their cable package.


I’m the guy who can flat out tell you that you suck. That you aren’t this plaid shirt and khaki’s nice guy with the wholesome demeanor and charitable smile that makes the soccer mom’s melt.

I am the guy who can look you in your eyes and tell you aren’t who you say you are, and I can prove it.


You took down the champion of champions, sure. In a four way match. You took advantage of booking. You chomped down on the carcass of an already exhausted and beaten down man. You took the easy way out, because, well, that’s the only way you know how to take. Everything has been handed to you since the moment you got here and now you’re starting to learn how easily it can all be taken away.

Four way matches against filler talent. One of only two non title matches at the Halloween Savage. Opening card against someone making their debut. Good god, where does it stop Kido?

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t because you haven’t lived up to the hype. Management has egg on their face and the XWF fans feel cheated. The golden boy? Raion Kido is quickly becoming the golden nobody.

When I came back, why do you think I chose you? Why do you think, out of all the names that are here, that I hand picked you? Because I’m a fucking predator, Kido, and I am the APEX predator at that. I smelled your pissant blood from a mile away. I knew that out of all the victims I’ve ever had here, that getting inside that mind of yours would be among the easiest. The external brutality in the match is just the icing on top, truly, chaos wins before the conflict starts. It's the internal brutality where I excel, and you’re patient zero.

You are more concerned about me and Jenny right now than you are about what should truly matter. Every move I make, you spend countless hours trying to figure out how to stop it. I bogged you down, dragged you through the mud, and made your life hell. You very easily could have blown me off. Bigger fish to fry, right? But you didn’t. You let me needle you and needle you to the point of frustration so large that you uttered a curse word on national television.


Because you’re weak minded, Kido. You’re a poser. My simple mind games were juvenile at best, and yet they consumed you like a virus and took over your entire being. How many mirrors have you broken at night in an angry stupor trying to figure out why you were the target? How many times have you looked in the mirror and realized that you’re missing an Adam’s Apple? You’re baby shit soft, you’ve been exposed, and the harsh reality is that you will never be what we all once thought you could.

I know it.

Mark Flynn knew it.

And worst of all, for you, you know it.

But you’ve got your calling card for glory kept in your back pocket like an indecisive referee.

You are holding the ace in the hole and continue to wallow in the void of nothingness in recent weeks. You are holding on to the success of your future and a chance to make history and you choose to sit here and play petty games with Jenny and I?


Because Raion Kido is afraid.

You aren’t used to failure, and you don’t know how to handle it. The pressure of not living up to what everyone expects you to be, it is a pretty big fucking elephant on your chest, isn’t it? You fear the big matches. You fear the spotlight. You fear the responsibility.

You fear not being good enough.

You were pushed too hard, too early, and you won the best title in the business far sooner than you were capable of understanding. Now it is all crashing down around you and this is the moment when the fear sets in. What if you cash in and lose? What if you never beat Mark Flynn again? What if you become nothing more than a nerdy kid in an anime costume with a speck of athletic ability and an affinity for swords? What if you’re never the same again?

Feel the fear, Raion. Embrace it. If anyone would know how you’re feeling, it’s me. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve beaten the best and I’ve lost to the best. I’ve had my glory and I’ve taken my lumps. I have had my name disgraced and my legacy tarnished. I have been in the ring with some of the greatest to ever do this over the last half decade. You have two dozen matches, if that. You want the big O but you haven’t even began the foreplay. You think this ends with me? I am exposing you for the Asian Mr. Bean you are, but the floodgates WILL open.

You beat Alias, great. I beat Doctor D’Ville. You snaked your way to a cover when I beat him clean. You want to compare resumes, you don’t have a fucking chance.

A wise man once told me that when the sharks want to feed, they will. Once I spill your blood in Kansas City, the rest will come to tear the rest asunder.

How does it feel to be a failure, Raion? How does it feel to not live up to expectations, to let Theo Pryce down, to let these people that pay their government given money to see us perform, down? To be the single biggest disappointment on this roster? How does it feel to have that fifteen minutes of fame last fifteen actual minutes?

I may not be the name on the marquee right now. I may have been away a while. I may be out of people’s recent collective memory, but trust me, I am still the best in the world at what I do. You may not have paid me much mind, but take this as a warning that I am not the Chris Chaos you’ve heard about, I’m the one you’ve seen in your nightmares. You have been holed up in this posh palace for far too long and at Bad Medicine I am going to kick your door down and pour gasoline all over your reality. I will light the match and burn your fucking world to the ground.”

[Image: I1xtQRv.gif]
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